Your Great Big Huge Insight?

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table with neon sculptureThe weekend’s Jupiter-Saturn bingle was like a warm-up for Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Aries in a few weeks AND a cheery helper for the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Hands up who had a HUGE idea, blast of optimistic chutzpah, major insight or release after some angsting about?  Or were you just rapid-processing the past seven  years?

Image: Praz Delavallade

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159 thoughts on “Your Great Big Huge Insight?

  1. I have certainly noticed a ‘shift’, I think I understand myself now more than I ever have, I also am starting to stop fearing the scary ex, somehow he just doesn’t bother me anymore. I feel like I am seriously becoming someone else which I don’t mind, just feels weird.

  2. Yes Mystic! After a panic attack last Thurs / Fri re: future work and love prospects I realised that I was going to have to face this regardless of my emtional ‘state’ so I might as well be positive and pro-active about it all.

    Bravery has manifested! I’m feeling healthier and happier as a result.

  3. No clear insight. But I feel like my chest is about to burst, I feel like I’m at a maximum of compression and expansion working against each other. And I can feel the Venus Pluto opposition as it approaches. My hair is standing on end.
    I think I’ll go lay out some tarot, the energies are too strong to let it pass without taking advantage of it somehow.

  4. I had a panic attack too and should’ve read the Daily Mystic weekend remind-y thing. Too late. Everything blown up all to bits now and seems un-salvageable. But I’m still here and life can go on i guess. I guess I’m still unevolved and haven’t made the spiritual progress others have.

    • You’re where YOU need to be. Don’t be hard on yourself doll, believe me, sometimes I think I’m standing still…

      • Thanks sweetpea. *hugs* I swear even with all t his cosmic help stuff, I still feel clueless. :(

          • The best place to often be sometimes is in “I don’t know”….In that we are humble and open to the universe…

    • no way babe. The shadows KICK your arse evolved or not. we are human, just remember to take super care of yourself when you walking in the dark xxxx

  5. yes, I have decided changing to part time study is the way to go.. plus a whole heap of other changes I’ve been attempting to make since at least October last year… Looking over the past seven years was really helpful!! thank you mystic!

  6. Not really an insight but looked at the ephemeris today and Uranus won’t actually conjunct my Mercury for another year. I was hoping sooner…I mean Uranus just touches on Aries and then retro’s back into Pisces for months..

    Uranus is a tease… 😕

    • Uranus is a tease! LOL! No one ever says that about Saturn. hahah…take your time Mr. Saturn coming back to Libra.

    • hehe, yes same. looking forward to that!
      though I got mars return super soon 😀

  7. Wow. I really do feel like this is the end of seven years of struggle. I’m finally getting glimpses of the life I want.

    Over the weekend I was putting drawings together for framing for a little exhibit for June, and they felt like a summary of the Uranus in Pisces era.

    I also feel strongly that I don’t have to put up with crappe from anyone just because Im a single mother or even the mother of their child/ren. I have all the support I need and can live with any decision I make around parenting.

    And I feel that I like myself now more than ever.

    • Hey TA, I was pulling tarot cards last night and I pulled one for you. The King of Swords. A good omen, yah?

      • ah ha! King of Swords – very interesting! I shall have to ponder that one. My first instinct is cutting ties with past influences.

        thanks Uber :)

        been thinking about you a lot as I work on shifting my Qi :) xx

    • hey TA, that;’s great to hear. no you should never have to put up with crap frm anyone and as for getting crap for being a single mother, well your detractors can go to hell, i mean really!!
      Coming to the knowledge that (knowledge – not just belief or hoping but real, concrete, knowing) you have all the support you need and knowing you can live with any decision you can make around parenting – that’s big, next-level self-belief, in my eyes…awesome x

      (I am actually going to borrow those exact words for some career-related stuff, if that’s ok?)

    • Hey TA, that’s so cool about your exhibition! Wish you weren’t so far away. I would definitely have popped in. LOVE your work!

      • tnx Scorpalicious :) I had a funny feeling in my belly as my drawings were packed up and driven away from me – a twinge of longing, perhaps? I miss them. I had a sudden urge to upload one I love onto my website then kicked myself that I don’t have a copy.

        I can’t wait to do some more now!


        • i know how you feel. I once did a drawing for a competition but the condition of entry was that it be available for sale and i couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it, so didn’t enter.

          Looking forward to seeing more of your work and make sure you upload this time. :)

  8. When I go back seven years that was the year I got the settlement for my back surgeries and life did change for the better overall. Am ready for a new transformation however and feel freer than ever to pursue my long held goals. I no longer own a stick of furniture. That’s kinda free feeling for a start…

    Neat for you TA! You certainly do deserve it….x

    • Oh hell, now I get the insight.. your medical story tickled my memory, now I remember exactly what I was doing 7 years ago, almost exactly this week. I was in Tokyo, interviewing for my dream job with a publisher, something I’d worked for over ten years to achieve. Then I phoned home to check in, and my mom was sick. So I rushed back and she was diagnosed with ALS, I ended up taking care of her for 2 years until she died. Although I did it gladly, I was diverted away from my career path and I have never since come close to even a decent job, let alone my dream job in Tokyo.
      Now this week, I am going to drop off a job application for a job that is actually in my career path, for the first time in years, and I might even get the job. Then I am going in for the final medical test to see if I am dying sooner rather than later (BTW, I tested negative for TB). I hate this seven year cycle, it had better be over and done with right soon now. I would sure like to dump that baggage and move on to a new, better cycle. Couldn’t be much worse, could it?

