Just breath.


Until May 14.

20th for men/battles/lawsuits.

As I said before, put down your psycho-texting-device.

Focus on stirring up major miraculous strong Qi/auspicious astro weirding in the part of your chart where you have late Pisces/early Aries. 26 degrees Pisces to three degrees Aries.

Don’t waste even a nano-cule of your brain cells “analyzing”…

57 thoughts on “No

  1. Ooh-er Uranus is squatting on my MC! “You are likely to enjoy change and variety, and may make sudden career changes or possibly experience such changes thrown at you”. Well, I won’t cook dinner tonight then.

      • Lol, my regime is ‘Follow the Dao’ or the path of least resistance atm. Cha cha.. as they say in Thailand, don’t wanna get sick I got too much going on.

        Btw, if Facebook=Crackbook, what is this blog? Crackblog? My husband seems me drift near the computer and raises an eyebrow now, it seems the blog is a quite serious addiction!

  2. I am about to blow my fuqing LID!!! NOW!!! AT MEN!!!!
    Numerous times telling people that FOOD SCRAPS AND USED TISSUES DO NOT GO IN THE RECYCLING BIN. Having to put the garbage out every single time!!! Having to clean up food splatter everywhere and used dishes because people are too lazy!!! Having people steal my food and use my toothpaste and be all smiles about it because theyre soooo happy go lucky! Stop turning the refridgerator up full blast because it freezes all $100 worth of groceries in the fridge that I stocked up on to last me through a few weeks of low income and can now not eat!!!
    Stop treating the living room as a dumping ground! Stop having loud sex with random women when people ar sleeping!!!!
    Stop pretending that you can trash everything and not give a fuq that maybe I exist and might like, you now, like to have a space to LIVE IN?
    Stop making profit on the person who has decided to crash with us which you did NOT TELL ME ABOUT and have NOT SET A TIME LIMIT FOR THEIR LEAVING and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pisceann babe, better anger than listless blank means you FEEL. Even if right now, all you’re feeling is rage.

      Hang on hon, that can turn to passion when channeled the right way.

    • Guessing share house uni students? If they can handle it, i would totally rage them, but seeing mystic posts, doesnt seem like a good option.

      Hope things get better soon. Seems like it has been a build up though, of little things and you are about to explode. xxxx

    • Thanks Fallen Angel, the rage has always been there just covered up because I dont know how to deal with it and its entwined with a lot of other unnameable(word?) feelings.
      Man… I really thought I’d be in a different place by now. I had a lot mapped out in my head especially these coming weeks because of jupiter and uranus coming into aries. I guess maybe things will change then…..I don’t know. I mean I have been taking as much action as I can handle, i.e. whatever comes to me when I am conscious and alert, I act on. Whenever I’m confused I wait, I listen, I meditate on the choices. And I still haven’t found that ‘thing’ that I’m supposed to do to get a move on. But maybe thats the point? Maybe I have to sludge around in the unconscious for a bit and untangle all the mess before the major assertiveness of the aries point???

      • Do what I’m doing – organise removalists and a starage unit for 1 month and couch surf! I’m leaving awful share house sitch, and am singing knowing its all over tomorrow – after months of dread!

        Let the rage out – as I’ve been counselled recently. Don’t be nice. BE REAL.

  3. Oh, as for me, no, no texting, no calling, no emailing.. because in a smirky odd way, it was my high tech device that actually gave up on me. Just went low batt and said, Later.

    So I am incommunicado.. though it is peaceful and lovely.

  4. Thanks MM, what a laugh, computer says no so I will wait patiently (well as much as my Aries venus will allow).

  5. I officially launch the new career on 20 May. Given that my Ascendant is at zero degrees Aries, I’m hoping that the ‘strong Qi/auspicious astro weirding’ means that I earn enough to eat…

    BTW, I’ve just noticed that I’ve just posted after an ‘AquaRam’ – hello there! I promise I’m not copying your name, it’s just been a while since I last posted!

