Scorpio Moon Shit-Kicking Shoes

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Remember everything I said about having to kill off ye olde angsts & insecurities in prep for Uranus into Aries & then it’s going to square PLUTO etc etc??

Well now that the Moon is in Scorpio, that ruthless regenerative vibe is vamped right up to a ridiculous degree.

Ladies and  Crossdressers – here are your Apocalypse-Mine Heels, perfect for a bit of Demolition Astro between bouts of perfecting your Reiki or meditation skills, dream analysis and huge long hours of work/working out to appease Saturn in Virgo.

It’s actually a really productive Moon in Scorp – the opposition to Mercury and square to Mars give it some oomph – thy enemies exposed & your own must-do agenda made even MORE clear…

52 thoughts on “Scorpio Moon Shit-Kicking Shoes

  1. PERFECT!!!! They need to be pointier though! To gore, disembowel, mince his testicles while keeping him alive and forcefeeding it to him, and look roar-ific while inserting a spiked baseball bat into this turd of a biz manager at ANZ. Fuqing bunghole he was!
    I’ve been thinking of changing banks, and this fuqwit’s rudeness was the obvious sign. Having been with ANZ for 15 effing years counted for nought, and not having *any* credit card debts also counted for zilch. So my application for personal overdraft was declined…I really needed it coz I was off sick for a whole month, which screwed my finances big time, ran out of sick leave and annual leave. I mean, I really dislike having any debt, but when I had to, I had to.
    Have looked at SunCorp and MEBank and mecu credit union. Looking at the pros and cons of each again, down to the line now… Funnily enough, in my suburb, there’s an MEBank branch opening directly next door to ANZ. That was my Uranian flashthought clue-zap, one of a few.

    • Hey UVP – I left one of big banks when I split with my hb (because I wasn’t eligible for their no fee accounts that i was used to – ie. my income wasn’t high enough). Went back to unicredit (now mecu), as i still had an account there from uni days. They are excellent with low fees and very helpful in troubled times. And i don’t work for them btw :-)

      • Oh thank you so much fluidfeline!!! Personal recommendations are always good to know, esp. the actual personal touch with difficult times, ya know? I’m close enough to Kew, so will pop in to explore further. Thanks again!

        • Good luck UVP, there’s nothing more infuriating than being screwed (mistreated) by an effing so called service provider. xx

        • ING Direct is pretty good too. No account keeping fees and if you withdraw from any ATM they actually refund you the $2 the bank usually charges for using their ATM.
          I can’t believe the fuqwit at ANZ didn’t try harder considering you were a customer for 15 years. I read somewhere that it costs the bank more to get a new customer than to keep an old one happy by not charging fees etc.

          I hate ALL the major banks with a passion!!! They make billions of dollars profit every year by stealing people’s money! I hope that class action works! Uranus in Aries – power to the people.

  2. If these heels will do the job Uranian&Plutonic Virgo described to the T, I want one too. Can I pick red? It is easier to clean blood stains, perhaps?

      • Nothing out of ordinary; I have two cactus pots on the desk, but my aim is not as good as my kick. Pruning shears is another option. It is always handy to keep such things around to prevent needless provocation.

        • Oh…, good? (*Smiles ingratiatingly and tiptoes out of room backwards*)

        • Quadrupled, hello UPV here, considering my fave hue is red, your suggestion is excellent! Cleaning blood more easily indeed… I watch a lot of Dexter, so cleaning up afterward is important. :)

          • Aren’t femmes supposed to be all Kataka type Venus now? was baking and experimenting in the kitchen yesterday now scheming the pros and cons of the heels – tsk, Red is indeed, I would look silly kicking while holding antibacterial spray :)

  3. Actually it does already look like there are some squashed and gangrenous testes under each of the soles of the shoes… oh hang on, that’s part of the shoe

    • :lol: I thought they were the bunghole manager’s manboobs’ remains…

  4. Have recently discovered I have my natal Moon in Scorpio.
    It’s kind of the feeling you get when you look under a bandaid to see how a wound is progressing to find this out and investigate the matter.
    I read stuff like this: ‘Scorpio Moon Mothers, or “Smothers” as they are sometimes known, must learn to temper their intensity’.
    Must we really?

    Then I see these shoes. Holy fuq!

