Happy B-Day Enrique

Cannot believe I missed the birthday of Enrique Igelesias yesterday. Tres Taurus. Not The Typical Virgo took me to his concert years ago & he raved on and ON about how much he liked his couch, hanging out on his couch, drinking & eating etc. And his show actually featured a daggy couch as the setpiece.He really is mega-Taurus and note  how – like all Taurus guys, even George Clooney – there is a subtle resemblance to a bobby-calf in the face. Not unattractive, Taurus men are ruled by Aphrodite, just like the ladies.

22 thoughts on “Happy B-Day Enrique

  1. Oh Mystic, you really are so good to us!! :-)

    Happy Mothers day girlfriend! xxx

  2. Sorry to spoil it but I spent 14 years with a taurus and bed room action was non existent. hot bod yes but action zero. Why I now love aries and sagg.

    • LG, is it just me or do you notice they always like to be comfortable and that everything goes to plan?? The Adulterous Toro I was with would complain about his back if it didn’t happen on the bed..like kill my sex buzz man. It’s SUPPOSED to be a bit uncomfy.

      • Tsk, fallen angel, some people need to be comfy & some don’t. There’s no ‘supposed to’ about it, surely…

        Backache kills my sex buzz big time.

    • Oh I was thinking of dating a taurus next. Never been with one. Really? I thought they were umm how to say, crazy about sex and all those lovely indulgent things.

      • they ARE!!! :) Maybe Leogroover got a dud Toro. What i mean by that is, maybe his venus/moon or rising is in an asexual sign. The least sexual sign i’ve slept with was a Gemini (they just like the idea of it) but boy does he give great email!

  3. The bobby calf thing always cracks me up, some have the most beautiful faces, so how do our bovine friends age ?

  4. if he loves drinking, eating and his couch, and looks like that, he must have a deal going with satan.

    not fair…

  5. Oh and sorry but I am not so certain about his singing..remember seeing him on some show here where he struggled mightily to stay on key. Odd for a Toro as they usually have melodious voices.

    Maybe he was sans security couch?

  6. My Venus is in Taurus and so is my true node and so is my lilith and so is my psyche and eros. Never dated a bull, strange.

    • that is strange indeed. I have venus in Libra and mars in Virgo. Dated plenty of Virgos, Pisces, Taurus and Libra and plenty of all signs with Mars in Libra.

  7. My douche boss is a Taurus and has the most bovine eyes I”ve ever seen…..they gross me out, actually.

    • What’s his tongue like, cows have the grossest tongues, and people eat them !!!