The Sagittarian Beach Hang

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The Saggo hue is turquoise & they love to get away from it all so how brilliantly perfect is this turquoise beach house?  The ultimate Saggo hang. I also have an idea for a post in which Sagittarians are invited to divulge their most outrageous travel stories but maybe it should be open to ALL the signs and then we just see if Saggo truly does out-do everyone else…Thoughts?

I mean, I once saw a Saggo outdone by a Scorpio in terms of travel anecdotage, the atmosphere became quite intense and the whole thing turned upon who knew the “real” Goa or where-ever it was. The Saggo referred to some leaky ferry. The Scorp retaliated by saying he just had to SWIM across the strait, with his wallet in his teeth. So the Sagg said he had no wallet because he just “lived off the land” and on….

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  1. Do it – my last trip to Spain had some doozy moments…… And I’m a Scorp with Major Sagg influences….. lol

    As for the house… bit fussy for me. I like a proper old fashioned bach at the beach, or one of those new pavillion style ones with huge sliding doors…….

  2. this saggo would prefer a shack – loads more charisma than a fresh new mansion-like house.

    as for the travel stories, i have always wondered why i havent travelled as much as my saggo sun sign implies… perhaps my taurus moon keeps me securely fastened to one place… IDK, only been to england and vietnam… vietnam was awesome. no stories to tell though.

  3. Hmm.. Even as a Taurus, I might win this contest. Should I tell you my story about flying across Colombia in an ancient DC-3 cargo aircraft full of goats and stacked sacks of unlabeled powdered substances?

      • You’re right, it was Avianca. When I say “cargo aircraft,” I really mean it. Big paper sacks of unlabeled “Dry Goods” were stacked on pallets, and the goats got to sit in First Class up front, behind cargo nets. There was one row of seats along the walls facing inward, and no door on the hatch. I was facing the open door, staring out into oblivion. I will never forget the hair-raising turn as we approached Cali, for a second, the plane was banking so steeply, I was staring out the door straight down at the ground. I recall thinking that passengers should have been issued parachutes.

        Oh well, I guess I can’t complain, the ticket only cost $4. Man the Peso was cheap. I recently found some old Centavo coins from that trip, I wondered what they were worth today so I looked it up, 1 Centavo is worth like 1 millionth of a US dollar.

  4. Um, the people who would know the “real” Goa would be, d’uh, the people who live there, encompassing all spectrum of the society. Wanky male mouthing off contest, sounds like.

  5. This house seems Aquarian to me?? Loads of upstairs intellectual areas but on a beach.

    My Sagg father-in-law were discussing houses the other day and I asked him what his idea of a perfect house was, “A yurt or a tent” he answers solemnly. The guy just kills me! He’s like the epitome of all things Sagg.

    My ex-Sagg who actually IS the epitome of all things Sagg (he has Virgo Rising, so he is like a PROFESSIONAL Sagg, I can see him taking part in that conversation you describe MM) last time I talked to him wanted to live on an island with only blue footed boob’s for company. (I had an image of him throwing poo at passing fishing boats like some kind of mad man). He actually lives in a shack made of bamboo on the beach anyway. It’s kind of wet in the cold season.

    • Maybe we should have a “who has the Saggiest Sagg family member” post…. to go with Mystics Sag Neighbour Dude post…. My dad built himself a Pyramid in the bush…. And he is currently saving his pennies so he can buy the plans to make a Viking long boat…..

      • Hmm!!! Let’s see! Exxy has Sun conjunct Neptune and Mars. Pours all his energy into the maddest dreams of Saggitarian splendour. Lol! Keep ‘em coming!!

  6. My fave Saggy friend is worth a mention. She was the been all over/expert roughin’ it traveller of our 20s- I met her as a very green traveller & she even had her own kind of initiation ritual I had to pass to deem if I could cut it travelling with her – Scorp rising. ANYWAYS we hung out a bit & she was always getting into massive BS dramas & always dealt with it by taking a dodgy cheap flight to “somewhere else”. I had a go at her about creating dramas & how she was just making BS for a life & then I went to India. Years & years later finally catch up with her again & she has been doing amazing, hard-core missions as an aid-worker for the last 10 or so years. And LOVING it.

    • Same same- I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 9th, don’t know what else to pin it on. Goes with the territory of loving Saggys too. I lived in an amazing old turquoise house owned-& painted! by a gorgeously offbeat Saggy/Cap cusper, also a dear friend.

  7. My Sagg dad spent time in Malyasia as a young man, slept on a house boat awoke in the morning to find massive kitty cat tiger paw prints all thru the boat, got bitten by a monkey and then fell off the truck taking him to the boat home and broke his collar bone.

    I cant see him liking that beach house either….but crabby daughter would love if father would invest in it for her!!

  8. I feel left out. Can you do more posts on Geminis? Seriously though, all the Saggitarians I know are true armchair travellers – they fantasize a lot about going there but then can’t really hack it once they get there. One I know travels all over the world but only to major cities and 5-star hotels, and only for the shopping, darling. Another WOULD go, to India, to Africa, to wherever, but is not sure if the pollution would be bad for his qi or if the beds would be to his liking. And a third has books on so many travel-related subjects, but actually never leaves her tiny village up in the mountains. I don’t see much evidence amongst the Saggos I know. ….Now, about those Gemini posts….