    Got to say I am not identifying so much with the raunchiness of this – or the destructiveness to be honest. Am not being honest with myself? Or does my Gem Rising and Mars in Virgo just find it all a bit tiresome? It’s probably the Sat/Venus Conjunction at work…

    Maybe I will get into it as the Moon moves on in Scorpio. Crazy moon for mid week – it’s a pity it’s not the weekend with all this going on! Bad time to cut hair?

    • Am not sure but new moon is better for haircut? About Saturn/Venus conjunction, I have that too in Taurus, a quirky Victorian harlot combination if the opportunity strikes :)

    • Embrace your moon andro. its a big part of who you are. I’m a smother for sure but my kids know how to handle me mostly by ignoring my intensity. Its a fantastic sign in some ways but needs to be toned down when required. You will attract other scorpy types and we speak the same language.

      • Ha ha – my multi-Scorp mum says, “Do you have to pick everything apart”? (But she is a Rabbit to my Tiger year).

        I have amazing trouble taming my intensity, it’s a feature of ADD to get really obsessed about stuff and then look up and go..”Um..” and everyone is looking at you like you are mad!! (Always thought I was Aries rising because of this tendency).

        Victorian Harlot eh?!! Well I could give it a go but I think I have to stop having children for a year or two.

        • “I have amazing trouble taming my intensity, it’s a feature of ADD to get really obsessed about stuff and then look up and go..”Um..” and everyone is looking at you like you are mad!! ”

          sounds like gemini/leo combination to me.
          i am very similar when I get excited about something, though maybe my pisces moon lets me move on more quickly to the next piece of excitement.

          • That’s interesting shell! I will try not to heap it all on my descending afflicted poor Scorpy moon… :)

    • andromeda, maybe Mystic is just offering us a laugh with this shoe pic – she is a funny gal and maybe lightening the intense Scorp Moon vibe?

      I am Scorp rising and find that some of the Scorp traits/stereotypes do not apply (eg. wearing leather, S&M, obsessive compulsive, vengeful, stalking…!). Some Scorp traits that I am really grateful for include: ability to focus & do depth analysis, stick with a problem until a resolution is uncovered, good at observation (albeit a bit forensic at times!), transformative, love of psychology, aware of higher/deeper purposes in life, love of symbols, love of privacy and solitude to process things…

      What House is this lovely Scorp Moon of yours in?

      • That about sums up my Scorp rising daughter nat. She hasn’t got a bitch vibe at all but she can be intense (good intense as u state above). My Fish rising conj Saturn is totally relaxed with her.

        • That’s nice FF. What is her Sun sign? I find the strong (healthy?) water signs are calming to be around too. Mind you I notice when a Pluto transit is applying as I get the laser eye looking around for something corrupt or dodgy to detonate! That energy needs to be used for good or dissipated some how.

          • She’s an Aqua sun with multiple planets conjunct and a Toro Moon. She has taught me a lot over the years believe it or not. I love her Scorp vision. But all that fixed energy has it’s dramas too – she’s taking the moving thing hard. I think her Toro Moon is finding it most difficult, I mean she’s got a huge attachment to her things, her routine, her home etc. She’s doing ok though, lots of soothing and another visit to her school counsellor today. She has wisdom beyond her years I have no doubt. But hell, this job of packing up house is monstrous. I have yet to face her stuff and fear throwing out too much as she is attached to things (Pluto in the 2nd house!!). Oh and her Aqua planets conj are all in her 4th house so this is huge for her. My Kataka Moon is going all out. Any hints gratefully accepted :-)

          • “the laser eye looking around for something corrupt or dodgy to detonate”

            Classic! Yep, the laser eye, opposite of lazy eye. :lol:

          • FF, your daughter would certainly be finding the move a bit threatening espec Taurus Moon and the loaded 4th House, but the simple reality is that we can’t prevent change in life. Whatever our age we must accept change and learn ways to manage it, deal with it, and deal with our emotions about it. I’m not saying we prevent having emotions about change (that is impossible), I am saying we need to make space for those emotions – notice them, acknowledge them, accept the situation and move forward based on our values. Life is often uncomfortable & sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we carry on and we make the best of the new reality. I think that is a good lesson for kids to learn and yours will be well equipped if you can teach them about that.

