Soon the Sun will be in Aries again – this weekend – and Arieans will be as little Spring lambs, leaping about with joie de vivre and fresh ideas sparking out of their charged up aura fields.

It’s also like a little preview (this next week) of themes emerging mid-year…when Uranus and Jupiter get to Zero degrees of Aries. Loads of endings and new beginnings around in the next few months…The less you cling to the old stuff, the easier it is for the awesome new stuff to manifest.

And it is new. Very new.

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  1. good…. how do i not cling to a job that i only like for the money… i thought i was going well with the new work contacts…research…making useful requests to the universe etc…. and coming back home it’s like a blanket or hypnotic fog has settled over my brain, dulling my initiative…help meeeeeeee!

    • UP – ditched the dud clients. watched energy levels. ie what I LOVEd doing & it flowed, vs that that became tiresome / imbued procrastination.

      By having the balls to ditch the easy earners, even in the face of resulting shite cashflow – has lead to the creation of a brand new world order. I mean really brand new.

      Davey – more deets? professionally stuck or otherwise?

      mainlining WALNUT, burning lavender oil, open to change etc essential!!

      • RLP, when you ditched the easy earners, did you have some money in the bank to lean on, just in case? I’m not being annoying, just really asking, in awe that you did that. :) How’s your doggie doing btw?

        • WOW – last attempt to comment evaporated…

          UPV – combined fallout from tits-up-client (expensive loss propped up by expensive credit….) / GFC / the death of print media + being at end of food chain (a consultant) lead to cashflow shrinking by 85%. ceased nervous breakdown at 60%. on instinct hit fix-it mode. then 8 or 9 projects that never eventuated being part of said attempts to “fixit” ….. to attempt #745 version 62 – ie NOW!

          yes there were some funds to fall back on.
          funds that should’ve been earning $ for past few years!!
          it’s hard to determine what’s worse – the dud client / nil inspiration / dead energy scenario – or watching oneself go backwards.
          both suck I can assure you.
          but you dont get ahead without being brave & taking (calculated) risks. hey all here know am 8 or 9 failed attempts at “fixing It” down the track. true story.

          now energy is back, things are in FAR more stimulating territory / ground breaking stuff – & whilst not yet in ‘+ cash sitch’, am CONVINCED Saturn’s lessons applied across the board mean my time is NOW. or in about 3 minutes (NOT 3 years!)…. might sound idealistic but know it in my bones.

          be brave or stay bored were my options (& the short answer!) xox

          • PS DOG is amazing thanks!! woke up like a spring lambs & danced Palamino-esque anced the mega sticky bandage thing off…had to redress a major paw wound. she’s sporting black Gaffer tape until the morning!! waiting path results to see if another round required. fingers crossed she keeps her toes…

            Info for pet owners:
            1. Rescue remedy in animal water is GOLD (6 drops for 30Kg)
            2. to disinfect wound dilute Bettadine 1:20 with water

          • Wow RLP! That is amazing chutzpah, such inspiration, thanks for sharing!!!
            Yeah, am putting Saturnian steps so as to enable the more Uranian-flava ideas of moving, etc.
            Good to know doggie is more than ok! :) I become a wreck if I so much as hear a cry of pain…I’m a wuss when it comes to the furry ones! :)

      • yep, work is like pulling teeth, no new clients on the horizon, old clients giving me the shites…had a big run in with google (dont ask) cause they can’t lose. AS mentioned in previous posts, feel stuck, bored, hopeless. Maybe tomorrow things might change…thanks for asking xxx

        • Davey – yr scenario sounds so where I’ve been i.e what I used to do doesn’t exist now / has been reappropriated c. technology – inexpensive underlings / at mercy of corporate giants / end of food chain…..

          last recession reinvention was the key to my success in past 20 yrs.

          then eventually – Le Trough. series of knocks. slump. nothing taking off. worse – nothing coming to me (have NEVER marketed my business – at all!!!)

          then reached point of NO ‘plan B/C/D’ etc. no fallback options at all. unheard of. everything gave me Le Shits.
          so I worked with my own IP (as a starting point).
          then on that luckiest feb 28th Jupiter aspect acted on an offer.
          the offer currently on the table & gaining momentum.
          as is my personal project.
          went from stuck to unstuck in nano-sec – all the while quaffing WALNUT / Rescue Remedy / Lavender oils etc etc.

          discovered: the key to reinvention is invention.

          go get em Davey – sun in Aries this wknd – power forth!! xox

          • Thanks Rlp, i appreciate your interest in my kvetching, I promise I’ll stop soon and do something about it. I think I’ll take the family to the IMAX ? Watch avatar… I need inspiration !!!