  9. Had a HARD weekend – all day workshop for uni on Sat was like pulling teeth; then went to a party that night (hoping to unwind), and ended up nursing a mate who was having a bad drug experience. Sunday I should have done some work, but was completely drained. I am in my 40s, people, what is going on here?

    On the upside, had a fab Kahuna massage last week, as per Mystic’s pre-Quickening advice, and masseuse did my numbers & got excited cos I’m coming into a ‘one’ year – ie a big re-set! That will be cool.

  10. I LOVE the image Mystic.
    Checked out the link. You don’t happen to remember who the artist was do you…?

  11. My 3rd child, son, was born exactly 7 years ago (give or take a few days). He has been full on since day one. Turned our lives upside down. Maybe he’ll start to settle down a little ? Please .

      • oh yes, sun gem, moon cancer, asc pisces. right now his sun is squaring uranus, thats fun.

    • davidl, my only daughter was also born 7 years to the day…well the 21st.
      She has also been full on since day one. Some say, that 7 for kids is a big year you know leaving babyhood behind and venturing into the world as small people.
      My small person does things now that I can see her doing at 14 and it scares me.
      It really scares me.
      I hope yours settles for you guys.

      • Well, guess what..the school called, he’s feeling unwell and would like to be picked up. ….oh right, I will come and get him, yes, miss ….. I’ll be there in 10 He is now in the lounge room (while Im trying to work) drawing pokemon. I should say, ‘MADLY’ drawing pokemon.
        All drawings are placed later in 30 sleave collections. (I got in to trouble the last time I bought a green one with 20 sleaves ????? Silly dadda). He seems fine health wise..????
        3rams Are you saying this may end soon ? good. I’m not so sure.

        • My guess david is that with Pisces Rising your little guy would be feeling the change vibe hugely atm but not understanding it at his age. His comfort zone with Cancer Moon would be to retreat to the safety of home?
          Just a thought from one with Fish rising and Cancer Moon :-)

          • Yeah, he just wanted to be home, its fine. When he was born I changed my work from office based to home based to be more available to the kids and help out. I always knew that eventually I would have to go out into the big wide world again, so hoping he’s ready for it, cause I need it now.

  12. Oh My God!!

    It was like being on a roller coaster- a little scary, stomach turning in good ways + yucky ways, loving the sensation, anticipation, dreading the drop, the adrenalin rush & the fight + flight feeling throughout the whole weekend. Oh & I think I broke a bone in my big toe, was virgoing out when I dropped the hamper lid (steel frame) onto my toe from a great height…

    I had the most amazing dream last night!!! I was standing outside of a house I once lived in (after a HUGE event from 2003, led me to being there) I was standing out side looking up at the stars & seeing a red formation of stars like two southern crosses side by side. I tried to take a pic & aimed the camera at the stars but I was distracted by a stream of shooting stars also occurring in the night sky. Afterwards I went out the front & then realised what house I was in. I saw a typewriter sitting in the driveway tapping away by itself, it was a little weird. I looked up at the sky & saw clouds forming into strips & a chopper landed nearby & I climbed in. I was told I won a humungous prize & was taken to an estate which they told me that I am now the owner of. The house was bigger than anything I had ever seen before & had everything. I couldn’t believe it & saw some of my peeps who were crying, squealing & hugging me. Bizarre indeed!! 😯

    • Fantastic dream Baristagem!….Looks like you balanced out the toe injury with the dream maybe? Hope you have it elevated and a bit of ice too?

      And interesting too the 2003 tie in… Cool…

      The typewriter was your literal ~ghost writer~ at work…lol

    • omg, reading some dreams gives me goosebumps, this is one of them!

      I notice a lot of air / sky theme? shooting stars, red stars, clouds – both in special, strange formations, a helicopter. What’s “in the stars” for you?
      apart from that, WOW!!! what a fabulicious dream!

  13. Hi All! I just feel stale and isolated and ready for a change. I am sick of the music on my ipod, my daily routine, feeling unappreciated, feeling taken advantage of, putting up with people I donlt actually like or respect or am interested in, feeling like I am being unreasonable in the amount of love and security I want and most of all: putting up with relationships that don’t make my heart sing.

    I’ve spent most of the last fortnight shaking my head at some of the things I’ve done or put up with over the past five years – a hugely necessary phase of growth and learning but, you know, I feel like the butterfly that can only get the strength in its wings to be able to fly by struggling out of the chrysalis.

    Heh. Saturn back into Virgo is giving me a second crack at my Saturn return. Can’t wait until July!

    • I seemed to have had an early spak last week when I wanted to throw everything in and move back to London. House falling into chaos, lover is strange, abusive email from sister, school is too much work to work with and earn $$. While sparks fly around me I am getting the largest surge of emotion and steam from inner window and purely focusing on my work so I can manicure it to a point. This is my faith. Insights abound. I am demolition derby girl trying to make some space for the future but I feel so utterly isolated from school that won’t support I wonder if I am wasting my time and money.