            I’m sure you are already promoting the idea that her “stuff” is important and you will both be making a lovely place for it in your new home. I am married to a Taurus – I know all about their precious stuff!!! The best way is to make it clear that you respect it and of course a nice place will be found for it – maybe that could even be fun? Is she old enough to participate in packing up some of her stuff? I think its a good thing for kids to take responsibility for their own things and to chip in when big jobs are on.

            I think you are doing well in providing her support and providing non-family counsellors to talk to. She will process this change in her own time (Taurus Moon will take its time for sure). She might surprise you just how well!

          • I should have said: Life is often uncomfortable & sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we carry on and we make the best of the new reality… WITH GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION FOR WHAT WE HAVE (i.e. not seeing ourselves as a “victims” of change). I guess its resilience I am trying to describe. All the best x

          • Thanks nat, espesh re the reminder of gratitude and appreciation for wha we actually have. She is with her father until the move but i am picking her up from school today and spending a few hours with kids so will have a chat along those themes you mention. Love reading your words of wisdom here and others as well. Am forever grateful Mystic makes this space happen!

            As for me i need to get off the computer and keep on packing. Have woken up today after epic amazing dreaming night but am having massive anxiety attacks today (and it’s not just about the massive task i have in front of me). Sister on way to help today. I’ll just keep remembering to breathe in and out, in and out. Thanx again lovely xx

      • no, no, I am sure Mystic is being humorous nat, I am just..well I thought I was the anti-Scorp.. so it’s ironic I am a Scorp afterall!
        And I am a symbol addict and I got into astrology when I was about 11 when no one I knew even knew what it was about – that description of Scorp is really evocative for me!

        My moon is in the 6th house apparently it’s an ‘afflicted moon’ and I should have problems having kids. I don’t so that’s nice! Oi yoi.

        What does it mean for the Moon to be ‘falling’ in Scorpio?

        • Hi andromeda. How nice that you were so into symbols so early in life. I missed the blog when you changed your name but did you find out that you are Leo Sun, Scorp Moon and Gem Rising?

          Others here will know much more about it, but I think the terminology of ‘falling’, ‘exalted’, ‘afflicted’ etc. is applied to the placement of our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars) based on the House or Sign that they are in. I don’t use that terminology much as it sounds a bit too fatalistic to me. I like to think we have a choice about how we interpret & use the placements of our personal planets (i.e. we can develop the Low expressions or the High ones of that House & Sign).

          Moon in the 6th House could express as creating belongingness through daily routine, showing nurturance for self and others via daily work, comforting through everyday tasks, creating security through service to others, health, nutrition, scheduling… Sounds like a practical kind of Moon placement to me.

          The Moon’s Sign indicates the ‘nature’ or style of the expression of the planet. For Moon in Scorpio I would look to the best of the Scorp traits and how they apply to how you deal with your emotions, how you nurture yourself and others, how you create security, your mothering style etc.

          • sorry about the PS but I was just thinking it would also be useful to look at how your Scorp Moon is aspected in your chart (eg. trines, squares, oppositions, conjuctions etc.). I find the aspects in my chart provide very helpful insights.

          • Thank you ever so much nat!!

            So interesting! And my Scorp moon actually makes a lovely trine with my Merc, Venus, Sat in Kataka, plus my Piscean Jupiter/Ceres so I will be thankful of the ease it provides in my broader chart.

            I do love making people comfortable and nursing them – though not as much perhaps as a Kataka moon might! A good night with a friend would have me serving a lovely hot dinner with good wine doing an in-depth Tarot session and then going dancing for hours. Which was kinda my job for five years anyway, as I built a backpacker hotel with some friends and we did food, full moon parties etc. etc. (I suppose I provided free tarot, dream interps etc. – well I sometimes provided it whether they wanted it or not, lol!)

            I have always been interested in death and dying and even considered being a celebrant as I enjoy funerals and helping people in grief to find the love they are being sent by their loved ones who have passed over. And weddings are great too of course!

          • There you go, they are great insights to derive from your newly discovered Moon placement. Very nice trines to have too… get those working. The world needs people who understand death and passing. That is a great gift and a lovely way to be of service to others (6th House).

            Was also remembering that our Moon placement can help us to look at our experience of our own Mothers (or Mother figures) & their mothering style – what we liked about their mothering style and may wish to emulate, and what we did NOT LIKE AT ALL and will try not to repeat!

