A Quick Astrology Lesson – Neptune & the Nodes

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Tanned 80s male model Calvin Klein underwear blue skyPeeps,  pay attention up the back there!

This gentleman is Tom Hintnaus, an Olympian turned underwear model, obviously.

He is an Aquarius.

He is also an interesting illustration, so to speak, of Neptune and the Nodes.

The North Node is  one’s destiny in ‘this life’ and going toward it tends to be beneficial, as opposed to hanging out with the people and themes associated with your South Node. I will do a more full-on Nodes rave later.

But when you have an Outer Planet (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto or Uranus) on the North Node, you intersect with society in some major way.

Tom H has Jupiter and Neptune right on his North Node in Scorpio.

Neptune is film, photography, glamour, myth, dreams and illusion…all sorts of things. Jupiter just hypes whatever it touches.

Neptune-North Node in Scorpio (sex) totally fits someone whose iconic image set off a new era/style of photography, gay aesthetic, advertising and the archetype of masculine beauty.

According to the Wiki , American Photo magazine named this image as one of “Ten Pictures That Changed America.”


Image: Tom Hintnaus

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94 thoughts on “A Quick Astrology Lesson – Neptune & the Nodes

  1. My North Node’s in Aquarius, and after a quick scan of my chart, I have Capricorn Saurn on it. I’ve always seen myself starting a business, like a vegan cafe or something. (Jupiter in Cancer will help that out, right?)

    50s bondage pin-up queen Betty Page (Taurus) had a Virgo North Node and became a born-again Christian.

    • Oh, and Tom Hintnaus is much better suited to posing god-like in knickers than pole vaulting. Just an opinion.

  2. how’s does one locate North South Node?
    & what planet/s are ‘on it’ ??

    ASTRO.com has True Node at 26 Gem – is this one of the above?

    tips pls 😉

    • true node= north node, i believe. so south node is just opposite that.

      Gemini north node would mean your destiny is in communications! (which is ‘like, der’ considering your career! – on track!)

    • This would mean your south node is in opposite sign, so would be Sagg
      if north is in Gemini.

      Nodes are interesting.
      I like his ones.

      • so where / how to interp South Node in Sag ?

        also how do you find if outer planets on North Node in Gem ”

        muchos thanks for helping newby!!

        • Roxy, what else you got in Gemini? You’re looking for planets that are close to your Gemi T-Node, no more than 10 degrees apart – the closer they are, the more potent the combo is. Your Ascendant or MC right beside your T-Node is also pretty hot and karmic…

        • K so North Node Gem 26 in 4th house – making South Sag in the 10th with no natal planets ….

          interps pls?

          • Lexy – these bits I never understood so thanks for yr input – no planets close to True Node – closest are Jupiter at 25 Taurus in 3rd & Mars at 5 Leo in 5th if that adds to the picture?

            AC 15 pic / then it has 2. 10 Aries / 3. 10 Taurus
            MC 13 sag / then 11. 16 Cap / 12. 17 Aqua

            am certain dyslexia scrambles understanding this
            how is it I can grasp vast complex theory but the minute numbers are inserted nothing gels!!

          • Ok, those planets aren’t close enough to count, but fear not, you’re still interesting… :-)

            Your SOUTH Node is conjunct your Midheaven / MC. This intrigues me, as it is like taking little pieces of your past lives and fusing them with the direction, achievements and legacy of this life… if you do the whole reincarnation thing… ‘past life’ can just as easily mean ‘soul junk’ you inherited at birth.

            But anyway – South Node governs ‘where we have come from’ and MC governs ‘what we will leave behind’ so I see this as a neat little karmic through line, drawing on inherent wisdom to create your impact, it’s really super Libran and balanced and just.

          • LOL re still being interesting 😉 !!

            incarnation makes sense – current life journey shedding past life skins was once pointed out by a mystic master who suggested something akin to experiencing a reincarnation mid this lifetime (now past) – & often wisdoms emerge that I simply know I didnt learn this time round

            thanks Lexy ps I have a girlfriend called Roxy & always envied her name …. it kicks!!

