Love & Dating Tips From Venus In Leo

* Your standards are ludicrously high. Obviously.

* There is a hell of a lot to be said for a dignified silence.

* Vanity is actually a Zen discipline and fuq the Puritans who say otherwise.

* Actually, if what’s on offer is less than scintillating, you really would rather stay in and wash your hair.

* If in doubt (rarely) you read only the classic self-help manuals. eg; Nietzsche. “Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent-that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.”

* If you’re not on heat, why get all obsessive about someone? It only drains vital Yin Qi and wrecks your complexion.

* Art, children, music, cinema and glam all move you. Beauty is all around and within you as well. The source of delight in life does not lie outside yourself.

* Your duty is to look the best that you can, to raise everyone else’s morale, even in difficult times.

* Between bouts of hunting, big cats specialize in relaxation and stretching. They also only eat food that makes their coat sleeker and provides them with energy to be strong and fierce.

* Sex is a natural instinct, nothing to get all stupid and neurotic about.

* Have hot hair, a fabulous smile and smell gorgeous.

46 thoughts on “Love & Dating Tips From Venus In Leo

  1. Im on heat! I dont know what to do with myself at the mo…. well i do but i dont have a partner. Lust over rules logic dont you think ? pure and simple . Rejection sucks. Love makes you do crazy things…. Helps if the other person feels the same way i suppose. Yes all above are really good points and am ticking most of these boxes. ( im a man tho )

    • Rejection does suck the big one, agreed. But lust overruling logic is what makes me feel so rejected… or perhaps, lust overruling commitment.

      The lesson is to accept, accept, accept – whatever the other person feels and however deep the cup of crap you land in. And however ever much the loins ache.

      Bring on Venus in Leo, my moon’s already there and my hair is sick of being fabulous only for its own sake.

    • I’m Venus Aries too- but didn’t you see the bit about in between “hunting”!!!

  2. I don’t see this as passive…even though my Venus is in Virgo I think the Leo in me recognises the truth in this.

    Ok it may seem passive because it’s all about being…and exuding brand Leo. Exuding brand Leo stimulates all sorts of happenings…so it’s rarely in real life passive in my experience.

    • I so agree LL, after all it summates attracting, which is definitely not passive at all. The brilliance of it is that it appears to be so but nothing is further from that. I also reckon that this facilitates the “dance” of approach and engagement.

      • Yeah FA it’s also a bit like the effort that producing natural hair or makeup takes. It takes work to make it look effortless.

  3. Thank You Mystic! Wish I had read this BEFORE sending cute but very busy Leo a long text message saying, ‘Hey, next time your in town let’s share a bottle of vino.’ What’s done is done.

    Can one maintain a dignified silence after blurting one’s interest to said person of interest? Don’t Leo’s like / crave / need attention.

    Oh well, shall stay off the coffee, scrub up in some Zen black lace and those trusty black suede boots of mine and keep on!

    Oh – and I suspect that THAT Gem-slut boy has moved to Texas afterall! Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye!

    • Hmm, I don’t think that was a no-no at all. Not with a Leo man. They accept attention whenever they can and think no less of you for it, they’re probably thinking quite sweetly that you simply couldn’t help yourself in the face of their grandeur.. haha..

      So YES, attention always welcome. They even tolerate drama amazingly well as long as it is in aid of your passion for them AND it doesn’t reflect on them badly. You may yet have to bust open that vino when he blows back in town Bluelib..

    • Sure BL you can do it. I’m doing it as we speak. I sent new Libra boy a goo goo txt.
      Leos’ love attention but its gotta be the right kind.

    • Yeah BL I think that the majority of Leo men I know have under the bluster often a bit of a confidence problem…and uncertainty in believing their own press….there is a little bit of a quandary where they feel on some levels that they are all that and a bag of chips, but then….sometimes they worry if anyone is noticing…Again going for generalities here, but I do know of lots of good Libra/Leo connections, friendship, lovers etc so I think it unlikely your blurt is a bad thing.

      • my Leo sister married a lovely Libran. He’s a wonderful father and husband.

        • Actually – here’s a chicky babe who when not sitting upon her throne looking all decorative – is belly dancing, shimmying, and dancing in ways that require her to be as unencumbered by shoes as possible.

          I see her flatties as sexier – because they are not a stereotypical fetishist crippling footwear – but the footwear of a woman who can and does move!


  4. okay, I officially want to be a Venus in Leo girl. Does Venus in Sag on the 8th-house cusp count, as kind of a mix of fixed and fire?

    • plus Venus rules my chart, so it’s got that queenly thing . . . petitioning for honorary Venus in Leo status.

  5. Venus & Mars in Leo – in the 7th – bring it on all things inspiring, alluring, adoring & fab – am over due for a fun run!!

    Main primped, self prepped – ;-)

      • teeheee FA drink yest with group of bloggers & whipped out Le Stilts … never fails to make one feel great.

        is dressing to make yourself feel fab, not for others inherently Leo?

        where’s TLS – she’s the one to answer this!!


  6. With Mars in Leo and me having Leo in Venus, Mercury and Uranus I am so looking forward to queenly-ness in many aspects of life. I’m gonna think Lioness in all things ! How long is this going on ?

  7. *Cough* I have Venus in Leo, and I NEVER feel right unless I meet the basic requirements for moi to meet the public, which is MY public however generalized that term may be i.e. the corner store clerk, the mailman.. there is no dashing out of the house for me without some version of a face on.

