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Rubik CubeErno Rubik, who invented this thing, is a Cancerian, famously introverted just like his fellow Crab Proust, apparently.

The Cube itself is a Capricorn – patented January 17 1974.

After months of obsession as a child, i solved it. I am talking hours spent working on it in secret, under the covers with a torch. Infuriatingly, nobody believed that i had done it.

A la productive Mercury Retrograde nostalgia & a distraction from the Bitch Moon – do tell: What is  your sign and did you solve Rubik’s Cube?  Melt it? Lie that you had done it? Ignore as you are so above such fads? Despise with a vengeance? Complete in a nano-sek?

Geminis are usually ace at solving puzzles but a Leo would denounce the entire Cube paradigm and Rubik himself if he/she could not master the Cube within five minutes. Aquarius would find some occult significance in the colours or the symmetry and Sagg would chuck it out the window.


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59 thoughts on “Mercury Rubik

  1. I (Libra) never tried it. I was too afraid of failure, and I guessed it would be it too tedious. My father however (Leo) bet a work colleague he could solve it, bought one, went into his office and locked the door, found he couldn’t do it, so buzzed his secretary, who went out and secretly bought him a new one, which he presented to the colleague, claiming he’d done it!

  2. I was born that day (different year, Pluto in Scorp generation here). Is it strange that it gives me a certain sense of pride?

    My father had one around the house. Don’t know why we DID have one, given that neither him or my mom have the required patience. I held it, tried to solve it for a few minutes (I was young, around 6/7, I think? Always a precocious child.) and then realized it would be impossible for me to be successful without wasting a great amount of time.

    (Mum tells me that whenever I figured I wouldn’t be good at something right away, labeled it as useless and gave up. That still happens today, to a smaller extent. Strange for a Mars in Taurus individual.)

    I’d never try to do it. I just find it rather pointless really, and not very entertaining. I prefer Sudoku or IQ tests for intellectual stimulation. Those block colours are so headache inducing.

  3. pisces sun, sagg moon, cancer asc;

    I fiddled with it for a few secs, answer wasn’t immediately obvious. I thought, ‘wtf?’ why bother with this? what a waste of time! if it were so important to have all the colours lined up on each side just peel the stickers off for god’s sake and save your brain…

    having said that, i was a bit obsessed as a child with those number -square plastic novelty game-thingies, where you had to manoevre the numbers into sequential order with only one gap in the grid.

  4. I (6year old Aqua) switched the stickers (must have been a fake Cube) and presented the “solved” Cube to Father, who was so certain he had a prodigy on his hands that i had to admit my perfidy to avoid being proudly thrust into the spotlight for a “live” performance of genius.

    PS Mecury Retrograde: I hit “Submit Comment” and go to page that has only a text box saying: ” You are posting too fast. Slow down.”

  5. tried it several times, always got infuriated – chucked it under the bed (Aries Rising?). My brother, Taurus with Libra Rising and Gemini Venus, found it a few months later and solved it. It took him ages, but he endured… Taurean stubbornness versus Ariean impatience?

    He is quite a genius, studies math and chemistry now…

  6. Rubik’s cube drove me nuts, was obsessed with it, loved it. Couldn’t crack it so I cracked it open & put it back together again. That last piece was a bugger to put back in. I then progressed to pulling off the stickers. That looked way too dodgy & my secret was out…

  7. I’m a scorp. Had a Rubiks cube – couldn’t solve it in the first 10 minutes so got bored (Leo Moon), but worked out how to take it to bits (pop them off with a screwdriver, careful, don’t leave any marks (Cap rising)) and put it back together. Solved, see!

    It got “lost” shortly afterwards….

  8. Lost me on the third turn, then threw it at bigger brother’s head with pleasing results. Yeah we are still working out that karma!

    • Sounds liie what i’d doVee espesh if they made remarks like you’re just dumb girl. I have 3 brothers so there was always somehting to aim at. ha!

