Scorpio Papped

So the world’s first live televised pap smear has taken place, starring US comedian Kathy Griffin and how J.G. Ballard (the late Scorpio Surrealist) would have loved this. If you haven’t read his books, they’re all about strange dystopias and television becoming ever more invasive/surreal.

Anyway, Kathy G herself is a multiple conjunct Scorpio…She has Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio – tres apt for being papped by the pool, yes?

And her Venus is in Sagittarius – adding a perfect exhibitionist theme.  It was, of course, for a good cause, to encourage more females to get regular pap smears and thus prevent illness. I think if we could all get it done poolside & with hair and make-up added in, it would help the cause heaps.

And yes, a lot of people I have known with Venus in Saggo have been streakers. Or had interesting thoughts about exhibitionism even if they dared not act on them. Being arrested for public nudity could technically interfere with their travel/running for politics plans. But they would if they could.

Two Questions:

What IS it with her wearing a sports top but those insane heels????

Joaquin Phoenix is a Scorpio and you would think there must be some male health issue he would be keen to raise awareness of, yes?  Only HIS Venus is in Scorpio…no poolside lounging about flashing for good causes for secretive Scorp Venus.

32 thoughts on “Scorpio Papped

  1. My Venus is in Sagg and yes, public (and private) nudity is a good idea. Not that other people agree with me, but on the odd occasion that I get caught, they are embarrassed and I’m really not.

    I have no idea about the tank top/heels combo aside from WTF? But good for her, it’s an important cause.

    As to Joaquin Phoenix, he is strangely, creepily hot. If he wishes to strip off publicly for any cause, I’m all for it. He could start with removing that disturbing, ungroomed beard.

  2. It wasn’t a sports top, it was a bikini and she said she was vajazzled for the occasion, but what I want to know was if they served Mai Tais and how hard it was to get her heels out of the stirrups. I wish my gynecologist worked poolside.

    One of the best things about working as gynecologist though is being able to look up old friends.

  3. Ick. I have no issue with nudity but some things need to be done in private and pap smears are one of them. I don’t think any of us needed to see that.

    Maybe it’s my Venus in Virgo, but REALLY how sanitary was that?!?

    • i agree, don’t need to see THAT! A bit of decorum please!

      Mars in Virgo, venus in libra

    • Yes, I get the public awareness bit but as Uber points out, a proper pap smear would have your legs so unflatteringly splayed out (usually because the requisite hot man is absent between them unless your doctor happens to be one and the same, mine’s not unfortunately).

      I am not really a fan of hers..and am surprised as I generally warm to Scorps by instinct. It started with her hair color, then the too made up face, and now this.. yeck. She just looks stringy to me.

      Mars in Cancer, Venus in Leo says hell no I ain’t givin’ that kind of show…

  4. i feel i can comment here.. i have had a pap smear. only … nevermind… the point being good for her! i don’t think vaginas should be all hidden and saved for the boys. (i mean they can have them, don’t get me wrong…) i think they should be honored and protected and not shameful. like my lime green sequin jumpsuit, dying for an occasion to get out and mingle.

    • Oh you girls have it easy. Men’s plumbing is much trickier. I had an appointment with an urologist today. I know he’s an M.D. but I just don’t believe there is any such thing as tuberculosis of the penis. No I am not kidding.

      • Jeez! I’ve heard of it. Pulmonary TB (of the lung) is the most common form, but mycobacteria can infect a lot of other sites.

        Man, you need to look after yourself. Infections like that don’t occur in well people. Sorry to get personal, but you have to be immune compromised to get stuff like that. I hope you get good treatment.

        • Oh crap, I did not want to know that. Well, the chances of my having any kind if TB is so infinitesimal, I don’t think it’s possible. But the doctors have to rule it out, they’re just doing the usual cover-your-ass testing.

          • Okay, so it’s not confirmed. Phew. The possibility is fairly minute, but they can’t rule it out. It’s very uncommon in developed countries, but susceptible people include IV drug users, HIV patients, diabetics etc
            The symptoms are very tenacious UTIs, blood in the urine etc

            Still, my friend, you must look after yourself. If they even think you could have it, your health is clearly not right. Eat some proper food, lay off any booze etc and get some sleep, ok? Otherwise we’ll have to send a coven over there to pamper you into submission.

  5. I am thinking that since it’s TV and the rest of her is pretty much naked, why not wear giant high heels. they probably make her legs look better…Plus, it her feet won’t slip off whatever it is they are resting on – not a good look scrambling for a foot hold as the blanket slides off and the world REALLY gets to see what happens.

    but how the Dr can do her job while Kathy G is in that position i don’t know, can she see anything? sorry this is practical pisces here.

