A Cocktail Called Scorpio

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Gin, Rum, Brandy, Almond Syrup with a white wine floater and set the baby volcano in the middle aflame – the Scorpion Bowl seems Scorpionic enough. I mean, what else could you add to it? Nitro-glycerine? Powdered newt eyes?  Yick. Has anyone ever had one?  I think actual real-life Scorps, if they drink liquor, would only go for Martinis. Yes?

Alcohol, cocktails and all other escapist substances are under the domain of Neptune.  I always notice that when Neptune is strong in the skies, there is a general dipso vibe around and it suddenly seems like nearly everyone I know is out on the razz..even the quiet ones more usually found at home being abstemious, composing something or doing Neanderthin.

If you’re right at the end of Aquarius – Feb 16 onward – or at the start of Pisces, then Neptune is bang  on your Sun right now and for the next year or so…Notice anything different? Visions, surreal dreams, the desire/ability to find God/Goddess at the bottom of the glass, suffused with spiritual or soulmating yearnings, memories of Atlantis, sensitivity to substances, adoration of scent and aura-reading acumen.

Steven Meisel

22 thoughts on “A Cocktail Called Scorpio

  1. Huh? Aside from the flame, it seems almost too happy and ya, I agree, perhaps a Martini. Though now that I think of it, I’ve only evah seen Scorps inscrutably sipping red wine with a knowing smile that makes me wonder if it’s something else?

    Maybe this is the Scorpio-on-Holiday drink? It seems a betrayal of their mystery, or maybe there’s a latent sting to it you don’t quite realize until you find yourself blubbering happily while tied up in the trunk of their car.

    • I figure that if you are going to imbibe a mind altering substance, it may as well evoke some fond travelling memories. So I generally only drink kir royale (the only alteration I make is to ask for chambord instead of cassis). If I’m not doing a kir royale, then I usually try to pick a good earthy cold climate red wine. In summer I might choose a cointreau with ice (no mixers involved). I don’t really go in for martini’s and fussy creamy sweet cocktails do nothing for me. Most other spirits just don’t do it for me; beer is ugh and white wine can be a bit hit and miss for me.

      Is that suitably scorpio?

  2. two words:


    I think they may live on it…

  3. Exactly Mystic!! dirty martini is my favourite

    and I mean a real old school one. very olivey.

    Do scorpios do straws?

    heh, went to the pub today to finish my homework ;)
    laptop, headphones, wine and steak. oh yes.

  4. I live with a Scorp who like a tipple.
    Mr Jameson’s is her husband… and Senior Cask is an occasional, dirty (and possibly not that unwanted) daliance. Senior Cask is always red and firey and makes maraccas to bang against your head in the morning. Sheonce mused that Senior Cask was not a healthy gentleman as he left an unsavoury taste in her mouth… but that this could be said for a lot of men.
    I am not sure how this holds up against other Scorps.
    She doesn’t seem to be a fan of mixers. Straight up, or go home.

    • Good point VGG, yes, they DO streamline their alcohol. Even Bond’s drink which is actually a concoction, is a pretty minimalist looking one.

  5. now that i think about it, it’s probably what a scorpio would feed their prey to get them wildly drunk (MM’s babbling in the trunk reference), after all, scorps may think they have the monopoly on classic subtle/ low-key drinks but I reckon there’s times when they say, “fuck it” and order 3 glasses of the most lethal thing on the menu. It’s possible that Scorps have got nothing on Capricorns tho. 50 year old single malt anyone? just a wisp of mysterious tan-coloured liquid in the bottom of a plain crystal tumbler. :)

  6. Neptune!!! Damn it!! No wonder I’m scanning the on-line wine auctions for Pinot instead of ploughing into my Uni assignment on the “Origins of Installation Art”

  7. My X’s birthday is on 17th of Feb, he’s a cusp’er like moi. Anyways, I rekkon he’s always been into booze, but last year or so especially so.

