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Dear Mystic,

Please help! I am a VIRGO having the worst time in the world at the moment!!!! I read all your scopes over the weekend and they made a lot of sense but still they didn’t stop me from spending the entire weekend wading through an emotion quake of guilt and poring over the aftermath details of a horror spontaneous vomiting episode on a guy i liked at a bar on friday night…is there a way out of this mess????

I hope so!

Anyway, i spent today painting the attached picture as it seemed to make me feel so much better and i had no idea why. The viridian green seemed to be a key element of my therapy…I thought you might like to see the pic because that is exactly what I feel like inside: troubled, depth-dredging and slightly irky…but i know there MUST be hope around the corner which is where the lighter colours came in.

Looking forward to your scope for tomorrow.

L.A. Virgo

Dear L.A. Virgo,

You ideally take all that came out of this weekend and crunch it down into a series of stunning resolutions to be enacted with the New Moon Eclipse on July 11/12 AND Saturn is out of Virgo on July 22. If it’s any comfort, your weekend sounds textbook for this sort of Eclipse. Hang onto the realizations! You are probably also a bit livery. Eat green things, maybe get a flower remedy, stay off the turps and well, um, the guy. What sign was he?


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  1. I did not think Virgos did that sort of thing! You have shocked me. It sounds more like MY weekend. No vomiting but that is just some sort of digestive miracle. I ran into my ex out with some girl who i swear looked like a school leaver, not that attractive but dolled up to the nines and well, young. So i managed to shudderingly say ‘oh well, hello and lovely to meet you’ but picturing him with her was hideously repulsive so i dealt with it by doing tequila shots and eating shit all weekend. Composed a really snide e-mail when drunk but thank FUQ did not send. Woke up at 4am feeling totally disgusting, crept downstairs, nearly wept with relief to see had not sent it. Lay in bed listing failings as a human being between drinking berocca and eating croissants. am now so fat the earth shakes when i walk, my hair looks shit and i am not getting in younger plus i had mother crap to deal with on the weekend that i maturely dealt with by not dealing with it at all. I did have a very deep conversatino about Life with my daughters however. So that was nice.

    • Hey – anybody who goes out with a ‘school-leaver’ smothered in bog (that’s car filler) and bling – has got serious issues to deal with.

      Good on you for letting rip re: tequillas and emails. You are a human being – you are allowed to feel.

      Mothers are weird – sometimes great – sometimes like creatures from the Black Lagoon.

      My daughter saves my life via deep conversation at least once a week.

      HUGS LS

      And croissants should be listed by the WHO as essential medicine. Viva la croissant!

  2. You are a Leo sure to have fab hair you are too hard on yourself. Congratulate yourself for not sending that email, and that man has his own issues it is not about you, you are fabulous I can just tell.

  3. I can top you Leo S. I swore at and hung up on someone because they didn’t have a phone. Then i felt guilty but i couldn’t call them back to apologise so that made me angry again which sent me into a cheese-toastie-eating-frenzy (they’re especially nice when you top them with corn chips).

    I then spent the rest of the weekend plotting whether or not to move to Noosa or perhaps Italy, took up smoking last night as an alternativev to the cheese-toasties because it was too dark to exercise. By today I must be emitting such bad vibes that my cat just punched me with her claws open!

  4. Ah yes the radical realisations… This little Virgo realised her 2 year relationship was basically loveless and would always be that way because he is an emotional retard, that sex would always be mechanical relief, and that it was probably the best relationship I have ever been in. Oh God.

    • OH NO!
      This little Virgo had the same one too, except for 1 year :( I had kept beating myself up over and over again about why he didn’t love me and tried to win him over in so many ways, and now I realize that perhaps he’s the one incapable of loving.

    • Lol these are so funny. I realize that i have the best sex with degenerate arseholes and that with the actual nice men capable of a vaguely civilised relationship it is more like tepid ‘mechanical relief’. Cannot afford therapy as it means would have to give up my trainer and hair extensions. Now need to find degenerate arsehole who is perhaps ready to retire from degenerate areholery.
      And HA HA re smoking as too dark to exercise.

  5. That painting is beautiful…I feel soothed looking at it. Perhaps I should take up my paintbrushes again. Oh yeah, lack of money to buy paints and brushes…oh well…

    L.A. Virgo, thanks for sharing your painting.

  6. I’m a virgo rising, and the eclipse hit my 4th where ive also my progressed moon, and the progessed moon is now squaring venus, uranus an chiron. This last 3 days were simply awfull: all of the sudden yesterday i just wanted to cry my eyes out! I was unbelievebly sad and feeling hopeless, full of angst. Later i decided to go back to my blog and resume my posts, something i did not felt the need to do since late September 09. Let’s just hope that saturn out of virgo can unlock the magic of uranus/jupiter on my7th. It was the the worst full moon eclipse angst i remember to experience. Thanks L.A. Virgo for sharing your thougts and beautifull paiting. Made a lot of sense to me.

  7. I just love how much attention Virgos get on this site!
    This little virgo mostly went to bed (in between soldiering on through exhibition openings with the aid of codeine) with a mild migraine for the entire weekend!
    Wondered what was going on.
    Now I’ve had so much rest, am suddenly full of beans and up drinking camomile tea.

  8. i love the painting… but it didn’t give me a sense of ick-osity.

    looks more to me like a pod of color not yet bloomed…

    or when you drop ink into water and it doesn’t billow out into clouds of shifting form right away, but more toward the middle and bottom of the glass?

    or something just born being nurtured and encouraged by the lighter colors above it.

    i say “give it time, you’ve just begun to see your immense beauty.”