  3. I have Chiron conjunct my North Node in Aries in the 4th, trine Mars. Its about to be zinged & zapped by Jupiter, Uranus & co…

  4. i have pluto conjunct my north node in libra (which is my 6th house), and most people around my age (32) have the same set up, it being pluto and all. ive been fascinated to think that so many of us are going to be/are involved in helping the transformation of society/relationships. but then again, when i look around, loads of my peers *are* doing something profound, even if ‘small’ by the worlds standards, to affect real change to their piece of the earth.

    ive never gotten my heads around how this relates to my 6th house though, beyond the fact that i can never consider my career ‘real’ unless its of service so the public.

    • just been doing a bit of research as i have Gem north node in 6th house.

      6th house = bringing order to chaos, creating routines, focusing on the here and now, being of service to others, taking risks in spite of fears, and choosing to value and analyze details.

  5. I have my north node sitting close to Neptune as well, in Sagg/7th house.

    I am insanely good at travelling and meeting people. I can talk to anyone in any language given an hour and enough tea/coffee/encouragement. I make very good friends with very disparate people and they with me. And I keep them.

    I’m interested in Mystic’s representation of Neptune above. I always thought Neptune was about where you felt most needed or weakest. More information please!

    • Where Saturn is about structure and limitations, Neptune is more concerned with dissolving boundaries, so it entails fluidity, the unconscious, dreams, illusions, delusions, substances, music etc. Fabulous for art, intuition, visioning, spirituality etc. but crap for getting organized, paying bills, doing dishes, dealing with accountants etc

  6. My north node is 8′ Virgo (12th House). I’m a bit scared now because I was already a super-charged stellium (including sun) and rising virgo. Does this make me even more virgoan?

    My Mercury is also at 8′ Virgo (12th House) – is that significant?

    My north and south nodes are nowhere near my outer planets though.

    • Yes Herby, yes it does. You are insanely Virgo and clearly give über and myself a run for our virginal money. Sure you don’t have Saturn / Jupiter in there too?

      Mercury rules Virgo, and as you are a V-Rising, mercury also rules YOU.
      Mercury conjunct T-Node in 1st house, conjunct Sun just totally screams a career / life path in publishing to me! Whether literal or metaphoric. The sharing of knowledge, language and ideas with the world.

    • Wow Herby! Holy Mercury. So your 12th house Virgo is mega packed and your Mercury points are now officially through the roof. I think I have this right, sun, merc, n.node, venus, saturn and Asc. Bloody hell!

      You Lex and I could try and out Virgo each other. I have sun, merc, venus, MC, uranus pluto across the 9th & 10th, plus bonus points for both parents Virgo and a Virgo brother.

      Anyway, Kim Falconer talks about north node in the 12th house as a need to melt down boundaries and explore interconnectedness ‘through empathy, compassion and service’. I also agree with Lex. Your karmic task is to communicate. And by now you’re an expert at 12th house themes.

      • Lex – Funny you should mention the career path in publishing. I have just this past month taken a career change to become an editor and I’ve never ever enjoyed a job as much in the first month as I am enjoying this one. And yes, as you can see from UV’s post, I have Saturn in 12th House / Virgo too (16′).

        UV – Oh yeah – melting boundaries and exploring interconnectedness is so me. Wow, Virgo parents and brother. Your house must have been one tidy place to grow up *LOL*. No such bonus points for me.

        I’m so going to have to keep an eye on you guys to see whether I notice any similarities. So far I notice that we post on many of the same threads.

      • HOLY HERMES! We have a trifecta of super-charged Virgos in our midst! Uber, Mega and Galactic.

        Herby, editor sounds like the perfect job for you! Just remember to be kind as you introduce others to the ideals of perfect grammar. We non-Virgos are not blessed with your editorial skills.

        *nods respectfully and tiptoes away*

        • LOL @ Nat. I have always had to remember to pull my head in when it comes to outbursts of disgust at people using commas incorrectly. And you should hear me when it comes to ‘that’ and ‘which’. LOL

          I have Moon in Pisces, so am quite empathetic. Therefore, I generally vent in private and then remember that everyone has their own particular skills. Just as some people have terrible writing, I am useless at most technical things (no doubt my mechanic swears about the state of my motorbike every time I bring it to him). *grins*

  7. Hm I was curious to know how that photo really did change America…..is it because an Olympian turned all Hollywood glam, and changed his shorts for underpants,? He definitely does look Aquarian though. Finely chiselled face, sculpted. I need to look up my nodes again. I can’t remember them off the top of my head

  8. i have a north node/mars/jupiter conjunction in virgo in the 4th.
    sag sun/libra moon/gem rising.

