Mars Brazen – Venus Reflects & Cultivates Guile

Yes, Mars is OUT of shadowzone…that is, the Warlordly planet is now past the point he was at when he went Retro last December. So barge full bore ahead with the most brazen plans you can possibly muster up. Back to the gym, of course. And you may want to v.briefly ponder any ridiculous follies you attempted to assert during the Mars-Bats stage but only long enough to glean any lessons. Mars in Leo doesn’t wallow – Mars in Leo gets ON with it.

And Venus is know in Kataka, sign of the Moon-Goddess. What to make of this? Oh well, emo-eating spikes but so does the talent to cultivate guile and be strategic in all the Venusian arts.  Mars as it is means men are definitely going to be more proactive & now it is the ladies being demure & all. God, if your gay, just ascribe gender roles as you please.

Basically, the more “Martian” person  in the equation will start doing chin-ups to impress the Venusian who will be longing to go off and run with wolf-hounds through the wilderness under the Moonrays, drink mead with female friends or practice witchcraft/parenting/art/perfuming/laundry spells/cakebaking.

But this is WAY better than, say, Mars Retrograde with Venus going apeshit in Aries, strident and developing ever more clever stalkery techniques. No?

Martine Johanna

54 thoughts on “Mars Brazen – Venus Reflects & Cultivates Guile

  1. Am just off for my first time as a fiddle player for a female Morris dancing troupe tonight…mead drinking or at least mulled wine is on the cards….AND I just purchased the sample pack from Ormande Jayne with the Hemlock perfume! Am SO going to be in to this! :-)

  2. Sorry it seemed to work better for me the over way around. I WAS the brazen one doing the chin ups … sorta … now it’s all moody mashed potato mother crap. BLEH

    AND I got flirted with in the most fukin off way – was telling a friend about this – one guy says “you’re wearing a bra today .. normally you don’t wear a bra .. are you flirting with me??” EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Second guy pronounces he’s single after not a peep for over six months and would I be interested as if I’ve been wetting my panties thinking about him the whole time …. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    Cool pic tho. Where’s my mead and space age man blaster..

    • You remind me of that movie ‘Like Chocolate for Water’ or something
      like that, where food is an emotion..

      • Like Water for Chocolate *grin* one of my fav movies of all time. I’d LOVE to be able to cook a meal that made everyone strip off and start having sex with each other!!! *cascade of giggling*

        Yes the Crab food connection is definitely both senusal and emotional. Actually our connection to bloody everything is sensual and emotional.

    • Y’know that’s the second time I’ve heard of guys using “outfits” as a cue one is interested in them. I had to explain to the Scot Scorp (yes, a recent suitor) that I am well-dressed ALL the time hence it is not a personal cue for anyone but simply my general daily fabulosity.

      I nodded my head solemnly when Lady Gaga pronounced that her fans will “NEVER” see her out of high heels. This, I understand. Specially if one can afford Laboutins non?

      OR the Capp Navajo who said, well if you’re dressed a little sexy or flirt a bit, then I WILL get aroused. Huh? Trust the Saturnine Stern-ness to make attractiveness sound like a disease. “But what if being sexy and flirty in general is just part of who I am,” I asked, “then how is it MY fault YOU get aroused when I am just being me.”

      Seriously. I think it’s just all the Testosterone gushing out as Mars flushes them out from whatever cave they’ve hidden in…makes for great muscles but faulty logic and poor EQ.

      • ‘I am well-dressed ALL the time hence it is not a personal cue for anyone but simply my general daily fabulosity.’

        You are a Legend FA.


        • Thanks Blue (blushing) but really!

          I do not send my credit cards into mass hysteria for anything else but my own selfish desires to gild myself.. haha.. ergo, the decorative arts aid in turning myself on to ME first.

          It just seems silly and well, a tad egotistical on both these guys’ parts to think my beauty is specifically for them.. I mean, now if they were subsidizing my shoe, dress, make up, hair, nails, massage and skin care habit, yes, that would be another thing.

      • Hail to thee FA. If only us chaps weren’t such spanners, there would be more uber femmes around like you.

