A Hotel Room Only A Virgo Could Love?

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Veuve Clicquot

This is a room-to-be in a new Veuve Clicquot hotel. But it is not for sitting around swilling champagne in. It is a jet-lag recovery room. I am not sure what the pillars are for. Any other colour and they would be reminiscent of The Lorax.

But as it is, is the idea that you think you are still sort of on the plane?  I am thinking that it would be fantastically simple to clean and that it would thus make the Virgoan amongst us tremendously at ease…no?

A Libra would scream the whole place down at those curtains. You’d think Aquarius/Pisces would like (space-agie) but i think they’d start freaking out about alien abductions. Really, it’s like the ‘honeymoon suite’ of the U.F.O. does it not?

Designer peeps not-stuck-in-Milan because of the volcano in Iceland, please explain the bed shape?

36 thoughts on “A Hotel Room Only A Virgo Could Love?

  1. yuk. my 1st impression is: not a fan. moulded plastic?? as a design feature? ok sure why not just stay on the plane if that’s what you’re going to be staring at while you try to nod off.

    maybe the pillars are there to help support the plastic, as that curtain runner may weaken the strength of the plastic ceiling otherwise?
    maybe the plastic shape is some new way of concealing services e.g. air con

  2. Ick…hospital curtains and alien interiors. Looks like a strange operating theatre minus the lights to me.

  3. I want lamps, loathe over head lighting in the bedroom. Could curl up under that rug/blankie thing right now…

  4. That room gives me the absolute creeps. Yeeucch!! Reminds me of antacid lining a stomach.

  5. WTF? Not even a Virgo on crack would love this. The colour scheme is institutional, the surfaces are all synthetic and it has a kind of sinister egg timerish vibe, like you could flip the room when you want it to become a bathroom or on office or something.

    No, this is Kubrick’s idea of a torture chamber.

  6. Or maybe a Virgo extraterrestrisexual would like it as their love nest. Not that I’ve met one. I even got dressed up on Saturday night and tried to flag down some UFOs, but couldn’t get a date. Maybe they prefer Cancerians.

    • Yes, they actually do. Or at least I do.

      “Are you psychotic, alien or simply vanilla-demented? Come talk to me” seems to be the flashing head lines over my little crabby head. As an Aqua Moon, it gets even worst as the green ooky fellows seem to vibe on that.

      And no, it’s not just the big goobly eyes, it’s because we’re the sign least likely to have you quartered and drawn, imagine an extraterrestisexual alighting upon an Aries…they’d be on skewered in a hot second!

      But back to the room. As a V Rising I cannot endorse this abomination, because no, it is not easy to clean. The fact that the bed appears to be on a dais juxtaposed oddly in the room, not to mention those three pillars being quite close, means even the Dyson has no hope of zooming through with orderly ease.

      To me this room says, Surgery. Not sleep.

  7. Good fuqing lawrd…..and not the good kind.
    The plasticky parts suggest it’s easy to clean, once they’ve disembowelled you, but then there’s carpeting outside the easy-to-clean flooring. Hm…
    Box in the corner for your organs to be sold on the black market, nifty fridge that is.

    • HEY! The Chinese in me is offended..perhaps a bit o’ guilt there though.

      Good observation. Maybe the curtains are meant to wrap around so as to prevent bowels from getting on the carpet?

  8. Non! Look at those sharp corners in which filth might accumulate!

    This Virgo loathes.

    I think it looks like the secret nap room of a Cancerian millionaire who doesn’t want to get away from the office building – has elements of spaghetti (carby style curtains); white plastic chair curve design (you know those $10 ones you get at hardware store for suburban bbq – ubiquitous in Cancerian millionaire’s impoverished yet family filled childhood) and slight nouveau riche faux arty shout out to lady curves.

    Just sayin.

    • I sorry Friday, but no self-respecting Noveau Riche Kataka will spend a cent on something this uncomfortable. If it’s going to be tacky, it has to at least scream HOME, and this kind of more yells, “Ritual Disembowelment”.

      • LOL … yeah ritual disembowelment from another galaxy. All it needs is a menacing looking anal probe.

        Actually it looks Dexter’s chop shop.

        • prowln a menacing anal probe might actually make this room feel a bit warmer.. at least there’s something there to greet you, intimately? :)

        • Dexter would probably appreciate this. Sans carpet, it’s all wash ‘n’ go!

    • An Alien Aqua on a bad acid trip?? I can’t imagine them liking this normally given that there isn’t actually any apparent technology, maybe it’s hidden..but on a wild acid trip on a health farm somewhere, it could possibly happen.

      As they may WISH for ritual disembowelment after having sprouts and acid for 2 weeks straight…

      • LOL!

        Fascinating! I went on the website to work it out, and it seems there’s an international hoax regarding Veuve – perhaps this is part of it??

        Do go on the site – choose your country as USA – the refutation is so beautifully worded: “We strongly condemn this hoax and hope that it will end.”

    • OK Mystic – at the press preview for this ‘sleep capsule’ so we drank a bottle each whilst trying to digest this AND not offend the designer.

      ITS FUGGGGGGGING FUGLY – bu the PR blurb is its a sleep capsule designed to ward of jetlag cos the champers is at the correct temp – side table keep the bottle chilled at 15.5 deg.

      can you believe we were doing our job in quaffing the Veuve sponsored installation??


  9. Actually, I kind of like this room. Everything has soft edges, so there are no places to stub my toes. If you want to see a Taurus miserable, incapacitated, rolling on the ground in pain, just put something in his path that he will stub a toe on. My toes are my Achilles Heel, so to speak.

  10. NONONONNONONNONNONONO! it’s part boring office and part set for 2001: A space odessey. ickcicicickick. ick.

  11. What’s wrong with performing the occasional spot of ritual disembowellment anyway? Perhaps it’s a modernistic Gaudi-influenced sacrificial chamber for the up-to-the minute high priestess.

    • Did you just post that whilst you were sharpening your knives and wearing a silly little smile tati? Haha.. how scorpionic of you.

      Maybe it’s a “self-cleaning” disembowelment room, you do the business, shut the door and the wash cycle just sweeps away all manner of blood, gut and membrane…

  12. This Libra says eeewww….no pillars and new curtains! wtf? There is no way i could sleep in that room.

  13. This Virgo says Yes please!! It might be a bit hospital clean and sterile looking, so bring on the rejuvenating therapies…. colonic irrigations during your downtime anyone??

    For Uber Virgo – I’ve never met an extra terrestial either, I tried glow in the dark alien knickers, didn’t get me a UFO – but did score a delightful lesbian starship captain.

  14. Why the fuq would this be a Virgo dream????????
    Virgo is an earth sign, I’m tired of the sterile view of Virgo.
    The order of nature and the universe is enough, no need for this bullshit order created by some human!!! Gosh!

  15. I am a Virgo this does not appeal to me in the slightest…… I’m all for ya know, uh simplicity whatever… but Virgo has style and this room is seriously lacking in style

  16. if it will transport me to my new beau at warp speed, make it so.
    Sun Uranus Pluto Virgo/ Neptune Scorp I like.

  17. (I’m a virgo)
    and first impression: oh my god this room is so cuuuute ^____^
    I so wanna try this bed it looks so cute and comfy and I love the colors and everything but it would have been better if the pillars seemed like they came out from the floor and slowly their color faded to white and then reached the ceiling, it would have been very perfect!