Auspicious Love Weirding

Fantastic Love Stars for Monday & Tuesday!

Time to ponce t.f. up and be a bit less cynical…Though, do admit that the never-ending grind of Saturn in Virgo has made all us a bit more cynical of late…I am trying to fight it. Next i’ll be posting cute bunny and kitten pics lol.

Venus  in Leo trine Jupiter & Uranus is awesome. Be open of heart, mind & psyche.

Grandiosely forgive ALL your exes & entertain awesome expectations. Fire Signs are FRISKY as hell right now, especially the Leos as they’re so not even affected by either the Zap Zone or the never-ending grind that is the Chronos Club.

40 thoughts on “Auspicious Love Weirding

  1. yes, fire signs *are* frisky as hell…and no takers just yet… UNIVERSE I AM READY!!!

    bring on this auspicious love wierding. all i got is a couple of flirtations and my ex emailing me about the world cup.

    • if you get one and he has cute brother think of me sag girl.. I am so Leo and sooo ready but keeping frisky under control while spending time forgiving and forgetting lusty ex Leo.

  2. ok. on that unsubtle urging, I have emailed an ex in a tentative gesture of sort-of forgiveness. perhaps not grandiose just yet, but under the circumstances it’s a damn good start.

    if I hadn’t read this post, I likely would not have done anything at all. thanks for the leetle push, oh mystic et al…

    i kind of feel…good… !

  3. I also have sign envy – who wouldn’t want to be frisky as hell?! Counting down the days until Saturn is GONE from Pisces.

    Anyway, in the spirit of this love weirding I’m letting go of any bitterness re. Mr Libran-X (can I register a grandiose sense of forgiveness at a cosmic level?) and tentatively entertaining awesome expectations/general feeling of ‘anything can happen’ …

    Like virglibscorp said, thanks for the push Mystic – you truly are AMAZING. And I’m in love with the phrase ‘ponce t.f up’ – had a great image of a male peacock raising his extravagant tail, getting his Venus in Leo on and poncing around the place, making all the ladies blush when his tail accidentally-on-purpose brushes past them.

  4. Big cats nuzzling & patting with big, padded paws… mm, just my favourite thing, grr.
    Nice to hear Leo is getting some time in the sun. Have an Ali G moment and ‘big up yourself’ I say. I claim the white tiger as my totem (being a Leo Tiger ‘n’ all), I love this pic.

  5. I am all about the venus in leo, big cat love. Just not feeling it. Low level head ache, upset tummy, nerdy outfit. Mentally exhausted. There must be some crazy other pressure thing (oh ya, Saturn on sun!!?).

  6. nice kitties… :)

    well i have had a big hair weekend so that’s a great way to kick off V in L!

    an Abs-Fab quote – patsy of course – was”Lips, hips, tits and teeth ” ie the at the mirror checklist as one walks out the door…

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww CUTE! If there’s one thing better than regular tigers it’s white tigers!! They are so gorgeous. Look at this big fluffy paws … let’s just forget the teeth for a mo’ ;)

    I’ve got my head down and bum up and it’s got nothing to do with anything Venusian let me tell ya! All work! But I’m loving it. Blissful break from the last few weeks OTT friggin emo that’s for sure.

    • THey are so divine I cant help but linkg on those beautiful big cats!!

      good to hear life’s on more even keel & also you’ve got heaps on the boil – go get em girlfriend!!


      • I KNOW!!! honestly they are the most beautifully created animal – the felines – so clean, fastidious, tidy and bury their own poo.

        Thanx Rockstar … even keeled for now! Make hay whilst the sun shines! I’m surely due for another dipper with the eclipses *pout*

  8. Yip. Random uber flirtation from man who walked up to me and sat down next to me whilst innocently reading my book outdoors.

    “Do you believe in monogamy really?” was one of his lines.
    “Do you want children?”
    “Has the passion gone from your relationship?”

    He thought he was wooing me hook, line and sinker, but I knew all he was looking for was a zipless f*$^

    • hell I think I’ve had a run in with this guy in the City Library in Melb – couldn’t call it flirtation tho . . . just plain boring creepy

  9. !!!!!

    There’s this Leo girl I’m trying to woo. We were introduced by my boyfriend, who’s known her a while (“you two have SO MUCH IN COMMON!!” for years, and i used to be *jealous* of her thinking she was a rival), but then she went travelling in Dec/Jan so we’ve only really managed to communicate online.

    Then in mid-May she cottoned on that I liked her, and we had a pretty intense torrid Internet affair. dirty messages and international flirting and whee. (The daily email scopes were SCARILY accurate then!) I was floating, so happy. And then she suddenly ends it – she got overwhelmed, said that she didn’t know me well enough to keep going, so can we keep it platonic until she comes back and then see?

    We’re still talking, which is great (though there was a period when communications got weird). At the very least I think we’ll make awesome friends. But DAMNIT I want her so bad (and am jealous of boyfriend now for getting to hook up with her 5 years ago – he’s just amused by the whole thing). I don’t know how I’ll cope with waiting another couple of months until she comes back and we get to meet in person and then she gets to work out what she feels about me.

    I know she finds me attractive, and she did tell me that she really enjoyed our “torrid Internet affair”, so it’s not a complete lost case, but at the same time I don’t want to lose her AGAIN and then not be friends anymore. But I miss the flirting. I’ve fallen for her. Guh. something about her just draws me in and I want her as more than just a funky awesome penpal.

    so um, any tips for this libra (sag rising) girl on keeping my leo interested enough in me so that when she comes back we can move right along and let sparks fly?

