Totally Chironic

Brandi Strickland

Dark Moon, Chiron about to change signs…major crystal revelations can occur at the same time as total Zen Noire sloth and super-irritating insights into one’s own foibles. Messages come in flashes – oh-my-godding moments as you are doing the most UN profound shit. Because who, honestly can meditate or avoid carbophilia with a Dark Moon-Chiron quadruple whammy like this….?  Like I said, Feb-March 2005 till now. You do the numbers, analyze the era…Thankfully, with Mercury Retro in Taurus, there should be SO much shit to fix and revise that we ain’t got time to go flippo-existential.

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  1. wow! well, there was also talk in the Daily mystic about pluto stationing direct and this stirring up ‘things’. So I have 2 comments…one is YES it DID dredge up things I was cheerily ignoring BUT about to address, in the day-job realm.

    secondly, late Feb 05 was when i moved to current location and embarked on current career path. And this week, now, is when I am facing Big Decisions about what to do next [if any] and where to do it! somewhat liberating…? bit nerve wracking. generally ok

  2. Chiron is a frozen gas ball – i.e a comet with eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It was only discovered in 1977 hence I’m leary of basing any astrological predictions upon it and why I’m also wary of asteroids. I’m still hesitant to even acknowledge Pluto as a fundamental entity unto itself – it’s quite clearly not a planet, but an icy ball that forms part of the Kuiper Belt.

    • Well..there’s nothing quite like a frozen gas ball to force one to see one’s “hot air” in solid form?

      • The understanding is that as our cognitive/conscious ability to perceive expands, so does our experience of the universe, based on the laws of synchronicity. The discovery of Chiron, the wounded healer archetype, heralded the birth of the “New Age” & an awareness of healing the mind/body/spirit connection. It just works, thats what is so freakin’ cool about astrology.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong – was looking at it from an astronomical perspective for a moment – tho hell yes one cannot doubt the impact of a Pluto transit regardless of whether it’s technically a freakin planet or not!

        Starstrokes … yep that’s possibly true … I mean I do note it as a “gathering observational data” thing. But just haven’t made my mind up about the asteroid/coment thing yet … hmm more reading methinks.

  3. I was gonna put it in the other post but maybe it will get seen here…Barbara Hand Clow broke the ground with her pioneering research on Chiron & her book “Chiron-The Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer PLanets” is the best I have read on Chiron. She is very clear on defining Chiron as the connective link between Saturn=structure/control/disciplne/mastery & Uranus=innovation/change/enlightenment, as the key to growth & embodying the higher self.
    As an astrologer, she discovered she had Chiron conjunct her Aqua Sun when she was in her 40s & says her chart didn’t make “sense” to her until then.
    Very interesting…!

  4. Hrm. Chiron is in Gemini and my 4th house, which basically says I have issues stemming from childhood.

    March 05 was a very turbulent time in my life. I was 18, had a drug dealer boyfriend, barely graduated after a 3.5 all my previous semesters. I think that I felt alienated from my family and have tried to find a replacement for that love. Since then I’ve invested a lot in different relationships (although I never FELT like I was consciously searching for them) and now I’m trying to harness that energy into my creativity and career.

    My sun is in Aquarius, I have Jupiter and Mercury and Pisces so we’ll see what happens! I definitely feel that I have a lot of pull between Saturn and Uranus (stability vs freedom) especially with a Taurus moon and ascendant and I hope not so much that I can reconcile it, but at least work with it! I’m about to graduate college, single, and embarking on some world travel and launching my own business so I am hopeful!

  5. So I have Chiron in the 8th at 26 deg Aqua, the only ‘planet’ in my 8th house. So its probably been activated regularly over the last couple of years, never realised. So anyone with info on chiron in aqua in the 8th ?

    • Once again, I thoroughly recommend Kim Falconer’s book ‘Astrology & Aptitude’. She talks about Chiron as the mentor healer who inspires the ‘audacity to attempt’, and as the natal Chiron placement as indicating where ‘we feel a wound that can allow us to empathize with others’ and feel compassion.

      So davs, Kim talks about Chiron in Aqua as having ideals of develop oneself in a way that benefits humanity. She describes Chiron in the 8th as having a penchant for ‘taboo adventures’.

      So I guess your woundedness/healing is very much bound up in the experience of merging, and is as idealistic as hell.

        • davidl, Clow talks about the intense 8th house Chiron struggle with Eros, earthly desire. Briefly, creating clear values around sex & money & the deliberate development of personal power…with a capacity to transform consciousness with powerful depth…

  6. I had an extremely hard time recalling what I was doing around Feb-Mar 2005. Maybe I was trying to suppress the memory. Then I had a brilliant idea, I’ll just check my blog. Oh I was really deep in misery back then. I was full time caretaker of my Mom who was in the terminal stages of ALS, she died May 05. I spent the next year or so cleaning up the estate and dealing with my squabbling siblings. Now I’m still stuck here in my hometown, wishing I could get out of here. I don’t even know why I’m stuck, the obvious reason seems to be money, but that surely is a symptom, not a cause of my being stuck.
    Well I am glad that Chiron is promising me a new cycle that will wrap up all that old crap, even if I don’t really believe in Chiron.

