Virgo Galaxies

“The awesome Sombrero Galaxy M104 discovered in May 1781 by Pierre Méchain is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo.”

Maybe i’ve gone bats with the Pluto zapping but this galaxy LOOKS Virgoan. Yes?

And here is some Deepak: “Where nature goes to create stars, galaxies, quarks & leptons, you & I also go to create ourselves.”

19 thoughts on “Virgo Galaxies

  1. Giant cosmic diaphragm!! Every Virgo I know is all for selective and controlled breeding programs … although obviously they are at the top of the list.

    Is not Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory the most Uberest Virgo EVA?? (sorry Uber … but seriously. He’s gotta be the ultimate Virgo). I actually fancy him.

  2. Have we been chugging a little too much of the Bach Flower Mystic?
    Although – I gotta give it to you – it’s a remarkably well presented Galaxy.

  3. Alright then where DOES nature go to create leptons? And can I get a flattering gray jersey dress that skims my knees there but with deep-ish cleavage and no applique there?

  4. well… naw i ain’t naw astrologcaleristpialdoshis like yerselfin naw…

    but if desire is the first movement in creation… then i suppose you see what you desire to be… so ergo and all… are you a virgo rising mystic?

    if this is not even a possibility i will shut up and resubscribe to something here short quick like. i know when the girls want me to shush. *teehee*

  5. I must be hungry because right now, that thing is just reminding me of a giant sticky honey wafer biscuit that would go well with some soy milk. hmmm…

  6. It looks like the ideal in minimalist decor to me – tabletop just hanging in space, no extraneous bits.

    Yes I’m beleaguered by STUFF right now so I’m preoccupied. STUFF needs to be shredded, or possibly incinerated. I’m still aiming for minimalism like Tom Ford style crossed with Baz Luhrmann.

    There are probably a lot of feathers involved.