Venus Is Dignified In Taurus

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Yes, Venus is deemed to be in her “dignity” when in Taurus.

And in Taurus she remains until April 25, then gliding into Gemini just in time to add to the batty atmosphere of the Saturn-Uranus Opposition/Mercury Retrograde/Jupiter Opposite Saturn shebang.

However, for now, think only of Venus enhanced via a trollop through the verdant fields of Taurus.

Or, that Venusian themes such as love, money, attraction, art and beauty flow more smoothly.

Yes, there is a square to Mars on the weekend – building from now – but that could be a good thing.

The last Venus-Mars tryst was in early March, when Mars was retro-bats.  This time around, Mars is all present and correct. There could well be some interesting developments in sex, relationships et al. But a square is a challenge, remember…could be feisty. Hints of gender tension? Both signs are obdurate fiends, when given half the chance or the appropriate “motivation.”

Speaking of Mars, the action-planet gets out of Leo – where he has been since October – on June 7. So there are only a couple more months of the Martian Bats weirding to go.

6 thoughts on “Venus Is Dignified In Taurus

  1. I already feel dignified in love and all things!

    Highly recommend Martian Bats to anyone who hasn’t picked this up already – my sign and rising have been BANG ON! and it also helps to make sense of other’s weirding. I carried it around with me all summer and I’m still referring to it pretty much every day.

    MM is SUCH good value, $-wise and otherwise!

  2. What exquisite fabric in her dress/top but you would have to have
    perfect girls to carry it off & be under 35 years.

    Taureans really do have a special dignity have noticed.

  3. Martian bats saved my reputation. I am still feeling like things are not moving god-damned fast enough though

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