  6. am really getting fidgety…

    last week sent a “there is no ‘us'” msg, determined to leave the guy behind – Mystic told me in a consult I should stay away from never-happening relationships.

    Should I have doubts about timing?

    oh well, an uncooked potato is an uncooked potato.

    Otherwise following the instructions : be mega polite, mind your own evolution, let the chips fall after May 20. thanks Mystic. :)

  7. I work with men, teenage boys actually. And oh my golly goodness me, it appears that everything I say to them at the moment is spoken in some foreign language that they cannot understand. They mean well, it’s not being done in any deliberately malicious way, but oh my god, I am so ready to pop several veins in several different parts of my body.
    Please tell me that May 20 is the light at the end of this long tunnel!

  8. I LOVE IT!

    I don’t know what I’d do without you Mystic – seriously. I think you and your postings are WONDERFUL!

    Am happily breathing and getting on with work, looking after my kids, looking after myself, double-checking every communication and staying away from any thoughts of L.. or S.. .

    • Thank you! This astro is so stressy…I just got the most stupid and insane e-mail error message i have ever seen. System Error: 4787397$&U%#*@
      and then “would you like to try re-entering your user name and password” which i have NEVER been prompted to do b4.
      Dread having to ring up isp- “madame is your computer switched on?” Arrrghhh.

        • Lol! I have actually just completed a ludicrous little mercury retrograde bingle. Well, i THINK it is done with. It actually involves someone, awesome and desirable + a complete drooling pass-agg sexist patronising old school d-head. Had I taken my OWN advice, i could probably have bypassed the d-head.

          • ooooo! maybe you could use your own psycho-texting device to bash the old slimebag over the head. No words required :D

    • I second that bluelibra (the bit about Mystic). :)

      LOL @ the first post I see saying NO. :o That is definitely the mantra atm. Am TRYING not to overanalyse things while still reviewing them. Kinda/sorta/maybe succeeding lol. One note of solace; we’re ALL going through this. *HUGS* to all

      Do have a question though: if you got a job during Merc retro (and surprise surprise it’s ending now) would you even try to set up an interview now? Opportunities abound but as phone convos are happening while it is retro does that make them as thin as air in reality?

      • Sometimes you don’t get a choice. I find new business premises and move through merc retro once and it worked out fine. I had probs with the phone switchover though. I think if you don’t have a choice, just be hypervigilant and anal.

  9. What about buying/adopting a cat for my Mum for Mother’s Day – still non?

    • No, that shouldn’t be a problem. Awwwww! What kind of kitteh?

      It’s worth doing a site search for more info, but merc retro is really only glitchy for things ruled by mercury, namely communications. So not a good time for signing contracts, launching projects or making big ticket purchases of appliances or tech equipment.

      Mars in retro shadowzone is a difficult for moving plans forward or for getting sense out of or meaningful action out of men.

      Kittehs are above all that.

      • yeah i agree UV..cats are like astro-teflon … maybe except for the full moon or something :)

  10. that’s my 8th house that spot.
    not sure how to stir up to much magic in a sector all about other people without stiring up other people.
    i’m feeling all too tired and vague to bother with stirring people up anyway.

  11. black, male adult (cat), street smart, on death row. … Yeah, kittehs are so above all that – not like its a Plasma or anything!

  12. The first time I read this blog I came across the previous post about Mercury retrograde. The one which said don´t make a scene, don´t communicate wth men, etc.
    Well, I was decided to retake some weird misscomunication with a guy who was interested in me. And who i see on a regular basis. He had stopped asking me out, pretty close to Mercury getting retrograde.
    Well the thing is…the enery did not flow, so I didn´t mention anything. Just being polite. Thanks God i read that post previously.
    Now I see this post today, I it is reafirming my gut feeling. Maybe I´ll say something someday, but IF I say, it will be AFTER 20th May, you can bet.
    Thank you!

  13. mine is on my third house which thankfully has nothing to do with relationships but communication which is going swimminly with the new crush- a sagg with lots of scopr – at last someone not “sensitive” just plain fun and honest. halleh f** luhah.

