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Magic Is Shrouded In Normality Heart PrintHands up who is now counting the days until Saturn gets outta Virgo?

I’m not doing quite that but it is 34 days until it moves on from opposing my Sun – at 4.32am my time

Maybe i will get up early and have some sort of a soiree or a ritual. Or is that just Saturn consciousness?  Perhaps once Saturn has moved past this point, i shall sleep in tranquil frivolity or something.

Anyway, Saturn is going to move into the Zap Zone & the Mutables (Pisces, Virgo, Saggo, Gemini) will be at ease whilst the Cardinal Signs…well, they’re already in the Zone.

Mutables might want to reflect on what they know now that they did not know on September 3 2007. And was this so-useful knowledge gleaned via a speed-read of a life coaching article in the fabulousity section of some tabloid whilst you chilled at the cafe? Thought not.

But amidst all this, Artemis the Moon – is gliding toward a rendezvous with the radiant Sun and then magical Neptune. There are guides around, enchanted dream messages, your Muse and positive intuitive flow that can be gone with if desirable.

Image: Chrissie Abbott

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34 thoughts on “Artemis & Magic

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  2. I just realized, Saturn will finally leave me alone mid July or something after nearly three years of hitting on seven of my planets and then in September I begin the Saturn opposition. LOL. I could write a PhD thesis on Saturn transits by next year. I expect to be bullet proof by then.

  3. Oh! My husband and I had just got together around that time. We were on a little holiday together when my sister called on the 2nd and said she was having a baby. I drove like a crazy person to get to see her. So that time in my life is really sweet and special to me. But I am just an ascending mutable. I didn’t know I would be married and have a baby within a year from then though. 🙂

  4. 2007 – blissful relationship with man (who incidentally, I know I’ve met in another life)
    Sept 2007 – … doctors tell him there’s nothing they can do, go home and get your stuff sorted out (he went to doc, thinking it was a cracked rib from over-enthusiastic work-out).
    Feb 2008, the b****y cancer doesn’t get him, it’s a heart attack (yes, I know its all connected)
    Aug 2008, mum takes her leave of this world – of all the stupid things in a bus accident.
    by Oct 2008.. four others have shaken off their mortal coil.
    Oct 2009 a minor illness and horrible dose of post traumatic stress symptoms

    What have a learned since Sept 2007?

    – Love unconditionally
    – try not to struggle against change
    – friends are really important … and will help if you let them
    – enjoy every moment you are able to (there’s always going to be some road-bumps)
    – if you need to yell, its not a bad idea to watch sport regularly and shout at that, instead of your colleagues/family/housemates.
    – live simply, eat well, laugh like a drain
    – its a plus if you can keep breathing!!

    I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to Saturn for good!
    Chin-up everyone who’s having a hard time. My motto: “This too shall pass”
    I enjoy your posts and mystic’s writing. Thanks

    • nice list there Here I Virgo Again and love your moniker!
      “This too shall pass” is my favourite motto.

    lol Q:”reflect on what you didnt know september 2007″
    A: LOTS – LOL studying like mad! artghofxiglhdsnmk,gfnxz

  6. 2006 I met him
    2007 we were together, sept I believe
    I devoted my life to him
    I returned for him
    I got closure
    but now I am woven into a web where I am just to sit and watch
    one of the most painful moving on movies
    cue humiliation and serious loss
    my alice in wonderland days begin again
    where is home
    I must give up my crown
    so you can give it to another
    I just wish I didn’t have to watch
    its cold enough without you by my side

    • Baptism by Fire there MS.
      Some leave bigger gaps than others, so takes a
      little more time to refill, but refill you will.
      Aaaahh…Love’s Contusions…..they heal.

      • Thanks Peg x
        my lateral thinking brain says healing babe etc but I have been hit with secret wallop of emotion, not the usual kind. It has given me clarity and an epiphany I am not still in love looking for a future, I only want him to be happy new lady nor not, its the family and support that he is to me that I will loose. There is nothing here for me, I will have to carve a whole new world.

        I have always flown solo, been a strong girl, independent, never let it stop you only slow you down take it in your stride type. Thought he was mine for life. we are family to each other. I have been dreading this day for months but still didn’t know how much was there until it happened.

        my entire 4th house feels like pluto ripping through.
        I have this natally

    • I know this movie too well! Poor Ms, it took me many years to get past my loss, the fuqer was a wizard for sure, appearing in dreams, in hypnosis taking the place of my guide. He pushed me away and wouldn’t let go… Do the separation meditation, cut the ties that bind is my best advice. In spirit some people you are drawn to are so powerful and don’t even know it.. Good luck girl.