          • Avatar in 3D at Le Jungo (VMAX) rocked!!
            was late adopter. left story line aside. & immersed self in new gen fantasy technology. the gun fire levels might be a bit above yr young ‘uns but you’ll sus that.

            talk to us in Yiddish anytime – we love it!!
            the tide till turn. starting sat at least the weekend will see return of yer chutzpah LOL xox

          • I see we are all in the same boat. All the above written is also my life since Dec.
            Hard to let go of bread & butter bucks in lieu of having to make radical
            Anyways, i’m still doing beach til after Easter, living on savings but then will
            have to do deep research into the ‘gaps’ in services around ie what is NOT there
            & needs to be.
            We are in the low of self employment BUT sooo creative & we will create a new future
            for ourselves with our unique abilities.
            Goddess grant me patience….but BE QUICK!

        • your writing tone sounds like my brain davidl… let us pray to Ares that this shite hole sitch will cease asap and we can go back to being fricken awesome again. I have been waiting for tomorrow a lot…just call me orphan fricken Annie dammit. Feel extra crap cos I upset bluelibra. crapity crap crap crap.

          • Hon, our Blue Libra has a wondeful sensitive soul.
            She has a story, like all of us…………..
            Tell her you love her.

        • Aries are NEVER down for long. I think you’re just feeling all the squares Mystic mentioned, plus Mars retracking over old ground.

          It will all shift!

          • That was meant for you too AAC. Hang in there. & Bluelib seems like a forgiving lady. She didn’t seem upset in the response I saw, just gave a nice perspective.

      • hm, might try the “i am open to change” track…had a bit of new info with one lucrative overseas opportunity, is still in my line of work but will give me MAJOR financial boost.. and o/s living in a COMPLETELY different lifestyle…

        It’s hard to read about you aries-es like DL having a hard time…keep your spirits up …it WILL happen…i think RLP’s advice is cool but i am no independent freelance type so I can’t really weigh in on this…what are you missing daveyl? is it just that you need persistence in the face of crap, and support from your loved ones? and some TLC? or do you need to change track somehow… xox

        • Sorry for whinging, it’s pathetic , I’ve been freelancing since I was 25, that’s 25 years now since I have been beholden to anyone. My last venture has been going for 8 years . As I said above to rlp it’s inspiration I need (not just paying the bills type of inspiration) none of my current ops are inspiring..I need a regime to overthrow or something a reason!

        • UP – am company director (not freelancer) – but the feeling’s still the same – dud feeling post day job sucks / requires motivation, support & inspiration for change. GREAT news re new vision on horizon!! keep us posted!!

          Prowlers – yr funny. How are you?

          xox ;-) xox

          ps D – yr NOT whinging!! yr sharing!! Coup d’état here YOU come!!

          • RLP … see below. Or on the bitched up Aries thread. I’ve been a miserable cranky bastard so trying to avoid spreading my ennui around my fav blog peeps … BUT SOMETHIN’S GOTTA GIVE.

  2. Hey, it’s time for a Treasure Map again, innit?

    Gonna try my hardest to slough off this damn lethargic energy-anxiety attacks-damn bipolar-crap that’s been shrouding me mug!!!

    Treasure Map & intent visualizing + doing & NEWness, here I gallop!!!!!!!

    • are you referring to the astrocartography treasure maps? You can get them you know – they show you where your awesome jupiter etc lines are in the world. I think they call them opportunity maps tho. Maybe worth a look?

      • No, whatever, I was referring to the treasure maps courtesy of Buzz Myers (sp?), that’s done when it’s the Aries New Moon! Complete with visualizing and focus, all that jazz.
        Although now that you mentioned it, I *have* been meaning to get astrocartography maps done! Curious about certain places that “pull” me, to see if they correspond to any spesh lines at all.
        You’ve ever had it done? I’ve done the lines thingy via, but I know an astrologer who does it as her specialty, so might try check and check that out.

        • Yes, had it done 5 or 6 times to decide which city to live in – it’s how we do it. It’s pretty amazing how they work out always. Worth a look. I got mine done by some guy in arizona. If you have lines parallel they work like transits of each other when you are between them. It’s fascinating – and fortuitous.

          • So I take it you were happy with this Arizona man’s service then. Would you still happen to have his details please? I figured if he had a website, then at least I can compare rates maybe, with that lady I mentioned before. It’d good to scope it out before I move cities/countries! Thank you in advance! :)

  3. I don’t know how long I stared at the pic trying to read the caption…. it was a while…..

    *pats the cute lamby, lambs. Tells them a cute story about how I would ride my pet goat around the yard like a horse, when I was little*.

    • I know what you mean Gemmy. Looked at it a couple or more times myself.


      And thought the lamb was stuffed! Which probably as an Aries, is true!! haha…

  4. letting go…i don’t know what to let go of… i can’t really let go of my biz, because i live at the shop… let go of…ummm, anger? finding it hard when the estate agent abuses me for being a month behind…ummm, lets just pray for frolicking fun on the weekend!

    • let go can be let go of stuck patterns by trying new things.
      head banging / salsa dancing / playing bongos / having a picnic on the Opera House steps / sign up for life drawing at the so cheap its free adult TAFE / scream into a storm – you get my drift?
      this will break the patterns – make you loose. letting go to “oh that old puppy’ becomes a snack. or a bit easier anyways…..

