Chiron, Ceres and The Burnt Pot

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This burnt pot picture above is not actually mine but it is very similar to how mine looks right now.

Heeding Kim Falconer’s Daily Scopes Astro-Flash today, about how there are messages in inanimate objects et al, I think i know what this is. Chiron is currently nearly conjunct my Ceres.

Without worrying about this too much (because Mercury in Aries does not slow down to navel gaze and one is already battling through the turgid plains of Mercury batso in Taurus) I think Chiron on my Ceres is telling me that i am not actually a cook so don’t pretend.

The idea was to make Taurus Soup (organic bean mix) and be all earthy and together with my soup. But it is not me. I live near a street with a long row of cafes and restaurants for a reason. I mean, who could fuq up a soup mix?

So, everyone be alert for messages from everyday objects and/or Chiron heading into Pisces.

I am going to do an extended rave on Chiron later but first I need to ventilate le kitchen.

57 thoughts on “Chiron, Ceres and The Burnt Pot

  1. Let the pot soak with a paste of bicarb soda and water across the bottom for few hours or over night.

    • Mindfulness? ..attentiveness..focus, stay at the stove and stir the pot? be gentle? (low heat, lots of water)
      don’t try and do 3 things at once? etc.. (not preaching – just suggestions, i am also a doer of 5 things at once)

      • Attentive cooking can be a means of slowly down the mind, focusing on one detail at a time, letting things come to you with the rhythm of the stir. Multi-tasking cooking is not giving the life giving potential of the food you are making the respect that it deserves. Disrespect its life force by not lovingly caring for its every cooking detail and it will give you only blackness in return.

        Or you didn’t put enough water in it?

        • oh sooooo true! food is a reflection of our vibe and the end result can, not only sustain us, but can convey love, respect and passion. mabes if you can’t find the energy to cook with that in mind, the universe is telling you to receive these gifts from someone else who can. or just get some takeaway, and wash the frickin pot in the morning!

    • I was only expressing concern for your cauldron, but come to think of it, apart from the cooking discouragement, there might also be a pattern in the carbon, like reading tea leaves, coffee grinds and the rosetta stone etc. Your ex’s face in the burnt beans?

    • The message was you really didn’t want to eat Taurus organic bean mix Soup and your Piscean Sun/Aqua Asc pass/aggly stirred the pot so to speak.

      I think you really wanted to go to the cafe down the road and get a fabulous plate of fettucine ala vodka with mushrooms, wilted spinach, garlic, lashings of cream and parmesan and possibly huge tiger prawns (that’s if you eat prawns .. I’m sure I read somewhere you are vego). Oh and heaps of garlic bread. Red wine. A bunch of fab friends to rave on with until closing.

  2. Yes, true Mystic, but you gotta admit – that’s a Very Virgo thing for Uber Virgo to suggest. :D

  3. I thought this was your usual Piscean cookery result, no offense intended except cooking is usually not tres high on their focus list.

    It more starts as an inspirational idea (case in point with Taurus Soup and invoking earthiness) then ends with a distracted gab regards new hot neighbor with Sanskrit tatts and killer abs, and ignorations of the burning smell as one assumes it must be one’s loins smoking. Sort of thing.

    My mother was a Pisces and she did turn out fantastic dishes, on a hit or miss basis. But it was always fun. As long as you didn’t have to clean up after. It was like Bosnia after.

    • Don’t spread any blame to Taurus by naming this “Taurus soup.” Bean soup is more of an air dish. Or more correctly, a gas dish. Hot methane gas.

      • Actually, I wasn’t..but the Divine M did call it that. I don’t think any meal is truly Taurean without potatoes, or risotto or something hearty to ground the meal down.

        But..don’t bulls produce lots of methane anyway?

      • Oh UP, I speaketh the truth.. trust me, I have seen this in action…soup or a good flirt? Surely you must know the Piscean answer to this.

    • It’s the Kataka Ether Net that’s why Pisceans are hot and charming, as they simply appeal to you so that you find yourself swabbing the kitchen on hands and knees after they have Neptuned you into submission. And this after a meal when you tried not to wince as you swallowed.

      One thinks it’s a bleach high but non, it’s the Piscean Charm Fog amply deployed. And breasts help of course.

      And as I recall, yours even had a bunny on it.. very dirty! haha

      • Thanks babe x
        He finally cleaned it!! my death stares post asking seem to be more effective sadly. I prefer direct communication- actually I just prefer people to get it in the first place, but some people only respond to fear…

        underdeveloped over privileged man-child. Last time I confronted him he hid from me for 2 days. Doesn’t stop this highly wtf antics of extreme power grabs on his behalf though. Not my fault if you suck and I naturally emasculate you.

        My IC is in libra, I just love my house to be beautiful and warm for OTHERS as well as my own joy.

        he actually asked for some of my coffee at the door the other day cause I didn’t buy him one?!

        how do people dodge manners and evolving for so long?

        • I once had a roommate who, as I was running a bath, asked if he could quickly use the toilet. I understood this to mean he would need to use the loo bit…but he came out with a wet and thoroughly washed head.

          I was perplexed and asked, but how did you do that, I’m running my bath?

          He answered, “Oh I didn’t think you’d mind if I dipped my head in there.”


          • oh god. what?!

            that is just weird.

            i’ve got some killer stories but that was all back in the day stuff. no excuse at this age..

      • really? I have read in your posts about housemate woe’s. no good bella. x

        interestingly enough re ceres our woe is centered around the kitchen as the main area for manifestation. the real issues are of course much more than dishes and food stealing or whatever but its all kitchen centric atm.