    I think a huge part of women’s AND men’s health is to demystify and take the uncertainty out of the process – if everyone does it, or XYZ famous person does it, then it can’t be that bad / shameful etc. I feel sad when someone is ashamed about their body or related things. I want them to feel OK and to know everything they need / want to know. so I think KAthy G is on the right track, if not a little out-there.

  6. i cant stand kathy griffin or her brand of ‘humour’ but i have to admit i kinda thought good on her for, as UP said above, demystifying the process. i am hyper vigilant about medical stuff, esp of the female variety and i am generally shocked by how many women *arent*.

    so go kathy. though i still think vagazzaling is fuqing STOOPID.

    • I can’t stand her either, reminds me of a horse in a woman costume (like most badly surgeried people). The heels, the TV, the reporter NOOO! Surely there must be other ways to get fearful women to the doc’s for this important procedure.

      This little post presented itself in my dreams early this morning, except I was in my work gear like I was when I was having my real pap smear last Saturday morning (which was a ‘comedy’ of errors). I was then having a baby in the dream & it was bright red. URgh!

  7. Ha! Love the contrast between Kathy’s facial expression – ‘feign serenity’, and the doctors – ‘something’s not healthy here…..’!!!

  8. i am disturbed by
    a) the placement of mirrors
    b) the ‘what the fuq?’ look on the gyno’s face
    c) yes, the sports bra masquerading as a bikini.

    i like the impossibility of the heels. i couldnt stand up in those let alone walk in them.

  9. Kathy has done some good things and I was interested in her D-List program where she visited a women’s prison, it was really quite moving. This seems very ‘her’ confrontational but basically well meaning! I like that she doesn’t seem afraid of learning something along the way in her work.

    AS for hotty Joaquin – mental health looks an obvious cause to start with (and he wouldn’t have to do much but show up).

  10. speaking of crossing lines, i will cross that one with you… *ahem* venus in scorpio… and i would love to have ms. g’s legs… however, i would cross mine in public. mostly. they mostly come at night. mostly.

  11. It is like a creepy sci fi future of health porn and she annoys me but i saw this and thought yes! Book pap smear. Nothing unglamorous about it and they have saved the lives of several of my girlfriends so i am all for it . Would rather have sleazy shit on tv/internet than go to another funeral

  12. Aren’t pap tests soon to be a thing of the past ? I thought this new vaccine would replace it ? Maybe just for younger women ?

    • the vaccine targets the 2-3 HPV viruses most commonly linked to cervical cancer. it doesn’t prevent other ways of getting cervical cancer. a pap test also allows dr’s to check if there’s anything else going on in there too.

      • and I am also AMAZED like anonymous up there at some of my friends who put off pap tests??? why? just fuqing do it, get a handle on your health, ignorance is not bliss!

  13. not all forms of the virus and not all women are protected by the vaccine. and for us boys, it actually can prevent YOU from contracting the virus and passing it onto your second home… so to speak. seriously, it’s not just for women.

    • Zackly – and, people can be vacinated right up to middle age. People got confused that you could only have it up to 27 for it to work – not so, thats the arbitrary date for FREE vacinations here in Oz.

  14. On the one hand the show is great for bringing the issue out in the open ( pun intended) but I think a cancer sufferer or carer wuld not appreciate the messge ‘tell cancer to suck it’.

    I’ve just been to the Relay for life event last weekend and the survivor walk was just that a quiet walk by survivors who started the 18 hour event to rsise money for the Cancer council. There were no ‘cancer sucks’ signs anywhere there was no need. It was extremely moving and the candle lined path (where you can write a message to a departed person – for me my mum, on a bag with a candle in it) is about sending best wishes or heart felt messages to your loved ones. Just real people doing real things. No aggro big signs.

    • Subtlety is sometimes the best policy, Leogroover.

      I sometimes feel that the agro signs are there to serve as testimony to the vociferousness of folks who want to be seen as cause oriented.. as in using the cause in aid of their own pr mongering. I realize I sound cynical, but I’ve seen it happen. It can get in the way of just knowing in the quiet that we all need to do something real about it.

      • yes FA and to realise we are all touched by this disease in some way by knowing someone directly or indirectly. Our city mayor who oficailly opened the event cried on stage as he had just lost a daughter to the cancer. its everywhere and does not need this kind of a publicity (ala kathy griffin) just donations constantly and support.