    • hope you meet the m & SA man PC. Those yuckky types were a good sign that the only way is up!

  3. Damn, today was go go go go go.
    I executed almost every plan I schemed while Mars was in the shadowzone. Tons of social breakthroughs, everything feels like it’s falling into place.

    Ah yes, and I rocked some uberLeo hair: feather hair extensions flipped out a la Farrah. :)

  4. The Mars in Leo man is out of his silence after thought it was final.
    A digit-al romance, done by finger touch on mobile. Venus in Scorp’s
    not letting go it seems.
    He’s always training……guess trying to keep his kilos
    Me.. tending herb garden discovering the delights of picking
    fresh herbs for every meal & how to wondering how to use
    pomegranate juice in cooking.
    Badly blew the garlic, herb & olive oil roasting of seeds twice now.
    Next am going to tackle pancakes as craving crepes with orange & grand marnier.

    Seems the astro is determined to have it’s way…………who am i to go against
    the Astro :-) i surrender, love is an adventure with 2 Saggittaires.

    • It all sounds lovely Pegs, revel in it..let the dance begin and falling be your sweetest pleasure. :)

    • Pegs – check The Cook and The Chef for pomegranate juice ideas. Or google Maggie Beer.


        • O tanks Darlins’…it’s pommi season & 2 big bushes overflowing with cooee.
          Have put seeds in a glass of Sav Blanc….v v cute.
          Have big thing for Maggie Beers Burnt fig & almond icecream.
          Heaven on a spoon.
          YES, my appetite’s back & my culinary skills need drastic improvement.
          Next i’lll be doin’ my own sprouts & juice extractoring everything.

    • Pegs having similar MArs digital experience with Venus in Scorp/sparkly saggo man. Gotta go with the flow when they are busy with man type work (mine is a big tradie type who wears wild rose shirts). Keep tempting then with all sorts of “ideas”. Zig and zag and have fun!

      • Mine’s (?) one never owns a Sagg, is a uniform freak.
        Even carries handcuffs when not fighting fires (mine?).

        Life’s full of cliches :-)

    especially health wise
    Next the moon, even more so.
    If your sick you’ll get sicker, Feeling healthy, fitness becomes you.
    Mystic, no more questions from ages ago.

  6. Yay!!

    Some Acro with bunny hops! 8O

    I am off to practice my bunny hops…… & to recover from trudi styler’s version of yoga….. fuq me!!

  7. Emo eating – check.
    Back to Gym and General Hyper-activity to burn off emo eating – check.
    Being Insanely Elusive with Pursuers – check.
    Increased Horniness so much so I am actually a bit Feverish – check.
    But still Preferring to see an Aztec exhibit rather than spend my Saturday with a Man – check.

    I am so loving this.. finally.

  8. Ah – am on my third glass of Chardy I confess. Recieved an email late today expunging me from tutoring work / mortgage payment capacity / skerricks of self respect / autonomy / financial and intellectual serendipity after June. (Yes – June aka next week.)

    The Libran ex came round to tell me he had a massage booked tomorrow after I sacrificed todays pay to look after our children…

    Am booked to have a massage, facial and hair-do tomorrow – something I only do once a year (seriously! – my hairdresser is VERY forgiving) but now I am wracked with guilt given my financial fuqed up future….

    • Bluelib Babe, you are fabulous and amazing and hot and and and… no matter how financially de rigeur you are right now. Is temporary (waving hand imperially) and you must remind yourself so.

      Money after all is simply an expression of energy. And as you unfold yours authentically, trust it shall come to you.

  9. Did do: parenting/art/perfuming/laundry spells/cakebaking. Well, not cake baking – more poaching of pears in spiced apple juice and proper home made egg custard for my babies. And pumpkin soup.. again.

  10. Finally I discovered what went a.w.o.l: My work drive: today was pure focus, get things done with ruthless precision and start the grand exit plan.

    And of course: Mars was meandering in 6th house.


