The First Pluto In Capricorn Self-Help Book

50 Cent's Self Help book

Am reading the first Pluto In Capricorn Self-Help book…I swear it is SO Pluto in Cap…Non-stop brute realism.

It is by the rapper 50 Cent and Robert Greene…It’s a bit sociopathic but reading it is like snorting lightening – 50 Cent (Sun Conjunct Saturn in Cancer – tenacious as stink, yes? Jupiter-Chiron in Aries, that’s like being a magician) dragged himself up from this shocking childhood & then early youth of crime to become an artist, musician, soon-actor, mogul etc & the book is his wisdom distilled with a whole lot of guff from peeps such as Napoleon but it’s insanely compelling…

Unlike any other self-help tome i have EVER read, it’s wild & well, if you need a gangster-Machiavellian style big slap of a pep-talk, this is probably your book…

Oh and the 48 Laws Of Power are all helpfully here. Note that Robert Greene, like Machiavelli, a Taurus. And Greene clearly totally into Machiavelli.

Taureans like rules AND power so it makes sense…

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39 thoughts on “The First Pluto In Capricorn Self-Help Book

  1. That sounds interesting. I know 2 people who have Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer. They are tenacious. They also both happen to have the Sun and Saturn in opposition to the Moon in Capricorn.

  2. Wow. I have Jupiter-Chiron in Aries (and moon too!). But I think both are retrograde. What the heck would that mean? Not sure I am a magician…

    • Hey Virgo Cat, me too. I have Jupiter and Chiron both at 25 Aries, and Moon in Aries too.

      Wish I could work a little magic….

  3. ‘Insanely compelling’

    Thats exactly how I would describe him after watching him in an interview! I have never been interested in him musically but aside from that I was glued to the screen. He has made some interesting and very successful business deals like the vitamin water etc & I think his success is inspiring to people that are struggling to overcome their adversities. He seems very resilient and wise to live through what he has.

  4. My bff, a Leo, gave me the book “the 48 Laws of Power” about 10 yrs. ago. I have referred to it so many times it’s falling apart. Robert Greene hits the nail on the head with his wisdom and the real life examples of the Rules. His insights are amazing and you can see it operating all around you once you are plugged in (or is that my Scorp moon!) I’ll definately be purchasing “The 50th Rule.” TX Mystic!

    • Just reviewed the 48 Rules. In my last job I should have paid more attention to Rules 1, and 10!

  5. I have been planning to read this after hearing a cheeky but favourable review on ABC radio or in the paper somewhere. Nice to hear what someone like 50 cent has to say rather than an emeritus professor of economics (although one of those more qualified types has a book I want to read too… “Obliquity” by John Kay, looks interesting!)

  6. glad there is finally a sober tone to success after all this fake hippie rubbish about magic of your mind with no ethics and work what so ever. like everyone in the world can afford a BMW- it’s just your lack of self confidence holding you back….

    • Did you hook up with a new age life coach or get talked into a timeshare against your will Ms? They’re like the mystics or troubadours of the capitalist utopia. Wandering minstrels returning from the badlands to tell tales of the erroneus zones and the fountain of wealth, health and happiness.

      Once you’re done with Fiddy, Goethe is interesting and so is Alain de Botton.

      • me? hahhahahah god no.

        just completely sick of people talking about the secret

        • O they still talk abut that? Don’t fret hon, the 65th rule of the celestine prophecies will be out soon – complete with spelling mistakes – and they’ll all be on about that and whether audrey tatou and tom hanks should star in the blockbuster… there WILL be a volcano in it and everyone’s flights will be delayed/cancelled. Then, when we least expect it, the indigo children will sprout wings – for the are really angels in disguise – and fly each deserving soul personally back to the comfort of their aspirational yet disconcertingly soulless lifestyles.

  7. I love Robert Greene. He seems to have such lucid perception. And he does not mince his words. I have read all his books except for the Art of War, and all of them have left a deep imprint on me. He is surprisingly chameleonic, though. Comes across as a feeble nerd, when he clearly is not… He’s pretty brilliant in my estimation, and so is Fiddy.

  8. Am going to read this and will probably love it. A few weeks ago I had to read / listen to a lot of rap lyrics at work and if you’re able to float above the overt sexism and the other parts that aren’t ummm savoury – just accept it’s the product of another culture and cherry pick that which catches your eye – there are a lot of amazingly clever word plays therein. Urban jungle cleverness – the women’s lyrics are pretty interesting in a cultural context. I love that language is alive and evolving. I vote for a version of the book with germaine and a posse of lady rappers serving it.

