Recycling Love

So, Capricorns Sienna Miller & Jude Law did classic, old-school Mars Retrograde by rekindling their relationship. Here they are above – she looking cheekboney, shiny & smug & him obscured behind but seeming suave. They both look better back together & well, if a Capricorn cannot forgive another Cap for having a crack at the help, then who can?

Will it last beyond Mars in Virgo in early June? That will be interesting to see. Mildly.

These retrograde flings with le Ex are so often time out of mind, a visit into an alternative dimension sort of a thing.

Having said that, there is major benefit in two peeps both having Pluto transits shacking up together. Who else would understand the primordial psych stuff, power-tripping, depth Jungian dreams and glugging of Pluto Juice throughout the night and day?

45 thoughts on “Recycling Love

  1. Sorry, but how many times have they broken up and gotten back together now? I kind of feel like their relationship is falling into the “flogging a dead horse” category.

  2. No don’t be sorry! I agree..Hence thought that it is off again when Mars out of shadow. Giving it to Mars in Virgo is generous…Still, two Caps would not possibly need the Better Marriage Blanket

  3. i think she knew it would revive her career and image after all the flak from being with married whats his name Getty. It just feels cynical. I have noticed that capricorn woman often have infuriating abiilty to go without bras and still look good. they and geminis specialise in “perky”.
    Also, capricorn men often a bit ‘bent’ so she probably promised him something he would find hard to get elsewhere. Her publicist would have said do whatever it takes .

    • Didn’t mean to be so negative in the above post, it’s just from my experience on/off again relationships never work unless the couple in question are willing to make major changes, otherwise it’s just the same thing all over again.

      Also don’t understand this need they both seem to have for cheating all the time and destroying other people’s marriages.

      • What’s that supposed to mean, demimonde? Surely people can post their opinion on here without other posters making snarky comments?

        • I think demimonde is being approving…But there is no ‘like” button to approve of posts.
          Peeps are tetchy, no?
          I just deleted a comment as someone was exhorting me to “dig deeper” and i find that really patronising. W.t.f can’t this person just go and do their own “digging deeper” astrology site?
          I don’t really look at other sites but i think i am one of the more prolific updaters out there…I am seriously thinking of doing just one or two blog posts a week and doing the rest just for subscribers.
          It would certainly free up several hours a day for me and i would not feel so totally unappreciated.

          • I can understand why you feel that way, Mystic, especially if you don’t get paid much for the amount of hours you spend researching, writing etc. to bring us these fabulous posts, but there are a lot of us out there who really enjoy them and have gained a terrific amount of insight about ourselves and our lives through your posts. I thought I knew a fair bit about astrology before I found your site, but the revelations and topics you come up with can be eerily accurate at times, and are a great help.
            I hope you don’t feel that we don’t appreciate the time and effort you put in, because we do, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
            Maybe I was being overly sensitive with demimonde’s response before. It’s a bit hard with blogs sometimes when you can’t tell what ‘tone’ someone is saying something in.

          • Ha! I saw that and nearly posted something offensive back! Better you deleted it…

          • I imagine there’s a whole heap of appreciative folks who don’t comment and just quietly admire your genius Mystic.

            And seriously for a non mediated site, the comments are uncommonly reasonable and high quality.

            But once in a while a snarky little turd (who I suspect is often the same character — the tone/content is pretty uniform) slips through the net. AND they never have any suggestions for a BETTER FUNNIER MORE INFORMATIVE AND MORE ENTERTAINING astro site, because there are none. So I say snip em.

            Your site is brilliant MM and for the public’s sake, I hope it stays public. But either way I have my ass covered as I’ll be subscribing for a long time.

          • :o

            Me thinks Mystic is a VERY prolific blogger who gives us SO much. One of the MANY things I LOVE about your blog is that you give us enough info so we can do our OWN digging and have fun while we do it. The peeps that you have attracted here are all so informative too – from having done their OWN work. How can anyone complain??? Of course we can always want more but that’s what your FUQING FANTABULOUS consults are for.

            Thank Goddess for you Mystic :D And thank Goddess for the cool peeps here.

            <——–happy and untetchy

          • Lord have mercy! Please know that you are admired and appreciated!!


          • Darling M, perhaps they were actually talking to themselves and it was well timed advise for the arrival of Uranus into their.. er.. well you know.

            Fuq’ em. Who made them le critic du jour?

            If they don’t like it they can very well go to some other site they feel expounds far more existentially (read: depressing, turgid, wordy, boring).

            Here’s what’s true. Mystic’s style is to bring us an interesting idea at a time appropriately juxtaposed with apt visuals and set against current or coming astrological weather. We ruminate on that idea, we exchange, we commune. And we go off our own tangents to bloom.

