Nietzsche Was Libran

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“The grand style follows suit with all great passion. It disdains to please, it forgets to persuade. It commands. It wills.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

This is actually just so Libran. Their Whim Of Steel.

Remember: Libra is like Aries in drag.

Or Aries with a diploma from charm school.

But beneath their feathery acquiescence lurks that W.O.S.

23 thoughts on “Nietzsche Was Libran

  1. LOVE Nietsche!” Let that day be considered lost on which we have not danced”

  2. Excellent! Glides into charming command mode.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. “Libra is like Aries in drag.”

    Love that, it explains so much, have a total obsession with both (male) signs.

    • I must agree. This is the first time it’s been explained to me this way and it makes sense. There are many times I feel like I am a gay man in woman’s body. :(

  4. Oh yeah – the bloody Whim of Steel. Met up with that a few times.

    We Are Going To The Beach Now – My Darling Pater……. The whim is always something lovely – but its NOW. Not later. NOW!

  5. did`nt Nietzsche die of complications ( insanity) of syphilis ?

    Why should we taking advice from him ?

    • Nietzsche is a nihilist, so your right, taking advice from him could lead one in to a very dark place. I like to have a little more faith in the idea of a benevolent universe, where there is some reason, some meaning, I ‘believe’ faith is good for your mental health. I think he makes a similar mistake to Dawkins who confuses human made ‘religion’ with spirituality or connection to source. They are both obsessed with their dislike for Christianity.
      Now as far as Nietzsche as a libran, maybe it makes sense if he doesn’t feel very attractive or beautiful within himself, so writes off the whole world ?

  6. I don’t think you understand Frederich, David. My son wrote his thesis on him and it took me a while to get it. (I studied Classics and speak a few languages) It was intellectually rigorous but worth the effort. Lots of highly intelligent people can have mental illness, but they still have something worthwhile to say. Ask any philosophy professor. Also, we must remember to place him in his time. We have evolved, I hope.

    • Nothing to do with his mental state BL, just don’t think nihilism is very healthy.

  7. Ah, Libran men. So shallow, so full of self-regard, so easily able to spin a web of seemingly intelligent crap to cover up their total depthlessness.

  8. Ooooh – my ex-husband is a Libran. Beautiful, wonderful, heartfelt, charming, cares for the planet, enviornment, his kids and is extremely handsome but beneath that smile, twinkling eyes and dimple is bedrock.

  9. my north node is in Libra. I should take note. This is what I am to aim for? Gawd…
    maybe i should think of it more in terms of teamwork, partnership, beauty, keeping everyone happy, engaged, involved? [or at least pretending to do so while exerting WOS]
    The pisces/gemini in me just wants to barge/float/bounce around doing whatever the hell I want, when I want to…
    Maybe this is a sign that I need to cultivate serenity and whatever else it is Librans do when they’re not hitting on someone / flirting / making out / planning their marriage / living space / bathroom decor?
    Sorry Librans, please help me to understand you better! xxxx

  10. PS: Mystic, I don’t know where or how you get the images for your site but they are FANTASTIC! And you know just which ones to partner your postings. Love it!

  11. well, personally, i think ms. m means that um… we librans… um… are… uh… philosophical? no no… um… drag queens. *WINK*

  12. You all missed his point horribly. First, he spoke of living through nihilism in order to overcome it, he said repeatedly he didn’t want followers or to found a new religion, that he awaited better players, to not make an idol of him lest he fall upon them, to become who you are and that only when you have all denied me(think of the 9 higher men from part 4)will I return to you. Remember the lion that turned away from him, charged the higher men as they left Zarathusra’s (CAVE!!!) in the last chapter called The Sign? He also predicited he would not be understood until approximately the year 2000.

  13. Also, there is no evidence that he had syphillis, none of his symptoms matched the illness(some have theorized he had a brain tumor, which does match his illnesses symptoms)and he was extremely controversial for his time which would have been the perfect motive for his enemies to slander his name and memory…common then, common now.