Lady Godiva…What Sign?

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Edward Leighton

This is an artist’s depiction of Lady Godiva, and I am guessing she is portrayed right at the MOMENT she is thinking ‘fuq it’ and deciding to ride naked around the streets of her city, to protest hubby’s harsh taxation laws.

His name is Leofric. History does not reveal either of their birthdates. But I am thinking that Godiva is a Saggo – given to public displays of protest, love of nudity and ability to ride. And Leofric – look at him – is a Taurus.

Thoughts? Come on, you KNOW Lady Godiva just HAD to be a Saggo? Aquarius also likes to protest things but would recoil at public nudity I fear. A Pisces who has just hit upon the perfect excuse to ride past nude past the house of the knight she fancies?  Whatever, from this picture, it looks like he is thinking he wishes he’d listened to his haruspex and married the Capricorn armour couterier down the road.

37 thoughts on “Lady Godiva…What Sign?

  1. Saggo with Virgo Rising? or Moon? Because she looks like a saint. lovely painting.

  2. Totally Sagg but with all that hair and angelic-ness I am going for Pisces Rising and with a big fuq-off Aries Moon. You would need a crazy, strident moon for an attitude like hers I think.

    (And by the by, how weird that you posted on Viv Westwood at this time MM? I read the article and Viv was wondering where McLaren was these days. I thought how wistful she sounded? Only to see today he has died…R.I.P.).

  3. my mother always went on about Lady Godiva-she and GinaLolaBrigida were 2 named but faceless characters from my childhood,th former for incidents to do w/ wild nakedness & th latter exposed cleavage..i always thought my mother secretly longed to ride naked throo th streets of our neighborhood with her long hair flowing but she is an incomprehensible piscean who hides all emotion~funny to see LG at last and discover she is so chaste and saintly,not at all th wanton uninhibited figure of my childhood mythology..some reassessment ckearly in order!

    • Lol – at UQ Pizza Cafe there is a BRILLIANT pizza called the Gina Lollabrigida – 3 or 4 types of cheeze, semi dried tomatos, oregano…… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. quinn cox and stella starsky say in sextrology that sagg lady is the consummate lady godiva, for better or worse.

  5. Leo or Sagg. there’s just something stately and royal about how she is portrayed doing it.

    • Taurus moon for the ethical protest bit. I make the Leo Ascendent call. Looks like a convenient ‘immortalize me!’ publicity stunt. Saggo Sun, fo sho.

  6. my kataka wife / sag rising, is the queen of nude, nude drawing model for years, still does it occasionally, in fact just asked me to do a ‘couple’ pose for the 30 artists she will be modelling for soon ….ummm, nooooo…. Never knew anyone who is more comfy being nude in front of groups of unknown people. All in the name of art.

    • I used to love being a life-model, having a whole room of people loving your curves/bum is kinda nice. I modelled right through my pregnancy & that was lovely too. Your wife sounds fab.

      • one of her endeavors is drawing pregnant women. her and a friend will soon be releasing a book which has many of her works with pregnant women as illustration. She is beautiful and fab, sigh..

  7. Gemini….

    She looks bored so a naked ride around the town would be a bit of fun.. :D

  8. Bloody Saggs’ any excuse to take off their clothes.
    Have always been comfortable nude or semi nude.
    Even love the word…….NUDE.

    • Nude up!

      Get nude

      Less git nekkid an parteee etc

      Saggo without a doubt. And some wowser probably belatedly invented her ’cause’. Saggos never need an excuse.

      • Hey – doesn’t the myth go that… She rides around town naked BUT forewarns everyone and asks them to stay indoors and not look at her, except the one guy that does and ends up blind, blah blah.

        That’s hardly an exhibitionist. Surely a Saggo would scoff at the ‘closed set’ approach.

        • Why do you Caps have to go around knowing what you’re talking about and ruining my baseless Sagg rising ‘statements’? AND you’re cute too, damn you.

  9. People she was protesting TAXES – ahem – Capricorn much?

    But yes – gotta be a touch of Cancer or Sagg in there for the Nudity notoriety.

    • would a capricorn protest taxes though..lex?? or would a cap think “yes, ah very good, more money to spend on public goods and services, build some grand buildings, bridges and the like, yes I think a Town Hall may by in order…I shall engage that artist fellow that the neighbouring province used to decorate their Palace, a most seemly fellow indeed *nudge* …” etc or is that maybe more Leonic or Taurean…oh hell now i am confused…back to work

  10. She is so ‘me’!!!! Has to be Leo moon, Sagg mars & venus. And yes to the Tauras side guy for her Cap sun!

  11. she’s a libra/leo with a very patient gemini/taurus dresser. she adjusted those cords while he redjusted them long enough to BE painted by a leo/scorpio enjoying the torture.

  12. I’d say Sagg with a Cap moon….because well Saggs are as mentioned v comfortable with the bod unencumbered by clothing. Could totally see my youngest, the one with the sagg sun and cap moon doing this. She’d get all righteous about the taxes for sure…and her Sagg self would get a bit on her ‘high horse’ about freedom too.

  13. well, look sagg could be the go but riding around naked on a horse is the kind of not-really-that-useful-but-quite-titillating sort of stunt that a pisces might dream up in a moment of social uprising…surely a sagg would get a town crier onside as well, you know, or organise a multi-horse nude protest… (maybe with Aqua rising or some good old fashioned aries chutzpah)

  14. Me thinks Lady Godiva is heavenly! I saw her pic and smiled…remembering all too well the story of her riding naked, and yes I love the idea to titilate due to boredom, but throw in a good cause (did ‘no to war’ demo naked @ Balmain a few years ago).

    I’m a Sag Sun and Moon (with Jupiter in Taurus…which I think heightens the glam side on occasions? Can be an annoying challenge when I just want to chill naked but at the same time do so wrapped in some luxurious rug or something)

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