  9. I agree Seabird,
    My ex Sagg was always “GUNNA” but never actually DID. My lovely LEO friend (ex lover ) always DID then he told me and showed me the DVD. The exsagg has opportunities at every turn but always has an excuse ( work, his adult kids, his back, his finances..sheesh) to not go thru with it. It did my head in. The most ‘adventurous ‘ thing he ever did was have sex with 8 hosties in 11 days on an island off Qld.30 years ago. ..and I am having difficuly believing that one now, after all the lies he’s told me. He has read the starsigns and has invented himself as a multiple saggo. I don’t even believe he was born at that time of the year anymore. Sorry for the rant, but, hey!…I makes me feel better. I think i must be angry that he lied so much.

  10. p.s. he’s losing his teeth, hair and needs a hip replacement now. I should be more charitable, shouldn’t I?

  11. This one won’t be flying for much longer, ..he self medicates, …growth hormone, sleeping pills, fake stuff to make him live longer. he’s losing his marbles. i used to feel sorry for him but he betrayed me hugely and now I don’t care.

    Moi, I just go to the gym and eat well.

  12. My Sagg dad has written a book about his travelling years which I am not allowed to read/ have published until after his death, am dying to know the stories. The ones I do know are fabulous. My parents met in London, after my dad had a fling with her mum in Morocco, and says do you want to come with me back home to Sydney on my bike. She says why not. So 3 months later, they are pregnant in Kabul, married in Delhi and then have me accidentally in Sydney because doctors wouldn’t let an 8 month pregnant woman on leaky boat to Thailand. We didn’t get a car until I was 6. We were first people to ride across the Sahara desert on motorbike (before Alby) when I was 3.

  13. The travel stories post sounds cool, but not limited to Saggos as they’re irrepressible bullshitters.

        • he travelled on a cloud and hung out with a pig, a fish demon and a Buddhist monk that was really a girl … whom he had a wholloping crush on.

          Surely that qualifies as Saggo?

    • You got it, UV. I only know male saggos who are bullshitters.
      Just read my diaries of last 2 years. The early warning signs were there but he was such a ******* liar. so practised. I spoke with a few past intimates of his and heard the repetitive truth. Glad I did as he did my head in so much with his lies that I was thinking I was the bad guy. A few of us had nicknamed him Gunna Gr*g. oops! before we all knew each other. He’s going on the “don’t date him” site for sure. He only chased women with money.

      • Glad to hear you are free from him little fish. Now swim on, cheerfully & healthily up stream!

  14. “swim across the strait”? There’s a fine line between adventure travel and stupidity.

  15. Do it – Im a sagg and have had some quite adventurous travel moments, in Spain too.

  16. Year of the fox I think adventure travel and stupidity kind of go together anyway! Have to say the Sagg Ex didn’t just talk he did travel.

    He was the kind of person who would wander about crashing on stranger’s (sorry new friend’s) floors, washing his (only set of) clothes in the sea when dirty, and while everyone else was eating rice to save pennies, he would be eating at someone else’s overflowing table while completely penniless.

    He saw people as food, money, fun etc. and he didn’t need anything but a smile to get by. He travelled extensively like this and it was jaw-dropping what he managed to get by on daily.
    He could even conjure white goods out of stone walls!! While travelling through a dangerous part of south america he fixed up his van so he could sell fruit drinks while on the road. He was driving about wondering how he was going to pay for blender when he just stopped by a wall, ran over to a hole in it and pulled out a brand new blender still in it’s box.

    I learned that you don’t need anything but Faith and powerful Intent to survive from that Saggi. (It took Faith and powerful Intent to get away from him too!)

    • Can’t take the Saggo ‘bullshitting’ personally as Sagg men are my nemisis, tho
      very attracted to them by opposition i guess.
      I have known peeps like you mention on the Hippy Trail in 70′s. Mostly Thailand
      & India, round the time of Charles Sobraj. O & Bali as well. Beautiful & talented
      Europeans who did honest eXhanges of energy wherever they went & were welcomed
      by the locals, even tho no actual money to contribute, paid their way in other ways.

  17. is this house on I WANT IT!
    i LOVE the beach! by far one of my favourite places in the world (i’ve got a collection of different sands from different places i’ve visited all labelled and packed! Guilty little secret :P )
    Summer by far my favourite season too!

    • Matty, i have access to one but singled story of natural mostly organic materials &
      neutral colours to blend with the dunes.

      High tide bring the sea to 20 metres of deck. Low tide is a 250 meter walk.
      The white sand beach is 2 kilometres long & only 30 beach houses allowed.
      Very spesh. A writers dream, cept once there, all memories dissolve where land
      meets sea. Sacred Spot indeed.
      Took my crystal wands & cleansed them & program them with Prosperity.
      Also took ‘Strange Attractors’ by Kim Falconer with me, to complete the trilogy.

      Come back & find she’s doing guidelines to the energy of money….synchronicity
      as she often says :-)

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  19. Missed this as was away at the beach house :-)
    Travel stories?
    Ten days in a house boat in Srinagar, Kashmir with the Himalayas overlooking
    the lake. Taken by donkey thro the mountains whilst snowing to a ‘fountain’ which
    was rumoured to be The Fountain of Youth.Flying there from Delhi then by car back thro
    the mountains. Amazing. Muslims seemed to gravitiate to me, my first name appealed to them
    or maybe it was The Slim Fearless Blonde Archetype. (or respect for their customs).
    Two months in Dacca, Bangladesh was really mindblowing. Even tho a few years apart,
    both countries at the time (and still) going tho political upheavals & supposed to be
    Sadly the joy of flying is ls now lost due to searching procedures & lo rent flights (never!).
    Then 2 years in French Polynesia, Moorea, Tahiti & Huahine. Bliss.
    Triple Sagg, always thought ‘elsewhere’ as my favourite place to be.