  11. after the long agonizing months of mars retro (oh the FRUSTRATION!) i feel like the ladies moment has arrived. men suddenly re-interested? then work for it, fellas. im off to enjoy time with m’ladies, as ive been forced to do anyway for MONTHS now ;)

  12. well I got stood up by the Aries, he’s landscaping with his brother, (who he doesn’t even like!) instead of holding to an agreed boozy lunch with me (on my birthday!).
    I don’t think it is venus in cancer that is making me this furious.
    *deep breath*
    well it was time i let that crap out anyway.
    it’s just a shame about the jaw line.
    and all those bloody dreams.

    • soz and (((((big hug)))) shell,. I have venus in kataka and I’d be pissed off as hell. So go girl. Take no prisoners. Find someone better and let him know what a prick he has been. i dream too about ex lover twice this week. HAte that but it will all pass. I recommend a new lover in a hurry. preferably a scorp you know that are going to be hot.

      • Hah, my brothers are both scorps, somehow being attracted to a scorp makes me cringe a little.

        • Y’know..I can relate to that.. it’s precisely why I cannot date an Asian man. I’ve had some really lovely friends but when it comes to the passion, it just feels way too incestuous. Ick.

    • Happy Birthday Shell!! may someone more deserving come along real soon. :)

    • Thanks lovely ladies, have been telling myself to let go of that one for a while now. Still don’t really want to, but at least being angry and not blaming myself is a start.

      I’m soon off on a massively fantastic career building overseas adventure, where I will be showered with respect for my genius, and get to shine as a super nerd whilst flitting about fabulous world cities, so what the f’ do I care about disrespectful, time management challenged men anyway? bugger.

      Birthday is not till sat, but thanks dear Robots. I shall be eating and drinking with much joy, Aries or no.

      • well, a “fantastic career building overseas adventure” sounds soooooooooo much better than a guy who doesn’t appreciate you! And look above, a serendipitous visual for you – the two kissers. :D

        • i was thinking about them before, when upv posted. but had the leaves and mask then.
          kissers back in their rightful place.

          • Happy Solar Return for tmrw shell! Hope you have a lovely day x x PS – Great news about your career travel. How long will you be tripping about?

        • Thanks Nat, PomoScorp and UPV :)
          It’s the first (and prob last) whole day off working I’ve taken for weeks, so shall defn be enjoying it.

          6 weeks Nat, US, UK, Sweden. yay

          • I am late chiming in – just wanted to wish you many happy returns shell – love reading your posts, xx.

    • Happy Birthday on Saturday Shell!

      OF COURSE, you’re furious. He couldn’t even say he was on a life-saving mission of some sort?? And instead is missing lunch for DIRT?? Darling, tell him to swim in it.

      Now I completely understand if you can’t let go quite yet, but the whole overseas adventure thing sounds like you are cusping on your fabulosity… mayhaps you find he simply will not be able to keep up. Leave your options open girl. Super Nerds are even hotter nowadays!

      And who knows, these future foreign cities may yet have you speaking in tongues… rawr.. xxx

        • Yes, well his loss really. As Hot Super Nerds also have mass earning power, and the ability to survive in the wilderness (being that they are only ever the ones who read the manuals or scientifically gifted enough to save a life with a rubber band).

          Glad to make you chuckle, and blessings on your trip. You just work that Wit and Wile through the tour.

          As for the Aries, pearls before swines as they say…

          ps I “heard” the Swiss are kinda kinky.. :)

          • soz meant to write the swedes… but who cares?

            As long as they’re like Vampire Erik in True Blood yum

    • Happy birthday Shell!!! Your trip sounds fab, ahh Sverige my fave country Have a great time….. :-)

      I also have venus cancer and I have been stood up by yes, count them 3 Aries men. One Aries man, I waited for an hour after a few msgs to his phone then left. As driving home stopped at the lights, saw him on his yellow moped with gymbunny in joggers on the back, turning the corner in front of me…could fuqing believe it….

  13. “…drink mead with female friends or practice witchcraft/parenting/art/perfuming/laundry spells/cakebaking….”

    yawn..give me venus in aries anyway! not that i’m biased! xx