Dali Retrograde

Salvador Dali telephone sculptureSalvador Dali Aphrodisiac Telephone

Come on peeps, let’s get a GRIP.  I include myself in this.  All the whining re Mercury Retro in Taurus being turgid, being to blame for people  not talking to me, for the ponderous drivel i churn up in place of thoughts, for the slo-mo sensation.

Well, Salvador Dali was BORN with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. He WAS Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. He had it alongside the Sun, Venus and Mars.

So how surreal are Taureans? How surreal is this Mercury Retrograde? How surreal can we MAKE this Mercury Retrograde?

I have noticed that, along with others, i am getting strong urges to radically revise routines and habits but i naturally attribute THAT to the Saturn-Uranus opposition…Please ensure, btw, that you read How Not To Be Saturn’s Bitch on the Weekly Scopes page.

Maybe the idea is, with any Retro-Mercury glitch, to think “What Would Dali Do?”

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146 thoughts on “Dali Retrograde

  1. Iam a taurus and Iam having a weird .. To say the least time. Communications with my phone, thinking about an ex love of mine whom is a taurus. Just upsetting an weird. Just cant wait until things get back to normal… Whatever that is..

  2. Mystic, were you really upset or just joking? I can’t read anything right at the moment, so not sure how to interpret your comments. Maybe its the Mercury Retro and its beams of surreality, but I am sure no-one was criticising you or your style in any of the comments here. Crikey, we love you Mystic and respect all your styles, you KNOW that!

    Uber Virgo, I love your Aries Moon-Sagg rising combo. I do not think you have a “tact bypass” (but good phrase!). Thank Goddess you say what you think around here. You are erudite, funny and I enjoy your perspective.

    Lambykins, that is not schadenfreude that you are enjoying; it is schit stirring!

    Now back to the post topic… hubbo has Merc retro in Taurus natally. Since this Merc retro started, he has been much more eloquent than normal, forthcoming with opinions and analysis and having fantastic ideas (typically he has lots going on inside that does not get verbalised). I read that natal Merc retro can signify highly personalised thought and communication style and a lot of inner-dialogue.

    • Nat, my Nat (daughter, Natalie), Cancer Sun 8th, Scorp rising, recently emailed me and said “I miss you terribly”.

      It meant the world to me.

      Those receptive feelers will be on line in no time, eh? xo

    • And okay, confession time….

      My sis, Aries but Mercury in Taurus (cuz Mercury travels closest to the Sun peeps so will either be in the same sign as the Sun or the next, usually..)

      But I have thought of her as rather slow….

      Is that mean?


      Just crappin’ around… 🙂

      My Venus is in Taurus and can testify to “lots going on that doesn’t usually get verbalized….”

      Oh yes. Except through touch… 😉

  3. thank you ladies so much…alot of food for thought. my old jungian analyst would def urge me not to see my ex in the dream as literally my ex but as a part of myself that he represented, but some of my other practitioner peeps would say it absolutely is about him and me and our stuff…

    will have to think alot more about this one…thank you!

  4. hello all..

    any help/insight on this would be very appreciated. im usually good at dreams but these are confusing me.

    last week i served my husband our divorce papers, it was fine, but sad, but you know, it is what it is.
    ok so ive had a series of dreams about him the last few night and i know the whole venus neptune thing is going on.

    last nights was him and i out with our respective friends but not talking to each other. so i kept trying to get his attention, and then someone said ‘there arent enough words in the world to describe how amazing you are” (to me) and i thought ‘excellent!’ because i knew he had overheard. anyway that song ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe came on, (which i love) and i started dancing ad i grabbed my exs hand and we both started dancing together doing funny silly moves and jumping around. he threw his arms around me and said to everyone watching ‘see! we’re both a bit mad thats why we’re perfect together!’ anyway i went to kiss him and he pushed me away and said ‘no! not here in public!’ (he was never into PDA) and i said ‘well i was waiting for you to kiss me but you didnt’. he said ‘yeah i know. i was with this girl who hates me now- she’d said ‘youre the best person in the world to have round in the day but the most difficult to have round at night’.