          • Poor mum, multi-scorp of course. Very silent I recall. Four kids under 6 years isn’t a joke when hubby requires you do all the shopping and ironing as well.

  5. Uhm.. not surprisingly I own a pair very close to these..but my stilettos are less jagged as I prefer a clean kill, I mean how anti-climactic would it be if I had to clean up more than I’d have to?

    Yes PLEASE to the Own-Must-Do Agenda as almost every proposition placed forthwith to me is quickly judged against a Me Vs the World Interest Scale. Not that I have gone down the flames of misanthropy, not at all, I am still of benevolent heart and brimming with compassion, save that this time I am for myself as well.

    So far Uranus in Aries to me has been, Hello, this is YOU out of the Shadow. Voila.. and though there are some bits and pieces which didn’t quite sit well with me, I am digging who I’m seeing in the mirror. Let the Season of Up One’s Self Begin!

  6. O my! Would love to know what time the Scorpio Moon kicked in (sorry ;). Around 3 – ish I suddenly went from quiet moochy day to Beastie Boys on Very Loud and danced around my parent’s living room feeling/thinking Very Strong discarding vibes at my ex, ie believing he won’t be back for me, but o well . . . plenty of fish in the sea lol … classic … yay! then, inevitably, it subsides a little, and you’re chopping up the garlic and onions for tea and these bubbles keep surfacing from that deep deep pool of pain that hasn’t been drained yet … all in time all in time … something I can say now after BB euphoria … swing low swing swing

    • ” and these bubbles keep surfacing from that deep deep pool of pain that hasn’t been drained yet ” you are poetic FB what a gorgeous way to put it. However as a fellow scorp the pool never seems to drain. But drain it does and there is always another pool waiting.

      I ‘ve been thinking along these lines lately as the Lusty(an ex) is still around and he is deep but it is dark pool and I’m scared to go there with him, ( long story) . i want my next lover to be a shallow pool with mosaic tiles of aquamarine that make the pool look so clean and inviting. The sparkly sagg (who I can picture swimming naked in this pool) has gone awol so… (shrugs shoulders and keeps dreaming)

      • eek blushing now … yr description of aquamarine tiles reminds me of the turkish bath recently posted here … and I think sagg’s are drawn to turquoise? maybe it could be shallow at one end and deep at the other with a gentle gradient between – don’t want to get bored now lol x

        • So true FB. Sagg are easily bored. A gradient and a diving bored so he can show off while I go oooo. i’ve been tempting him and tempting him (see No, 2 on later scorp post) but to no avail. oracle says there is definate interest but I get bored too and being a leo if he isn’t going to pay me attention then I will move on. Simple.

  7. OMG.. I love those. All my Aries stuff sits in 8th house of Scorpio vibes.. So I’m imagining a total leather outfit to go with those heels with lots of red and black leather and ripped fishnets… Yow!

    • hell yeah – i went straight to outfit options

      channelling Kim Hollingsworth’s charactor in Underbelly – the dominatrix outfit is perfect – inspired whip work as well!!

      re whole new era – BRING ON THE PHEONIXING!!!!!!

  8. Been shit kicking my tax, yay! I’m on to it & all the other mundane tasks/duties/responsibilities even without those wicked looking shoes.

  9. ahh Rodarte, good call :)

    I am actually trying to look less Dominatrix these days but have my leather pants on today for extra bitchslap

  10. I absolutely love those shoes. My Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Scorpio- the Scorpio Moon will pass over my Uranus and conjunct my NN today.

  11. anyone who said ‘Flying Tomato’ during Winter Olympics
    who added ‘McTWIST’ to their vocab – need not be a Gamer
    am not Gamer … linl below reeks PS something…

    BUT – BEST bit of Le mega mega Change / deep seeded Dreams etcs ets was watching this I realized I skated ALL night in my dreams last night …. watching this bought it all back. escape ppls????

    be free?

    • ps am thinking recant of cetain short person pulling skate moves in spike heels is on Mystic’s RIP site….. thank chrst – but looking at those shoes made me wanna – well – kick it!!

      god bless PEACHES for having both left ball & right
      god bless IGGY for inherent HOTNESS
      god bless this