      Strange to feel so positive and morbidly dark at the same time

    • Wishing you a morning dew, followed by a beautifully sunny day with a light breeze to help you get those wings out, dry and ready for take off CBA.

    • Hi Champers! I’ve missed you. Sorry you are feeling unappreciated and stale. You can change it – bit by bit. Its good to spend time looking honestly at our actions and really seeing them for what they were/are – espec the ugly stuff. As humiliating as it is, its a necessary part of understanding ourselves and moving in new ways WITH AWARENESS.

      It really takes some work that awareness stuff, especially if we are breaking old patterns of behaviour/reaction and BEING a new way (I speak from experience and still trying!). But it is soooo worth it! I’m sure you will get there. You’ve had some really big awakenings this past year. Don’t be too hard on yourself x

  14. Yes, yes, & YES! They’re coming at me from all directions, it’s been exciting, depressing & liberating. Alternating & sometimes all at once.

    I love neon especailly signage that was in fashion decades ago.

  15. Yes! I got jolted to listen to the big insights! And am amazed at what has evolved…

    Saturday morning I had major “aha” work insight which I welcomed with gratitude.
    Background info-
    Once upon a time…
    In April 2003 my back went “crunch time” on duty in nursing work and I was told by a GP that my back injury from lifting at work was so bad I must cease that work immediately, rest and change jobs! I did that, and I healed the injury through acupuncture, yoga, food, meditation etc etc. I’d already trained as a massuese so I decided to give that a whirl for work, which has been a wonderful work to do. However, ove the 7 years the care-giver/everyone’s-mother instinct has snuck into my massage work and I found myself overextending myself and not watching my back, so to speak, and also taking on some casual aged care work cos I miss the oldies.

    The last 2 months, demolition astro has been hard at work on my massage business- I had a major carcrash and wrote off my car, and other things were just hitting a wall with the biz… exhaustion… I was afraid to face that this work and great lifestyle was approaching it’s expiry date.
    HAve had major flash insights this year, suggesting that I leave massage biz behind and lean harder on communication skills for employment. On saturday morning it all became crystal clear, Yay!….

    BUT, by the afternoon I was having heavy sermons on myself against these big ideas, as per usual….natal Saturn between my moon and sun in gemini. Also merc in gemini….So, in full tilt doubt-versus-slippery genius mode I set off for some retail therapy. :) I was lifting a gorgeous 70’s leather sofabed into the car when BING! There goes my back, snapped back to the terrible pain of 2003.

    Confirmed- 1) Caring for your own back is very, very important
    2) Listen to your heart and it’s brilliant flashes, even when it sounds like the rebel yell.

    Needless to say I cancelled all massages and lay on the couch with the internet, giving attention to these new big ideas and letting go of the carer agenda and making room for the new…
    Didn’t sleep all Saturday night, brainstorming. Sunday, downloaded. Today, I begin a new enterprise, honing my skils to start offering private conversational english lessons to students learning/improving their english. I’ll still care. If I can care enough to shuttup and let them practise their language with me I might just succeed.

    Thanks for reading, that was a very long post.

  16. Ha! I had a panic attack too. First one in yonks after I’d thought I’d rid them from my life for good. Nope. Hello tight chest, beetroot face, fainty feeling… Scary. Tried to soldier on and stayed socialising against every instinct which was telling me to flee. (And the weirdest thing was – I wasn’t facing a firing squad – It was a community gathering with old family friends, for fuq’s sake!!! So much fear and freakery surged up for no rational reason!!!)

    Anyhoo, I called on my Libra ascendant to just look around and realise that everything’s fine and my red boots are cool and ppl are smiling at me. And it kinda worked. The day ended without catastrophe, I went home and realised I hadn’t died, gone mad, lost all my money, etc. Sigh. Deep breath. Tell my Cap sun that instability is fun. Instability is just adventure in the making…

    Just a bit disappointed that the whole “stress princess” moniker is still apt. I honestly thought I was past that now. I guess one panic attack does not a complete social breakdown make. I should just consider it as I would a sneeze. Oops, there we go, slight kerfuffle, all better now, move on, breathe…

    • mmm – am hearing you SP on the anxiety front – perhaps your last paragraph suggests that it is time to change your moniker tho? Sort of like wearing the clothes of the old you? Time to take them to the oppie? x

      • Excellent suggestion, FB.

        Now that’s an exciting prospect – my new astro alias.

        Stressy P must depart and clear the way for… No More Stress Princess?? Ergh, okay, have to think a little harder about that :)

        • Serenity Queen?

          Do you do a lot of seesawing SP? I have this image of your Sun Moon opp & Saturn MC opp your packed IC, with the Libran scales at the half way mark, tipping this way and that. I’m fascinated by your chart and I reckon with good astro advice you can make it WORK and become the empress of equilibrium!

          • Ha! Yeah, seesawing is my thing. Heart vs head. Always a battle between heart vs head, each telling the other that “no, that’s not quite right. Don’t commit to that decision just yet” so I find I don’t get much done.

            I must admit getting some psychological assistance via a counsellor a couple o’ years back helped with the indecision. Basically she said every decision I make is right, I just have to be comfortable that I made it based on what I knew/ felt at the time and then move on from it. Heart and head were happy with that logic.