    • David Blaine has that mars jupiter conjunction! You are a domestic entrepeneur – drawing upon past life riches & machiavellian instincts…If you search the site btw, there is stuff on here about the NOdes – or go through the Category DIY Astro

      I am madly trying to encourage peeps to use the categories more as often questions are asked in comments which have answers…Am currently redoing categories but take a look..DIY Astro has the most applicable info

      • in an astro class on family dynamics we learned that mars/jupiter is a combo that runs in the british royal family, and funnily enough i am a distant relative, lol.

        maybe i need to get into real estate…

      • Mystic seriously when it comes to a bunch of numbers or a string of written instructions my brain scrambles. its not for want of trying, is frustrating beyond belief not to be self sufficient.

        thanks for this post – I learned somethings!


  9. North Node 18 deg, DC 11 deg, Neptune 6 deg all in Sagg all together. Not conjunct but close, I wonder if that means anything.

    • My moon is smack bang on your North Node, Andromeda. And in DC ooohhh 😉

      Having N node in 7th would mean that you need to concentrate on your relationships with others and learning how to be with others, harmony with others et al..You are so used to being independant and doing things by yourself with your S node in 1st. Add neptune into the mix, very idealistic and romantic with partners.

      • Ooh la la! Thank you so much Sassy! Did past life hypnosis and it was all about the fact I had been a loner so many times round. I do find my husband’s kindness a constant surprise. Relationships in general are intense for me!

      • Btw way, does your moon and my NN mean we are destined to get along?

        I just realised multiple Gem hub’s all OVER my South Node :) (Sun, merc, venus, saturn in Gem) and I have a little stellium of Cancerian planets all over his South Node/Moon, my Venus conjunct his South Node.

        I hope that is good?

        • And his Juno, Ceres, Neptune all on my NN… We did get together quickly, maybe mothering qualities was what he was after?

        • Yeah I think so. :-) We should exchange tips..Our nodes are opposite. My north node is in 1st house Gemini, so South node is in 7th house Saggi. I need to learn to be more independant and self reliant, learn to stand by myself…

          Nice synastry there with hubby…Destined to be together, or you may have already been together in a past life with all those planets on eachothers southnodes..

  10. Hey Guys,
    How did the photo change America? In 1981 it was, believe it or not, a really unusual mainstream pic of a man looking sexy. When Calvin was rad.

    Neptune-Node question – Neptune is a slippery thing but it is strong in the charts of icons…People who capture the attention of the masses or who, like aqua-hunk above- manifest a new age in one image. Not sure about need or weak being associated with Neptune…it can be linked with addictions but even THAT is a long story for another time.

    Nodes are fascinating – my Kismet consultation just does them and only them + the rulers of the Nodes and major aspects. Nodes in synastry (chart comparison between two people) are even more amazing. When someone’s planets connect your South node or vice versa, it brings about the most spooky feeling of familiarity…North Node connections are when people form strong partnerships with astonishing rapidity….

    • When Calvin was rad in 81 I was early 20’s and I wore those type of undies ? Rad ? The alternative at the time was tiny leopard skin g string things.
      Maybe this image changed america because its the one of the first mainstream/ gay/icon images ?

    • oh wow!! as soon as i read “When someone’s planets connect your South node or vice versa” i jumped to my ephemeris and sure enough, my one true love from years ago has North node in Sag – conjunct my south node in Sag and my moon is conjunct his north node!
      Love this post!! :)

        • hell yeah! :)
          I’ve been busy looking up past lovers and all of them have their north node conjunct or opposite mine! I’m going to pay more attention to the nodes now! Have discovered via google that a lot of astrologers out there focus only on the nodes!

          • Thanks for noting that, I will look at that more deeply also. I had an astro reading recently and the lady also told me to pay attention to the nodes and the mc/ic and what is at play around them. This is a great reminder. 😛

  11. Well this is very interesting. I have Neptune conjunct North Node at 1′ Scorpio. It’s almost exact, within a 1 degree orb. Then I have Mercury conjunct S Node, to within 1/3 degree.

    Apropos of Mercury opposing Neptune in Scorpio, I will tell you one of my favorite stupid jokes.

    Q: What’s a four letter word, ending in “k” that means “intercourse?”