    and that was the end.

    it was incredibly tangible realistic…

    any thoughts? just me working through the last of my (complicated) feelings for him??

    thanks xx

    • Saggi, you answered it. If it’s come to divorce then your subconcious is
      just moving it around & manifesting in the dreamworld.
      Divorce is way stressful but quite final. Very few couples are ‘perfect’ for
      each other. In 5 decades i have only seen 3 perfect relationships & interestingly
      the peeps were all over 40 year of age.
      Letting can be ‘hard work’. You are letting go with love so the force be with you,
      fellow Sagg, keep prancing along the road of life. x

    • i’m not sure I’m that great at interperps of other’s dreams Saggigal, but how cool is it that you’re getting such compliments!
      Not sure I can add anything you don’t already think about the rest. Interesting that both your ex and the ex friend are reinforcing a dualistic thing though – you can have fun with your ex, but not be romantically attached, (day/night).
      I’d be holding on to the not enough words to describe your wonderfullness bit 🙂

    • What is it that these external relationships brought – or didn’t bring to your waking life that you may now be able to find within yourself as opposed to looking outwards or to others? As in, you know you’re amazing – even if they don’t – or do you? kinda thing. How important is that external input? Re the divorce – I know you’re possibly all breezy Saggo and up and atom about tying up loose ends re paperwork but it’s more than paper, it’s love and memories and shared intangible moments that were right for their times. Be gentle with yourself. It’s a big deal.

  5. Well, the universe is keeping me straight on track with no bull allowed apparently (and no pun intended with the Taurus Rx..)

    Where I live now, we got my pc wireless for about 15 minutes, then, it went off line. Now, cannot even use a modem to get on IE. Will be getting a lap top soon I hope.

    Message is, me thinks, to keep on with the book with no distractions but I need a little bit O’Fun sometimes. I got this beautiful place to live with flowers, ducks, bunny rabbits, trees blossoming and hanging heavy with fruits 😆 (no shit, sounds kinda naughty tho…Swing Low Sweet Chariot….. 😆 … Aw gee I miss ya’ll. Hopefully this thing will be ironed out. Meanwhile, Madeline, 84 yr old Scorpio, was down with the flu for a few days but now just as fiesty as ever. She tells me “God sent you to me”. How sweet she is and just as Scorp as ever….cracks me up.

    Effervescently Aries,

    Sweetpea xo

    • The universe calls it Replacement Therapy.
      Quite a magical place you’re living at now. Good luckin getting
      new laptop soon. The MacPro is rather beautiful & very slim &
      light if your’e a mac fan.
      Blessings x

      • It does feel magical sometimes Pegs. One day, walking along, I realized this was the gift….a beautifull place with abundant nature for healing energies and dear Madeline to teach me what lessons I could not learn with Mother in her elder years as Maddie 11 years her senior. I mean she does wear depends, when sick, she shit her bed, she hurled…LOL…

        Hard core life 101. It’s all very humbling. xo

      • At doc check up, Maddie down to 80 pounds! Today, eating all out of house and home….Took her to two stores….She drives the little cart thingy…So cute and she does damn well….(as she would say….lol)

  6. enforced Vol-cation began day prior to Merc Rx (stories are on Bitch Moon post….) – stuck in Milan having a blast. Planes cancelled 3 times & apparently our A380 Biz class has just been upgraded for the inconvenience?!!

    anyone else having this Merc Rx working in their favour ? ? ?

    Mystic we had a team meeting here re you heeding ‘no big purchases’ – unanimously our collective decided a car or house = big purchase. Bottega Veneto bag is not.


    • Yes rlp. It’s not like strangish things aren’t occurring, but I’m good with it. Am feeling positive and positively unphased by things breaking down. Have literally a grr moment and then go cool, opportunity for change..and then in floats a better option. Yay.

