Astro-Gaga: Who Is He?

So I just glomped this pic of JJJound – which never captions – and I have NO idea who he is. But he fascinates me. Who  is he and what is he writing/studying there by the ocean??? It may be retro, it could be totally posed but still, he looks strong beneath that shirt, no?

Okay, ocean experts – what sea is that? It’s vibing Atlantic to me.  Hair peeps – was this pic taken in the Seventies?

Is he studying, i don’t know, wave endorphins?

Is he a Piscean Poet? Those heavy brows can be Taurus but the set of his mouth is tres Gemini. Is he famous and I am just being bimbonic? I think he should definitely be minister for something. His arms say Aries.

Thoughts please.

66 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: Who Is He?

      • hehe its that late gem asc in action.

        seriously weird place to write a book
        maybe he took the ‘writing by the sea’ thing a bit too literally?

        maybe his is having a uranus transit and this is his new office?

        • Uranus is heading toward my Mercury and Sun. Would love an office on the cliffs by the sea. Could even jump if I get writer’s block…lol

    • You know that movie “Holiday?” The family is down below doing a barbie and a surf. Yikes, there’s lots of rocks and “surfs up” a bit daunting. Looks like Northern Calif coast for sure…

    • I was thinking that he reminds me a lot of Chevy Chase and he is about to do something hilariously funny using the table, books and chairs as a prop. I always thought that Chevy Chase was sooooo cute in Caddyshack, geeky cute but in a cool sort of way. That guy has the same look.

      • yep, it’s def Chevy Chase… I’m good with the face recog thing. sun 29deg gem… does that count? :)

        • Darn tootin’….26 Gem. Granddaughter 26 Gem rising also. Just have to throw her/that in there….so Spesh to me…

          • Two Aries and three Gem risings in a boat? Surely if we start sinking we can come up with something??!!

            Swim!!…. Faster!!…David, there is a shark at two o’clock on your ass…lol…But an island on the horizon…(Aries luck, eh? Shark just left licking it’s chops…No davey meat today…lol )

            What is your Sun sign Ms, or astro signature, if you don’t mind?

          • oh all the gem you can handle.

            aries shark attack- you both can punch it in the nose and I can vibe it out. we swim to shore.

            sweetpea I am a scorpio -sun,merc uranus conjunct but I have a wallop of mercury in ze chart. xx

  1. Dunno who it is, but I’m totally jealous of his ‘office’. Oh to be able to work in the middle of nature (even if the picture turns out to be staged).

    Oh, and no technology in sight. Glorious!

    • Oh yes, ff. Chevy for sure…!!

      And he’s sittin there like “yeah, the family is down below, nearly drowning at this point I suspect, but I have a degree to study for!!”

  2. Looks like Chevy Chase….IT IS.
    A long time ago. Myst he is a comedian & would be sending up something
    or someone in that pix. Have always found him attractive.

    • I always kinda fancied Mr Chase too, Pegasus… but not in that show currently airing on the box… “Community” I think it is. He’s looking quite weathered these days.

  3. He’s a Libran rising Libra Sun (12th house) with Aqua Moon. 10th house Jupiter/North Node/Pluto in Leo conjunction.

  4. That typewriter would’ve been the latest model during the late ’70’s too. I used to have one very like it.. pity I didn’t have the coastline.. must’ve fallen out of the box during shipment…

    • Yes, send back for the coastline, dammit…. ;)

      We’re going to be having our Memorial Day Holiday the end of the month. Will have a long weekend. This thread just confirms what I’ve been feeling…I must go to the coast!! Am going to book two days somewhere soon. My Pisces MC is just worn to a frazzle….I need to hear the waves and feel the cradle of the Great One…Mother Earth…I get all teary just thinking about it…

      • No wonder however that Pisces MC in a frazzed state….Sun/Mn midpoint at 1 Pisces conjunt 5 degree Pisces MC….

        Chiron is still at 0 Pisces…

        I’m gettin’ it…

        Meanwhile, Aries Selena “Biddy Biddy Bom-Bom” on the ipod and going to start supper now. Does that make sense? No, probably not but Gem rising is always up for some mischief and chaos…lol

  5. Chevy Chase sitting on coastline of Northern California near Big Sur…been there and recognize it. No mystery here…

  6. ohh yes i thought chev chase too. I actually have a massive crush on him but only in his earlier days before he got ridiculously goofy – sounds bizarre but mejor sex appeal… and virgo rising, you have given me yet more motivation to check out California, i always liked the idea of that state :) very piscean to me (everything i like is piscean to me though!)

  7. Yep that’s what I thought.. Chevy Chase which somehow does not inspire astro thoughts in me.

    • he’s just a fox, A, sexy brown eyes [a bit too close together ...the way i like it], masculine face, pouty lips, looks HOT in jeans and rolled-up-sleeves… great build…. *…………*

      • He kinda looks like a young John Corbett here…(Greek Wedding guy)… just make his hair longer.

      • In my new book from Sexpo ‘ Tracey Cox’s SuperSex, it says men with eyes
        closer together indicates fidelity.

        • indeedy. i am looking for some interesting books to read about men/women/lovin’/relatin’ ….maybe that can be one of them, although i am not sure about fidelity based on looks/phenotype or whatever? Pegs ur the expert tho, got any thoughts? x

  8. That’s funny, Who Is He? Chevy Chase. OH. That’s seriously cute!

    It did make me wiki him and apparently his parents were not nice to him at all. I always thought he had beautiful sad eyes..

    I read the palms of some comedians (with all my 21 year old experience at the time!) backstage at a tv fundraiser and the one thing they all had in common? Loops of seriousness – not humour!! Bitter, ambitious, acerbic people who have a lot of pain to cover up with their laughter.

    But Chevy had that lovely, light, charming Libran quality…, he was a very good-looking guy wasn’t he? Unfortunately those books are probably scripts on scripts: “Carson later said of Chase after guest-hosting the Tonight Show; “He couldn’t ad lib a fart at a baked bean dinner”.

    • Believe the best comedians are bi-polar & kinda comedie noir.
      He has sympatico so his childhood figures that.

    • Andromeda…..gorgeous icon, would love to see it up close.
      Looks powerful.

      • Thanks Pegasus, hey we belong to the same myth group! It’s such a pretty pic I have to include it here, the horse part would make a awesome avatar for you Peg but obviously the complete pic would be very bad manners given the slaying of the medusa and what that implies on this lovely site of Mystic’s!!!

        Am very intrigued by your picture? Is it an alien? Please tell!

  9. I saw the pic and was like ‘It’s young Chevy Chase, I fancy him, must be a Libra”. Quelle surprise, starting to wonder if I’m capable of being attracted to any other sign.

  10. reminds me of those italiano cheese commercials… “i’m practicing my listening face”… “i love to listen to your girlfriends talk about their problem” etc

  11. Yes – Chevy Chase – looking good – why were most of his movies a bit middle of the road ish? Surely he could be more interesting – seems to be some depth there. A bit like Steve Martin, he has “presence” – you like him, but his movies don’t seem to stretch him a whole lot.

    I looked at JJJ Jounds website. Judging by his stuff and his obsessions, he has to be a virgo. (preponderance of white, neat edges, even beautiful women plucking themselves). or Venus in Virgo.

  12. The Atlantic? Where are there cliffs on the Atlantic seaside? It’s the Pacific.
    Try Libra.