Venus Saturn Skulking Two + Leos In Hell

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Krista Huot

Saturn Squares suck are an opportunity for growth.

In about four hours time Venus will have passed the square to Saturn and so i would like to think Saturn will stop sending out suck-rays.  Or rather, opportunities for fruitful and sober reflection upon one’s inadequacies and the rejections one has experienced or is perhaps even yet to experience and how.

Yes, Saturn is practically at a stand-still, ready to turn direct and so thus considered more powerful than usual and along glides cute, limber, glib and gorgeous Venus in Gemini – blam.  The glass is not only half empty, it is chipped, grubby, cheap and disgusting.

And does the Kataka Moon help? Not really. Though bread and pasta might until G.I. expert Saturn weighs in with the goal reminder.

What? Are we all to drink green tea between our salmon and wild rocket salads as we do our taxes, contemplate mortality and think dark, embittered thoughts re so-called love?  It would seem so.

Okay, so better in a few hours – grok the growth insights but no need to don a wet-beguilting-shroud in finely woven grey gloom for thinking in.

V.soon – the Moon is in LEO.

Yes, there are some things that can be helped by a trip to a gallery or the movies or a concert with awesome hair, smelling fantastic, shrieking endearments, hyper-gushing at the hotness of some random and drinking champagne with a view.

You know a true Haute Leo because you get the feeling they would manage to find a sea view room with a mini bar and ghd if they were in HELL..

And soon Uranus will be in Aries so note the  undertow of psycho-somatic crap, regrets, wistful whatevers and memories from the entire last Uranus phase….Mope it up because soon you will be way too busy…

62 thoughts on “Venus Saturn Skulking Two + Leos In Hell

  1. I have natal Gemini Sun, Moon & Venus all squaring Saturn……

    Welcome to my hell…. 8O

    • You are so going get yourself sorted out with that lot Barista, hee hee! We see squares as forced growth, but honestly would any of us willingly ‘grow’ or mature unless something forced us or circumstances precipitated our growth? You seem to have no problem in applying yourself and working at stuff so I think you will be fine, so long as you are open to the kind of growth that takes application over time.

      Saturn squaring Moon and Venus sounds a bit dour but there must be a good aspect to this that you can tap into?

      • ‘We see squares as forced growth, but honestly would any of us willingly ‘grow’ or mature unless something forced us or circumstances precipitated our growth?’……….Thank you nat, you’re absolutely right & I felt so much better reading that!
        Ahhh, yes forced growth indeed & I am applying an open mind as resistance seems to surface a LOT. It is definitely a work in progress (I wrote ‘process’ instead, true as well).

        Good aspects? Absolutely, I think it has taught me to be real and to not give up just because the results have not been immediate & because of that I have learnt to be patient.

    • Same cept no moon there, Saturn instead… Hell.
      I wish I had read this post today before I went ape at work and called the union. I think I have let the lid off my “yeah, this place is great and I love being worked to death” fake face
      Today has been the day from hell… I feel wrung out and that I took a bad turn… that I am due to be punished for my transgression..
      sleep required

      • “yeah, this place is great and I love being worked to death” fake face.

        I know that face! Wore that one for 6 years. Glad I’m no longer at that company. :)

  2. Yep…I’ve definitely been on the glass is chipped, cheap, grubby and disgusting thinking embittered dark thoughts path all day….whilst maintaining a false smile and NOT typing any of the emails or having any of the conversations that those thoughts would sometimes take me.

    Just four more hours huh?

    Think I can hold on that long!

  3. YES.
    <3 moon in Leo! Time for some fun already.

    Also, I am SO READY for Uranus in Aries!!!

  4. I’ve been surfing some pretty dark waves these past few days, but seem to have found a way to surge ahead, with plans, so not mindless surging, but those damn dark stomach-ulcers-making waves…shivers….