  9. first up, snaps to you mystic!!! i do not have the patience so… fuq no! i’m aries w aries rising my patience extended to the weird nerd @ school who claimed to have solved it (but maybe like AM he switched stickers) i had LOTS of rubiks envy ‘cos if u solved it u were sooooooo smart i just didn’t have the patience

    right now, i would give it to my gorg gemini partner and watch him solve it just cos he could and i could sell tix just cos he’s cute and mercurial anything that i think i SHOULD solve and get bored w i give 2 him or my gem BFF they just solve so effortlessly save my forehead frm the brickwall too

    lurv the gems!

  10. Must admit, when I think of “The cube” I wince at the thought the inventor missed out on mega $’s because of lack of copyright

  11. Libra. Played with it for a minute. Got bored. Wandered off to do something else.

  12. Libra. I cheated and broke it apart and put it back together the right way and unsuccessfully pretended I’d done it. A La Odette in Libra I was bored by it too. I also hated the white squares and picked them off so I’d have a black side.

    • Libra. Also cheated, pulled it apart and put it back together with it in order. Convinced myself that it still was solving it…just not the way it was intended!. Was mortified at not being able to solve it the ‘proper’ way.

      • OMG that was me, exactly! Except I told myself that one day I might be bothered working out the ‘proper’ way!

        • wow. i guess librans cheat. i didn’t personally take it apart- in fact, i only liked to make patterns out of a new cube, you know like the crisscross and whatever, cause the cube itself was aesthetically dull. i used the cube as a litmus for new boy-crushes. i like the geeks. so, if a boy could solve it, he was crush material. later in life i realise this was training in finding a boy who will defrag my computer, explain in long drawn out terms what this or that gadget does … so i can watch his lips move. but yes, 80-‘s pride and all.

  13. “but a Leo would denounce the entire Cube paradigm and Rubik himself if he/she could not master the Cube within five minutes.”

    I have to say that’s true.. LOL It just seemed too stupid to bother with after about five minutes. My brother (Aqua) did it, don’t know how long it took him.

      • 5 minutes? try 5 sec. Think of all the mirror time you’d be wasting on this thing. However I realised my scorp boss has a brain that looks like a pair of hands doing a rubiks in 5 seconds. it works that fast and cuts me to shreds excpept when she’s in a good mood like today then she is your best buddy wtf?

  14. i gave it my rock-solid best shot many times (dogged moon in cap). got halfway there then got BORED! (pisces 9th house sun / gem asc). but i loved other puzzles like those mercury maze puzzles, or little silver balls in cubes that you had to manoeuvre into place..rubik’s clock (?)..card tricks…

  15. I had a cube, I fiddled with it and could immediately see it would take a long, persistent effort, and for what? To solve it? It was solved when I got it, now it’s all screwed up, it would have been better to not have messed with it in the first place.
    Then I read an interesting article in Scientific American, the Mathematical Games column by famous puzzlemeister Martin Gardner. He explained the algorithmic method of solving any cube configuration. I still wasn’t interested, it was too much work. But then, he explained the ultimate trick: how to disassemble the cube and put it back together, solved. You just stick a coin in a certain spot, pry up one little cube, and it all comes apart. Most interesting of all, if you reassemble it correctly but with one corner cube rotated, it can never ever be solved. The best you can ever do is solve it with that one corner cube in the wrong spots, it will drive the cube solver crazy. I admit I only did this once, to a guy who was insufferably proud of his cube solving skills.

  16. Yikes! Rubic’s Cube. One look told me I’d rather sleep on a bed of nails than spend time twiddling with the cube.. When the cube came out a friend’s four year old was given one and she promptly worked out the solution. She also said at three years of age “When people die, they still have birthdays, they just don’t come to them.” She’s has a PHD Magna cum Laude now and every one on her staff has a PhD. Rubic’s cube as a party favour for little geniuses.