    • Gil Scott Heron is considered to be the ‘inventor’ of rap. His message saw no need for violence and sexism. Try this one, and if interested find out more about him, he is amazing

      • Thanks David nice segue – am familiar with Gil and his good works. A lot of the rappers name-check him too, which is something that is always present in their work – they give thanks to their elders for creating a path for them. There’s a level of respect that an be easily overlooked if you can’t somehow ignore the bitches and ho’s lyrics to see what else is in there. Not that I’m suggesting everyone should love rap or hip hop, musical taste is entirely subjective, but I think it’s good to be aware of other cultures. Afrika Bambaataa is another goodie to google – he’s worked with John Lydon and Bill Laswell – Bill Laswell is a total musical alchemist – and readily available on itunes LOL. There’s a whole world of Japanese rap and hip hop too.

  9. What I heard is that rappers and actually a LOT of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born mid-80s to mid-90s) love Robert Greene…As in they deeply freaked out by both Pluto in Leo/Libra The Secret stuff and Pluto in Virgo for various reasons.
    So this to me is tome suited to Pluto in Cap, very appreciated by Pluto in Scorp and maybe strongly Plutonic Pluto in Virgo peeps

    • Sorry MM, a newbie question…how do you know if you’re strongly Plutonic Pluto in Virgo? How does retrograde affect this?

  10. I have to admit the 48 Laws of Power and the Power of Seduction were THE bibles I lived by when trying to wrestle Le Toilet down to the ground. Utterly unapologetic and survivalist.

    Reading it made me feel like I took a bite out of something alive and was still roaming around with fangs all bloodied..’twas quite a turn on.

    • Exactly – when in Rome one roams with bloodied teeth. You can visit Rome and see the sights without booking a room.

  11. Just skimmed over the 48 Laws of Power/ways to be a friendless sociopath. Ethics, compassion and trust are for losers I suppose.

    • well, I was dealing with a psychopath really this was like a berlitz language guide…

      • Yes, useful in hostage negotiation, bigcorporate survivalism and actual warfare, but kids, don’t try this at home.

        • aaaaaagh exactly uber, I thought “yep the 48 Laws Of Being A Prick” might be a better title, although i can see that I had actually inadvertently engaged some of these tactics when I was more socially involved with the sociopathic scorp/libra frenemy. possibly some application, if your friends are already arseholes and you don’t trust Anyone.

  12. I only got to 16 or 17 and hated myself, let alone 50. There seems to be a lot of sneaking around with ulterior motives, while unquestioningly following a ‘master’.
    There definitely having a go at the people who take it seriously, and making money…the perfect grift.

    • 48 Laws of Power is very well researched – it would be a most unprofitable grift. All that sitting around in the library …

      48 Laws of Power, and not Fiddy Laws, was the true harbinger of Pluto in Capricorn, if that too gets to have a shadow-zone.

      (Sun in Cap, Mars in Scorp)

  13. I found the 48 laws an interesting read, I liked the anecdotes and the little fables and stories used to illustrate it, but yeah i agree with Ubes, my main impression was that it shows a good way to have an unhappy and lonely life filled with lots of possessions and hangers on but no real friends. I aspire to live my life on informed and intelligent trust and compassion. And I don’t believe in masters. I prefer to believe in the goodness of individuals, and sometimes the badness of individuals, and my own ability to spot the difference. You’d have to be a bit of a tosser to take this book seriously.

  14. The 48 Laws definitely polarises people, you either resonate with it totally or you find it creepy…it totally depends on what you have experienced in life and your outlook…a friend gave me a copy when i was about 20 and a few of its tenets have stayed with me ever since – I even got into reading Machiavelli after that, lol…
    I recall lending the 48 laws to my sexagenarian Libra boss (who i’m sure had plenty of Scorpio in her chart) and she gave it back to me saying “it’s too wicked and manipulative”…The irony of those words coming from her was exquisite.

    • Interesting – work environments are the only place I’ve ever seen a multitude of those laws invoked simultaneously. I did wonder if one ex-boss in particular had it as bedside reading when I read them. Master of siege mentality.

  15. Thanks for the read – I had no idea 50 cent was a writer! Another great book you may want to check out is Loving in the Moment by Gina Lake. The author writes about oneness and having meaningful relationships. Very interesting stuff.

  16. haha. brute realism. cap. truism. love it.

    50 cent gangster pep talk i am soo gettin this book.

  17. Am totally buying this for my Pluto Scorp sis and her hubby. She lives by these rules, I wonder if she read the book? Too much a player to let on if she has read it. I think this book is a great boy present.

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