The Chariot

The Chariot is one of my favourite Tarot cards.

Whenever it comes up, it means that you’re moving on, making speedy progress and doing it in style, with relative ease. I love it when it pops up in Tarot readings because though it’s a card of change, it always feels sort of luxurious, dignified & right. Plus the Chariot tends to manifest quickly…Like trudging around a wet roadside, no means of transport outta there & suddenly – voomp – there is the Chariot, a speedy, luxurious and relatively easy means out of the swamp-like place. Depending on the cards around it, it can also indicate that something suddenly picks up and moves along more quickly than you would otherwise expect. A promotion, the deepening of a bond, your business…It’s got loads more esoteric meanings too…

21 thoughts on “The Chariot

  1. Oh now I wish that I could remember if I’d gotten this card in my little mini reading awhile back. I can feel it but not certain..

    The usual lady I go to (but haven’t gone to in several years now) always taped the session but it was a full fledged hour affair.

  2. I always thought Frieda Harris kind of chickened out when she painted that card, as if she was afraid to deviate too far from the traditional Chariot imagery. Certainly it’s not as innovative as some of her other wild images.
    I remember getting the Chariot inverted and the Knight of Swords inverted when I did a reading for my poor bipolar girlfriend, just before she had a nervous breakdown. When I did the reading, she was obviously in the midst of a manic episode, so she was incapable of hearing the message of the inverted Chariot, to keep tight reins on both emotions and thoughts, to keep them pulling in the same direction, lest they pull you apart.
    Ah, it is so hard to love a crazy woman. I seem to attract them. But in my own defense, she wasn’t obviously insane when I met her.

    • Fine line between genius and madness I guess. There are definitely attractive qualities about people who push the envelope, so exciting, like a hail storm! Hard to live with though..

  3. I hardly ever get this card in my readings, maybe cos if I need a chariot message it comes by way of me driving a car in my dreams…navigating surreal landscapes etc.

    B.T.W. Charles cheers for the skywriter page info it was a nice Venus/Uranus conjunction thing…

    As was reading Uranus in Aries Confidential…my Aqua mooneth cup runneth over…

    • What’s that Uranus in Aries Confidential? A little googling, and it seems like it’s one of those private paid pages. I’m just a starving artist so I can’t afford those paid services. You guys have all the fun.
      There are few people like Donna Cunningham who consistently put out such great info (like that Pluto test) and for free. She’s a treasure.

  4. Obviously this isn’t a reading but seeing the chariot – which often has the horse with two heads, or two horses, each pulling in a different direction, one black and one white – has a nice synchronicity. The symbolism of the horses in some contexts can be about not being pulled or torn off track by diversion and going to onwards and upwards path and is SO the thing I was pondering today. I made a big choice whenever it was a while back that there was astro for moving in a new direction and not clinging to the past, yet, today there is a potential opportunity to return to the past. Irritating because the new thing is working better than the past ever did, so it doesn’t make sense to go back. Must get inner horses to face the front…

    • I always thought that one of the better pieces of iconography in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck was The Chariot being drawn by two identical Sphinxes, one black with white stripes, one white with black stripes.

      • It’s always interesting checking out the different ways the energies have been represented, there’s some decks you really warm to. Mine’s some kind of western hermetic one and I have some others for everyday questions like what’s wrong with the car. I used to read for a living and there’s one deck I have that no one else has ever used – it’s Egyptian Book of Doors and it’s my absolute favourite – gets used for the “special” readings birthday, and the 4 turnings of the wheel and similar. Very precious because it has only been touched by me – has no chariot, but it does have the barge that carries the souls through the dark night to be weighed against a feather. The book has the most amazing research – the woman who wrote the book is a scholar so there’s information about the deities of the upper and lower kingdoms etc. quotes from wallis budge and other egyptologists. If there was a fire I’d take my passport, my deep cloche and the book of doors.

        • ha how funny I used what’s wrong with the car as the mundane example of a question when we’re on the chariot. It’s always interesting when you talk to a mechanic in tarot speak!

  5. Hmmm, Mystic you’re reading me: the last tarot reading I got, I asked a q about my relationship future (amid my desire for new patterns, new lust, new love, newly moving on) and I pulled the Chariot and the Strength cards (along with Empress and something else I can’t recall for now – guess I’ll wait for Mystic to post another!). Both these have shown up on here lately! Wow! What an affirmation!

  6. Oh! I have drawn the chariot a few times lately. I like this a lot.

  7. On reading this, I turned to my deck & pulled 2 cards – chariot, 10 cups. Too funny :)

    • I pulled 10 cups today…. single draw, haven’t used in a long time.

      first one that came up.

      shuffled, layed out 12— 1. page of cups then 10 cups again, ha..

    • Crazy, thanks William – I’ve never seen those meanings given to those cards in that way. I love that it’s such an adaptable system (tarot). I’m gonna try that method once my time is my own – 48 hours and counting. There’s an actual astrology deck too have you seen it? Every time I used it it would accurately show transits I was having – astounding.

  8. I had this card in my reading not so long ago. It came up as ‘recent past’ card. The reading was based on a question around work.

  9. I started doing Tarot readings without any experience or study, just always worked with the Thoth which nattered to me. On my second effort a lady sat down asking about her four children all setting off on adventures. The Chariot came up and it was a pleasure to take the lady through the card’s images and reassure her that the four children were on a good, steady path and it was a great time of their life to set out on their flight to freedom from the family home.