  17. I hurled it out the window when I couldn’t master it in five minutes. Mathematics was never my strong point and it defied my through the roof spatial differentiation and visual pattern recognition levels. Which I found quite irksome. Crab Sun, Gem Asc, Leo Merc, Sag moon. I fuqing hated this contraption …

  18. Yes i solved it when it but only when it was easy and not really that messed up. I wouldn’t be able to easily do it. It took effort. The one thing i know is the center colour is the colour that side should be.

    Also i was pissed off at this other guy who could do it easily. So i switched two of the stickers on the corner causing an impossible situation that he couldn’t solve. Dumbass! lol.

  19. Fidgeting with this little widget…..twitchy compulsivity. What is the point of this ?

  20. I firstly got one side right, then two then that checker thing – was like 8 years old or something so got fed up and removed and restuck sticker rendering thing totally useless. Then married sneaky scorp who could crack the thing in five seconds flat – when his affair started he bought one and was just sitting there twiddling with it hour in hour out – was it to impress her or relieve the stress of lying constantly I will never know!!!

  21. I’m a Capricorn, and I did not solve it. I tried to solve my brother’s when I was a kid, and I found it infuriating and pointless and gave up. Never tried it again. I wonder now if I could do it, but I could probably only justify the time it takes to do one if I had absolutely nothing to do for several hours.

  22. I’m a Scorp with leo rising. Couldn’t solve it in the first give minutes and so in the bin it went!

  23. Me (Leo) ? I’m not interested. I do like the fact that it looks pretty and colourful though.

    My bf (Sagitarius) ? He became obcessed with it and soon he was doing You Tube tutorials, learning the formulas one by one until he could do a side, and then two and onward to solving the whole cube. Apparently there’s a whole community of Rubik’s addicts out there, with videos, blogs, forum sites, tutorials et al. And once they know how to solve it, they work on their speed. The world record is a matter of seconds and I was told Rubik’s champs use a secret oily formula to polish their cube and go faster …

  24. Gemini. Couldn’t see the point (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). At that age, in fact right up until last week almost, if I couldn’t do it quickly and well, it wasn’t worth doing.

  25. I used to fiddle with it sporadically, managed two sides eventually and that was enough for me. I didn’t really have the interest to solve the whole thing after that. (My brother, a taurus, did eventually solve it I think.) I did get into making patterns though — stripes, colourblocks, checks, etc and found that more amusing.

  26. Rubiks, omg I was 8 I think and I bought one while I was on holiday, together with a booklet that contained a formula for doing it. You followed different routes through the formula depending on the configuration of the cube at the beginning and at each stage. It was several pages of code. On the long journey home I actually taught myself the formula – memorised it and all the permutations – and was briefly famous in the playground. Only me and an older boy could do it – he had a more intuitive approach I suspect. I’m a Virgo (probably no surprise). I’ve always been pretty good at learning things by rote – Virgo Mercury and Cap moon help maybe? Still can’t quite believe I did that though – not sure I could be bothered now!

    • Me sun moon aqua and taurus rising did not appreciate so much structure, although I was quite taken with so much colour and would have loved to rearrange those little squares into pretty patterns if they were not so damned hard to peel off.

  27. Sagg rising. Drove me nuts as a child and very quickly put it to one side. Nearly chucked it out the window!

  28. This Gem didn’t have the patience for it, but my Gemini dad solved it in no time!

  29. My twin brother & I had one to share & so it wasn’t worth the hassle trying to get a look in with him- we were about 10 I think…
    As soon as the hexagonal/octagonal ones came out I hassled my mum to take me to get one cos I thought the colours were pretty- being an arty child & all it was a purely aesthetic experience. (& my dreamy brain was not excited by puzzles.)

  30. I got it right once, after months of fidgeting with it and promplty gave up after! Up until that day, I could get all of it except one line done, or three sides but not the fourth. It drove me nuts but not to rage funnily enough. I must have had a ‘genuine’ because I don’t recall mine having stickers on it.