    New Paradigm(s)? Found some newness while surfing the net today.
    A totally organic hairspray, how perfect for Leo Venus, Virgo Sun combo such as me. :) Completely non-toxic. Even happier to note that this new-ish company was started by the Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher. Brilliant dude, he is. Too bad I can’t buy any of his new products to ship to Oz, sigh…not that there’s money to buy with, just as well. Good thing my skincare is already organic and fairtrade. Would love to visit his plant farm/home in the States!
    And found natural plant dyes online. And where to buy organic fabrics online! Now I desperately need to learn how to sew! Did learn the basics yonks ago, need to re-learn properly. Any tips?
    And to totally grok Saturn, I found three possible contenders for as eco-friendly as poss toothbrushes; one totally plastic-free, one made of safe recycled plastic (complete with option of returning to manufacturer to be recycled again!), and one with non-plastic, renewable handle + replaceable heads. There Saturn, attending to teeth AND the environment, that ought to be good enough. If not, you can go get schtooped.
    I’d like to think I’ve been doing the Saturn-Uranus balancing act ok enough. Hm… And putting things in place for WHOOSHZ time, come May 28th, which is also when you Mystic said to be aware of the Sat-Ur extent.

    The devils are in the details…and this Virgo thinks details, schmetails!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!

    *stares out the window, again*

    • Why hasn’t my avatar updated already? I know it takes a bit of time, but three days? Don’t wanna have to clear cache just to update; it didn’t have to do that last time.

      • there was a lovely synchronous moment the other day, where your kissing peachfaces and robots kissing masked couple lined up after each other. it certainly looked like a comment on something to me. though I’ve way to much to do to dwell on the iconography.

        • Wow, that would be cool to see. Despite the kissing theme, they’re rather juxtaposed, innit? Oh here goes my tangenting brain……

  5. Your Kataka Moon and food commentary was spot on MM! Last night I had left overs from my dinner party: the roast potatoes, Italian bread and the orange/cardamon rice pudding dessert! Hilarious! I love that there is an astrological reason for that!

  6. Saturn Squares …. are an opportunity for growth. So wish I read your posting before I skulked/sulked under proverbial blackest cloud at the bus stop.

    Shall put this on my fridge…


    Shall go outside and contemplate the beautific autumn sunset and remind myself that, as the bus moved on, I left that cloud behind.

  7. I love a good mope but I’ve been doing it in a airy kind of way lately. Too busy and tired from work to give a rats. Howevah I did pull out the journal pertaining to the leo ex/current lover/ my mental health retardent and found it be such a rollecoaster ride of emotions I don’t know how I survived. Thank god I’m off that ride for good and now have a crush on a sparkly saggo boy.

  8. oooh sparkly saggo boy sounds lov-e-lee Leogroover! Good luck!

    Beep Beep Beep Carb loading commencing now.

      • what, no garlic bread ? (is it me or is it weird that those pizza chains sell garlic bread , with their pizza’s ?)

    • In need of help with sparkly saggo boy. He is allusive, how to pin him down? any tips/ I know lots of freedom tres cool etc etc but its been weeks of chatting -very saucy at times. We’ve met once.

  9. So is this why last night I had this epic dream which was like a montage of every emotionally painful experience I’ve had over the past four years or so? It felt like Draino was going through my psyche, clearing out the residual crap. Hopefully in prep for better stuff ahead… It’s been a rough time of late.

  10. my sagg daughter and i spent some time yesterday after attending a friend’s funeral looking at old cut glass, and then nicking down to an inappropriate ( to our budget) bar…so i feel like i’ve been living the metaphor. today has been brighter though. number of reasons, including good friends and sunshine.lot’s of talk about dentists though.

  11. Hahaha… I was just thinking last night how I love when the Taurus/Gemini/Cancer moon falls over a weekend like it just did!

    Pre-weekend Taurus meant barely leaving the house due to cooking, cleaning & general domestic goddessness (all done along to a magnificent soundtrack, of course) which came in handy for the entertaining & going out dinner, drinking, dancing, flirting, fun, fun, fun of Gemini over the weekend. Then it was snuggled up playing retro games (that always remind me of my little brother & sister) followed by a guilt free carb binge to cure the hangover while the moon is in Cancer.

