Carla Zapped

Javier Vallhonrat

Say what you will about Caps, they sure have fabulous bone structure, awesome cheekbones being their speciality.

Carla Bruni, the first lady of France, has both her Midheaven and Capricorn Sun straight in the Zap Zone: Anything Zero to Five degrees of a Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Kataka) is being acted on by Saturn, Uranus, Pluto AND the Eclipse at the end of June.  She may not interest you , as such, but observe her as a Zap Zone poster-chick.

What do do if you, a la Carla, are being zapped? Well the times favour drastic action, daring confrontations and shaking up stagnant status quo. As  I am sure you have gathered.

21 thoughts on “Carla Zapped

  1. Wouldn’t Cap Venus & Rising have an effect on me coz the morning
    spent communicating here, avoiding work & not wanting to remove fluffy
    war dressing gown & faux sheepskin ugghies. Work meaning to go place
    an advertisement for my petite bizness, which means putting myself
    out there to the public, (the daily rag has approx. 170.000 readers)
    of which 60 will call me to ask stoopid questions like what does’ Sensory’
    mean & call it ‘Totally’ instead of Totality, and 3 will actually book.
    Not great odds but the 3 will take the 3 session program.
    Will take some moral fiber for breakfast and compassion juice.

    Note to RockStar….end of financial year, hun, cool your heels (& the male one), July
    ‘n August will be more financially beneficial is my bet.
    Don’t worry & be happy…..hahaha heard the man that wrote that song committed
    suicide, tho’ may be an urban myth.
    Just how do you do that E-Bay thing, will the macbook guide me? Have many leather
    items i don’t wear anymore at my certain age, am more Carla Bruni in attire including
    flats (I Wish).
    ps That Tom Cruise link explains ALL & the tooth one is real scary Mary.
    Maybe he pissed off the Tooth Fairy?

    • hey pegs you’re a doll

      all’s not that dire – just feels it coutesy of dickhead’s blindside…..

      have verbal offer to be Ed at Large of primon publication at big publishing house …. more prestigious than lucrative but the prestige will no doubt lure more loot, I mean create more opps. dont wanna jinx it till I see colour of contract, plus there’s internal politics to handle at their end pre my tenure

      also the TV thing last week was the prequil to the pilot hence long way from being network reality

      knowing that dickhead would be anesthetized at 2pm sent an sms ‘HOPE THE HEART TRANSPLANT WORKS!’ – shit even I had to laugh

      Ebay’s patience + persistence = results. Yes from Macbook, easy peasy if you put in the time investment. for instant cash add a ‘buy it now’ price to your auction & good items at right price will be snapped up & you get instant cash. have mound of clothes from former incarnation running designer furniture empire – Gigli, Prada, yada yada …. time to let go of old skins & do some essential cash conversion. can email you tips if you want my gmail?

      that Tom Cruise link made me laugh – what a goon!!
      ;-) xox

      • PS

        do you work your Zap Zone from natal chart?

        being 1 degree Lib – my sun sign’s bang on….. what does that mean?

        • RockStar, i just follow Myst’s planetary guidlines to the best of my
          personal interps & intuition.
          Self employed……………………says it all really. But my ad angst re daily
          rag has spun me out into a different paper to advertise today, asking for a new
          & separate heading. Am awaiting reply & it could be The Answer to the
          Changes & Quickening that many of us are going thro’. Am finding the Astro so
          interesting in these times & no-one needs to be waylaid by bad behaviour
          from opp sex in any form to trip your conzentration up.
          You are gonna need all of it soon enough.
          That’s just my prediction from knowing your dedication & energy, in the meantime
          ‘Act as If’ it’s a fait accompli.