    A: Talk.

    • So instead of being an academic Charles, you should have been a sexy pin up boy…;-)

      • What makes you think I wasn’t? Maybe I was a sexy pin up academic boy.
        But now this explains a lot, like why the Dean told me to keep my hands off the undergrads and her teachers. She must have been threatened by my overwhelming sexuality. 😉

  12. i’m a bit annoyed. my north node is in the bottom of my chart [4th house, Libra] along with pluto and IC. Three things all OPPOSITE where all the action lies, in my Aries 10th [venus, MC, chiron, South node of course, and a coupla asteroids.] I feel this is going to play out in me wanting all the action in my 10th but while this is going on i won’t feel like i am quite fitting in as well as i would like to. inner conflict and whatever. or maybe i can transmute that somehow into a productive push-pull, challenging me to be creative in how i meet all these needs/inclinations.
    sometimes i wish i had a superstar chart with a loaded MC or sun conjunct something fabulous and exciting like jupiter or neptune or venus, not bloody ‘attention span of a gnat’ mercury….*sigh* chart envy :(

    • Lol, I know what you mean, my chart is always on the edge of doing something interesting… then doesn’t. Like I have Neptune hovering about near my NN, but not conjunct. You can STILL be a superstar UP, you don’t need the astro, bet there are plenty of stars with ‘boring’ charts…

      • i know what you guys mean… my chart is all 4th-8th house, no oppositions, nothing in the 10th or conjunct the MC… makes me think i’m a boring introvert destined for blah-ness.

        • Its like your whole life could be one long holiday, nothing to achieve..no stress. Relax, smell the roses. Sounds like a blessing actually.

        • Are you kidding? 4th house is about soul integrity and the 8th is sex/merging and investments and ruled by Scorp. It’s hot, exciting and DEEP.

          • I’ve got my True North Node in Pisces 4th. I hope this is something deep and interesting. 😉
            My North Node squares Neptune…researching what it means now.

        • You’re lucky mm. I have a grand cross, golden yod, squares and oppositions, and only a few sextiles and trines. North node is in the 1st house, Libra, so Saturn is about to pay a little visit. Joy! I wish I had a more relaxing chart.

    • dunno – am kinda glad dont have the superstar chart – seems like hard work

      lol re chart envy x

    • oh come now you lovelies. A simple chart is a good chart! The more aspects and oppositions, the less likely you are to make any one of them work, so wrapped in internal conflict. Less red cross-hatching I say, more nice blue triangles!
      Sure, these people can change the world with one single photograph, but do you think that makes them happy? can they do their own taxes?


    • dearest UP, your heart and mind are much more powerful influences than astro will ever be. There are dimensions above the astral that prevail . Broaden your mind to what a superstar is. Become a planet tamer.

          • No, I wasn’t, but okay, if you like. Yes. And I am inferring you tame planets with an oversized Mason & Pearson!

      • thanks kids. i love your comments that ease the troubled mind…when i start getting wound up about these things i know it’s time to stop thinking about astrology and call some friends, climb a mountain or swim or something :)

    • UP, I think you’re oversimplifying. The South node really is what’s familiar. It has a ‘been there done that’ feeling. Aries in the 10th comes more naturally to you but won’t fulfil you like Libra in the 4th will. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work at or use your 10th house stuff, it means you have the added challenge of needing to develop and work toward the 4th house goal of nurturing your soul/private life.

      Also, plenty of famous folks have an empty 10th house. If I get time, I’ll find some examples.

      • thanks UV, that’s interesting… maybe i need to look into 4th house a bit more. Atm I only interpret it as that cloying “stuck at home with the family” feeling. I guess that means I need to expand my thinking on that a bit. PLuto in my 4th does have helpful aspects to planets in my 2nd and 6th houses, as well as being part of the grand air trine that I have. Time to shake up the thinking, UP… googling commences now!

        I can definitely relate to nurturing soul/private life though.

      • and a postscript. Saturn is on its way to a conjunction with my natal pluto, IC, NN in the next 2-3 years. now THAT will be interesting to see how that plays out. For a few years i have been longing to get my own place, not renting, where i can completely express and be myself. as in, MY SPACE (*not* myspace!). I can visualise parts of it. A sanctuary where I can flit home to after world wide travels / travails, tend to my orchids, veggies, art and music in peace, fun and tranquility…. aaah manifesting the dream..!