  9. This painting reminds me of intestines … which I dare say is terribly Virgo since I haven’t yet met one who doesn’t “sense” the world through either their bowels or their skin? … and there’s always some sort of bowel complaint, skin irritation, allergy to obscure foods etc …

    Spontaneous throwing up was possibly your spirit intervening before you got involved in something more catastrophic than the actual embarrassment that you no doubt felt after purging on the fella? SOO many metaphors one can read into it ;)

    And yes Virgos DO get a lot of attention on this site!


    • I think it is that the sign with Saturn going through it gets more attention because everyone feels so sorry for them. I remember when saturn was near the end of leo, every 2nd post – it seemed like – was about poor lovely beautiful us.
      As for Cancerians, you guys have got great tits and all of you can cook but when will you learn that whinging and guilting people never works??!!

      • oh I don’t know probably around the same time as Leo’s learn to pull their heads in? hehe ;)


        yes Virgos have got it rough. Poor Virgos. There there. Meany pants Saturn will be off your case soon enough.

      • My Nana was a Cancerian and she never complained. She was just bloody fantastic. A fantastic cook, confidant, she’d iron my knickers when I was little, she forgave everybody everything. Died from her tenth – yes 10TH heart attack. Still miss her. And yeah – great cleavage runs in my family. :)

  10. Well, on the weekend I tried to contact a gf with whom I recently travelled over seas. I have been a great support to her, even when she hits the bottle and the fags. Hard for me on holiday, I can tell you. I have just discovered she is going out with my recent ex, a guy who I discussed with her and agonised over on our travels. Am not good with betrayal. So, she is lacking the courage to tell me what she’s done and ignoring my calls. What happened on the weekend? I ran into her. I was calm. She told me so many lies. I just stood there. I don’t really need to say any more, do I? Not only has she lost a great and loyal friend, she’s lost all of my friends too. Time for decluttering, methinks. I feel like throwing up.Wish I had at the meeting.

    • Oh dear littlefish. My body is actually reacting to your posting. Its like the Gem-slut-boy who imported his online Texan blonde to my little own Aussie suburb. I dread the day we will bump into each other – and have tried to initiate a discussion with him to clear the air and acknowledge we have both moved on. (I haven’t met anyone new yet but am feeling positive about life.) I NEED honesty between myself and those I am journeying through this life with but – he aint returning the communication so I continue to work on forgiving him and the situation I put myself in and move on. Even if it does involve watching Doctor Who re-runs and eating Chocolate biscuits….

      Goodluck littlefish. Know you are not alone hon.

      • Thank you Blue Libra. I sent the ex an email stating calmly how I felt. He hasn’t had the courage to reply. I needed to do it. There is a similar recurring paradigm with my ex husband too, being betrayed by a friend, so it brought all that up as well. Most of my friends are loyal and loving.
        I have lots of good stuff to concentrate on. Work, exercise, friends, ..not necessarily in that order. X

  11. I love the painting too.

    This little virgo is so sick of Saturn that I’m ready to vent at anyone who will listen – actually, that’s what I did last night to a poor unsuspecting friend who now knows my one remaining secret in life. Fuq off Saturn – I just want things to go back to normal – you know, organised :)

  12. so next new moon seems right but what’s the deal with what Robert wilkinson is saying about new moons being wonky at the moment and everything moving to the full moon? Or whatever it is he means – I can’t get my head around it.

  13. Perhaps the spontaneous vomiting just meant he wasn’t right for you anyhow?

    Green is a very healing color. I have a green light in my massage room at work and green is the predominant color of the earth at this time while She is in her transition. It’s also the predominant color of my aura.

  14. Saw my psychologist Sat morn. It was the ‘Wizard meeting’ end to a long and crazy yellow brick road story from 2003.

    Ahhh, the wonderous feeling of *indifference* replacing horrid angst.

    The painting above looks like bowel to me too, probably because I am doing release body work for my bladder/bowel etc!

    Prompted this memory = Milk Thistle (detox) esp. the liver

  15. I feel like vomiting too! What is with this full moon eclipse? I have not been able to deal with things consciously so It’s translated into my body with just a horrible sick and disgusted feeling at what ishappening.

  16. oh virgo i feel so sorry for you but you have to admit that is funny, i cannot stop laughing you have made my day x x

  17. This little virgo has been about to puke from pain all weekened. We virgoans have very testy tummies, don’t we?

  18. L A Virgo – i have been meditating on your painting and zooming in; then it hit me – this is generational from left to right – note your colours get slightly brighter from left to right and it seems like family leaning on one another from earlier gens. Your green gets brighter to the right . Only you can interpret this but it reeks generational to me. Just my humble opinion. xx

  19. my jaw dropped at reading this – similar thing happened to me over the weekend…. still mortified about vomiting episode as it is so unlike me and it was um, quite spectacular i must say – my body was v decisive that it simply did NOT want that anymore. made me feel human again to read these posts :)

    painting looks like a fluffy cloud to me…

  20. Haha this reminded me of when I once puked on a guy I liked and we ended up having a long relationship – I figured after that episode he must be either very kind/considerate OR very weird…turns out he was both…the weirdness won out in the end though…

    I’m not a Virgo but a Venus in Virgo so what a convoluted way to meet a lover!

  21. PS the painting is lovely, reminds me of balloons or those huge swirly lollipops