          Thanx about ebay, just don’t want the stuff anymore… that was then

          this is NOW x

          • hey Pegs – I gotta flash re you needing to change your heading reading yr first post – go get em girlfriend!!

            what do you do?

            gay husband said earlier “act as if” already have Ed at Large gig & start attracting fabulosity. he’s inside the same publishing house so knows how it goes ….. & Fait Accompli are one of my fave bands, lead by a super dear friend who’s been emailing comps re my blog & quality of writing / content …

            anyways – since all prev posts have been struck with a certain determination re love
            to step out of that last 7.5 years & step straight into something brand new & ultimately more rewarding
            gonna get my but out along the ocean track in the mornings – & devote diet to super foods. craving red quinoa tabouli & all things green…..

            ebay frenzy sparked MEGA wardrobe edit
            man this wet grey week’s now EBAY week – excited already re all that stuff from a former life GONE
            yay – & it hasnt even left the house!!

            thanks Pegs for lifting my sights / mood – bless xox ;-) xox

  2. Sun AND Moon AND Ascendant in Zap Zone… Plus, the end of June is when I am leaving for my month long coming-of-age-16-year-old-American-girl-in-Europe trip… SO EXCITING. I could use some change.

    • my bestie, former big name model, is a Cap & has simply the most amazing bone structure (lips & tits) of anyone I’ve met! she runs a yoga school in san fran now & has cult online following for her blog …..

      • Hey, Rocky, just saw your photos on ams……the Monaro.
        Butch, the ‘boyfriend’ has just bought a new one, black of course.
        He has wanted one for 10 years. Gosh it’s quiet for such a big machine
        & the doors hardly make a sound when closed.
        Will be fab when he finally asks me to go for a drive in it :-)
        Also mentioned the original is now a small fortune, if can get even.
        Love cars…it’s the movement. Had a 62′ Karmann Ghia Mark 4 silver &
        white before i did Islands for 2 years…o how i miss it’s face paricularly
        it’s eyes & eyebrows were such a supberb design.
        It’s officially Winter now, big Ugh, peeling off the fluffy gown & booties
        is even HARD WORK.

        • Pegs – the classic Monaro is awesome!!

          I have a Torana fetish – especially the one on cover of this month’s Unique Cars – on the right hand banner of this link

          on the blog – at bottom of page – SEARCH : car

          check the El Camino Ute!!

          have MAJOR car thing also.
          also require UGGS to be surgically removed ….. ;-) xox

    • My mom is also a cap sun. she has such beautiful norwegian-borne bone-structure. Since mystic posted this, i have noticed-realized a lot of other cap women who have the same cheekbone intensity going on…. this will be a great add-on in my attempt to figure out people’s signs upon glimpsing

  3. moon 4deg Cap in 2nd … big plans seem delayed… trying to sell a vehicle, waiting on an offer from OS uni, right now is a pivot point for the entire rest of my life lol, but after its been all full-steam-ahead, it’s all now slow as a wet week lately; hmmm… can I blame the zap zone? Advice?

    • scorpy do you use your natal chart?

      sun 1 deg libra in 7th – anyone know what’s cracking in this zap zone?

      • Where’s Spesh Chesh? Uber? SweetPea?
        You gotta have a penny drop soon….i can’t read maps :-)

      • Sorry, busy. The people who pay me expect me to put in some work occasionally. The cheek!

        Try this:

        Saturn, Uranus & Pluto squaring each other in the sky, i.e. your natal Sun conjunct Saturn, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, so tension, angst and change whether you like it or not. 7th house is partnerships, one on one relationships. Be prepared to roll with it, don’t resist, don’t insist etc

        • thanks Ubes – & not sure how I missed Mystic’s post you linked above

          *quaffs more walnut & heads to Zap Zone post*


          • *reads Zap Zone post, mainlines Walnut, returns to cubby hole under desk*

  4. yep rockstar, natal chart… in general I’ve been blasting through, but it’s hard to be patient with time ticking; tho maybe I’ve just been spoilt this year, and it’s time to take a deep breath… trust in the unfoldingness of things…

  5. great shot. lover her nails. looks like she’s just finished something off or seen something she wants to devour