      • yeah ironic a volcano left many of my best friends from around the world ‘stuck’ here – so much fun. but do need some sleep ……. ! ! !
        😉 xox

  7. Can attest to psycho ati work i work for an accountant form and there were tears from the (male aries) boss in a meeting this arvy. That is truly bats!! hide under the covers MM. Most editors are pricks and also under a lot of pressure themselves. Something else will come along. Ask the universe

    • AHAHHAHAHA LOL guess what Leogroover i DID and a international glee fansite has asked me to write the scopes for their site!!! THANKYOU LG! THE UNIVERSE REALLY DOES HELP! 🙂

      • hey matty, that is great! Congratulations! Knew you could do it. 🙂 Keep us posted on your achievements, we’re all cheering for you.

      • Thats fantastic. the universe will deliver if you deserve it. I ask her for work ,to get home with my bomby car etc etc. Never works when I want certain peeps to ring and others not too. That is up to the Lobster phone to sort.

  8. Matty M don’t you dare take this personally because it is not. Everyone in mag land is completely psycho right now and they are making endless dumb decisions because of it. I mean, have picked up a magazine lately? Dumb insulting shitola. And I say that as a woman who adores magazines, beauty products, fashion and reading.

    • awww thanks Leo Socialite! Actually to tell you the truth i havent picked up any form of mag in like the last 3 months. Should probably go past newsagency tomorrow…

  9. hmmm i have to admit i have been blaming certain peeps for the whining and crying. I think it was to hide my own – Remember that teen magazine i write astro for? Well they just dropped my column :'(

    BUT! i have made a promise to myself to not take it personally.. business (even astro business) is just business. So noting that i’m gonna take this Merc retro in my stride!

    • Yes Matty, you’re young and fab and brill…one day your Saggability will look upon this moment and realize it has prepped you for something infinitely better.

      And hey, if it happened during the retro, they may have to retro that decision..and you could possibly ask for more $$ if you are then in a position to be courted.

    • Matt magazines are dying & only the strong will survive.
      italian vogue will endure whilst many other titles will evaporate.
      all c/ the huge (inevitable) shift from investing in print advertising to internet – & next wave – mobile phone advertising.

      so don’t take it personally – you’ll be smart & find a new place for your witt & observations right?
      my own print stuff has shrunk 50%.
      Mystic experienced similar from various publishers.
      payment for online content is almost here – dig around & see what you can find?? & keep us posted – xox ps angel’s Merc Rx is interesting observation ………

  10. i think the lobster should use a claw to nip the ear of the phone user, when s/he is about to let rip or drunk dial or otherwise use the phone in a way that will reflect badly on its user. a sort of ‘tough lobster love’ approach.

    • you are sooo silly UP. it should also make weird noises when you’ve dialled any ex ( that you’ve preloaded into the phone) and give you a mild electical shock to stop you.

      • or better yet a sharp shooting pain to the groin area.. to stop your loins dead from even thinking of burning.

        • hahaha I think FA means burning in a good way…the heat, the smokin’ etc.
          In fact, all phones should come fitted with these devices! why hasn’t someone invented this? So you can edit settings and include all phone numbers of People You Shouldn’t Be Calling. When you call them, the phone diverts to a soothing pre-recorded message “This is your Sanity Alert. You have been directed to to this message as you are in clear and present danger of making a fool of yourself. Please reconsider the reason for your call. If it after 9pm, hang up and do not call until tomorrow. Please blow into the handset *now* for a blood alcohol reading….” hehe … etc”

          • Very funny UP! My Sun & Merc in Cancer hopes you make a ton from the caring idea of “Preventing Self Harm Phone App #1: People You Should Not Be Calling”. Breathalyser would be a great accessory.

            My Moon in Aries is opposed as it reminds me a bit of putting speed limiters on cars. Maybe some of us need it but it shouldn’t be compulsory. I hate any lowest common denominator stuff as I think it prevents growth.

