Pong Du Aries Homme: Bang

Earlier, I described how Marc Jacobs Pluto transit activated his Sun in Aries and he morphed himself massively.  So, okay, go the Pluto transit. That’s what they are for.

But now here comes Uranus in Aries and he’s got a new pong pour l’homme out called Bang and – SO ARIES – has used himself as the model for it. It’s a fragrance for young men or the “young at heart” male & it’s got the requisite masculine woody notes plus PATCHOULI.  The patchouli is tres brave, don’t you think???

And Aries peeps – do admit that you would love an afternoon’s work to consist of you being drenched in baby oil and lolling around in the nud on a gigantic scrunched up bit of aluminium foil?  Oh and the pong pour l’homme is supposed to represent a “radiant explosion”…He should have just called it Ramzilla.

23 thoughts on “Pong Du Aries Homme: Bang

  1. I love the smell of both patchouli and wood, but somehow I am sure that this will not smell so good. Perhaps it is because colognes always taste like chemical death to me, perhaps it is because this cologne seems to shoot from Marc Jacobs’s private areas. Eck!

    • The taste of essential oils ain’t real pleasant either.
      I really like patchouli but not Tom Ford, find him sleazy
      & contrived whereas patchouli’s footloose & fancy free
      Wrong mix.

  2. Is that a solar cooker he is holding over his tackle? ++points for humour.

  3. Patchouli does not smell good on many people. I hope it goes well for him.

    and yes, i must agree with southerly … looks like a solar oven on his junk.

  4. Marc Jacobs has hurt his shoulder and can’t work out..does this mean his fragrance will be called ‘my perfume goes bung?’

  5. The smell is s’posed to represent a “radiant explosion”???

    That makes me think of man explosions. Maybe he likes the smell of his own farts? Maybe all the al foil he’s lying in is actually one of those “marital” blankets that cover stench?

    Soooo ewwww

  6. Tres tacky!

    Also makes me wonder if peeps who may like his clothes will be turned off. Sometimes it’s all about image.

  7. If I was a straight guy thinking of buying a fragrance I think I would be horrified by this pic.

    And he’s extremely oiled up but where’s the tan? Oh no, no, no.
    And what is that mirror between his legs trying to say? Here you are, wrong way, go back.

  8. Typical rampant ego aries – i would be stunned if this campaign works to sell even ten bottles of the stuff. too up himself to employ a hot model and bang is an unfortunate name,

  9. Love that movie BS! I love a naked guy but not with legs spread and holding something – looks like a one of the sun tanning relfector. Maybe he is trying to get a doodle tan. eeeek!

  10. I can’t make up my mind whether he’s a master ironist or a world class dipstick. Yes he’s made scads of dosh, but really, apart from Spongebob, the guy has a 3 seater divan tattooed on his torso.

  11. holey mackerel!

    ego any one? Although I do like the voyerism reflected fight back at you (if only for the ahem, vital part). Can I just put out a defense for Arieans? I am so not into tin foil…

  12. I love more the cosmetics bag that went with this fragrance – as a gift with purchase, around Xmas 2010. It’s cool, silver, spacey-bag. Everytime I see my friend pull it out I just comment on how much I like it (and hope I eventually get to keep it permanently – I might offer to trade something for it, and then I can use it as a purse even). I can’t recall how the fragrance actually smells.