Spell Of Iron

I felt the urge to get a Hematite bracelet in February – around about when i wanted an Ankh…something is up – and it’s always good to follow those callings…no?

Hematite is just iron oxide – I don’t think it’s even considered semi-precious, my bracelet cost just $25.  So it’s demi-precious or something. But it is magic.

Hematite was adored in Ancient Babylon and Egypt, where they used it to fend off curses & negative projections. If someone is thinking merde about you or wishing you ill, hematite is said to reflect it back. It’s credited with dragging out the emotional source of illness, being grounding and aiding in psychic powers.

Think of it for  help when you feel drained and for when you want, lol, an Iron Will.

It’s a very Saturn-Plutonic stone.

39 thoughts on “Spell Of Iron

  1. OMG, i need one of those stones. Just before mars went direct, I have had all anger coming from all directions at me. It feels horrible, maybe thats why my energy low + dark moon.

    Im cutting them out, and putting them on ice.

    • Write their names on a small piece of paper and put in small plastic container….cover with water…and freeze. It works.

  2. Apparently heavier elements like iron (also helium, silicone etc) are created inside stars. These elements are ejected from these stars when they go supernova.

    AND the earth’s core is 80% iron while the human blood stream contains 2.5 grams of iron!!!

    Wow, I don’t know why I feel compelled to note all this. RESPECT to Iron? I guess I like that we are all ‘star poo’ as my husband calls it. And hematite seems closer to something that comes from a start than most things.

  3. I LOVE hematite as a color, say on a dress, like a shiny charcoal. And sometimes I even dream of having a hematite room where the walls are like wet shoal, it would be my war room, or at least, the seat of all strategems.

    I also wonder if being drawn to hematite coincides with one’s period as theoretically, loss of blood somehow makes me think of loss of iron..it’s representative of a life source draining away.

  4. It is good but just be mindful it can act in a strange magnetic way for some people.
    My sister who is not at all that new-agey reported feeling markedly light-headed when she’d wear her hematite jewellery. As if it did something to blood pressure. Not the first time I’ve heard this either.

  5. also is 1st/ base chakra stone I think, as are all those dark/iron/metal/red stones… so yes with the grounding, life force, self-will, survival etc, good post mystic, keep the physical strength and right groundedness to balance the mystic pisces , aqua energies atm :)

  6. The planet mars is made of pure hematite.

    I once asked a wiccan what I should do because I thought i was possessed;

    she said get some hematite. (laughed when I found out mars was pure hematite because my ‘possession’ was all about mars to begin with , ha

    but this was before I knew anything… (just a few short years ago, have been getting quite an education of late..)

    Another time a woman made me a necklace of hematite (she heard I was looking for one) but then this other guy who had experience with stones said hematite is a hard energy— wearing it or working with it
    like about to give you a heartattack… and I’ve found that to be true doing crystal work with it (basically holding it against your heart then going down into that chakra with concentration ..

    Tough stuff! interesting imagery tho.

    Iron pretty interesting. the most plentiful substance in the universe apparently, and has much to do with origins of life…

    • I find it a hard energy too, to the point I don’t like it around me at all anymore, though we definitely had our time together…I felt very protected by it when I was having projection issues & all kinds of negative stuff during some hardcore transits a few years ago & had an amazing solid chunky bangle of it that I picked up from a hippy at the Glastonbury fest for a fiver…alas down the track a long ways it hit the bathroom tiles & cracked open, as at some point I had too…in a good way.

  7. one sits in front of me, on the base of Le MegaMac
    next to rose quarts

    works for me.
    if attracting anger (not currently) keep it in my purse or in the car.

    worth cleansing in the full moon to reenergize.

    FA – also LOVE as a colour!


    • thanks for the reminder – just went in a panic looking for my rose quartz – found it in suitcase from last trip away which was a stressy work one!

    • rockstar darling, I just realized MAC also make eyeshadow, they should name it Hematite.. dark grey and shimmery, perfect for the early morning Walk of Shame home…v indicative of a sexy tussle.


  8. This is kind of funny, as I just recieved a hemitite necklas not long ago from my boyfriend’s mother. Lately, I’ve been a bit spacey and depressed, and the only necklas I’ve been wanting to wear is this one! It has a bear shaped pendant, which I read also can symbolize balance and harmony.. hmm.. I like the idea of cleansing them at the full moon rockstar! i think i will do it next time!

  9. thanks Mystic – i have a lump of it on my desk and reached for it immediately i read yr post – naturopaths will say that anemia can lead to lack of will power, too

  10. Wow, perfect timing…in the middle of fighting battle against mud-slinging work colleagues. I think I have a hematite bracelet somewhere…will have to dig it up and start coming in to work armed. ;)

  11. oh, also just remembered that my (wised-up) ex colleague gave me a beautiful hematite carved owl for my workspace…fits perfectly in the palm of my hand

  12. This is the darkness before the dawn isn’t it Mystic? Very down / ultra sensitive at the moment. Shall lock myself away for the evening….

  13. I just can’t stand Hematite, I find it quite repellent. It makes me feel uneasy. Not my kind of magic I guess.

    • Oh my drunk self is loving your candour my sober one would too but hey drunk is the now – I like the stone but your candour is virile and feisty. Hoorah.

      • Ha. Drunk foruming. Awesome. I’m not overly endowed with tact. Or I’m overly endowed with candour. Same diff either way. I quite like being described as virile and feisty too whatever. Thanks.

    • Sigh…..absolutely gorgeous………… Thanks for the link, Charles.
      Now, some of those pretties would go very well with an ensemble in McQueens’s last collection; #8 I think it was in the pics.

  14. a little bit of hematite goes a long way…energetically.

    (Prison chains and bars are also made of iron )

    • True!
      In Law Courts some of the chairs (testimony chairs) are made of iron.

  15. Anyone notice the spook in that one stone?

    Alot of disjointed faces. No wonder they ward off the evils..They scare the hell out of ‘em.