  14. I don’t know who does it, but there is someone in a govt dept with an ephemeris & a sick sense of humour setting critical deadlines for mid-Merc Retro Every Bloody Year.

  15. No.

    Just breath.


    Until May 14.

    20th for men/battles/lawsuits.


    so tired of waiting

    october to now ouch

    was driving myself insane wondering to make contact or not atm, mantra’ing patience is passion tamed – thanks for the whoah nelly i needed

  16. So… If I have 27 degrees Pisces in the 8th house, what should I focus in? I’m slightly confused. Can somobdy help?

    I’m okay with waiting around and channeling Saturn-Girl (5 planets in Cap + 1 house + 2 strong Saturnian aspects). Working my butt off while going to the gym 4 times a week. Thankfully, my relationships are pretty much in check, even though this was a less-than-smooth Mercury retro.

    Can’t wait for the 20th, though. Action makes me happy.

    • Sex, legacies, other people’s money, regeneration/phoenixing, the occult — anything Scorpionic as 8th house is ruled by Scorp.

  17. Argh. Such a perfectly timed mesage. My Venus in Aries hates this post. Regardless, my thanks Mystic. Very almost sent out numerous texts i know i should not.

  18. Ok!!!

    Happy dancing abounds as soon to have freedom from unbearable situations.

  19. *sigh* i am being completely ignored – only one cute message from me, NO stalking whatsoever fyi – by this younger guy [who i found adorable and FIT but obviously this sentiment is not returned]… :( prat
    oh well move on i guess

  20. had GREAT endings – like love of life from last centuries – yep The Other Aries – cooked me farewell dinner last night. He’s & the Mrs made up & we toasted our friendship & our committment to our longstanding partners – aiming to give it a whirl & see what happens. Lots of love (& attraction) there but such a great feeling to have something that’s lingered so long wrapped up with maturity & love. SANS touchy feely / pashes etc. VERY impressed. drove him to aiprort today. another chapter closed.

    Now to bide time til 20th pre re-issuing the dictum the Le Ram – commit or I evaporate – again happy with either outcome, feeling strong & in need of committed relationships for this next fabulaous phase.

    so with all this action / attention etc in the male department – when does the career flow-on FLOOD ? ? ?

    xox ;-) xox

  21. I don’t even want to contact/be contacted… I am have a nice time.
    I will probably feel different tomorrow, but right now… I hav efound a new song I really, really like and I might chair dancing around an empty radio station.
    Who need the hassle when you can just have fun?

  22. yesterday was the culmination of recent techtiness for many – threats of eviction / car repossessions etc sparked prevention mobilization – phew by the end of it twas exhausted from empthasing!!

    went to BILL HENSON opening – standing room only – more crowded than a night club with a sea of support for a new body of work shifting in a different direction. then laid self at alter of rock – Ian Asprey & The Cult – resulting in tres zen calm today having jumped around Luna Park’s BIG TOP. Oddly hugely disproportionate no of guys vs chicks in audience…..

  23. “the part of your chart where you have late Pisces/early Aries. ”
    That would be my 8th house, one interpretation I’ve read says it relates to things I can’t control.

    Apparently I have to graciously learn to accept that my partner’s ex-wife has a strong say in our lives, through their child. Holiday dates, weekends, money (child payment and divorce settlement).

    It’s the trial of step-parenting: how do you make a child feel loved and wanted in your house without crippling their style by telling them you’d really rather not hear any more stories about her mother and what they did (this morning it was EVERY single birthday party) and what they’re going to do and what her mother said and…

    This other woman, I’ve met her twice, and now she has a very strong influence in my life and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about this. For a Virgo Sun and Cancer Moon, the fact that this comes into my house and my space (via their daughter – who is generally lovely) is perhaps the most challenging. I can’t shut the door on this part of the world and control it or retreat.

    Trying hard to breathe, as per the advice here. Gah to 8th house.