Tamara De Lempicka Again

I honoured her this time last year – her birthday - and here is Tamara De Lempicka again…

Fascinating woman. I can’t remember where i read this but it’s mega-Leo: Madonna said in an interview that her desire to own an original De Lempicka painting was what drove her to seek success at such a haute level. Here is her New York apartment, from Architectural Digest some years ago, with said pic above the mantlepiece. I love the royal purple chairs, grandiose goal setting and lack of clutter…

30 thoughts on “Tamara De Lempicka Again

  1. Doing her chart for that day and year (alas used St. Petersburg, Russia, as didn’t see a city) she also has Sun opposite Uranus and Mars and Moon in Aries. If her Moon is correct, with the Uranus influence on her Sun, quite the unique firecracker that one…

    • Well, I’d fudged around a bit on the links…Will fudge again…

      Ditto x

  2. This is not actually quite relevant but had to check out Jessica Watson’s chart, born 18 May 1993 – no birth time – anyone?? But the thing that jumped out was the fire trine – Ceres/Venus/Moon conjunct in Aries trine Mars/Chiron in Leo trine North Node in Sagg. Plus Sun conj Merc in late Toro trine Uranus/Neptune conj in Cap. Sun/Merc also trines Jupiter. Saggo rising perhaps?

        • Thnx Sweets. You would appreciate the combo of fire and earth i am sure :-)

      • Love love her her work, one of my fave era’s.
        Thanks heaven for Art, she says after almost O/D ing
        on today’s visuals.
        Subtle sensuality & form……there is a god.

      • Hasn’t Jessica an amazing affinity to the Ocean-Sea,
        she must have been a dolphin before she was a girl.

        • She has trans Neptune on her natal Saturn at 29.53 Aqua right now … so fascinating.

    • And another thing … one of her things to prove involved her experience of being judged on her gender or age. This was instigated by her experiences living on a yacht with her family for more than 6 years – she was overlooked as not worthy to hold the ropes etc by other sea-peeps (not her family) even though she was more than capable. My guess is wounded pride (Chiron in Leo) and the desire to prove once and for all (Chiron conj Mars in Leo) that she, no matter what gender or age was up for it. Well she has and i say well done Jessica! Can you imagine the tenacity it took to do that journey totally alone for 210 days – Toro to the max.

      • Sorry but Im already over Jessica..the media blitz etc I find sickening. She sailed a boat around the world, great, but lets get some perspective. She now I believe stands to make a million, also fine, but she could have cost us a million if things went wrong out there, not to mention her life. Im not sure if I get it. Why would any parent allow their 16 year old to risk their life ? For what ? the glory ? the million ? what has she proved ?

        • I agree the media are sickening and i try to just read rather than watch it all unfold. But you have to agree that she did something so brave and inspiring – she had a vision, planned for it meticulously and went ahead with it with true belief in herself and her abilities despite all the naysayers. She proved that age and gender aren’t barriers to achieving such a feat. All that at 16 is miraculous. I am a bit shocked that an Aries such as yourself wouldn’t get it. The mental strength alone is awe inspiring.

          • I’m with you FF. I think what she did was absolutely fuqing amazing!!!!

            David – Perspective? She sailed a boat around the world. That’s enough isn’t it?!!
            I couldn’t even do that now, let alone at 16.

            And her parents let her go because that was her dream (wish my parents let me pursue my dream, and it wasn’t even anything dangerous, like sailing around the world).

            Jessica wasn’t after the glory or the fame. She even had the balls to disagree with Kevin Rudd who called her a hero. She argued she was just an ordinary girl with a dream. She’s hardly ordinary but at least she’s down to earth and has a good head on her shoulders.
            I’m sure she’s going to be a great role model for teenage girls.