      • thank you
        my ex is no fucker. he is ridiculously lovely and adored me to death.
        we just don’t work

        will do the cut just need all the aries juice to build a new solo empire to support my arse

        he was over tonight while I cried for hours and patted me
        have chocolate
        pull tarot cards
        listening to tunes
        peace x

        • Sorry shouldn’t have used that term, my ex was amazing also, just not in the way that supported my needs.. He sounds a honey, sorry it’s all so hard. The cut is great to do with loved ones also, have done it after arguments with family (with binding too though), it helps. Good stuff ms. *passes the lady godiva and uncorks the merlot*

  7. Hrmmmmmm.
    I had 3 really quite epic dreams that involved my ex. I was wodneirng whether I just cut all ties before I went to bed. The dreams were really very lovely.
    I appear to have contacted him this morning and gone ‘You are odd. I hope you have a lovely day.’ He told me I was odd too, but that he hoped I would have a lovely day also.
    Apart from the fact that I may have just undone _months_ worth of boundary setting, am feeling pretty good about have my first interaction that wasn’t either awkward or yelling at each other.

  8. Things I didn’t know in 2007: Best motto to live is never explain, never complain, just do your best. My approval on my acts matters more than how others vote/think/blabber. Stay away from qi-drainers, reach out to independent thinkers, trailblazers, watch them and learn. Dreams are important, listen to some at least. And the most humbling lesson is: always ask “why not me?”, never “why me?”.

    I still need daily reminders but inhale/exhale helps.

    Thanks Mystic, I owe several items in my list to you. 🙂

    • That is the third time I’ve seen that motto today and your version I like as it makes more sense. The way I normally see it “Never complain. Never explain.” without that last crucial piece has become abused by passive-aggressive types who use it to wield some “hammer of justice” maneuver without having to deal with confrontations. I’ve always despised that motto until you added that last piece.

      • Your take on “never explain/never complain” is interesting. I never thought, when expressed out, it may suggest a passive-aggressive attitude. It is right, the last piece is important for internal monologue, or dialogue or conversation – depending how many voices are stomping for attention in mind.

      • ‘Never complain, never explain’ is my life motto. It’s not always possible to stick by but it’s an excellent guide. I do have to guard against pass-agg tendencies in myself but I think I have that covered off these days.

        I first read the motto in an autobiograpy of Lauren Bacall (I think?) but has since read that it was first uttered by Henry Ford. I prefer it coming from a cool blonde though.

  9. Mystic, HELP!!! What do I need, what consult do I need, I have two terribly divergent paths in front of me, neither one is sure, they are both so new, I can’t even have a gut feeling about them, one is about money and one is about art but i don’t even know any more after years of utter poverty whether money might be art….art is usually not money though, but it could be….

    Gemini, totally zapped, single mum, sick of taking the weird road – quick, which consult can i do????

    • Seabird, if you don’t have a gut feeling, think em through love. Use that rational think brain of yours to think. write lists, pros and cons, budgets or whatever, so at least you can get past the frantic worry and start to get to the what is good or bad for each. hard when you’re feeling wired I know, but at least writing them down gets it out of your head.
      best of luck with your decisions love.

  10. I had a dream of a ….. ahem…… “extra terrestrial” you guys. No joke. Just smiled a mischievous smile at me, and was gone. Haven’t been watching any other worldly movies of any kind, nothing that would trigger such a dream.

    Just making a note of it. 🙂

  11. i LOVE this pic. love it love it love it.

    and… is it WRONG or BIZARRE if i am kinda getting off on being in the zap zone?

  12. Brave new world coming… I almost want the big change. Learning a lot lately, I think I am seeing how much Saturn has taught me in the last two years, preparing the ground for the big new playground maybe?

    Trivial eg, but hubby wanted a new tv, I like toys so we shopped and researched and in the end we bought ..nothing. Our current tv works, why stress the earth and stress ourselves buying stuff we don’t really need?

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel like battening down the hatches and I think the blog has helped me be clearer about that impulse.

  13. the notches scribed on the underside of my table are ridiculous!!

    anyone who wants a light – ask Davey
    Cardinals – password to VIP is FUGGING obv!!

    cubby hole be dream land, soz outsiders….

  14. Not counting, but glad to have had Saturn/Uranus teaching me as they did.
    Although, obviously, I did not realize it while it happened…

    I know now how to set boundaries.
    I also know now not to accept boundaries set by people who do not accept my boundaries. (Mutuality?)

    I am wondering how Saturn return will be like (which will happen once the Lord Of The Rings arrives at 20 Libra, but before it will cross DC), after two years of Saturn bang on my Venus and Sun….

    I feel like I have morphed into a Capricorn.

    Besides, the Zap is on as well, MC/Nodes/Lillith/Psyche at 5-7 degrees Cardinal….

      • it was exhausting. at that time I started to emotionally separate from my partener who began to abuse me. He did act violently before, but when Saturn crossed my Venus the violence that was psychological before, became physical (note: I had Pluto square my sun at the same time…) – funny enough when Saturn crossed my Venus I also encountered a wonderful man, Capricorn, of course – who now, almost three years later is my partner. Time….

        • oh thank Goddess for the happy ending! Time indeed… yep *nods* know all about that being a Cap Asc.

      • I thought Saturn Venus was going to be awful, but I met three incredibly brilliant older women on a similar career path to mine while receiving some mentoring on a creative project.

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