  31. I don’t remember having one but I played with other people’s a few times – I am intrigued & slightly frustrated (if I don’t solve them relatively easily) with puzzles like that.. I remember being horrified when a kid told me they just peeled off the stickers & cheated… cheating is not something I think about doing… lying however… well that comes very naturally…

  32. Spot on! This Sagg chucked it out the window in the late 70s… or at least, left it in a corner to become a dust-collecting relic. lol

  33. I did! Sometime during the 1980’s. It took me weeks but I got it in the end. I actually have a mini-one in the loungeroom at the moment which my kids and I pass to each other when we are watching tv together. It doesn’t bother me anymore because I know that I mastered it once and its up to the new generation to solve it now. :)

  34. 1980 – I just bought the book (Mastering Rubik’s cube) read how to solve it and then taught everyone else how to. Had to, would have done all the other things like break it apart and rebuild, sticker removing (although mine is white with painted dots so couldn’t)

    didn’t know it was patented in 1974…useful trivia fact.

    good on you mystic for solving it outright


  35. i found one in a friend’s house when I was little and didn’t know what to do with it, got bored five seconds later and dropped it.

    i tried when i got older, with the same results.

    now i want to try again. crazy? (i’m a gemini btw )

  36. I picked one up, once. Couldn’t figure out why I would want to do anything with it. Put it down. The end.

  37. I remember looking at a rubik cube and attempting two or three turns but when nothing happened right away I put it down and never looked at it again.


  38. Ok. When I first encountered this little box of delights and yes, I’m being sarcastic, I thought it was some kind of mystical exercise. That if I got all the like colors together on each side, some time traveling portal would tear through to the present with Carl Sagan as my guide. What can I say, I loved Sagan. So I tried.

    I tried:
    1) Throwing it against a cement wall, only to see it create divet. The thing is practically shatter proof.
    2) And yes, as I confessed to the Divine M a week ago, I in fact tried to melt it. Held it with a pair of tongs on top of a candle.

    Unfortunately, my brother saw me, swiped the damn thing and told my Mum I was a Pyro. They kept it well away from me ever since. That and all the matches.

    ps Ok he’s not entirely wrong, because yes, I did encourage my best friend next door that the fish in their pond was for “hunting”, caught one and stuck it on a stick over a flame. I think it was expensive or something. I was just trying to get back to nature.

  39. played with it for a few minutes. Never solved it. Got bored.

    Moon in Sagg. LOATHE puzzles and games. Would rather watch paint dry.

    • I’m a moon in sagg too, (rising sagg and sun leo) but I -love- puzzles. I really like solving things and figuring them out. I sew quite a bit and I make my own patterns because I like figuring out how to fit stuff together.

      Although I think I gave up after a few minutes of any rubiks cubes I tried to solve. Never cheated though.

  40. Too boring – I ALWAYS ignore such fads.
    Back in the day everyone was madly clicking the wretched things around and around I just put it on the book shelf and admired as a piece of Pop Art.

  41. I tried and tried but only ever managed to get the faces sorted with the wrong central colour in each and I was stubborn so I didn’t buy the book that told you the formula. My niece now does the thing in five minutes and gets people to mix it up for her. She says the trick is to do it layer by layer rather than face by face.

  42. half leo – started with everyone around, half virgo – everyone gave up and went to bed except me. at dawn i had it done but couldnt use my thumbs for 2 days – such a virgo cliche – leo cliche is i was only one able to claim victory! sometimes very useful to be bi-astro.

  43. I had several since when I was young they were all the rage, the first time I solved it was cheating via sticker swapping. After that, I eventually did get the hang of it, but never to the extent that some people did. I just solved sides and hoped eventually it would resolve itself (which it did on several occasions). Also had a mini-rubik keyring, a rubik ball and one of the long string rubik that you could make nifty things from, including turning it into a roundish shape (that had sides). I don’t currently have one, by the time I was a teenager I was over it.