            But yeah, daily seesawing goes on so it’s a tad frustrating! Especially with the ambitious/ workaholic Cap Sun opposing my sooky pat-my-animals-and-play-in-the-garden-all-day Cancer moon!!! I think the best way I work is it to do a lot of turn taking – head time now, heart time later.

            But I love the idea of Seesaw Princess! That’s my new moniker!! Thanks Uber xxxx

  17. hmm, this weekend was tricky indeed! am glad that I went back to a meditation class, and drank some wine quietly with a great friend, and did a huge walk in the bush with my dog and some other gals …

    my past seven years has been the evolution from ages 24 to 31, the separation from my son’s father, establishment, destruction, re-establishment, over and over until here, this moment: my son living with his Dad this year, I am so alone, yet currently staying with my parents after the relationship that I thought was ‘life partner’ was established as not … sort of back where I started, but not, because I am an entirely different person …

    back to the meditation mat for me – waiting for the guide posts to start making themselves unmistakeable!

  18. Finally kicked into high gear re: cleaning, decluttering, battling entropy and inertia. I need a huge positive change, fear a huge negative change and could use another day of weekend. No major insights.

  19. Precisely. Had anxiety attack the like of which i have not had in a long time and then dealt with it in kind of adult way -more work than you might think and then was left with a euphoric feeling of optimism, big plans and hope.

    • same same!!

      thoughts born of fear / inadequcy SWIFTLY replaced by CAN do / AM doing / GO FOR IT!!

  20. Swinging wildly between “angsting about” and feeling inspired. Highs fairly high, lows disorientingly low. Very tired now.
    (Libra Sun; Aries Moon)

  21. firey bovine – ‘back to the meditation mat’ yes, for me its yoga, but there is nothing like some soul work for things to fall into place – for the new direction to emerge, no work, just change

    • astro question here ? if uranus is going into aries is this all cows 12th house ?
      If it is, yoga, meditation would be a great pursuit.

      • yep astro barry has written a pretty good description of the effects of uranus in aries for all the signs this week david.

        • NO NEED TO Apologise – just wanted to make point that astro-bazza isn’t the only person to have done uranus in aries scopes, snivel

          • AC/DC Thunderstruck is on and I’m outta here!! Time for some evil….


          • Have read both and there’s no comparison – Mystic’s is huge and fab. x

          • Oh I’ll be buying it just as soon as I remove this foot that seems to be stuck in my mouth!! 😉

            *hugs MM* of course there is no comparison

  22. How odd re the anxiety/panic attacks – I’ve had one too. Actually I had a big long arsed one starting from last Tuesday, then things went all emo and maudlin. And yep I’ve got the inner discomfiture – odd angsty, restless, stomach churning feeling, but also totally drained and lethargic. And don’t get me started on the dreams (they continue – so far I think I’ve gotten through about three quarters of every relationship I’ve ever had) or the speed processing – 7 years? Ha! More like the past 37 …

    • Ha ha ah Prown’ You remember the little Chihuahua as i used to call
      her. She once had a boutique here in Adders. Was married to the Italian
      Stallion when i knew her. She was very very beautiful. He bought her a mercedes
      sports, chockky brown i think.

    • prowln – it is odd isn’t it? Kind of reassuring to read here that it wasn’t just me – and am hearing RLP about ‘all that wasn’t happening’ angst and am hearing you on last Tuesday maudlin belly rot. Mine has just dissipated a little after a kind of significant other phone call … and yes, 12th house, but also I have aries in venus/mars/mercury etc etc …

      lol I feel like Mrs Tolstoy in The Last Station … ‘what? am I shouting?’

      ok ok I get it, back to the meditation/yoga mat.

      sorry sorry x

      • yep the astro is spooky sometimes. I was actually moseying around looking at my transits over the weekend and noticed Chiron trine Venus .. certainly explains the emo over past wounds. And the Uranus one is pretty massive according to everything I’ve read.

        • *snap* prowln, i’ve got transiting Chiron conj Asc trining my natal Venus too. From Cafe Astro a positive spin on this transit:

          “Venus trine Chiron. We have the chance to heal our personal relationships now, as we are more open to intimacy and commitment, as well as learning from one another. We more easily see beauty in human weaknesses, and are less inclined to see fault, or to concern ourselves with fault. It’s a strong time for building trust in relationships, and for seeing potential in one another.”

  23. Massive seismic shifts are taking place for this Ramzilla! My 6 planets in Aries are pinging all over the place!! Feel like the universe is giving me the big green light! GO GO! Also super clarity is kicking in re: what’s good for me & what serves me, and what (& who) clearly doesn’t… I’m embracing Uranus & Jupe with open arms.. BRING IT ON!! There’s also this lovely calmness underneath all this, like a warm feeling of ‘everything is going to be just fine’.

    Blessings to my fellow Aries brothers & sisters, may your road also be clear..

    Feel like singing, “I can see clearly now, the rain has gone, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day… ” :-) xx

  24. A year ago I landed myself a job that gave me a 50% pay rise….and a spectacular view out of the window…though it hasn’t provided me with the sense of challenge or achievement that I crave.

