Rad Victorian Era Piscean Is Inspirational NOW

Fredrick Gustavua BurnabySynchronicity hooked me up with Frederick Gustavus Burnaby.

This portrait instantly made me think “Pisces”, so  i checked him out and he was.

He was a soldier and journalist who travelled all over the place by  hot-air balloon and/or horse.

But do you also think that this portrait vibes Pisceanl??  It’s like the painter has captured how some Pisces men try to seem languid and self-contained but cannot conceal their other-worldly dreams.

Prospect magazine explains that Burnaby was one of the most celebrated people of the Victorian era:

“…Burnaby is almost totally forgotten, but in his day he was so famous that the Queen reportedly fainted at news of his death. The Times gave him a 5000-word obituary. Grown men broke down and wept in the street.


…It is easy to see why. Burnaby’s exploits make Rambo look wet. Few people have survived frostbite, typhus, an exploding air balloon, and poisoning with arsenic; explored Uzbekistan (where it was so cold, his beard froze solid and snapped off), led the household cavalry, stood for parliament, could speak seven languages, crossed the channel by hot air balloon, written a string of bestsellers, commanded the Turkish army, and founded Vanity Fair; all before his early death aged 42.


Immensely strong, with a 48-inch chest, Burnaby could break a horseshoe apart with his bare hands. His party trick was to bend a poker double round a dull dinner guest’s neck. Most famously, when fellow officers coaxed a pair of ponies into his room for a jape, Burnaby simply picked them up—one under each arm—and carried them downstairs “as if they had been cats.”…”

I could not find his chart anyplace so i whipped it up: Sun-Mercury-Venus-Uranus all in Pisces with Mars-Pluto conjunct in Aries square Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn.

So you see, all his inner planets are conjunct great big honking heavy-hitting outer planets. And Moon in Sagg square all the Pisces stuff. He’s got loads of squares – never freak out if you have heaps of so-called “adverse” aspects. Most successful people are riddled with them. I find him weirdly inspirational.

Image: James Tissot

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17 thoughts on “Rad Victorian Era Piscean Is Inspirational NOW

    • Ciao, Nico! Your post made me check his DOB and it’s SAME AS MINE! And I also have Moon in Sagg!!!!

      AND, i share his taste in shoes – what could scream Pisces more than those very beautiful and very important-to-the-owner shoes – they are very much enjoyed and loved by him, you can tell. And all us Pisceans can relate, non?

      • Darling dead Mother, said ‘you can always tell a man by the shine
        on his shoes’.
        She’s be but a freaking in these nike times.
        I still drop my eyes to The Shoes & rarely impressed.
        Well worn good quality boots & sockless loafers do it for me.

  1. He could break a horseshoe apart with his bare hands & picked up a pair of ponies & carried them downstairs…… wow, that is some party trick (gem rising or pisces?)

    My party trick is that I can move my ears one at a time & then both at the same time, it was something that I practiced as a child as I was inspired by my dad also a pisces who was great at tricks, he could juggle, flick a hat from his foot onto his head & others alike. He was a bull rider/cowboy so I was amazed at what he could do.

    ‘Never freak out when you have heaps of so-called adverse aspects’…. *wipes sweat from brow* I have 15 squares….. *gulp*

  2. wow, what a legend! also, good to know that squares are not as bad as i thought. “nothing’s as bad as you think”

  3. The way he is holding that cig is soooo Pisces. I don’t know why but the Fish i know all do that when they smoke…the languid position and hand thing.

  4. Hooded eyes are very Piscean too – did he really found Vanity Fair as in THE Vanity Fair magazine?

  5. 1915 was the first VF until ’35.
    In it’s new incarnation..from 1983.
    Doesn’t add up as Burnaby died in 1885.

    • I wondered that too, so I looked up Wikipedia. There was a British VF from 1868 to 1914, but founded by a guy named Thomas Bowles.

  6. He very much vibes the ex Piscean sitting very languid like with his cig….

  7. This dude is a lot like my fave Piscean adventurer and polymath, Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, who translated the Kama Sutra & The Arabian Nights, spoke 28 languages, searched for the source of the Nile River with John Hanning Speke, became a diplomat and converted to Sufism.

    Burton also had a Pisces stellium and three planets in Aries, so very much the multi talented action dude, but at the opposite end of the chart in the 4th and 5th houses with Scorp rising. He was less inclined to party tricks and led a more spiritual life. Also had a famous romance/marriage with his Piscean adventuress wife.

    I love these astro case studies, thanks Mystic.

    • 28 languages….crikey… That’s alot of tongue energy…(just joking Ubs…thanks for all that info. Interesting! )

      Yes, can you imagine a Piscean sitting there with his cig but Moon and Mars in Leo? Sexy I tell you…