  10. Lots of work to do but I couldn’t be happier – indeed whistled on the job today :) likely morphing into a mini-me Saturn but managed a way to send self daily emails, each reminding the days left to be released out of Chronos Prison, oh sorry, Chronos Club.

  11. haha – yesterday, lunch date w my ex/whatever.t.f/he is: I accidentally keep him waiting in his car outside the house for 20 minutes so we bicker (he is a virgo on his lunchbreak afterall), I threaten to not get in the car (annoyingly, my dog, who has already got in, is refusing to get out), we getover it, then we picnic and canoodle in the glorious sunshine. The dog stays in the car. Heavenly scary.

  12. Oh god. For once, my current situation seems like it could not be further from the-zeitgeist-according-to-Mystic – and how!!

    I’m Leo and the object of my affections is a Saggitarian. I’m from Adelaide, he’s from Melbourne; we’ve had an on-off thing for a few months which has been a wee bit hellish as he tries to work out his feelings for his ex, another woman, and me (with me feeling very much like 3rd cab off the rank) and I have been looking forward SO much to spending two weeks together in Brisbane (where I now work) but it’s a bit hopeless.

    He is listless, vague, aloof, claims to be still in love with his ex. I vacillate between pathetic possessiveness (temptation to sulk when he expresses need to do things not involving me) and the impulse to push him away immediately to avoid further pain. Lust manifests itself as hopeless little yearnings for physical affection – which I know I can’t expect because of the ‘rules’ I’ve self-imposed. The fact that he exhibits no inclinations towards desire reinforces my feeling of general hopeless sookishness. Cannot sleep or control snappy/weepy urges.

    I could not be feeling less like a Leo – I feel more like a crab without its shell! I seem totally incapable of building a sunny little vantage point/position of power for myself while things work themselves out, which ordinarily is not too hard. I am so mopey that I disgust myself utterly – it’s truly boring, and such a drag.

    • bummer, Leogroover is right though, you may as well revel in the melodrama if you’re gonna have to go through it.

  13. Mel its ok to be a mopey Leo. We invented the pout! We are good at it. Sit abck and allow the drama to unfold likewathcing your own soap operar starring yourself! You may not have any control over it so pout away. You know you will bounce back that what else us Leos are good at.
    Bask in the current sign envy.

  14. All my exes are suddenly calling me and declaring love! plus some new potentials. loving this libra love phase so far.

    Tiara the Merch Girl – you’re a lib right? Huge love is happening to us right now, just enjoy the ride.

    • also Lib with fish riser ….

      the closest any ex came was Le Ram breaking silence to SMS this morning to switch on JJJ (radio) – rare live recording of Iggy & Stooges produced by David Bowie ….. not sure why he’d think of me first thing in the week (we’ve just had long weekend c/ of Queen Eliz’s birthday when it wasnt even her birthday) ……

      Bring on the big love lust …….. the NEW variety though!!

    • I’m still waiting! So far the big love tends to be in my head. Well yes, my Aquarian boyfriend adores me and that’s awesome, but my heart’s still pining for this Leonine girl…who’s suddenly disappeared. AGAIN. le augh.

  15. nah nuffin remotely Venusian here, lots of Martian get up and go otherwise, but hrmph, Venus is sleepin here (Aqua sun, Aries Venus/Moon, Virgo Rising (Saturn bugger off pls).

      • lol, yep I am trying to take MM’s advice and embrace the process, and I have but……. Saturn is a hard taskmaster, I am counting down the weeks and I cannot be alone on this one!! xx

        • I’m SO there with you! Here’s to September (raises cup of green tea), when Saturn finally gets off my arse … just have to keep up the hard work ’till then.

          All the best with the rest of your transit, AquaRam! x

  16. Moon & Venus together in the western sky tonite was awesome … such a blessing & its in leo !!
    but me, i’m a sulky leo too, saturn sitting on my venus, ok ok i’m slogging along …. it just all feels tough..

    • me too Leony – Saturn sitting on my venus. But i’m quite enjoying the tough love (Cap rising helps :) At least i know when it happens it will be REAL and not built on pipe dreams.

        • ah yeah scorpalicious, i have cap asc too ! tough love , know what u mean & glad its working 4 u, i’m usually cool with just getting on with it … i think neptune is messing with my head – mercury/ uranus as well (kataka quincux ?) hahah life’s full of blessings !!!

  17. yep, this aries is frisky as hell as well. Hoping things will work out with Twinboy, although things were kinda weird when I last talked to him on Sunday. Although, it may have had something to do with the fact that I was hung over and as such was probs not at my best… :)

    If not, maybe I can find something else? It’s about damn time, already.

  18. Oh Lord…well this explains why Leo bf can’t seem to stop rubbing up on me! Too bad we’re rather out of sync atm…I’m having a Saturn in Virgo freakout and spending all my time worrying about the next phase of my life. Not exactly libidinous!

  19. Fuq you auspicious love weirding.

    I can think of nothing auspicious at all about being dumped by the most amazing, creative, intelligent, sexy woman I have met for many many years.

  20. Yep, lots of things seem to be ending for me too, whether it’s thought processes or my twin fascination proving elusive and at times cold as hell (such a big turn around). Must be needed.

  21. I’m a dumbass. No wonder I’ve been so horny over the last couple of days.

    I’m a Venus-in-Leo too…

    would love someone new and interesting to rub up against but am too busy fending off d’heads and silly exes wanting some attention. yikes.