            This is discourse. This is what makes the site intelligent, amusing, witty and charming. It is intelligent play.

            If they want to “dig deeper”, they can very well go buy a freakin text book and bore themselves stiff. Leave the rest of us the hell alone to enjoy this because AIN’T NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

            I have been driven to caps. I cannot believe it. But there you go. I just abhor it when someone has to *merde* pardon my Francois on what is a perfectly happy place for what? Because they’re ordering depth like a side of fries.

            Please. You want depth. Go mine for it. We’re perfectly pleased with our mix here.

  4. It’s interesting to see if they are still a couple when she’s having her Saturn return later this year. It may be a true commitment from her. But yes, i admit, i believe in L.

  5. yeah, a lot of peepl seem to have hatred/bad vibes towards sienna millers. i am on the bandwagon about a hoard of other celebrities, but not her. i actually like her. her vibe is gen-80’s but not disgusting or completely salacious. like with a lot of caps, i find, they seem to unconcsiously rise above certain shit and retain some kind of birth-righted dignity/grace. only some, but i definitely do not find it apparent/worthwhile/cognizant to hate on sienna miller what with the host of other celebrities who have no recognizable talents or magnetics. she’s kind of a melding of old-time-hollywood glam mixed in with the excesses and inevitable wallowing exploitation with comes partnparcel with being in somesort of lime light… this aint to say she’s not a famewhore. but, then, who could blame her what with the $$$$?

  6. Thank u DarkHorse!

    I never care if peeps disagree with something – i think it’s fun – but telling someone to “dig deeper” is ghastly. Q’uelle fuqing nerve.

    What do you think? One deep post a week?

    • No way Mystic! Your sense of humour is brilliant & to be cast aside for some ‘needy’ peeps out there…. No way man!! 8O

      They are just jealous, maybe they have not tapped into their own talent, no respect, bad manners etc who knows why peeps do this, but we love you & totally appreciate your GENIUS work here!

      I’ll just be out in the blog car park *grabs nunchucks* :D

    • :(

      I hope not. Although if there was a private blog where it was like here then I would subscribe to it FOR SURE :)

    • Oh god, why the hello do people feel the need to get their cock out in threads? surely the depth of mode would be mood and astro based. Hell its YOUR site lovely! xx

      I think there is a very annoying thing in anything spiritually guidance based to slap it on thick with the BS manicure trying to come off all deep and pure constantly, which is funny because some aspects are just that. Also I find that if you like fashion and art people tend to associate you with a lack of depth just so they can swing their cock about. ffs

      I was actually asked at a bar after fashion week show if I read books>???
      I told him naturally I was far too stupid for literature and just looked at things with pictures….
      *cue enormous eyebrow raised*

      Now as for the sienna jude thing?
      such a public get back together too, something weird about it. like that friend who pretends she hates her ex when they break up and then gushes when they get back together and everyone just goes , um, really?

    • I like the idea of one deep and more for subscribers makes financial sense to please those that subscribe, We are your advocates after all.

      • Ah yes well i would like to think the stuff on the Weekly Scopes page (eg the Mercury Retro extra stuff + the Super Venusian and the Bitch Moon etc) and the Scheduler and the Daily Scopes with all the Moon Phases was somewhat deeper.
        My friend, the Zen Noire Robert on Aquarius Papers is mega-deep:
        Also, lol, the picture i just put up with the Weekly scopes is called “deeper”

        • Mystic, it’s not about the depth for me. It’s about the quantity. As a subscriber I struggle to keep up with all the above mentioned stuff AND all the posts. Especially when you do seven in a day then post on the weekend as well. Sheesh!

          People who don’t subscribe are spoilt rotten. I’m sure if you cut back your posts they’ll see what they’re missing and start subscribing. And if the end result is a happier you with more time on your hands, then go for it!

          It goes without saying that it’s your blog and you can do whatever the hell you like, but I would like to see LESS not more. Maybe one or two a day?
          Only because I need time to process all the info you provide and find it hard when I’m working.

          Of course you are appreciated!! Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards get you down. x

        • You’re plenty deep enough, Mystic. As much as I love Aquarius Papers, you’re way way more fun, and your scopes are the best on the planet.

          Funnily, I recently cut my work hours in my main line of work and have earned more money. Go figure! Then again I have Uranus natally in the 10th.

  7. A part of me wants to be selfish and say, no, one post a week is not nearly enough, but it’s up to you, Mystic.

    I know you’ve written posts before where you’ve said that you might spend less time on the posts after someone has sent you a particularly rude or unnecessarily nasty email.