    Perfect! :)

  12. FUKIN STUPID DUMBASS SELFISH WANKER LEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hurls a pot of cold mashed potato at stupid, selfish, dumbass, wanker, passive aggressive, DID I MENTION SELFISH Leo parent*

    • Oh prowlncat sweetie, so sorry. I bitterly resent Piscean parent too. FUKIN STUPID DUMBASS SELFISH WANKER NARCISSIST PISCEAN. But what can you expect from someone with a personality disorder? Why would you want them near you? I don’t even want to know why I chose this DNA pool to jump into.

      Good luck girl. Cold mashed potato, ouch.

      • it’s ok andromeda I think my zap point just got zapped. And better out than in says my Saggy moon!!! Tho’ these days I choose to vent in a safe environment that causes no collateral damage … like this blog! Bless Mystic. :)

        But I’m with you re the DNA pool … what in the BLUE HELL was my damn spirit thinking linking up with these bacterial creatures is beyond me!

    • oh poor prowln. Your selfish Mum up to her old tricks again? She knows how to press your explode switch hey. Now, Look at moiee prowln, look at moiee… c’mon, you’ll be OK. Go for a run. You know it makes you feel better. It doesn’t change the problem (no one can – you must accept that) but it HELPS YOU FEEL BETTER. Don’t go to bits over this, just accept it and get on with looking after yourself. Practice dealing with it a different way.

      I am trying to avoid my sister using me as a punching bag at the moment. Fuq it makes me mad the way she keeps this up. But I was thinking you know, none of us get the family we “want”. And dealing with not getting what you want is a basic skill we must learn in this life.

      And pluhleeease, don’t waste lovely mashed potato on a dysfunctional family member!

      *pats prowln* *passes a beer* *cracks a crude but funny joke in attempt to lighten the atmosphere* :)

      • I think she does it on purpose nat. She seems to hate it when I’m all “zen” and moving forward in my life. Unbelievable. It’s like a toxic underbelly that can’t quite be escaped from due to that sense of familial “loyalty”. Gaaaaaaaaaaaar I can’t stand being so typically Cancerian and potently affected by family. Drives me nuts!!

        That being said my double Pisces daughter is providing so much joy and amusement these days that I figure family can’t be all that bad … :)

        • Sounds very toxic (and also very immature?). Some mothers of a certain generation are insanely jealous of their daughters doing well and enjoying a life they think they were denied of (victim playing). Even tho’ they would never admit it out loud because it is at odds with the “perfect mother” stereotype that pervaded their younger lives. There was an interesting program on Radio National about this recently. Whatever her beef is she sounds S.T.U.C.K. and you my dear must be the bigger person. Or at least be your own person. You aren’t her and you actually can’t help her if she does not want to face up to the reality of her behaviour. Your task is to look after yourself.

          I TOTALLY understand the deep deep wounds that family can inflict on Cancerians and how we try to keep the door open even to the foulest behaviour from family members. As I get older I question if that is always the best policy. Perhaps it prevents them addressing themselves? God knows why we get the ones we get! I just hate the idea that there is something about their behaviour that we must address in ourselves but I try to look at that.

          Anyway, so glad to hear your daughter is bringing you joy. Is she a dreamy compassionate type of Piscean? Rescuer of wayward things?

          • definitely a creative dreamer type nat .. but also great sense of humour thanks to her Gemini moon. She’s a collector. I’ve never known a person to collect so many bits of godknowswhat. When she was little was always looking down to find treasures (i.e junk) in the gutter. lol

        • i think that there are family members that are a bit put out( also scary about it) when we seem to be functioning smoothly. My Virgo Dad doesn’t seem to connect as strongly with family members that aren’t needy. He thrives on needy as he can problem solve, dispense advice and feel necessary and valuable in their lives. I’m trying to work out how he may be able to feel good about the more self sufficient family members as maybe more closely modelling is lessons in actions. I had a very upset sagg daughter yesterday bewildered why he doesn’t seem to recognise her strength but responds more to vulnerability. All I could say to her was that I think it’s unknowing and has a lot to do with how he’s been rewarded over the years for being a certain way.