    I’ve been weighing up where to go next, because after 15 years in absorbing but underpaid arts admin jobs, and being a single parent, I’ve been relishing the additional money. Have bought a new car, clothes etc, and am not willing to step backwards in remuneration. Decided I needed to yet again trust the universe, and ask for both money and satisfaction.

    And this morning I discover the job of my dreams is being advertised….same money as I’m on now (so not going backwards)…but offering the challenge and career prospects I’m craving. 17 days until applications close. I now will agonise over every last word as I address the selection criteria…but I will give it a fabulous shot!

    • Good luck ML! Love it when the universe cooperates, perfect timing for you.

    • Good luck MusicalLibran hope you do well. And, yes, do address the selection criteria very specifically in your application. Make it easy for the selection panel to rate your application highly against the criteria they have nominated. I have just read a pile of job applications and several people didn’t even state the selection criteria in their applications, let alone address them and GIVE EXAMPLES to back up their claims. Some even recycled applications from different jobs with different criteria with no attempt to change the wording! Aaaaarrrggghhh it makes me so annoyed reading through rambling applications only to be unable to rate them as they haven’t answered the bloody questions.

  25. Ah, yes this has been a gradual development for moi. But in the past couple of months things are speeding up, I hardly have enough time to sleep, which always raises a question of “WTF”?

    I have BIG decisions to make and not go for the easy/ most comfortable/ sexiest option for once, rather push myself out of the usual “comfort” zone. The reason is it’s not really comfortable to always go with the flow.

    Whatever happens next there’s no slowing this baby down 😉

  26. my god – dreaming in detail, but dont seem to divine anything specific ….. then woke in some sort of angst attack about what’s NOT happening…..

    then realised
    1. interview this arvo for new TV series
    2. ‘chat’ with publisher tomoz re ‘editor at large’
    3. meeting in 2 wks re my idea for TV series
    4. setting up ‘how to’ workshops in field of expertise

    hence immediate attitude change – better go scrub up!!

      • called back today to do more for the TV show – apparently good chat on spere of knowledge trumps ‘having a great face for radio’ LOL!!

        publisher suggested moi as editor at large & arts editor – to be secured, but in motion!!

        opps – they’re calling ‘action’ – am back on!!

        ps life does NOT seem grand when one’s been existing purely off savings – if I nominated how much has been chewed up you’d collectively vomit!! yeah yeah yeah lucky I had savings – but pity the tide went out – so time to bring in the Tsunami rewards!!


  27. Geez Rockstar – your life does seem grand! No wonder you’re having a little night time anxiety – consider your dreams a way of working through what you don’t get around to during the day. Its all good :)


    • THX TA – SEE ABOVE re life yet to become ‘grand’ – good insight re dreams …. dreams being steam out of the pressure cooker so to speak?!!


  28. My understanding this weekend was about Astrology
    & how, although have been a very slow learner, the penny
    is dropping & light bulbs flashing on how accurate it is.
    It is widening my scope of understanding human nature & me.

    Merci beaucoup x

    Preparing myself for come-back…..dollar meltdown,splatters
    on pavement (lift your feet higher says the Medico-jeez THAT makes
    sense) along with problematic clients, had me de-moralise for last few.
    I get it about Uranus & Jupiter in Aries & the journey since 2003.
    Did the I Ching first time in years………exact words of advice corresponded
    to question of expansion or not came out. Totally thrilled..
    Time for Isis to Unveil.
    months, but definatley feel the Quckening now.

  29. Mars in Virgo says ‘months” after few. But who cares anyway
    if i get things upside down a lot.

  30. The last 7 years contained the highest of highs….. and the worst experience of my life…..two extremes…. ???

  31. Two visitors: angst arrives, breathe in, breathe out, let go. Then giddiness: visualize where I would like to be by the end of next decade.

    This morning, a dream: an old, very old house was being demolished. I was not sentimental about the house, just irked at demolition people who were rich through their parents, and a thought: “level the playing field”.

  32. Yes, some Breakthrough with a Dollop of catharsis washed down with a Chaser of Bitter Sweet Tears..

    Just, y’know, relationship trust/betrayal stuff brought up, parenting/being parented issues and discussion thereof with significant other. Difficult but good stuff.

    Just now I think back to seven years ago: the realisation of the betrayal began seven years ago now by my former love of my life, the beginning of a nightmarish three years. Aha?

    All good.

  33. I feel it…
    but I can’t but it into words.

    Let’s just say fear is dissolving, self-deception is crumbling, love is expanding, and my life manifesto is taking shape.
    It’s simultaneously humbling and empowering.

    Carpe vitam, people!

  34. very hard last week, did not want to come to work today.

    yes, one word – compression. Ouch. But I have a grand cross on the 0 degrees aries points. (pluto, venus, jupiter and persephone).

    spent my weekend (after asking for guidance) doing very little. And had 9 or 10 hours sleep last night. I am just trying to get through and this seems to be working for me so far. taking it slowly…

  35. Gorge Mystic did an Venusian Consult for me and worked out that Uranus has been in my Home Sector for the past decade. Is Mystic tres brill or what? : o How she spots it keeps me amazed. My home life has been a roller coaster however methinks I have galloped out of the tunnel into light finally! : >
    Uranus is now getting into my roamance/creativity sector! I have definitely seen the creativity happening as I keep getting urges to just paint little water colour painting of my musings. I just wasnt to throw everything out of the house……wish i could just drag the hose pipe in and power wash everthing out of the house for others to recycle or whateva. Better still i would like to just lock up tyhe house with everything inside and go get another home and start afresh, this time round with less stuff! The thing is I always tend to cart impossible things back home with me from my travels! Half the fun is the challenge to get it home intact, whilst everyone else glares disapprovingly! ; > heh! heh!