    • I’ve got that too UP. North Node in 3rd house, Scorp, loosely conjunct IC and Uranus. But my south is in my highly packed taurus, but 9th, conjunct jupiter and loosely MC. Mystic suggested I have the whole super nerd in past life thing, and my challenge now is to disseminate to the masses. I do have a problem getting those papers finished.
      The bit I find interesting is the north node on IC, which seems to link in to my 8th moon, and 12th cancer, particularly given I have 10th house stellium. My moon is trine my NN, but saturn in cancer out of the orb.
      Interestingly, the stupid man who causes me such trouble by lurking about in my subconscious too much has his saturn in cancer at just the right point to give that grand trine. And my mars gives him leo mars, aries jupiter, sagg NN grand trine. (My sun conjunct his SN)

  13. True Node Libra 13°03’11 in house 4, MC Aries , South Node Aries ? Neptune in Scorpio 5th. Just another on the list for the zzzaaappp zone. Is there a vapourising zone ?

  14. Well I dunno if how much he changed America, but he certainly tuned up the mood I’m currently in! Phew! Yum!

  15. Pluto square North node/South node. I had researched and got little confused with their fancy pancy words LOL My north node is in 12th aqua

  16. MC 20, NN 14 and Mars 21 in Aqua making them about about 7 degrees apart and Mars virtually on MC in the 9/10 house. I think that’s the looper conjunction.

  17. My north node is conjunct my moon, Lilith and Circe in Aries in the 5th. So I need to be more of a witch, bitch and self centred, bolshie, creative beast, following my emotion/instinct.

    I have to say this makes perfect sense. My south node is in Libra in the 11th and in the past whenever I tried to blend in to groups, trying to please others and trying to not attract attention to myself, it has gone spectacularly tits up. I’ve been much happier and more successful by being assertive and ruthlessly individualistic.

  18. North node Gemini in 6th house trine Saturn in Aqua in 2nd. So I “intersect with society in some major way” COOL!

    So destiny in life is to vibe like a Gemini by creating routines, focusing on the here and now, being of service to others? Very achievable considering i have so many planets in Virgo.

  19. yep. i remember this guy. not my type. but i remember a decade of having to see some replica of him in every bar and shanty…

    my north node (5th house) is with mars (6th house)… in aquarius.

    i doubt you’ll see me in my skivvies changing the sexual appetites of the masses anytime soon.

    however, i staunchly defend the right of art to be plastered everywhere.. and for people to buy it.

  20. True node in Taurus semi-square Neptune in Cap and Jupiter in Aquarius square True node both in 0 degrees.

    Love art, studying architecture.

  21. True node at 0 degrees Pisces. Ha ha, what does that mean??

    My guess is that it’s creative, which would make sense because I want to write, but my guess may be wrong…

  22. love this guy. he can neptune my nodes anytime. Inspirational. Maybe i re-divert my search for love into a quest for a gigilo who looks like that.

  23. A query here re NODES.
    The Mean Node is the same as North Node?
    True Nodes & Mean Nodes are the same?
    Understand the opposites but astro chart says Mean Node
    not North Node. or South Node.
    Is below the descendent line South?
    Coz thinking i’m getting it upside down (as usual).

    • yes, same thing. True Node, Mean Node, North Node all the same thing but refers to a different way of calculating it.

      The south can be anywhere in your chart but always opposite the North Node. Say you have Leo North Node, your South Node will be Aquarius.

      • Got it & many thanks, Scorps.
        True N Tauro so S in Scorp, just wanted to be sure.
        Along with a lot of 8th house planets, the arena i chose
        to play in very astro based it seems.

  24. me too! I’m Aqua with north node in Scorpio, that is why: Aquarpio. The only aspect I have is that it is square my sun, which sounds difficult.

  25. What about the North Node conjunct the Ascendant? I always wondered about that–it’s in Virgo—

  26. I have North Node 21 Leo in the 5th sextile Gemini Sun, Pluto. Sq Uranus & Trine MC. My south node is in Aqua 11th house.

    It is amazing that they used an athlete to model reg grundies in the 80’s. In the 90’s they used celebrities who look like athletes i.e. Mark Wahlberg & in the 00’s they kind of got back to using athletes to sell grundies, well athletes are kind of like celebrities now aren’t they?