        • thanx guys … yes must look at self, nothin I can do about her, it’s old wounds that need a bit of reprocessing via contemporary adult brain filters … *sigh* the usual. Just gets a bit old after awhile. Like let’s move on from this ancient crap shall we??

    • Prowln, you reminded me of a hilarious/awful incident from a little while back. Auntie Uber spends an hour or so on the phone to a vulnerable relative, carefully talking them through conflict resolution techniques for dealing with a hardcore family bully — this after years of abuse/agony etc. I’m telling them to be calm and unemotional/anger management etc etc.

      I was off the phone for literally two seconds when family bully prototype no.1 starts laying into me about how I don’t have the right (to make peace), I’m too big for my boots, who do I think I am? etc etc

      I told IT politely to back off three times, and it still went at me like a rabid terrier until I stood up and roared the most almighty earful. Anger management, LOL. Conflict resolution, LOLOL. I hated doing it, but the sad thing is, it worked. That kind of interaction is all certain individuals understand, especially in my family. Negotiation? Pffft. It helps to have fire planets or Scorp in your chart at times.

      Luckily for me, I can go elsewhere to be part of a functioning family.

      • yep Uber … conflict resolution and anger management techniques only seem to work on the sane or the evolved. Luckily we both have fire in our charts so when being reasonable fails, the human fireball routine always does the trick! ;)

  13. Feeling rotten…, the last four days have been shattering. Baby is not enjoying me drinking anything that come’s within cooee of a cow’s udder and has been yelling. My lord, this little guy can oscillate two different painful frequencies at once! So much for Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon – I would have thought we could all go dive in a cream bowl and come up roses.

    • do you have him in the bed with you? I would suggest it for the first 6 months. Also he needs rocking to mimic being in the womb … adaption syndrome, so many babies have issues with the transition from womb to world and it’s not oft paid attention to in those Help Me books. A baby car chair tied safely to something means they get to be close to you whilst gently rocked (and you get some space). They get lonely and frightened … hence the belly and digestive troubles. Cancer Moon means ultra emotionally sensitive .. needs to feel connected. Try these ideas if you like first … then see if there are contraindicators such as a potential allergy. Doubt it tho. Toro Sun has a gut of steel. :)

      • Yes, little man is cosy in my queen size bed (much to the disapproval of the maternal health care nurses – bloody lecture every time despite it all being basically new bedding) with Gem husband in his own room for now!

        The Taurus Sun is our current transit I mean – he’s Cap Sun, Scorp Asc, Aqua Moon. He’s not allowed to be lonely and frightened, I won’t allow it, if he is, it’s not my fault! I have him attached to me most of the time! He may be sensitive but so am I. My back is broken, my wrists are going, my body is not healing and it hurts to move by the end of the day.

        I am fairly sure that eating cream elicited this, not attachment issues (I have Merc, Venus & Saturn in Cancer – it’s me with the attachment issues!).

        • ah ok I was going on the Toro/Crab theme. Probably is the cream then. Heaps of babies don’t respond well to lactose so maybe leave that one for awhile! Sounds like you need a damn good rest tho …

  14. Right that’s it. No more yearning for romance, love, lust, physical contact with the opposite sex, day-dreams, fantasies etc. I’VE HAD IT. Every romantic / intimate relationship I’ve had has ended in shite so let’s just skip the compost and get straight to the nunnery garden. No more rememberances, reveres (however you f* spell it) fantasies etc etc. I’ve done my deeds, I’m done and dusted. No more. Done. Finito. Zip. My life will now consist of mothering, work, study, volunteering, gardening, timetables and financial stability. Men are no longer relevant in my life.

    • me too! or actually three! although not mad at them or about it, just totally content single and zero interest in changing the status quo.

    • Exactly, it’s like a magic spell, once the universe is sure you are over it, wham, there it is.

  15. omg Mystic – how did you know what I had for lunch…

    have been using what you wrote in my cosmic consult (regarding Saturn-Venus) ‘whenever you get a craving go do crunches or do a beauty treatment’… it is now my mantra.

    and yes I love the pic. x

  16. glad I am not leoing then!

    ahh ‘forced growth’
    great for retrospect stories…