    I for one would be dissapointed as I’ve come to depend on these posts for insights and a bit of light humour, but I wouldn’t want you to feel that you had to every day, especially if the enjoyment has gone from it for you, or you feel it’s taking up too much of your time. Do whatever feels right for you, Mystic. I’m sure we’ll all be supportive no matter what you decide.

  8. i love mystic but find her fans quite defensive/offensive. better not post here again for fear of offending someone on the off-chance that a totally innocent post-response will be taken as ammunition for “the cause.” talkn bout snarky : ).

    • Please keep in mind demi that whatever impression you have of us as ‘defensive’ or ‘offensive’, its probably more ‘protective’. Myst has given us the best astro blog in the solar system, and there are plenty of trouble makers who have nothing better to do than ‘work’ their problems here and try to make out they are ours. Ive been here for 6 or 7 years, some have been here longer. No one here is going to blow air up your backside or try and hurt you and think they can get away with it. There are definitely misunderstandings at times and some of the regulars have had some great stand ups but ultimately it gets worked out. I for one value the freedom here and the variety of subject matter. Your welcome of course to go whenever you please, but I just thought I might say that I don’t particularly like being called snarky or offensive and do sometimes take things personally, its my merc and sun in aries, far too protective. Hope to see your comments again.

      • Davidl: I can definitely appreciate your stance. I have been reading mystic for the past couple years, getting consults, considering, etc. Nevertheless, I’m very new to actually reading the comments. I think it would be healthier and bigger to not clump Mystic readers into a giant pile. I am not you, you are not me, you are not we or us. I think that, given the spiritually/socially progressive tone of the site, the bullying *us* usage makes it seem like this blog is an exclusive club for unbiased devotees of both Mystic and her most avid commenters. Maybe there’s too much double Pisces in me to not take your defense seriously. Of course, we all have our opinions, and that’s what this forum is here for… I think.

        • Guys everyone is welcome here, except peeps who bring neg-Qi in but i love a good healthy airing of views. And btw, all the signs get slagged or lauded from time to time. They are all amazing.

          I deleted one comment the other day from someone exhorting me to “dig deeper” in what i took to be a patronising tone and then going on about how the Sun is going to explode soon or something…

          Not us…

        • Sorry, don’t really understand what your point is ? Is it that I said ‘we’ or ‘us’ ? Please explain ?

  9. If I misunderstood your post, demimonde, than I sincerely apologise. I thought you were having a go at me, and didn’t understand why.

    • i guess having a go can also mean unnecissarily trying to clear up mussed up shite. i actually really liked your original posts. i was joking about facebook b/c now it has an option to like every-fucking-thing somebody posts about. so, i liked your post but was trying to be clever; that never really works out, does it, trying to be clever, i mean? ; )

      • ah the problem of the interweb, where we can’t see the nuance in someone’s expression, a half-smile, a wink, a grin…don’t stress demimonde…

      • Ok, well I don’t do facebook, so the allusion was lost on me. Again, sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

  10. Nice legs there Ms Miller. A post from an articulate admirer (& referring to Pisceans) some time ago put it really well: about Mystic’s canny ability to traverse the sublime to the ridiculous; seemingly ‘superficial’ fluff and bizzarely inane details (the above is afterall in the fluffery section) – to the wonderous depth plunges too. Who would just want one or the other??!
    No question we need both. No question at all of MM’s extreme dedication to this site & the huge work/detail involved. Bravo Mystic.

  11. Forgot why I came in here in the first place lol

    Oh yeah, the Pluto transit thing. Are they having it in the same house or something? Interesting as Pluto is transiting my first which if I remember rightly has an effect on my 7th. My partner’s is transiting his 7th and therefore effecting his 1st. Is this weird or what?!?

  12. MM please don’t ever change what you do and don’t post (though I am an enthusiastic subscriber so if you want to make some of them subscriber-only I’d support that because then you’d get more subscribers). And don’t ever think it is not appreciated. You can turn a person’s day around by posting something unnervingly relevant and profound or sublimely irrelevant and out of left field. Both are valued. I know that I certainly need them both.

  13. jude looks like he is scoring digits behind her back. probably unsuccessfully at this point.

  14. wow what went on over here?

    Mystic – I reckon you give the punters a few posts a week & let subscribers lob in on yr wisdoms & wit non? as for ‘dig deeper’ – UM WTF??? anyways internet is big place so said commented can schlep off elsewhere surely.

    as for sienna normally she’d give me the shits but she just keeps on keeping on. curious to see her & jude Mars in Virgo June – made me wonder re my own sitch …..