Astro-Decor: Which Sign Would Covet The Horus Coffee Table?

Yes, a genre known as Egyptian Cyberpunk Nouveau Naff exists.

These peeps just invented it with this p.o.a. Horus Coffeetable cum i-Pod dock.

Horus is the Sky-God, son of Isis (like Venus) and Osiris & some say equivalent to Jesus. I can NOT bang on about this here, with that coffee table as the illo.  This is tres esoteric. Another time. Suffice to say that Horus is an asteroid – number 1924. Go ahead, bung it in your chart & see if you can find a meaning for it, lol.

What i really want to know is how many peeps with the Horus table at home (they would obviously be really heavy drinkers or they would not have bought this) rock up at emergency with injuries they claim to be from falling on their coffee table iPod dock and the doctors snigger but it’s actually true?

30 thoughts on “Astro-Decor: Which Sign Would Covet The Horus Coffee Table?

    • Ahem – I mean, this is absolutely fabulous and I would greatly enjoy having it in my possession. I tend to go for more antique styled furniture, but this table speaks to me. Virgo sun, Libra moon, Virgo asc.

  1. Molly Meldrum! He’s a collector of all things Egyptian – and an Aquarian.

    • You sure you don’t mean Phillip Adams ? Didn’t know Molly was an egyptophile ?

      • Yes Molly – know people who know him, I don’t know the calibre of his collection, but I know his house is called ‘Luxor’!

        • I think Molly is a legend. Luxor, sounds very inviting. I wonder if he does fancy dress at home.. white cotton, gold belts and scarab headbands ?

          • I like Molly too, I don’t know those people anymore so I can’t ask but I reckon he’d be up for it. He vibes like the kind of person you could call and chat with and he’d probably tell you!

          • yeah Molly’s been into Egyptology for yonks – last time I saw it twas 80’s, all set to apricot walls with lotsa gilding. & funny little dogs.

            he’s an Aquarian!

  2. really really dislike – ugly and dangerous – really stupidly rashly dangerous especially around heavy drinkers – I do like the blue underglow tho

  3. Horus is tightly conjunct my MC in Virgo. I do like falcons, but i don’t know much about him.

    Table would be a no-go in this house. Too many sharp edges to hurt myself on.

  4. i have a glass table bigger than that….let me tell you how many bruises
    i get from the corners & the amount of windex used to clean. It does make
    an excellent art work table. To amuse a child once, collected a snail & put it
    underneath to glide upside down. An upside down snail underglass is rather
    sexy :-)
    Great i-pod dock.

    • nice one Peg x great image
      The table above is just totally in the wrong space. It doesn’t belong there. Its a great table for some other environment not cluttered with all that other stuff.

      • So i thought at the time…
        It’s normal height & seriously good for creative purposes,
        the lighting & cleaning, you understand.
        It was once under a glass roofed section of my old house,
        so at dinner parties, under the moon, we would change positions
        every 30 minutes so moon shone & reflected onto the table.
        So glass tables only under glass roofs only when it’s a full moon.
        Better effect than any pyramid etherically speaking.

        Up against wall now so only one corner to navigate with the Sagg speed
        of movement…ooops tripped again ouch.

  5. reminds me of that story that went round re Don Lane & a glass coffee table ……

    • That story forever ruined glass top coffee tables for me….Scarred!

  6. I think an Ophiuchus would go for this table.

    I saw that table on an electronics blog a few weeks ago with the headline “Horus coffee table/iPod dock will make friends question your sanity.”

  7. Really there ought to be some sort of international tribunal on crimes against design. This thing is almost as grotesque as the Aquarian gimp couch.

    • Does an Aquarian gimp couch have currents running through it? So one is not actually tied down by anything tangible, just sort of electrocuted periodically into place, between periods of paralysis that is?

      Darling Ubes, if there was one, surely a Virgo would head it. Probably Tom Ford if he has time. What am I saying? He would MAKE time.

    • Ditto that, often time I go to resturant/bar.venue. anywhere really and think to myself “who let them do it? how did they graduate the school of design? Did they graduate or is this “intuitive design”?”

      Horrible. I was hoping we learned something from the modernist movement.

  8. i think it is pretty cool, not for me though. not my style, plus if it was in my house i would constantly be worrying about accidentally falling onto the top of the pyramid and being impaled. ow…

    • I was thinking that also, the little trap door. Maybe they could produce a model that had a soft rubber apex, just in case.

  9. I’d only want it if the table section lifts and it is actually a portal to another dimension. That’s where I’d have to be if my friends knew I had this you see.

  10. Leo sun…
    I think it’s kind of cool, I like egyptian stuff. But what makes it “horus” and not just pyramid or something? And I think it’s a little too spacey/star trek-y looking for me to actually want it. It needs more gold and authentic egpytian aspects.

  11. Interesting… table wouldn’t fit into my home but I’d like to carry it outdoors somewhere and take some photos of it (when birds shit on it?). First didn’t like the table or is it merely a work of art but it’s kind of fascinating too.

    Horus is square to my Sun and thought there’s too many sharp edges!

  12. I’m hunting out my balaclava so that I can snitch this beautiful, beautiful table without getting ID’d, then rush home with it in a classy, mosaiced wheelbarrow (because you couldn’t put it in an ordinary wheelbarrow, and I’d set it right in the middle of my middle room with all my books. Then I’d install huge, glorious banquettes around the outside where I could loll in luxury, sipping luxuriously on the best champagne, and just perve at such a lovely, lovely creation. Oh, yummy. Gotta stop, I could rave on about that table for ever and a day. And I’m Libran sun, Libra rising, Aquarius moon.

  13. Squares my MC but sextiles my Sun and Saturn..Il compromise because it would make a great Dinner table, just add the chairs and an Egyptian Belly Dancer and some classic arab music and it can set the scene! Not forgetting Id invoke some cosmic nuclear energy for wielding power…Sco rising…