    Romance wise my ex Scorp Drug Addict is in Rehab and declaring all is well and expects to come back all is well! WTF? Um NON! This weekend I wrote a very gracious and loving but succinct letter saying NO! Another blast from the past the stingy Cap is wooing me big time saying he has been in mourning without me for the past 5 years etc. He is hot but I am resisting, as I am enjoying my own space at present. As prowln said sometime back it is nice to just blob out and have hairy legs! Why do we care so much about such inane details? Grr!

    BTW astro fiends please pardon my duhness but what does it mean to have Pluto on my progressed ascendent? Venus glides into Scorp next September for me….sigh….i cannae wait for some real fun! : >

    • Hey Sag,

      The Pluto+Ascendant will draw a powerful relationship into your life. This can be a professional relationship that spills into a strong friendship or vice versa. Either way you will have great impact on your associates and friends.

  36. apologies for the typos poiples! Funny my lack of co-ordination runs to words at times too! Or may be the *wasnt* is my dark hoarder part that does not want to throw out stuff after all! :)

  37. sigh…my insight # 1 was “my town does not want me to have a social life!!!” so it’s time for me to LEAVE town…honestly it is just not fair. when I”ve got ready, looking HOT (no piscean modesty for a change) and my drinks buddy cancels on me at the 11th hour… and I have NO OTHER friends who are around or even go out for that matter…. :(

    other insight was imagining up / visualising my ideal living scenario. setting this goal in motion.

    hope others have a fun weekend tho..

    • Tis ok UP. I didn’t have anyone to go out with Friday night after the most glam haircut / style I’ve been sporting for years. These things happen.

      • yeah thanks BL, I don’t know why it fuqed me off so much. I guess i just feel that every weekend i am not getting out there is another weekend i waste inside, not meeting someone special, getting older with nothing to show for it not even a party, not making new friends, not living life, … bla. wow ok so it’s still affecting me. hmm. get over it UP! hahaha

        • UP hit some new scenes & find new buddies?

          we’ve built up a network of interesting / tres dynamic femmes who can chime in last minute for anything from a one ‘wants a casual drink with the girls pre guy collecting’ – deletes that ‘date’ concept cos he picks her up from local vino bar vs her home
          those fri or sat nihgts one simply feels like getting out & amongst it

          galleries, arts events (eg Creative Sydney has fab line up – find similar where you are) – stretching wings on FB events etc etc

          draw a list of interests & throw it to the team??
          it’s handy having a mixed crew on hand – my late 20 / early 30 something gay husbands are FAB at magicing up something edgy, cool & HOT when required!!

          maybe the insight’s are related to broadening social perameters / contacts?? xox

  38. UP non surely not? : o How about salsa classes? You will meet scads of people who will lurve to go have drinky poos with you! Hmm then again how small is your town?

    New beginning seem to be the vibe I feel at present…we just need a little push out there I guess?

  39. Not sure about insights, but read happenings as a reason to stand up for myself to someone whom I had been long been feeling like I’ve been sacrificing for.
    I don’t know if it achieved anything, I wasn’t up to my communicative best, but did it regardless. Lets hope it goes in the sensible making claims for respect rather than the throwing tantrums about not getting what I want box.
    I’m not sure I get too much how Uranus in Aries is going to work for me. It doesn’t change house (8th), so what I go from irrational self-sacrifice/delusion to irrational self-serving actions?

      • why?
        you maybe won’t get this now, but early Pisces (2), in the 7th, too far from my 8th pisces moon to be remotely conjunct.
        I’ve read Kim’s stuff on the vertex but don’t much get it.

        • I love that you’re so smart but you have no issue with admitting you don’t get stuff – it’s an endearing quality. It’d normally be in 7th / 8th so I wondered if you would have a breakthrough re what it is once the vertex gets a power surge.

          • retarded internet eating my comments.
            try again.

            do you mean that vertex points should be activated by action at aries vertex?

            p.s. gee schucks, thanks. you’re a generous soul

          • I think there might be some varieties of vertex but the one I’m thinking of is the one Kim talks about with the image of vertumness or something or other is it really lazy that I can’t be bothered looking and providing the link? It’s a single point in your chart around 7th or 8th – I have had life changing experiences when planets have transited the vertex and also synastries it works well with. My lovely meal is ready and waiting so I have to go but check out Kim’s vertex page – is interesting if you look back to see how it’s worked in the past for you x

  40. Major insight: I seem to be inextricably drawn to the same man, no matter what new guise he may come under. Bitter, moody, and artistic with opinionated ego to match. All incapable of supporting me emotionally. Also that men 10 years my senior still throw as many tantrums as men in their early 20s.