      I too live where I work.
      when stuff gets tuff its good work to get out & interact.
      no surprise front row at a gig be my meditation. find what works for you. even if its dancing in yr living room in yr undies!! :-) xox

      • yeah, good advice, but i do get out and ‘do’. Rollerskating sunday, pole monday friday and sat, irish dance mon, burlesque thurs, etc etc… its the being beyond broke thing thats killing me, oh, and the lack of sex…i do like th sound of yelling into the wind…. meantime i have to sew like the chick in rumplestiltskin, and keep trying to guess the name….

  5. I’m still finding a way to proccrastinate on everything even though I KNOW it is bad and can intellectualise everything I’m doing……
    Digging myself into a really deep black dirty hole…. same as last uranus saturn opp.

  6. I am so happy with this news and it feels right on!! Could that be Mars in Leo? Dunno, but love the fire and love Aries and have already started being freaking bolshy. Ok, I’ve been stuck, but I am just about ready to un-stick myself. And let the chips fall where they may.

  7. I’ve let go of so much in the last 12mths, no, 2 years that I’m levitating!

  8. Does anyone know when the last Uranus/Saturn opposition was. And how often it happens?

    • dates are prob in saturnalia?
      feb/sep off the top of my head, but my head’s fulla sea water. you know if you search through some saturn posts it’ll come up.

    • I think it was december because I remember it was like being on home detention around then and saturn’s in my 4th house.

    • well, saturn does its thing every 28 years…and uranus 84 or something … 28 years ago, uranus would have been around the end of… 4×7…scorpio (of course) … oh heck i don’t know. sorry.

      • hang on… i think maybe around 42 years ago, it was the complete opposite – saturn in pisces and uranus in virgo ish. this is from a v sketchy calculation just then. who needs an ephemeris! :D

      • Oh yes, just got that now I have read down a bit

        yes it was 40 odd years ago, did you also know that Barack Obama won the election on the exact day of the first one last yr

        And on the one 40 yrs ago was when Martin Lutehr King delivered his infamous ‘I have a dream’ speech..

        Sppoky eh!?!

  9. All I have to say is:

    a. don’t care
    b. make it go away

    Hey can we go back to that fun thread where we all shared our multiple personalities coz that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although at the mo all my multiples have to say is:

    Cancer Sun/Venus: fuq this
    Gem Asc: Fuq THIS
    Sagg Moon: OH FER FUQ SAKES
    Leo Merc: shuddup, I’m too bored to think
    Aqua Mars: yeah this is pretty fuqed up actually

  10. Hi Peeps.

    I love , love love that pic.
    And I promise (as a zero dgree aries who’s b-day is obv coming up-)that you will *all* get a *snootful* of in yo face spring energy. You will have a little prancing moment, a spot of sunshine, or something that makes you feel more alive.
    It happens to me every year no matter how prepared I am for it, or how crappy I am feeling.
    You won’t know when, you won’t know how, but Aries is gonna pick you up and tickle you…… :P

  11. Isnt this officially ‘New Year’ then (sun in Aries)

    I am aries rising and have everything in my 12th right now, cant wait for it all to traipse on into my 1st in couple of weeks (according to

    Im at work today and even tho I slep well last night I have droopy eyes and feel groggy and yuk

    And boring parents evening tonight which I am soo NOT looking forward to!

  12. There’s a woman in the picture? I wuz just looking at the sheepie…..

    Just to clarify- I am as grouched up as any Aries. But spring still works magic- something like this for me, these past days.

    “I am so frustrated I hate you, and you, and you, and you- oh look a snowdrop, Omg”

  13. oh, good; my ariean friends are NOT holding up well. these last few weeks have been very hard on them!

    for me, too, at least on other terms. still totes functioning on my weird optimistic willlpower-of-steel thing that’s been going on, lately. Good things will happen again. I’m sure of it!

  14. Sending a little bit of sunshine playing on crystal blue waters your way dear frustrated folk. Or would some volcano be more appropriate for the Arian types?
    I’m not sure if this will be soothing in any way. But I was wandering about a mountain watching the earth getting made the other day. Walking over rocks that were only created in 2003, and watching not yet rocks boiling away. The volcano has inflation and deflation periods, where the magma goes up and down. it was at the top of an inflation, the highest it had been since Jan, but was already deflating back. Watching the planet continue to create itself was a pretty profound thing, difficult to be too caught up in the menials – but even it has busy bits and not so busy bits…

  15. That was soo nice Shell, and yes, soothing in a very Arian way……kind of exciting ans I love staring at fire, it makes me happy………

  16. Uber, we wrote the same thing to dear ACC, hadn’t completed reading thread.
    as back in the city for 3 days before returning to sand sea dogs & fish, hence
    time to catch up with you all.

    David if you haven’t seen Avatar, just do. It stayed with me for days.
    Pandora..planet of my dreams. I want a tail & ears too.
    Fantastical creatures can be instantly tuned to you by plugging your
    tail into their ‘manes’ whereby they are tamed & you can ride them.
    Pandora’s the new heaven. Want to go there when i die.