          • There’s no doubt it was a great feat, but its purpose is lost on me. Sure she had something to prove to herself and to some she is an inspiration. Did anyone else directly benefit from this feat ? The boat was fitted with the highest level of technology, safety equipment, communication equipment, she had over 40 sponsors? There are thousands of sailors who could perform the same feat with the support she had. She just happened to be 16, a little younger than most. Is the world a better place ? Did she raise money for charity? no.
            The perspective Im seeking here is that I can think of many feats that are being performed right now by people with no support, no wealthy parents, whose feats save lives, and make the world a better place for all of us. They are the ones who are totally forgotten on a daily basis by the population and the politicians. To have 50000 people cheering and the PM etc praising and lauding this girl must make those who are making a difference quite uninspired.

          • Scorpy, if she turns around and gives that money to a worthy charity, then she’ll be a hero in my books. She won’t though will she. In fact if she gave 10% of the money to charity she would be a champ, but I doubt she will do that either.

  3. Lol i was going to do a post on jessica but u guys pipped me!
    Oh well – yes i just thought tenacious Taurus with a whole lotta fire going on. She looks Saggo rising to me – the way she smiles so openly…
    I think neptune-saturn is going to teach her some harsh lessons re publicity/fame et al though…
    Is amazing feat though, i had probs navigating the local mall sans self-consciousness etc at that age.

  4. Now, my apologies if I misunderstand MM’s post. But – did Tamara De Lempicka paint the painting on the wall in the picture with the purple chairs? And she is a Taurus? Just want to say these are the facts I’m basing my next comment on:

    The painting is totally fabulous – to me there’s some Taurean sensuality showing through. I could stare at that painting all day so I can see why Madonna likes it.

    • Yes Herby, It appears to me as well that the pix is Madonna like but a more robust version?

      And the pointed breasts….Surely an inspiration for her cone bras?

      • Not to slight the lasting impression of the kiss, Britney Spears will take over the handcuff role of the pix subject holding court over the royal purple chairs as she’s posing nude for Madge….Madge trying her hand at a paint brush or two, this of course after the kids are all settled down with Teddy Grahams and apple juice.

        “Did Tamara have such hurdles to cross or crosses to bear?”, Madge contemplates, as with paint brush wedged in her gap she spies Britney’s sparkley thingy in her belly button…

        Not to mind…even if not, Tamara did not have Madge’s some odd quater billion to fall back on. Madge wondering if someone will be a ghost painter for her….

        *Note to self*…..

        “Make note to make a note regarding ghost painters”

        Meanwhile, Madge calls out to the help, “google ghost painters, will ya? And shut that damn window…It’s drying out the paints…”

        Madge reads the paint info. included on the paint by number scheme package..

        “If dries out, just add water”…

        “Good Lord, Lourdes, hurry….Snatch that baby bottle out of the little one’s mouth and moisten these colors, will ya?”

        “Oh God, Mom…Again?”


    • I agree, Herby, with the Taurean influences. I was thinking cubism + venus. This is from the wiki:

      “Her distinctive and bold artistic style developed quickly (influenced by what Lhote sometimes referred to as “soft cubism” and by Denis’ “synthetic cubism”) and epitomized the cool yet sensual side of the Art Deco movement. For her, Picasso “embodied the novelty of destruction”.[2] She thought that many of the Impressionists drew badly and employed “dirty” colors. De Lempicka’s technique would be novel, clean, precise, and elegant.”

      Absolutely love her use of colour.

  5. Love de Lempicka’s work. She maintained that she had slept with all the people who posed for her – très impressive.

  6. I like Madonna’s apartment. Leo sun and her Virgo rising and moon are apparent in the decor — lush textures & clean lines, but I’m disappointed by the white wall. Dammit that painting, the furniture etc would rock even more if that wall were painted with any of the darker hues from De Lempicka’s palette.

    And I totally get her goal setting as I have moon, north node and Lilith in Aries in the 5th. Part of the reason I’m slogging so much at the moment is to fulfil my dream of owning a whacking big Dale Frank (which would look awesome with some Rick Owens’ furniture).

    • Oh no, I have to disagree Uber Virgo – the white wall is deliciously clean! And leaves space for imagination. All my walls are white because it’s crisp and clean so that all focus can be on the wall hangings and scenery outside the window. :-)