Mercury Retro Music Reboot

You know how Taureans are fab at music…?  They really are brilliant at creating a soundscape…Well Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic time to reinvent your tunes, thrash some music from some relevant bygone era for perspective and/or cull out the no longer resonant music.

Also, if you have a song on your mind from whichever year, i always thinks it good to find the month of its release & try to remember what was going on for you then. But only during Mercury Retrograde!

eg; i just had the hugest desire to listen to The Clash – London Calling - and later realized it was released in 1979 – when Saturn was in the exact same spot it is now…So indulging the urge to go there again, lead to a whole pile of insights, knowing it was all Saturn-opposite-my-Sun themed. And according to the Wiki, this album is all about “the responsibilities of adulthood” amongst other things. Saturn Calling.

Has anyone else been doing Mercury Retro tunes-rebooting?

38 thoughts on “Mercury Retro Music Reboot

  1. Yep – have pulled out all my 90’s soundtracks and have them on rotation. Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting (1&2), Romeo + Juliet, I’ve even gone back and have Dirty Dancing playing away! Unfortunately I can’t recall the music of 1979 – I was born at the tail end of it…. But My Sharona was big then, so will have to hunt up Reality bites – ah the sounds of a generation.

  2. Boston, “It’s More Than a Feeling,” brings back memories of my first “love” and driving through Alpine Drive, near Sundance Ski Resort, near where I grew up. Whenever I hear that song I’m about 17, it’s summer, and there are about 20 of us in a caravan of 4-wheel drives, cruising the alpines with 8-track tapes playing our favorites and having a blast.

  3. Oh Yeah!!

    I am currently listening to Uncovered, Vol. 2 by the Ministry of Sound & it is old & new artists covering old & new songs, it is brilliant! Check it out on itunes…

    I have songs popping into my mind from the 80’s.. especially ‘That’s what friends are for’ Dionne Warwick….

  4. A little gift for Mystic:

    There was a time when The Clash was called “The Only Band That Matters.”

    Here is one of those moments.

  5. Thanks for the memories Mystic. I saw The Clash at Cloudland in Brisbane.

    Today I have been abused by a librarian at work about an overdue book that I didn’t even know was “overdue” (permanent loans in our organisation usually aren’t) and then abused by one of my sisters about trying to organise something for our mother’s 70th birthday. Sheesh. Could it be Mercury Retro amping up or are people basically rude & selfish & overcomplicate the simplest things? What to do? The word RESTRAINT flashed up and I’m taking the best astro advice on board and saying NOTHING. Maybe for weeks.

    • me too nat! Zip mouth and shuddup seems appropriate at the mo! Up until like .. now, the retro quickening palavers hadn’t really affected me – until yesterday! I guess it got to be my turn. Talk about irritable and saggo moon sticking foot in mouth left, right and centre! The retro reboot not so much about music, but trawling through actual memories that obviously need a bit of reframing and reprocessing coming through as these intense dreams about significant people from my past. Literally every night for the past week. Draining, pretty confronting and disturbing stuff.

      • Poor you prowln. Remember it is just the past and you are here now – different time, different place, different person. I like that saying that I man cannot step into the same river twice because it is not the same river and he is not the same man.

        The past and the people/shite that was in it does contribute something to who we are, but it is not ALL that we are. Sort/process/let go of as much as is needed but don’t be drawn back and feel that you have to re-live it. Not necessary. Take the view of an observer if you can and stay in the present. Good luck x

  6. I’ve totally dumped a HEAP of tunes off my MP3 player. Just uncluttered and cleaned it up. Now I need more tunes but all I can think of are early Radiohead songs. Going around and around in my head.

    And all my dreams are featuring my childhood home and ppl from it. Plus I wake up with the soundtrack from that time – 80s stuff mostly which is NOT my taste. Weird. So vivid.

    • Stress Princes, my personal fave Radiohead song is Creep. Which for undisclosed reasons I learned to strip to. It was unlikely choice, considering that ironically whoever I was stripping for well, could be considered one. The strip/pole dance teacher really dug it though and started calling me the Alternative Strip Music Girl.

  7. Having a huge Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music moment. I was too little to know them in the early days (1972) but I keep reading of current bands who are hugely influenced by their sound.

    Bryan was the first to credit his designer on an album (Antony Price) and he wore suits as a statement against the fading hippy culture. Now bands like Franz Ferdinand & Pete Doherty have Hedi Slimane from Dior Homme dressing them in slim line mod style suits…which reminds me Paul Weller , the Mod Father, is coming here soon. Expect more pork pie hats and skinny suits this year.

  8. yes. i went into my local cd shop and asked for a partic cd. i even said to the guy i am having a retro moment ! without really thinking about it. took it home and played it and it brought back a lot of painful memories from that time. i realised that i had never realy “broken up” with someone – amazing how i hold onto things. this morning i got up and there was a book they had given me right in front of me. i think i will have to do a big clean up of all the stuff they gave me and let it go. its amazing how there are these blocks in your life and how they get in the way of moving forward – they block new things coming into your life.

  9. Indeed – I’ve been digging up tunes I’ve used to listen to in 04/05 – Cinematic Orchestra – man with a movie camera in particular – and they all come from a time when I was really interested and motivate and passionate about my career (architecture). I’ve just rediscovered / regained alot of passion and care in my work recently so makes perfect sense….

    Thanks MM for helping make the connection.

  10. I wish…my laptop has spazzed out during this retrograde…I had ‘experts’ remotely take over the controls to my baby and now have No Itunes with hours of fave music. Reboot that Microsoft!!
    One more sleep and no more Mecury Retrograde hiphip YOWZER

    • diamonds and pearls is one of my top ten songs of all time. I love that little chihuahua.

