Astro-David Blaine

Mario Sorrenti

This Interview mag Q & A with the illusionist/daredevil David Blaine is fascinating.

He is Aries, of course and a multiple conjunct one: Sun, Chiron and Venus opposed by Pluto and Uranus in Libra. So an extremophile. But i think the signature of his chart is the conjunction of Mars (ruler of Aries) with Jupiter in Aquarius.  Mars-Jupiter always goes over the top exuberant and in Aquarius it has to invent.Or defy expectations on a more or less daily basis.

“…One of the reasons I love doing these stunts is because as soon as you take away all the extravagances and superfluities that we live with every day of our lives . . . the simplest things become the most amazing. . . . You get this heightened sense of awareness. . . . It’s like an adrenaline rush.
…You know, whether you’re shuffling a deck of cards or holding your breath, magic is pretty simple: It comes down to training, practice, and experimentation, followed up by ridiculous pursuit and relentless perseverance. It has a lot to do with repetition. Holding your breath is another skill that you work on over and over, so it is similar. It’s all about trying to defy what people think is expected and normal.”

12 thoughts on “Astro-David Blaine

  1. I’m with the kids on South Park. re David Blaine….’coolest guy in the universe’.

  2. I like this guy, I like why he does what he does. To my mind he’s testing his relationship with natural forces and spirit in an interesting and entertaining way.
    Echos of Houdini here.

  3. Just read all the Interview (MM being my daily paper) & what a gorgeous
    man, now understand why have always liked him.

    • Like Mystic says, Mars conjuct Jupiter = over the top & lots of energy to direct at, in this case, the concerns of Virgo. Look at the High & Low traits of Virgo to get some ideas.

      Examples of High Virgo: service to others, conscious of health & nutrition, cleanliness, good at analysis & problem solving, working toward ideals.

      Examples of Low Virgo (in same order as above): playing the martyr, hypochondriac (delusions of ill-health), obsessive germ-a-phobe, hypercritical/picky/nagging, deluded about “perfection”.

      • Nat…RockStar needs you, Myst’s in the Myst for her question
        about degrees ‘n stuff. Can you answer her?

  4. i LOVE magic tricks- could watch them for hours. I just adore it.
    I cannot imagine how someone couldn’t- but people do? so confusing.

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