When I Am A Benevolent Empress…

W.C. Drupsteen

…Leos or people with prominent Leonic placements in their charts will have the right to apply for beautiful Lion/Sekhmet styled features in their bathrooms. Fleur de Lis dressing gowns and candelabra – so long as they are Haute Leo enough. Even the most humble busker but with beautiful music and attitude will be eligible.

But though I love the style of this pic, there is a darker aspect – she is beautiful to behold from the side but what is this poor girl seeing in the mirror? A more judgemental her?

And, if you are a Leo or have full on Leo in your Scope, would you like Lion themed taps a la the above?

36 thoughts on “When I Am A Benevolent Empress…

  1. yeah you’re right, the reflection in the mirror is weird looking. Looks like she is popping a zit.

  2. Have always loved lions & the lion symbol on anything turns me on.
    As a child lived just a kilometer from the zoo & the lions used to wake
    me at 5am every morning when demanding their breakfast.
    What was the old biblical story of Daniel in the Lion’s den about?
    Would def have lions taps & statues in my fantasy mansion.

    She’s wondering if she needs special neck creme or will her current
    La Parie moisturiser will do the job……

      • HoneyChilde, i had a truly magical childhood as the Museum, Art Gallery, Public Library
        & Botanical & Zoological Gardens were within cooey, in actual fact, literally across the
        street & up the terrace, amazing for an only child living in the CBD.

        On the path to Ancient MavenHood, that era was a blessing to carry with me
        when things went awry.
        Thank you for your appreciation.
        And for anyone that hasn’t had the same, recreate it now.

        This was the Empress Speaking.

    • Peg, what a great experience to carry with you. I heard a lion roar once and I’ll never forget it. It evoked a visceral response of fear and awe. I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear that as a child.

      • Nature2, At 5am them lions ain’t happy, they grunt from deep in their
        chests as you would if behind bars.

        A fab quote from the Bible that the rastafarians took up & it says
        ‘they roar like young lions & their voice shall be heard across the nations’.
        So find your lion voice.
        Let’s all roar together…….practise.
        Can be fun to use with your lover (s).

  3. Or is she looking for any bats in the cave…. :D

    I like the lion themed taps but have not much leo in my chart except true node in leo… some of my close peeps call me Simba, never thought much about that.

  4. I’m a Leo Sun, Mercury, Mars & rising, but I actually hate the ‘supposed’ Leo image/aestethic most astrologers presume. Leonic memorabilia, big hair , golden jewelry and fancy antiques all freak me out. Is it my cancer Venus then, prefering more toned down & grayscale life space et all?

  5. leo asc. nope.
    like my cats real.
    I think my venus in taurus guides my sense of aesthetics much more than my leo asc, which saturn likes to keep a firm rein on.

  6. The link for the illustraion is from a snow white type story called Snow Drop. Is that the evil Queen?

  7. Love the taps! but need bigger mirror! dont mind the message its bringing. I personally think she is having to crane her neck to see more!

  8. Leo rising – in theory i like the taps. I would like them if they were in a hotel or restaurant or something.
    They would be too gaudy for my Libran sun and moon to have in my own house.

  9. Love the gown tho to swan about in and have raptures, hissy fits and the vapours. Lots of Leoin me but can’t do the Victorian look rather have something funky but not the bland look of today’s beige, gray ans steel look. yes tio a bigger mirror and love the candleabra.
    Old and newfor me triple Leo , venus in Kataka?

  10. Leo with Venus in Libra, and I would quite like the lion taps–IF–the rest of my house matched them, i.e., I lived in a castle/estate. That is all.

  11. I like the odd homage to lions somewhere in my home. However I think it needs restraint to work. Which looks strange as a statement as I type, as most leonine shaped anything are usually gilt, or thumping heavy iron/stone lions, or um the mega lions that flank the NY library. I whimper with longing when I drive past these massive lions along Nudgee Rd (they’re in the garden section of an antique store)…spazzy aqua laughs at me…and asks,’ what on earth would you DO with them?’ ( There is a pair)…my entirely rational (to me) response is ‘I’d be happy to just hang out with them…letting them be.’

    Back to the bathroom query, if I had my own private bathroom(as in off with their heads if anyone dared breach the doorway) it would be clad in mirrors and a thumping great crystal dripping light fitting and marble walls and then I’d relish having that tap spout water upon my hands. Just saying. Leo sun Leo in Merc in the 3rd house.

