Virgo Moon Is Nearly Ova

Eugenio Recuenco

Details consciousness, fits of focussed fury at failures of nerve and lack of moral fibre such as peeling paint, teeth not properly flossed and dropped Hs…fidgeting, judgemental and a 1001 lists. Insomnia?

When oh when will the Virgo Moon end?

When the Moon moves into Libra:

L.A. – Monday 3.22

New York – Monday 6.22

London – Monday 11.22

Sydney – Monday 22.22

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25 thoughts on “Virgo Moon Is Nearly Ova

  1. thank christ this is almost over!!
    barely slept a wink last night – & when I did was dreaming to do lists, my iphone melted (& then blew up), freaking at arrangements going awray etc etc. woke up jet lagged.

    & shitty that freshly black nails have a chip……

  2. i had to have self imposed ‘away time’ to avoid aqua pomposity and outrage over family member failing to meet appointment (in pot kettle black fury – i am a prime offender for lateness at very least.)
    am decidedly pissy over furniture order that is overdue. as having said furniture would help me create more order.
    and have spent this morn cleaning…

    but sometimes i like this virgo vibe. its the only time the chores get properly done.

  3. …mostly just Not At All Interested In Drinking. Hmmm. Had another baby dream last night. This one was half Indian, a boy, tiny, and I needed to feed it but wasn’t that passionate about the whole scene. Kept trying to make out my features in his face. Poor little bugger. We went for a ‘bath’ in a cool leaf-littered man-made pond-pool thing.

  4. Oh I am so digging it! Granted, Virgo moons always make me a tad melancholic – floats over my ascendant. moon and a whole jumble of planets – but wow am I getting things done!! Pumped.

  5. i like virgo moons. i feel so calm and ordered. Mystic maybe it’s your mars -moon conjunction that brings about (what sounds like) irascible fury at details?

    Or maybe i am just used to long-ish to-do lists (from ‘get new undies’ to ‘work out what sort of jobs i can get in france and SOON’) and i accept them as part of my existence

  6. I am eating rocket with tofu. Compulsively. Because i know is good for me. Whereas toast is not a qi building food and wheat has opiates in it. This is even though i would quite happily found a religion based on baguettes and/or irish soda bread rolls. Now going to go have some green tea for a furtive thrill.

    • I made a huge pot of vegie soup and ate that all weekend. Was yummy AND very healthy. Got my kicks having a chai tea yesterday morning.

    • I’ve been trying to track down where you can buy Irish soda bread – do you know Mystic? Thanks.

    • I’ve been on a soup fest. Roast veges of all combos turned into soups. Also have (for me) and irrational fancy for lentils. Did make a lovely roast garlic and tomato soup with lentils. Have not felt the need to scoff down bread as well….just loving the clean flavours.

  7. Explains me doing the dishes at 6.40 this morning before work…. I like Virgo moons – but didn’t know I can blame insomnia on them. It was difficult to fall asleep last night, but I’m more inclined to blame that on over indulging Sat night, and so suffering the consequences….

  8. Holy crap 8O

    Weird dreams last night & I can’t even work how I managed to dream up something so bizarre. I am getting through loads of work but am throwing in a cardio sess to break it up, need to process it through the body.

    Cripes, just checked & I have Moon squaring Moon, Neptune, Sun, MC & Venus, no wonder my head hurts!

  9. Taxes done: check. Ridiculous administrivia forms filled out, attached to copies of identity documents and sent: check. More ridiculous administrivia forms printed, signed, scanned, uploaded to a website: check. Small work task I’ve been avoiding for weeks: check. Research on dental health plan and list of participating dentists in my area: check. Some resources for a student of mine researching, awesomely, cross-cultural gymnastics body cultures: check.

    That was my day. Roll on Virgo moon!

  10. This Virgo hates raking leaves!
    But I do like that photo. And the last few days have been pretty productive.

  11. Keep waking at 4am despite not getting to bed very late. Annoying. On the other hand I found some delightful luscious red Marc Jacobs boots at Salvo’s for $18. Money well spent.

  12. Good, I hate Virgo moons, I am so not built for getting spanked by details….. Unless……I just thought. Unless you can be in the garden, clearing up for spring. that would feel good. Total virgo earthy side. Wish I coulda done that……ah well…..

  13. My Virgo moon loves the Virgo moon. Yesterday was one of those super-ordered days balanced by a bit of irresponsible spending: loads of new music and clothes, but then bought a bunch of organic veggies, fruit, non-fat dairy, and fresh fish to start restrictive “Slim in 6″ diet plan. Went home and attacked 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, made a salad, made music mix, slept on clean sheets. Got really annoyed when poor allergy-ridden bf passed out on top of bed without making it (it had no sheets or pillowcases as they had just been laundered). Became uncharacteristically nagging and shrewish about it.
    Still, meeting the Libran moon feeling all ordered and surrounded by beauty. Bliss!

  14. Insomnia! I’ve hardly had a decent sleep since Saturday night, after I SCRUBBED the whole house as much as I could in the time that I had. I’m off for a nap now. Bugger the rest of the list.

  15. I v recently found myself buying up a bundle of brightly coloured post it notes. I (with the Virgo moon’s influence…I think) have wanted to make more tangible the yearnings I’ve been having. So I wrote out a list of desires…and then transferred them onto the post its. (colour freaking coded mind you)…as in travel was purple, renovating was green…and then channelled my inner crazy lady (fairly close to the surface atm) and blue tacked them all to a wall, in 6 monthly sections …then I added another line above the six month segments and added my age till I turn 50.

    Suddenly through the magic of office supplies I had the core of what I’d like to happen in the next 5.5 years in front of me. I could move it about till it felt right. I could see where the gaps of knowledge were and could clearly see what I needed to find out to get to the next step. I really put a lot of stuff up there…more than I thought I could achieve…and yet now in its colour coded glory I see stronger richer possibilities that are doable. I like that I can keep moving and adjusting this till it firms into action. It’s not a given that anything Virgo gets my thumbs up (irrespective of the three planets I have lurking about there) after being raised by a v virgo dad I’ve not always looked for the positives..I have since having my arse whupped by saturn found more to like and for this moon personally I’m thankful for the desire and ability to organise.

    • wow, life coach extraordinaire!
      I want to play with stationery now.
      *off to dig out post-its*

      • Thanks tati I’ve found that it’s also increased my bumping into exactly the right person that has the knowledge I need to get to the next step rate…which is great. Some poor person gets blinded with my joy as I bounce around thrilled…(um they also get thanked profusely).. loving mars direct too btw.

  16. URgh this is me. well the moon might be out of virgo but I am not out of it. I slog until thursday 5.30 and then I am FREE. agony workload until then. I post while render happens. x