    • with all your travel adventures, high-fashion g/f’s and other things, seems odd that you are stuck charles? even as a toro? maybe the bull needs to charge through that flimsy wire fence and gallop away soon. :)

  7. chiron is heading my chart in toro house 11. I have a pretty full on relationship with chiron. been feeling this very strongly only just got back into computer land and this makes much sense.

  8. Interesting…my life was about to get really miserable at that time in 2005 also….I was having to move out of fabulous apartment due to extended unemployment, was partying like a maniac and not taking care of myself or my business. Moved in with similarly aimless, out to party, slob roommate and promptly became extremely ill about 2 months later. The next year was miserable…..sick, jobless, broke, and ill-advisedly starting new relationship.

    It took at least 3 years, but I eventually pulled myself out of the bad health and climbed my way up to a kick-ass job paying loads of money and living in another fabulous apartment. Now the job is going to hell along with the relationship. Both seem to be coming to an end. I’m not sure how to take this, as I thought what I had now was where I was supposed to be, indicating the payoff of perseverance and hard work. And this is my reward in the end?!?!? Trying not to feel sorry for myself, but rather as another chance to break bad patterns.

    I have Chiron in Aries, just found out. Which seems to indicate problems with view of self, self-esteem, inability to be self-assertive, etc. Interesting, as that definitely is accurate regarding both my work and relationship problems.

    • I have Chiron in aries (5th house) as well but retrograde. I can def. see that i lacked some assertiveness in the job arena early on in life. Esp before age 30, if i had gotten stabbed in the back by a “friend” while i laid bleeding to death on their white carpet and that person who stabbed me said to roll over here to bleed to death, i would have rolled over to comply. Not out of fear mind you, but out of not wanting to inconvenience them.
      I don’t think i was like that in my romances though. I pulled out of bad relationships when i realized they were bad and couldn’t be solved.

  9. ok ,wel, we seem to be preaching about the bad crap again.

    well, i survuved 6 years of a medical nightmare to return home (all prodigal sons – reconsider) ti find that the home nightmare actually has a place at the table.

    so things had to change; my mars in aqua could not handle the status quo andymore.

    and no because this coming from a very gentle libra, who has done he best to NOT take sides… well, i did. and now everyone’s truth is coming out. ok, so good. except for our father. so i had to corner him in a room and tell him what is up. i say TELL becaue his dayd of manipulating the itutaion and actively finding hatred like it’s his JOB or something are over.


    • Libras are the reluctant warriors. We don’t like fighting or being forced to be aggro but man watch out if you poke us enough.

  10. Food for thought?

    Just as Chiron is about to make a move into Pisces, Richard Dawkins wants to arrest the pope when he visits UK over child abuse allegations…

    Isn’t Dawkins Pisces? I know he is anti astro hahah but…I do think he is trying to do the right thing, trying to heal a wound globally and within himself??

    • Sassy, as the Pope has been on tv lately & showing his eyes…
      those eyes look positively evil & they creep me out.
      The last 2 popes look like twins, very shifty twins.
      When i was 13 a priest from school took me to the movies, looking
      back it seems rather strange.

    • He is an Aries of course!! der why didnt i pick that..he doesnt mince words..;-)

      Pisces somewhere in his chart….So Uranus and Jupiter moving into Aries, jeeez must of givin him the push. Its a start.

      Preist taking you to the movies is a bit odd.

  11. Late in the thread, but a penny drop!
    Chiron in Scorpio, the only water sign apparently
    in my chart.
    This explains why i like sex in water…spa, pool, lagoon, shower & ocean…ha ha ha
    i get it now even thro’ astro is not one of my kills.
    And why i went into ‘sex as a healing tool’ in tantric techniques to ‘cure’ HIV.

    What are these serious BLUE triangles like flattened pyramids, i wonder.

    • Innana gives birth to a black hole on the Moon?

      Not sure either Pegs but thinkin’ this is how Goddesses looked in the 70′s…


  12. On a more serious note, do vibe with Chiron. Chiron was transiting my Jupiter in 6th in 1998 which is the focal point of a T-sq with Pluto-IC and the Midheaven…

    It was not the cause of the accident but what I would learn because of it and what I would have to offer by all things denoted Chiron the Wounded Healer.

    Being a hero/champion of life in training NEVER comes for free….

        • And as well, Christ, one of the greatest healers of all time, was having a pic-nic?

          Don’t mean to be a biatch but if He was not a hero or champion of three-d against all odds, I don’t know who is.