          • that should have read …I hate any _*compulsory*_ lowest common denominator stuff… (interrupted AGAIN whilst trying to finish a sentence…)

            gawd this mercury retro is a pain in the arse isn’t it? I cannot finish a single train of thought without interruption, trying to operate as usual but with total brain scatter, and already several electronic stuff ups, delays, confusions, misinterpretations, people not showing up as arranged etc. Hubbo nearly electrocuted himself yesterday using the drop saw. Still, a Merc retro in an earth sign is better for me than the one we had in a water sign (Cancer?) last year. That was diabolical!

            Anyone feeling a bit angry? My temper is flaring big style – and in a millisecond. Must be Mars going forward (at fuqing last). That or I am drinking too much coffee 🙂

          • you know the ideas have been flowing like the East Australian Current lately… more today…loving it.

            Nat could be the coffee – i find it makes me a bit manic and short fused if I OD.

            Have also had random possible merc retro things (server misbehaving, eftpos not working in shops etc), I am normally pretty relaxed about these things so i am making sure I am extra relaxed about it if it seems to be happening a lot…it’s like being stuck in traffic, just gotta go with it…

            Bit scary about hubby nearly electrocuting himself?? Can the power tools wait a bit? eek

            I also totally agree about the State “mothering” its citizens…thus we don’t actually figure it out for ourselves and – what you said – opportunity for growth.

            gotta get offline now but hope things smooth out 4u a bit. Maybe something is aspecting your progressed mars, or mars is aspecting something else (activating hot temper etc?) . Perhaps you are a bit stressed and short fused as a result? I hope not. take care xxxx

          • Yay for your idea flow UP. Write them down. Yes, it could be caffeine overload to blame. I bought some decaf today (what’s the point?!) and some herbal tea (“Tension Tamer”!).

  11. i always thought it meant i was doomed to foot in the mouth type blunders and bad financial decisions! (neither of which are really true)

  12. i have mercury retro in taurus (conjunct my sun, conjunct my asc)

    and yes, i love this idea of a unique circular communication style – not the written word (saturn in the 3rd house makes it tortuous) but i speak and flow, linking across lots of topics….

      • yeah rache wallowing is soooo good for you. You’re doing it in style babe. You gotta work through the wallow until its all gone and then bounce outta bed ready to face the world.

        Its like pouting for Leo’s – we are so good at it why deny our natural birth right

        • hahaha I like how you think!

          I think it was fellow Leo Charles Bukowski who advocated fighting depression by staying in bed and not doing anything for days until you couldn’t wait to get up again. I tried to find the quote, but I think it’s an entire short story in Notes From a Dirty Old Man.

          I am an Aqua/Taurus/Taurus. Triple fixed, lazy but a thinker. I can lounge in bed reading for an eternity. I am such a cat.

  13. “What Would Dali Do?”

    I dreamed intensely and weirdly last night .. no melting clocks but some very arresting, grotesque and remarkable motifs came up.

  14. “i am getting strong urges to radically revise routines and habits but i naturally attribute THAT to the Saturn-Uranus opposition”

    That explains my desire to change my hair but I don’t dare with Mercury in Retro.

  15. i have mec retro in libra. does that make me an infamous poet? *giggle*

    dali would melt. or get HIS ear lopped off by that telephone there. it looks painful to touch.

    oh, and just in case there’s any doubt Ms. M … i left a handful of astro peeps for you– and this is the ONLY place i have ever even considered ‘blogging’ or whatever it is we are doing here.

    put that in your pipe and smoke it.. or in your hat and flaunt it. or hide it in the basement cause lord knows i kinda got a reputation…

  16. Just assisted at my best mate’s birth – a son born Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Scrop asc and merc retro. Woo hoo! What a cracker kid, really. Still high on the whole experience (to the point of crashing every electrical system in my office today now I am back at work… nah not merc retro or maybe, I dont know, I seem to do this with with ludicrous regularity)..

    Having read this post (thanks Mystic) I think its clear; ask not what Jesus can do for you, but rather…. WWDD? Some zealot got the wristbands wrong after all, I knew it!

    Thanks Mystic, there’s something in this for all of us.

    • tis true prowln. but Aqua Fey, if you start making a nuisance of yourself with the electro-disruptions – grab yourself some Aventurine and keep it on your person. It absorbs your excess-electro-zaps, and chills out repressed emo. I like the green variety best.