    • nacyX warning: If they throw tantrums now, believe you me – they get worse as they get older. I have watched this in older guys of gal pals etc. Whatever is irritating now is extra highlighted as they get older. There is a saying that says that we grow older into the people we really are!! : o

      • Thats me up there nancyx, went all anon as I used firefox and notthe usual system.

  41. I wasn’t expecting to have a major insight this weekend, but I guess I did. I was travelling on a train through a landscape that seemed to be throbbing with heat and beauty and new life, and I realised how free I am. The last seven years have been full of restrictions and disappointments and grind. But the decisions I made, though lonely and tough at the time, were protecting my freedom until the time I could truly appreciate it, which is now!

    • What a lovely realisation Plum. I love those moments. Appreciation and that feeling of freedom are inextricably linked don’t you think? And both unlocked by awareness.

  42. Actually, the 7 year period is amazing. In 2003 I was living in the UK and really getting into crystals. And this time around, I’ve put together the crystals, mandalas and astrology, but also understanding what I have to do with all this. Wow! Talk about spirals of understanding.

  43. Absolutely. I never wanted to examine the point at which my anxiety disorder went from mild to nuclear, but if I did I’d explain it away as having been triggered by giving birth to my first child. Over the weekend I decided to actually look at it.

    And realised that it was actually the point at which my ex husband started to rape me repeatedly. I’ve been battling these demons (flashbacks of course, but the general anxiety is the killer) on and off ever since I kicked him out. And guess when that was? Seven years ago.

    • Keep on going Anonymous. Well done for looking at it. You have inside of you all that you need to deal with that terrible time – you may just need some help to access it. Please seek support – there is a lot out there for you.

    • It takes a lot of courage and strength to kick an aggressive man like that out. Well done, brave lady.

      Nat is right. There is a lot of great therapy out there. There are even anxiety management programs available online, but I suggest finding a psychologist with skills in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). If you’re in Australia, you can ask your GP for a referral and the government will pick up most of the tab for up to 12 (?) psych consults in a year. Try this: Also look at PTSD.

      • Thanks friends, you rock! I’ve had lots of counseling in the past for the anxiety but nothing much for the rape. Thinking I might do a bit more of both! xxxx

        • Anon all power to you for having the courage to make a stand and kick the jerk out. I can hear the strength in your voice. As nat and UV suggest, some CBT might be just the boost you need as you are being so gutsy for taking it all out and looking at it. The Govt does help out for 12 months as UV said, so long as your GP recommends it. All the best, may your wings get stronger daily.

  44. Wow, I only have time to scan the posts most days… I just wanted to express how awesome I think you guys are giving help and information. Sometimes I have wanted to write something but my brain and keyboard aren’t connected currently. I put a baby shoe in a lunch bag this morning.

    • heh heh….; > sort of like Weetbix in the fridge thing.

      Know what its like, the thing is that everyone here is so lovely that even if you did something duh they really still care about you. That’s what’s so fab here. Mystic has just gathered a great bunch by her own great vibe – like attracts like non? Well with a few odd balls here and there ……: >

      • So true! Btw, I miss having a Sagg moon in my chart, can only explain things through my 9th house now! It’s the best sign in some ways I think!

  45. Man, I should have been reading this. This whole past week my past kept coming up and driving me insane with fear, tears, fear, more tears, insights. I blamed my new relationship for this triggering of past, and the energy session I did Monday to open myself up and clear the channels…. but apparently, my timing – as usual – was rather dramatic. Yes, panic attack Saturday morning. Woke up Sunday feeling ok. Also got more flower essences.

    Today feel just fine. Woo hoo! on to the next greatness, this Cap is ready.

  46. hey people – first time posting here – well, second, because I just posted for the first time:)

    Did EVERYONE here have some sort of anxiety/panic attack Thu-Saturday?? This is uncanny.

    • I was thinking the same thing since I had one too when i hadn’t in a long time, but it was nothing some meditation and yoga couldn’t fix.

  47. My weekend consisted of being hit by a car on the way to work. I was riding my bike, using the pedestrian lights over 3 lanes of traffic. A P Plater decided to not stop for their red light.
    My bike is a write off and I have a possible fracture in my wrist and elbow… and I have some _beautiful_ bruises on my thigh.
    I may have yelled at the driver. A lot. Got details and a witness, went to the police and the doctor (although I had to be convinced of that). I might have been also yelled at for continuing on to work. I also applied for a casual job that I was umm-ing and ahhh-ing about (nothing ventured, nothing gained)
    I had phone calls and well wishes from so many people… I felt so loved. Not once did I talk to the ex about it, which I am ok with. Which is suprising. But I was having a think over all the men I have loved during my life. All of them were nice/attractive for various reasons… and I have gotten over all of them. He is just one more.
    I then went and had my first ever facial the day after the accident. On the Libran Moon.
    It. Was. Bliss. They had the spinal mud thing *drool*
    I am doing stuff for me.
    Coming into my own power, I guess. I have people who support me. If you don’t, you can totally go get fuqed.
    *limps off*

    • Holy crap!! 😯

      Glad you’re ok!