    Por ejemplo, there is the “I just woke up” face which of course isn’t exactly true having had a wash, a dermalogica spritz, a few coats of talika lash conditioner, subtle cheek color whilst the hair is artfully mussed, teeth brushed and a quick hop in the shower. It sounds exhausting but a necessary sacrifice :)

    Then there is the gym face, etc etc. I recoil in horror when I see peeps swanning about in their plaid jammies and uggs looking rough round the edges, there is an art to being deshabille, truly.

    I also reckon that most of the Leos I know prefer having their own abode even whilst in a relationship so as not to ruin the presentation mystique. I utterly sympathize. One must draw a curtain non?

    So yes to this list…but in addendum, I’d also mention the ff:

    1) Rampant desire to be worshipped like the sun by one’s lover. Yes, please DO orbit around me, I am life, I am gravity.

    2) Bed work as performance art, dialogue, costumes, the lot. Possibly extras? But only if they are remarkably less amazing than one’s self. Even doing “naked simplicity” is done by design i.e. always stand with one knee slightly bent so as to accentuate curves to create flattering shadows where it matters, make sure hair tendril is achingly curved on a bare breast etc.

    3) You know that saying, dance like no one’s watching etc etc.. doesn’t ever apply. With Venus in Leo you automatically have an audience to cater to, whether they actually exist or not is not the point.

    4) Oh, and when bestowing forgiveness, the effect aimed for is what we hoped to be described with words such as, “benign” or “magnanimous” though we will do everything in our power to keep that and acts of generosity quietly understated. We realize it smacks of better class than bragging. And HOPE someone will notice.

    5) And yes, a curtsy is always welcome, no matter how we pooh pooh it or wave the gesture as unnecessary.

    6) It is always OK to bare one’s fangs in the course of’s not just all hair you know (wink).

    7) Did I mention the pout? Where words fail, use non verbal cues creatively. It’s communication, not manipulation ya? :)

    • 3) You know that saying, dance like no one’s watching etc etc.. doesn’t ever apply. With Venus in Leo you automatically have an audience to cater to, whether they actually exist or not is not the point.

      LOL FA!! ;-)

      “refund on my Venus in Virgo” – but then you wouldn’t be UBER!!

    • Oh girl!!! Don’t bare it ALL! :lol: Fellow Venus in Leo gal here.

      Itawy re being treated like a royal. Most recent playmate even said ‘yes your Highness’, and he didn’t even know I had Venus in Leo!!! Of course I purred…….
      And #2, absolutely! And I though it was just me being insecure Virgo; not anymore! It’s purely performance! :D

  8. Fallen Angel you are going to be my inspiration ! How eloquent and funny you are. I thought I was the only one to condition my eyelashes. I had often wondered why other women always comment how glamorous I look when I am wearing my work-a-day outfit. Now I know. Venus in Leo, Merc and Uranus. But as far as bed work goes, I obviously have some work to do. Unfortunately, I think my Virgo sun tends to choke my Leonic brilliance. Any tips ?

    • Why thank you, Tamberlaine darling and how refreshing to hear from yet another Venus in Leo native. ‘Tis true, even work deserves a flash of glam ya? Peeps have accused me of having at least seven personalities living in my closet as well as just as many benefactors to support it. I do not but would be nice. Wardrobe maintenance is just par for the course.

      Methinks you overlook the amazing contributions a Virgo sun can make..yes it’s shy (initially) and slightly obsessive about hygiene, but attention to detail darling! Think of what that can do for the show, I mean bed work..besides Virgo is the sign of secret kink non? I have Virgo Rising! And the only virgin I’m seeing round here is the extra pressed olive oil I use for cooking.

      The only challenge I see is that it can be a very individually intact placement – i.e. you appear sufficient on to yourself. However, I think that can SO be mined for serious allure and mystique.. think Dietrich. Or how Chanel crafted a regimental school girl outfit for a costume party and all the men were agog…a man can hold you but he’s still wondering exactly where you are. Elusive, teasing and slightly unattainable.

      Plus if you do plan to maintain several lovers simultaneously, you’d have less to fear being found out owing to your natural discretion and scheduling brilliance.

      Figure out what turns you on in the boudoir and experiment, privately of course.. your exactitude shall lead you to perfect performance aspects and boost your confidence. After all, even the shy blush of a Virgin can be manufactured and the demeanor of innocence the best accessory to wearing nothing at all.

      • That is such a lovely positive way of embracing the Virgo sun aspect FA. Yes Virgos really do apply themselves with vigour to whatever task takes their fancy and FUN could be had with that….and that would be v Leo. I can see the case for having the Virgo enhance your Venus in Leo Tamberlaine.

  9. ” If you’re not on heat, why get all obsessive about someone? It only drains vital Yin Qi and wrecks your complexion.”
    Love this will give it a shot. Thx MM

  10. I’m loving this list Mystic although the only Leo I have in my chart is my south node (memories perhaps of past grandeur) and my MC.

    *takes notes to zhoosh up my Venus in Taurus a bit*

  11. Wow. Nice portrait of Venus in Leo. All really just a call for me to get my Venus in Leo back on (it kind of waned there for a while…). Is a totally accurate summary by the way. And love it.

  12. So true! Just decided to stop seeing someone (with venus/mars conjunct in leo, interestingly) despite the fact they were gorgeous, because I deserve 100% commitment, immersion & desire ;) I am Leo rising & following all of these right now ;)

  13. I’m a Venus in Leo girl, as well as Leo Rising, and I am printing this out and taping it on my mirror. It is SPOT ON. You’ve nailed it, Mystic. Just absolutely nailed it.

  14. well, bit late on the uptake, but this sounds like what my leo moon tells me… but it never quite MANIFESTS this way.

    but brilliant.