    Anywho, I caught up with him for a drink last friday, and he was drinking non-stop. When I was ready to go he got very emo on me, like teary eyed. I think this is wierd, it was out of nowhere.

    Yeah Aqua/Piscie HUGE drinker, wouldn’t say an alcho though.

  8. I’ts a Scorpitini!!! Now where’s Ms Tati when we need her??? … probably out tempting some hapless googoo eyed, newly Martian Direct fellow to come over and check out her rope bondage technique.

  9. Red wine red wine red wine!!! I know a disproportionate amount of Scorps and 99 per cent are red wine drinkers. Well these are 35 plus age group. Remember bff scorps (and there were more than a few) from early years as exotic cocktail or martini drinkers. Mostly very in control though.

  10. yes mystic… you warned me of this in my chart not long ago
    im feb 18, about 5 planets of mine right now exactly where you talk about. im a psychic/intuit and my skills are becoming uber heightened right now.
    despite my weariness to access booze and any form of high during this neptune thing or at all, i have found even the slightest amount of alcohol right now and i am TRIPPING OUT!EG. last weekend i had a glass of champagne and a tiny amount of ‘greenage’ and spent all night conversing with ancestors and aliens in shower… i am usually maya grounded so this is wacky out of character stuff.
    this week after a healing i hallucinated and spontaneously regressed to somethig i could only assume was ‘past life-y’ and to be honest im not all that interested in that stuff.
    the only drink i can have that doesnt ef me up is G&T and one is the cap! ha ha, im actually loving this neptune thing tho, feel like my whole life is making sense for the first time in forever, and surrounded by symbols, like im living a dreamlike state
    but wanna stick up for the aqua/pisces, as i have 5 aqua cusp pisces friends and none are alchos or heavy drinkers, quite the opp, which i believe is your point mystic?

  11. Scorpio Rising= Red Wine, vodka martini’s, Jameson, Spiced Black Rums and Black Vodka.
    But, I love retro tiki cocktail drinks too. Not sure what sign governs themes, tiki or retro themes.
    love the picture of the scorp-tiki-tini.

  12. Scorp Moon: Red wine, Tequila, G & T, Vodka Martini, Cuba Libre, Whiskey, whatever is hiding in the cupboard… (This is pre the bubs).

  13. Humm, the quadro-scorp I know is fond of her sweet cocktails, but is also known to bust out the straight Vodka when she’s getting Serious. :D I’ve tried to get her on the wine; she doesn’t like it. Oh, and the tequila.

    Speaking of weird dreams! I was born pretty much exactly where you’ve said it–early Pisces that I am–and “were it not that I have bad dreams”, i might say I’m being totally saturnian. Whoa, talk about a strange and weird double-life! All these dreams about gods, or totems of power, or people trying to tell me things but not getting it through. Missed messages. And the theme makes me think that I really am, somehow, missing something..

  14. Oh Mystic you are always spot-on, I love Martinis and my last name is actually Martini…I feel like I HAVE to drink them, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re delicious.

    Also a fan of red wine, g&t’s and whiskey, neat. I think Scorps are not ashamed of the fact that drinking is effectively imbibing poison for fun…we’re cool with the venom and don’t need to hide it in sugared blended things.

  15. Scent adoration – I’m a late Pisces and had a little night out on acid the other weekend. For some strange reason whilst having a shower and still on acid, I had the most vivid craving for lemongrass. I could almost smell it in the shower.

    Ever since then I’ve been dying to eat food with lemongrass, shower with lemongrass bath gels/soaps/scrubs and to have lemongrass incense around me!

  16. Scorp rising… Martinis are all I drink really. Although does depend on the fiscal situation on some occasions

  17. White wine, White spirits, and single malt whiskey. Red wine has never been drink of choice, but I love g&t’s and margaritas, and martinis, but it must be old school with enough vermouth to give the drink flavour. Loathe creamy/sweet cocktails, alcohol needs to be crisp, dry, and tart. Even sticky wines