      *Hugs venus a-go-go & hands over a tray of sweets (lemon tarts)* Take two every 4 hours for the pain :)

      • Baristagem- you are the BEST. DOCTOR. EVER.
        Although, I can’t go to the gym (or ride bike to work) and I am feeling a little like a slob (its only day 2… mainly cos I am being fed comfort food till it is coming out of my ears).
        Lemon Tarts are delcious tho…

    • Oh you poor baby! : o So glad you are being looked after and pampered. The fact you did not ring your ex first is a good sign too non? Its sort of like you were thrown off your bike into a whole new stage of your life….
      May you bounce back stronger : >

      • Its an excellent sign (though he seems to have found out… as he is writing cuss filled messages about drivers. Oddly, just after I posted this. None of the messages has a ‘are you ok?’… they are strangely obtuse. *rolls eyes* I can’t be bothered)
        Thanks for the positive talk! I am bouncey like a bouncey thing:)

  48. Currently working thru the fact that I feel like a failure in job, money, living arrangements, communication. Basically can’t get anything right, and just go backwards financially, and cannot seem to express myself to people in a way that they accept, so end up in the shit all the time and am always shocked as I don’t scream at them, abuse them, blame them – but still, they take exception to how I communicate and tell me I’m doing it incorrectly.
    I genuinely wonder why I bother.
    I have no home, all my stuff is in storage, my credit card is at breaking point, I’m job hunting for a role that fulfils me, and financially supports me.
    Happy news tho – today is bond/key hand over from previous place, no more psychotic housemate, and please god, no more surreal/abusive/hysterical emails from this person.
    I have no sanctuary, no where I feel safe. And that is what I crave, and what I am working towards.

    • *whistles*

      Holy moly Post! That is a whole lot to process/chew at the same time…
      I had the same thing happen to me last year (not the loosing of the house tho… I just got rid of the housemate). I am not sure whether this is somethign that you wil benefit from, but I found that just being polite and kinda avoiding the people that weren’t recognising that I was going through enough turmoil without their ‘needs’ on top of it. Only spent time with the people that were easy.
      I am reforming my friendships with the previous friendship group… but I am not afraid to call a time out when needed.
      Sanctuary is so important… I can remember when living overseas, my sanctuary was not my home, but a record store. I got all my quite time there. Do you have some place that you can escape for solo time?

    • Postmods – hugs to you. Wish I could pop over some nice hot soup to you. Hmm as venus a go go says, maybe time out is what you need. I find solace in libraries – they are free and some have lovely little nooks that one can can just blob out in. Can you get a good massage say from a pal you can trust? Or I found that you can get cheaper massages from Chinese sport massage centres run from home- this was through the local papers. This was way more affordable for me as it was like $25 for an hour and the lady was elderly but she was fierce! I thought I might hobble out of there! She eased up once I reminded her that I was not a fotball player!

      Good things are on there way as you are doing the key hand over ceremony…..

    • Good luck in the quest for a new home Pomoscorp. I remember this has been an issue for you for a while, so congrats on getting that thing moving. I hope you can find yourself a new safe space to recoup.
      re the communication thing – so with you sister.
      can’t think of any advice to offer though….

    • Good luck postmodscorp, I spent almost a year coming and going to a girlfriend’s house after my ex and I broke up. We slept in the same bed for four months as her apartment didn’t have another room. I had so little money she let me eat at her restaurant on the house.. it was just..embarassing.

      It’s a truly distressing feeling hon, I wish you all the luck in the world, I hope your luck turns soon. (Also that friend appeared out of nowhere when I was at my lowest and we are still just so close, things can turn round in one second, don’t give up!)
      Bet you will have a fab job and loads of savings, a great house and wonderful friends you don’t have to think about communicating with in a special way in the future and it will all seem like a bad dream one day.

      • Thanks all. A safe sanctuary is hard to find right now, and that scares me! I’m usually so good at faith, and working the situation, but I’ve hit overload it seems.

    • Sorry to hear you so down postmod. It sounds a bit overwhelming when you put it all together. Would it help to separate the issues and make a very, very simple goal & plan to deal with each issue? Might make you feel more in control or at least like you are managing yourself and your situation (rather than feeling tossed around on a sea of circumstances)? When I read your post, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs flashed into my mind – probably because safe shelter is a really basic need, underpinning the other more spiritual ones. It may be a helpful & simple way to categorise your issues? Sometimes I find it helps take it all back to basics. This diagram might help:'s_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg

      Re the communication thing: my advice is that you must be your authentic self first & foremost. If you are communicating authentically as yourself in the present moment (not spieling off words/ideas from some other person/time) then it is other people’s problem if they can’t “get” you or take the time to understand you. If you have the authenticity right, you may like to look at the delivery of your message. Is your body language or tone conveying a conflicting message to your words, thus making others unsure of your actual message? Can you try conveying what you want to say in different ways? Apply some observation and awareness to this and I reckon you will find something useful.

      So glad to hear you have extricated yourself from mad abusive housemate. Please change your email address – that is the simplest way to not receive shite from her/him. You cannot stop him/her sending surreal/abusive/hysterical emails but you are in charge of whether you receive or not. Focus on what is yours to manage. Good luck x

      PS – Saturn is hitting some of us hard lately (espec Aries & Aries Rising) and putting the limits on things. This is asking us for growth (work). Did you get Mystic’s Saturn in Libra Confidential?