Mercury Retrograde Tips & My Ideal Holographic Pyramid Trouser Suit

Mara Hoffman

Holy Harlot, i would love this (super-costly price-on-application) designer purple pyramid holographic ensemble. There is a chakra one as well.

Anyway, just a quick note that the post i did for subscribers about April-May Mercury Retrograde Tips – to help us all from going batshit insane, thank you – is now just on  the Weekly Scopes page.

It occurred to me that it would just be more simple and easy to access to have it there so voila…

12 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Tips & My Ideal Holographic Pyramid Trouser Suit

  1. Hon, you are so awesome. Were it not for my own Holy Harlot-ness I’d totally cross over the Sapphic Sea to woo you. Love this.

    OF COURSE, Merc Retro is precisely the moment my Control Top Leo boss decides to shop around for IT support, how textbook is that? As if the lesson wasn’t learned from the LAST one where she sunk major duckets into a new phone system that isn’t working because hello, they didn’t upgrade the basic operating system.

    Which naturally I in all my well-meaning wisdom had been bleating about ages before that. This Merc Retro is feeling like a real stinker. Stubborn and pissed off like a Toro who ain’t getting any sweets, sex or being forced to wear nylon in the tropics.

    I have a state of the art aquous hd tv but ZERO satellite signal as my dish got knocked out. By what or who, who knows? Possibly this woman while she was testing the holographic suit in flight.

    Have no idea when its meant to come on..but I am taking it as a sign from the Universe to be nattering away at the keyboard, writing Mercury knows what. But as they say, behind every cloud is a holographic lining…

  2. Resistance is FUTILE!

    You WILL be assimilated.


    excellent … will I get those legs whilst yer at it?

  3. I blame this outfit – the very idea of it – and mercury taurus thing for the fact that i am sitting here eating marshmallows, suddenly RELEVANT AND CHIC AGAIN – invest in them and thank me later, with pinot thingie and avoiding a very worthy and emotional e-mail from an EX that i know i should reply to WHY.
    I really want to confront him in this pyramid suit. Thank you mystic for aiding my already rich inner life.

  4. Soooo…all planes in and out of UK and parts of Europe are grounded.. due to a cloud of volcanic dust from Iceland

    Mercury retro here we go!!

  5. I have a T-shirt that has a 3D Pyramid on it (I got the glasses… it really works) in purple ink…
    But I really can’t handle the suit.
    I work in broadcasting. Mecury Retro is _always_ a fun time.
    *bravely tries to find her excitment for the impending weeks*

  6. I wish that you can have it Mystic, that is a fab outfit!

    Venus a go go hahhahah :) I tried the very thing the other lunchtime with my skinny colleagues and appleflapps. They ate them but are still painfully and unattractively drainpipe thin. It’s the thought that counts I suppose.

  7. At first I thought this was one of your mannequinns come alive Mystice :lol:

    But do like the pyramid theme groove vibe thing too