  17. Venus is alligned with Algol… 26 Deg Taurus.. Merc’s Ret… + the Sat/UranusOpp… good time to shoal up with trusted compadres and guffaw about “the horror”, cook a stew in the cave, and/or write some freaky weird-shit Sexy Terminators From The Future-No Holds Barred S+M Sci-fi…. or.. live it and head on out for bodysnatchingzombietronicinematique heroinsheikfreaksville and wonder WTF happened Manana.

  18. That’s funny– I’ve had this nagging feeling for the past several days that I need to radically alter my life. I think I will.

    • excellent, I am having same impulse. just finished room. feels beautiful, now. self . work up to date, clear all debt, aim arrows high ready for may

    • MARGARET ATWOOD has mercury retrograde. Goddess I love Margaret Atwood, one of the top novelists on earth! (She’s Scorp with Gemini rising, Aqua moon and merc retro in Saggo)

      • hmmm me too (merc rx + lerv MA) am just rereading (for the nth time) “the handmaids tale” have a yet unread copy of “the year of the flood” didn’t enjoy “orxy & crake”, so am being cautious, but just couldn’t leave it on the shelf at the bookshop she rocks!

    • Yeah, I heard it’s associated with a different thinking style. Circular, rather than linear. I love the idea of that, how refreshing!

    • thanks for this surreal post. I love Dali’s mind.
      I noticed I have Virgo Mercury Retrograde and that explains why I have trouble communicating but can write lyrics, poems without any real effort. thank you for your insights.

    • I got natal Merc Retro and blamed my dyslexia on it.
      Yes, I know, dyslexic – ironic due to the name and all – but true….

  19. I have always wondered about this mercury retro thing for people born with mercury retrograde. Does that mean your mind works backwards?

    • that’s a bit harsh. i’m born under mercury retrograde. i heard its effects are seeing things where other people don’t

    • It suggests having keen observational skills, PI like.
      If you were born with Merc Retro, it is worth looking at your progressions to see if or when Merc Retro goes direct- it can signify a significant shift in energy. As example, a friend born with Merc Retro had asthma since childhood & when merc retro went direct by progression in his chart, his asthma cleared up. It can suggest an end to shyness, inhibitions etc etc

    • I’ve merc retro, in taurus. I’m seeing this current merc retro as a reminder I do need to slow my brain to mouth process down at times. Particularly at the moment when by transit I’ve neptune sq merc, uranus sextile it and saturn trine it. Lots of vague/rashness followed up by self-flagellating evaluation? And lots of typos.
      My merc is trine my saturn, I do a lot of reflective self-evaulative thinking (to my detriment at times)

  20. I can appreciate Merc Retro for what it is, but Dali just does my head in. Henri Matisse is more my style.

  21. I do believe Dali & I share a birthday – I have Sun & Merc in Taurus & LOVE a bit of surrealism, it’s true.

      • Ahem…er…I was just trying to quell the GENERAL merc retro hysteria, i.e. everyone expecting everything to go tits up a la Pluto meets Armageddon etc…It wasn’t personal.

        Aw come on, you know I worship you, and you’re more fun than Barry and you have better hair.

        • i agree UV. Sometimes its like if its predicted it will happen no matter what is actually real in your life. But MM is so good that is does happen., I have had a shite 2 weeks so has my teen boy. But now we have made up so merc rx is gone a far as i’m concerned. I’m laying low tho as peeps are flipping out around me.

    • Yeahbut, I wasn’t pleased with Astro Barry’s weekly scope for Taurus, which described Mercury as a “guest who’s long overstaying his welcome.” Mercury ruled Gemini and Virgo scopes aren’t particularly full of sunshine and unicorns either.

          • i got a reading from him a few years ago too. It was amazing. I think he’s great but still think Mystic’s better with the Daily’s, Weekly’s, Monthly’s, Cosmic consults (well that’s everthing!!!).
            Barry tends to waffle too much but never gets to the point. I find his verbosity frustrating at times. I prefer Mystic’s flash insights. Must be her Merc in Aries. 🙂

          • did you go to the ASTRO night Mystic did in Syders few years back with Astro Bazzo??

            together they are differently amazing!!