    • Leaving Ballina driving south there is a pride of Lions in someones yard – all concrete, just hanging out…

    • LL, ME TOO! The big massive lion thing is something I’d love if indeed I had a museum sized estate to install them in. I’d like mine to be Aslan sized in white hi-gloss ceramic, and I’d like two thanks very much facing each other in full roar, flanks tense.

      Because occasionally, my Empress Self would like to sit astride them to do some Mars Type Planning which I would do on a huge blank canvas a la Art of War. Or just when I’m trying to talk myself uber up. Or for my photo shoot, when I drape myself tanned and virtually naked on one of them.. haha

      Naturally this would be in a room with black stained wooden floors, all white walls and yes, the requisite chandelier on a very white ceiling. Venus in Leo. Of course.

      • Oh sorry, but no, I wouldn’t want them in the bathroom.. my dream Leonic bathroom would be a gold and amber dream, with Italian murano glass gold flecked tiles, and sliding silk panels that would offer some privacy as it would of course be a massive bathroom.

        My accent color would be a peony pink, dabbed here and there, on a pillow maybe and the plushest towels. And my dream sink would be made of mirror so I can watch myself wash.. wouldn’t worry about the cleaning as the help will do it, non?

        Light bulbs will be soft, but basically, I want to feel like I’m bathing in the sun.

    • I know the lions you mean LL! Have driven past on the way to the airport a couple of times and nearly thrown out my neck trying to gaze a little longer.

      • Thank goodness I’m not the only leo getting whiplash at the big beasts lounging leoleo. Hah.

        Delayed posting as am without own internet while I do the sensible fiscal thing and save for my lap top.

        FA your bathroom vision sounds beautiful.

        I just realised that I could have one massive black lion in the centre of my back garden, as that unexpected surprise element. It would need some balance between formal structure and whimsy( which is actually my blueprint for my own life atm…) You’d have to access the lion by getting past a series of hedges, and then he could reside on a garden of knotwork….To pull off the scale of this venture though, I’d need minions. Will file as future possibility though.

  12. leo moon, but i resent it and the taps. too emotional. too snotty. hm. even this response is a bit too emotional.

  13. Would totally love lions in the bathroom.
    Once saw an antique lion head doorknocker – not that pricey but I was poor at the time. I dreamed of buying it.
    I hadn’t realised it before, but yes, candelabras in the bathroom and I NEED a lovely full length luxurious dressing gown.

    Mercury-Mars-Sun-Pallas in Leo!

  14. Reflection is saying “biatch, if you’re going to rule (note crown on head), we really MUST toughen up!”

    Girl Queen is like “wah?”She still in post court induced alchie haze and stumbled in to the mirror for mid morning look-see…

    Lion totem for Reflection is spouting water as if laughing at her naievity…There is coup brewing as we speak….

    Reflection is with a capitol “R” as she is like The Oracle for the Queen and don’t mince words….

  15. Can’t stand the boring modern bathrooms. Fine for hotels but not for one’s home! Ideally would love bathroom with clawfoot, palms, gold fittings, bold colours, antiques full of potions and lotions a whopping great full lenth mirror. Shit.. a parrot and a liqour cabinet wouldn’t feel out of place either!

    Leo sun/rising & venus.

  16. Leonine Sun, I do love big golden manes and smokey eyes, not so much into gold as a metal – I love white gold mmm so creamy * cat that got the cream * dreamy.

    I love a brass lion door knocker, but taps don’t seem very functional. My mars in Virgo won’t allow it. I would like something more functional and yet organic. Perhaps a bathroom imitating of rock pools and waterfalls with a japanese garden and a wall of glass betwixt thereof… Frresh.

  17. An octagonal stone room, a bit like a conservatory, tucked in the forest… you must go out along a little path in your slippers to get there… inside, light filters down through the rainforesty palmy space from the glass ceiling panels in the octagonal timber & glass roof. It’s all stone flags underfoot, and I tread down stone steps into a huge black tub. I sink into the fragrant water and lay back, gazing through the enormous low-set window at the parrots feeding outside (I scattered seed earlier in anticipation). The moon rises from behind the trees and turns me silver, and the water sparkles around me.
    That’s MY dream bathroom :)
    scorp-sagg-cap moon, Leo midh…

  18. Ok, Lions: The ones in Trafalgar Square in London are grand, HUGE, and can be climbed on :) Great fun & they don’t seem to mind.