  4. Chiron trine my Sun as it moves to Piseces- both my sun and Chiron in 8th house….. what does it really mean? Essencially I got from it that I might move into a healing profession- but I’m completing my architecture degree…. so again I’m confused…..

  5. :lol: :lol:

    I don’t why it is so funny but I do wonder how on EARTH did you burn soup! :D

    Secret ingredients to soup is lots of stock, fresh herbs and a pair of eyes to check on it every so often….. :D

  6. Your email & server problems Mystic?

    I got a few ‘burnt pots’ in my life at the moment. Leave out in sun for….oh, yonks…& it will peel off, eventually.

  7. I can’t help but think it doesn’t get more earthy than ashes. Maybe you were thinking earth when you started it and the universe granted your wish. All the soup is good for is compost. Speaking of mesages from inanimate sewer burst open spewing forth filth…considering I was working like a slave to get house ready for sale (ex doing nothing to assist) It may be that all the emotional crap literally came to the surface. Great think is cleaned up drain unblocked…just like my heart x

  8. Okay the message could be indicating some sort of burn out.

    Years ago, my old car would actually try to start itself — while parked with no one in it and also while I was driving, which is quite dangerous because it can burn out the motor. At the time I was emotionally overwrought and in danger of burn out.

  9. OMG! I burnt a pot as i was commenting earlier. I was steaming some veges and wondering they were taking so long to cook. The stovetop was on but i forgot to put water in the saucepan! D’oh! What a dill i am!

  10. GET OUT OF TOWN I burned the CRAP out of my biodynamic rice today. So I made a barbequed rice with haloumi, pine nuts, dried appricot, fresh mint, cracked salt and pepper olive oil drizzle. And that was just the rice bit.

  11. This whole Chiron thing….yes, what does it mean Mystic? You said for
    AQUA: “Chiron changing signs is always a pain as it really reveals what has changed forever and is not coming back…” Do tell…!??

  12. I cannot cook rice at all, because my attention wanders and I am off doing something else -la la la- and burn it, the pot and stink up the house. While living with my sister and she chewed me out for burning her pot, I decided that the message is- stay in the kitchen. What do I have to change in my lifestyle -so that I can stay in the kitchen while I cook?
    This new apt has a humoungous kitchen, so now I can do things in the same room as my food, even though I am sure I will still be disracted, it will be easier for me to commit energy to cooking and not burning it, if I can see it……

    I dunno how happy I am about Chiron in Pisces, cause that’s where my moon is. I haven’t felt a lot of healing going on in my Aries sun. But all this Pluto opposition sun is busy killing off everything, so it’s hard to say. Healing would be nice.

  13. Chiron is opposite my Mars and my back is killing me plus I have burned every other meal I made in the last two weeks. My bi-carb of soda is running out…

    • Ha? The thing swallowed my comment.

      Anyway, woundedness/healing/redemption through nutrition, mothering, growing food and fertility. Needs to be a tight conjunct though, within 2 degrees for asteroids.

  14. what about hecate conjunct chiron in aries natally? as far as i can rem, she’s a wise old crone who aids in all witchbitch bussiness yes? they natally oppose mars+uranus in libra, how would all of that combine?

    i realize i am pushing in on your answer hodad, and being demanding of wisdom and healing, sorry very atypical of me – would THAT be the manifestation of this astro?aha?!

    • Actually it’s worth doing a site search as Mystic has written quite a bit on the goddesses including Hecate.

      I’m not so familiar with her but she’s like the trickster witch, a bit like Mercury but more nocturnal and magical and rules crossroads and dreaming. She’s a gatekeeper between consciousnesses. Mixed with Chiron sounds intriguing, so your woundedness and redemption are going to be bound up with occult or intuitive forces. I’m guessing here but Aries would give the combination force and audacity, but it might be tempered by mars uranus unpredictability or inconsistency. Better if you used mars uranus innovativeness and creativity to make it work.

      • Ta muchly UV :-)

        It’s always illuminating to have the properly synthesised astro-story read back to one, I muggins can still only read the astro-alphabet symbols as it were.

  15. Well thanks for responding. I have Ceres at 29 Aqua conjunct Chiron at 1 degree Pisces—so yes that would be a very tight conjunction. It is in the sixth house opposite Pluto in the 12th–All I can think to say about that is my mother died when I was young,and I really enjoy cooking and the whole nurturing aspect of it.Does Ceres also rule just plain old cooking?

    • Ceres definitely rules cooking. I think the trick with the asteroids/goddesses is to study the themes of their associated myths. Ceres was an earth goddess of harvests — also the archetype of Virgo. So nurturing is key. Interesting you have her opposite Pluto because while you lost your mother, Ceres lost her daughter to Pluto and her mourning became autumn winter. So Ceres is also concerned with maternal attachment to their offspring.

      In the sixth house — does your day to day work involve nurturing in some form?

  16. Yes most of my jobs have either been working as a nanny or in restaurants as a cook.So feeding people and taking care of kids have been a theme.On top of that I am a Cancer.This opposition takes place in the 6th/12th house so there is a Pisces/Virgo thing going on.My asteroid Persephone is at 9 Sagittarius squaring my Pluto,maybe too out of range to square the Chiron/Ceres conjunction.I really like the Persephone myth and it has played out quite literally in my life.
    After my mother passed away,it is kind of interesting that my Dad was the one who did all the cooking,not me.He had a big interest in it and had a handwritten book of recipes he collected.He even entered a cooking contest!

    • And you’re coming up to your Chiron return, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you revisited all these themes for the duration of that transit, especially since Chiron will also oppose your natal Pluto.