The Aries Pillbox

Gold & Crystal Aries Pill Box For Sale On Ebay

“Dear Mystic,

hilarious. would a real aries own this & if so, what would they keep in there? Not vitamins, surely.  Viagra? Secret rolled-up blueprints for world destruction? Blistering insults written on little pieces of notepaper?

xoxox Gala Darling

26 thoughts on “The Aries Pillbox

    • And do take vitamins, as best as I can. Such a bother….They would NOT fit into that little ramzy head however….

      • And no darling, not world destruction but with Uranus entering Aries, what will be will be..

        ~Sigh~ (yawn, sigh)

  1. Actually tried a half of a Viagra once & keep just one
    in a minerature treasure chest pill box.
    It made me feel like bright eyed & bushy tailed teenager.
    But not sexual just flushed.
    An Urologist was introducing it at a seminar for Relationships
    Australia and the woman next to me, when question time came was:
    ‘Does it work on the tongue’?

  2. I think that lovely trinket is a bit too nice for my daggy old Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules.

    I’d feel like I had to do up some world domination plans just to go with the box :)

  3. A mirror because Aries are actually far more vain than leo. But an aries would not have a pill box. A scorpio pill box with poison? An aries would have something in the style of this but it would be like their tv cabinet or something.

  4. I’m going to go with Plans for World Domination..BUT the funniest Aries Male I ever knew (the Eternal Aries) would keep his front tooth in this.

    It was removable and I found this out when I called him in for a 3:30 meeting as the Japanese entourage rolled in. He hoofed it back to his VW bus yelling as he streaked past, “wait, let me get my tooth”.

    He’s since then quit, having married rich, moved to Florida to build up real estate and spends his time playing shuffle board with the neighboring seniors who all adore him. Recently he called me to say, HEY guess what I found in this old box in the garage when I was taking out the storm windows?

    I asked what? Apparently he threw the tooth in a box, now blackened which he appreciates as “now I don’t have to show up to all those damned functions my wife hosts”… so yep, he could use this.

  5. I think pill boxes are a lovely idea but I (Sagg) would always forget to refill them. Instead, best just to lug around the super-sized handbag with one’s complete prescription items but vitamins I keep at home ….honerstly, I really should feng shui my handbag……actually, start from scratch with a NEW handbag….I am nowhere organised enough in the personal luggage department to contemplate pill boxes, but I do have an antique pill box in red snake skin, I just keep it as an interesting object..

    I went out with two Aries in my life and those particular men wouldn’t carry a pill box, I think, – they’d be too arrogant to admit the need for medication.

  6. ummm.. i know a couple of aries who would THROW it at you.. not so much keep it.

  7. see?! even TALKING bad about them gets yo uin trouble. anonymous. since when?! *giggle*

  8. never met an Aries who’d need viagra lol !!

    no aries would have this – they’d think it vulgar. too finicky.
    plus if they had illicits, this little puppy wouldn’t cut it – too small …….

  9. don’t do jewels, or little expensive pill boxes, it would be lost or stolen or given away in no time. I love my timber worry beads though.