      • Hahahah, The artist formerly known as Prince, he is a clever dog.
        love that song

        Just looked up his stats- a gemini with venus and mars taurus

        • and the promise to see Jesus in the morning light… only a gem would promise that :)

  11. My iPod/iPhone itunes stopped altogether last week. Had to restore which made me review my music and listen to some melancholic faves, so you are on the money as ever Mystic

  12. Oh one more, 1979 I was traveling in the north of israel, while being driven in a small truck to the Lebanon border, the driver kept playing over and over Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming… Man gave name to all the animals, in the beginning, in the beginning.

  13. I am hooking up my old Bang & Olufson turntable and put on Shabooh Shoobah.

  14. How appropriate is the image accompanying this post – I’ve been smashing Dawn Penn’s ‘No No No’ from late 60s (remixed mid-1990s) – killer rocksteady/soul tune. Good times.

  15. Mystic you are scary. Mother’s Day at in-laws – someone put on Joe Jackson – circa 1979 i think. “Is She Really Going Out with Him”, “Happy Loving Couples” and my favourite “Real Men”. Not sure if my kids were mortified or impressed that i knew all the words (and sang them out loud). I turned 15 in 1979 – brought back so many memories!

    “What’s a man now – what’s a man mean…” still relevant ;-)

    • Oh and i was at my Toro sister’s Toro hubby’s parent’s place. And yes to Toros being musically gifted! Grand piano, several guitars and multiple instrument playing family; and an astounding music collection.

  16. My sis and I are going to see the first band we ever saw together (circa 1982) at a revival gig this weekend. The gig is literally a museum piece – it’s part of the Powerhouse Museum’s ’80s retrospective! We are expecting lots of rockin’, and many many fat, bald 50 year old guys (and I say that with great fondness).

    • oh I had that gig/day out on my to do list for the weekend but the trek up the highway is a bit daunting and funtimes are available closer to home – yay for the 80s in Sydney. My goodness they were fun!

    • That exhibit is amazing!!
      The human-size electronic rubik’s cube was my fave!
      & when I went they had Inspector Gadget on in the Art Deco cinema!
      Loveeeeeee that place :)

  17. Here I was thinking that I had just been going off and finding all of this new music… getting really excited and was going to write a post going ‘not old, but new baby!’… then realised I have been listen to the Ramones since Sunday.
    So I would be totally lying.
    (but I have found all this lovely and exciting new music also. Yup Yup.)

  18. aaaaarrrggghhhh. don’t say this.
    I miss my piano so much. Ridiculous, I’ve only been away from it for a week and a half, but the separation anxiety and withdrawals have set in. I keep finding myself annoyingly ‘playing’ tables, bar counters, my coffee cup. Even typing this helps the fingers feel less phantom pain…
    Must find a piano bar somewhere and see if they’ll let me in after hours…

    • Oh, hang on – the point of my story… was… this is really interesting, ‘cos of said withdrawal angst, I haven’t been allowing myself to listen to ANY music at all. Since Friday I have been MUSIC FREE for fear the tones might inspire me and lead me into depression / depravity.

      • Oh Lexicorn, don’t!
        Even the thought of someone going through music deprivation makes me sad :(

        I’ve been having secret cravings for the early nineties to become retro already so that I’m not just some tragic Taurus stuck in a music rut ;)

        & for some bizarre reason I absolutely have not been able to get Mystify by INXS out of my head… It’s not a song that I have had any particular interest in before but I’ve listened to it at least twice a day for the last week… Soooo weird!!

      • Lol! Arrghhh I so know this feeling! When I lived on the beach in south america I would have intense dreams of playing the cello or the piano – in dark room with the windows open to a moonlit starry night. I would wake just aching all over to play something – anything!! Now I am back in Oz and there is a ‘cello and a piano in the corner that I don’t seem to get near most days… Poor, dear Lexicorn I feel it.

      • After writing this yesterday, I forced myself to listen to music, and you know, get over myself… Wandered around with iPod for an hour and recharged on retro. Berlin is better with a soundtrack, and my piano will still be there when I get home… xx

        • Good for you, Lexicorn.. if it helps any when I was going through the worst with Le Sewer the only thing I could listen to were foreign songs..because the words wouldn’t trigger anxiety and my savage beast could still be soothed by the melodies.

          Thankfully, that is all ovah…and my savage beast can have whatever the hell she wants!

  19. OH thanks for this! I’ve searching for music from, and I don’t know why 1982. And get this, I get stuck on John Cougar, I Need A Lover. Jeez how cheesy. LOL. But it was around the time I had my first real grown up love.

    London Calling is one of my favourite album covers.

  20. Yes! Emirates has these fantastic ‘best of’ sets from various artists on its music programmes in-flight that aren’t just what you might expect on a ‘best of’ album. Listening to Queen’s ‘best of’, I heard the tune “It’s Late’. Merc-Retro saw me track down this album ‘News of the world’ and just indulging in this one tune.

    Also: Joni Mitchell and the fabulous Ministry of Sounds 3 CD Anthems Electronic 80s.

    The Clash – they’re okay. I also have a urge to listen to The Jam more than the Clash…

  21. Well, I’m going to be a tad disappointing…Retro has me listening to of all things, thumping dance music like Circus, and Flo Rida’s Low!!! I mean, the lyrics are atrocious…but I figure I was sans hip hop when the Sewer was around so I must be making up for it.