Rick Owens Is Not A Taurus

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A while ago we were trying to figure our what sign the designer Rick Owens is & from his furniture designs, I think we can safely assume Mr Owens is not a Taurus. He ain’t a Cancerian either.

He was born in 1962 and I am thinking he is totally an Aqua – and thus one of the mega-talented but merrily bats multiple conjunct Aquarians born then. If you have an ephemeris, check it out: Feb 62 – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn ALL in Aquarius.

And, would you want to kick back & relax in one of these stag chairs???  I think these are chairs for Arcturians.

27 thoughts on “Rick Owens Is Not A Taurus

    • I’m with you darling andromeda.. that was my first impulse too! The Spartan vibe, the horniness, the fact that there is virtually nothing to lean on hence relaxation is not an option, and lastly, the bench style seating which should accommodate Ariean fidgeting (fits and spurts of firey energy) and allow them to zoom up in a second.

      This would be too low tech for an Aqua, and if I may be so bold, not accommodate their secret love for something truly more comfy. My thought is the Aqua front room always features something space agey, modern or revolutionary, so much better to converse about you see.. yet they repair to a bedroom/study that boasts an uber laid back bed or couch, which though not up to the standards of any real Venusians (i.e. librans, toros) or Pod cravers (i.e. Katakas, Scorps, Pisceans) certainly is great for laying prone and sleeping.

      The ex Well Hung Uranian is all about whatever is “environmentally fit” and modern but loses all concern for anything remotely earth friendly when it comes to his need for sleep, or sex. I think the fixedness shows itself here.

      Whereas I reckon Arieans can actually manage shut eye on a hard slab of rock.. given that their atoms move at such speeds and only that kind of surface could sustain that molecular activity.

      • Totally FA! I agree with your assessment re the Aries. Pegasus it IS bookmarkable isn’t it?!

        Actually further to this, I have, what I daresay is, a really stupid question…BUT when MM says that Uranus is in opposition to Saturn, can anyone tell me what that looks like from the point of view of the solar system and planets?
        Is it something that occurs from the earthly point of view, or is it something that occurs on paper but not in reality?
        Are they actually opposite each other in reality?

        • Its not a stupid question its a good one. Im pretty sure that astronomical and astrological positions are slightly different. For example to an astronomer mars is soon to enter leo, while as we know astrologically its been back and forth in leo for months. Its something to do with progressions ? surely someone here knows more about it than me. So saturn and uranus are in opposition astrological wise and possibly soon astronomical wise. have a look here http://home.mira.net/~reynella/skywatch/ssky.htm#Planets

          might explain a little better.

          • Thanks very much davidl! That’s brilliant, even better that it is from the sky in the city where I live. The nights have been very clear and starry of late, I will get out there and take a look.

            I will do another search on the net re this topic when I get more time too.

          • David, my mac has a software program called ‘Stellarium’ it’s a free
            download. The pix on that site (thanx too) looks exactly like stellarium.
            Must ask that question to my astronomer friend in Melba
            who’s sis who turned astologer from being an accountant, then for some
            reason completley changed her mind.

  1. I’m vibing Capricorn- isn’t it the sign that is all about structure, bones, form etc? He looks a little bit weirdly Cappy in his photo too.

  2. I agree, I think he’s Aries.. The nice juxtaposition of primal hunter vibe & ultra modern & cutting edge design. There’s a beautiful perfection to these chairs.

  3. Ps. Just looked at pic. Only an Aries male would get long hair extensions & still look that butch! :-)

    • Hmmm there was a whole lotta guys born in ’62 with many planets in Aquarius.
      Again love the primal-ness of it

      • Trust an Aries to mention ‘BUTCH’………sheesh, have been putting off
        replying to Butch’s text for 2 weeks now & you come along and say his Name!

        I know my silence is deafening to him.

          • Thanx Scorpaiciousness,
            Am a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to men.
            Tried of trying to light the lamp with him instead of
            drawing the sword. He has the ability to make me ANGRY
            & unfortunatey that’s a bonding emotion. Working on that glitch :-)

            Buddha-Christ & Goddess’ are free……the others pay cash.

  4. This must be the Bullwinkle Furniture line. I can’t wait to see the flying squirrel pelt rugs that go with the chairs.

  5. Forgive my Rorshach mind….
    But looks like a cockerel trying to bash its own head in

    • I totally see that bull with sting.. like why oh why am I on this bench???

  6. Moose it’s moose.
    Moose is symbol of Stamina in Animal Medicine.
    Just what i need.

  7. Wait, that’s a chair? Seriously? Why?

    Besides, it’s made from dead animals.

    • I weep at roadkill, intincts would have me swerve dangerously
      to avoid them, but i love pieces of dead animals, feathers, horns
      fur, hides, sheepskin. It connects me to them.
      Like stones connect you to the earth.

  8. I SWEAR he is a virgo. I read him describing himself as such but could never find it again. Here are a few quotes from his interesting article for hint magazine:

    Editors seem intent on waving the goth banner over you. Do you hate that?

    It doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I wonder if they know my aesthetic is more campy than gothy. I’m just a big drama queen, but more queen than drama. My look is about an appreciation of teenage angst without actually having the angst. It’s more objective than personal. I just ran across an article about Serge Lutens, the guy who did the make-up for Shiseido ads during the 70s and 80s. I was thinking I really want to know this guy. Or be this guy. We have so many of the same aesthetic touchstones. He was really into J.K. Huysmans, who wrote Against the Grain, whose main character Des Eissantes locked himself in an ivory tower collecting Gustav Moreau paintings, ivory snuffboxes and perfumes. I love the idea of an obsessive and sickly queen tucked away in his silk-lined bedroom.

    So you’re about drama?

    It’s all about drama and death for me. Like I love the opera Salome by Richard Strauss, it’s right up there with Metallica. Even the films I watch. One of the best I’ve seen recently is Life Is a Miracle by Emir Kusturica. It was in Cannes last year, and he’s a judge this year. It’s about wartime in Serbia, but it’s a comedy. It’s really funny, really campy, really sweet. There had to be some queens behind it. It’s too campy otherwise.