          • Chesh! you’re back! where you been? you seem like a ram raider these days, just dropping (crashing?) in and out, LOL!

          • Chesh – Spesh !!!!

            so now only 3 month until you’re wedded…. man time flies!!
            hope all travels smoothly in love & life for you

            xox 😉 xox

          • 😆 no, I meant that’s what has occupied me for the past 12 weeks. I sort of thought my changed avatar might be an indication. Event went off extremely well two weeks ago tomorrow. We only came home two days ago. Feed-back has concluded great food, great wine, great setting, great fun. I’m feeling smug and don’t care where Mercury is even thought my computer crashed the moment I turned it back on. It was healed today.

          • spesh that’s fantastic!!
            BTW still in Europe (for few more hours) & mostly commenting c/ iPhone, hence Av’s not always apparent lol

        • I thought the nuptuals had long since taken place??? howsit all going, still blissful happy, happy with the alpha toro?

          my best mate, the scorp engineer has found herself an alpha toro and is blissfully happy (not that one could entirely tell, do scorps never SHOW their happiness, or do they just not trust it? info on this, Scorps please). it’s good to see even though i’m still bereft post High Maintenance.

          • and Mystic, when you going to have another astro night, it’s time a few wild card were strewn about again?!

          • Hell yeah, i show my happiness. 🙂 Can’t stop grinning and smiling when i’m happy. Having a moon in Saggo helps. Without my Sagg moon I’d be such a grumpy bum. My Cap rising can be such a party pooper at times.

            Anyway, happiness is fleeting. I prefer to be content.

        • Well everyone has their own style but if it’s sober and considered you prefer, how about i post just once or twice a week & then I am sure I will be able to take the time to work up a more measured style???

          I tried not posting at ALL on Friday but sadly my ideas seem to have only gotten, if anything, MORE frivolous. What 2 do?

          • It’s not sad to be MORE frivolous.
            I wouldn’t worry – You are also perfectly capable of sober and considered – think of the merc retro advice for subscribers, saturn-pluto warning raves, and many many more.
            Personally I think these are great info-rich summaries you put together and your genuine desire for people to be aware of the potential astro-scenarios.
            I actually print these out fr re-reading as do lots of other subscribers.
            I love your light-hearted, sideways posts as well as your official astro advice, alerts etc..
            I also use your info to compare with my natal chart aspects to see if that sheds even more helpful info’s and heads-up’s.
            you have to be who you are otherwise you would die of boredom and then there would be NO Mystic! Tragedy for us all!! 🙁
            I don’t mind rapid-fire posts with a bit of stream of consciousness. Just do it baby. You’ll know if you want to or need to change but I don’t think any of us are thinking that you need to. And look at all the comments you generate on nearly all your posts – we still have a lot to say xxxxx

          • My apologies, Mystic. I didn’t make the comment about Barry as any reflection on you. I’m very sorry. Surely you know NO ONE does astro as well or as entertainingly as you do it. It was insensitive of me, and truly I only mentioned it because I thought he’d written a good article, that’s all. It came out wrong. Your scopes and your blog are the best!

            Damn my Aries moon Sagg rising combo. Tact bypass. 🙁

          • Don’t. Change. Anything (unless of course, you really want to).

            Didn’t come here for sober and considered. Came for your fab freako energy.


      • I like Baz’s scopes. I obviously like mystic’s scopes too. Baz takes a poetic big-picture view, which I appreciate. Being science-minded I never rely on one perspective… must form opinion from several sources . (probably the Gemini in me too).

  22. Dali would put on his best suit, roll himself in chicken shit and cover himself in feathers. Or that’s how he wooed Gala away from Paul Eluard.

    • sounds like something ms. gaga would do?
      Dali would get high then run off a pier screaming of flying sea turtles and how we are all going to turn into bathtubs 🙂

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