Sol In Aries

The Sun is in Aries & giving an advance taste of conditions that will be rife mid-year, when Uranus gets to the same point.  Between now and then, loads of endings and loads of fresh beginnings.

Today the Moon is in Gemini & the combo of that with the Sun/Venus/Mercury in Aries means don’t drone on and ON for fuqs sake.

There’s also lots of Saturn action, tempering the Fire sign emphasis with some steely self-discipline.

Leos and Ariean types are tres frisky…

22 thoughts on “Sol In Aries

  1. OK – here goes: after posting my ‘leprosy anybody comment’: said male friend of nearly 10 (yes TEN) years, ‘drops in’ – as he has done twice a week for the last ooooh 8 – 10 weeks – UNINVITED. Pre-empting his visit I stuck a note on my door – ‘Do not interrupt unless you choose to risk a quick and painful death’. Soooo

    he visited my exes instead… Who, to my exes credit, put in a good word and told this fella that I am busy with: study, work, life.

    BUT: this guy responds by leaving a pressie on my doorstep… pressie number 3 in the same amount of weeks.

    I am NOT interested in this Scorp!! Have NEVER been. NEVER will be. He’s beyond my generation, smokes, is hideously overweight and completely not in the bloody ball-park! We are friends, yes, but that is it! He used to visit and brew beer with my ex-hubby while I waited for him to leave! ARGH!

    What to do! Should I seek a decoy? My exes and various friends say I need to spell it out to this fella because he’s not getting any hints (ie, sticking pics of me and my ex arm in arm on my fridge) etc. I’m so CROSS! This is ridiculous! I’ve know this guy for nearly ten years! (yeah yeah.)

    wtf to f do?!?

    • He doesn’t sound like a friend. More like an ex-friend. Do a mega saturn boundary call. Watch the LOTR Two Towers for ideas–up drawbridge, steel the ramparts, boil the hot oil etc. ‘What part of the words “piss off” do you not understand?’ etc etc.

      • Yeah, I agree with UV. He sounds like a Scorpio stalker. I have Venus in Scorp – can make me a it obsessive in the love department. I have to really consciously reign it in. He sounds obsessed. Swift, harsh and sharp is the only way to deal with obsession. No further contact, but first forget the subtle ‘signs’, you need straight to the point communication: “Your behaviour (the gifts, the constant ‘drop-ins’) is making me uncomfortable, and I don’t want to see you anymore. Please stop calling in and leaving gifts. Please don’t contact me.” And then ruthlessly ignore any communications on his part from that point onwards. Obsession is frightening – makes people do crazy things. You need distance from this dude. Seriously.

    • I guess if you haven’t already you could be direct and ask him what he wants and let him know you aren’t interested but it’s very kind of him etc. etc. You know the lines…

    • tell him straight up usually sorts it out – tried it with him?

    • Girly, it’s appropriate you posted this on the Aries thread, cause it’s totally an aries directness/bluntness issue.

      Can you get an Aries friend to drop the bomb on him?

  2. Mystic always reminds me how much i love that thoth tarot deck!
    so beautiful and powerful

  3. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear meeeee-eeeeeeeee, Happy birthday to me. Lalalala!

    • hey Happy Birthday to you BlackStarAries! Hope you have a gorgeous day/night and treat yourself to something wonderful. xx :)

    • Celebrating you BSA. Happy B’day. Must be a sterling day for good peeps today. It’s my most favourite barista’s B’day today too.

    • Thanks you all!

      I have had a really excellent weekend. Very liberating and with attention and lovin’. Igzactly all that an Aries reallly needs…..

      Champagnes for everyone! And wishes for springy equinox good times and fresh outlooks.

      You guys are the best.

  4. Hahah, very true about Leos being frisky right now. BF sent me booty-call text last night while I was out with the girls and he was out with friends. Sometme some sloppy drunken late night sex is just the ticket.

    And I LOVE spring….the one time of year I feel full of energy and just RAWR. Probably how Ariens feel all the time, no?

    • Yes, except when kept in line by other planetary influences….ahem, SA-turn, Ahem, Pluto…….

  5. frisky! gaggin more like it and 1 sml aqua/cap gentlemanly type on the horizon. i could tear his clothes off with my teeth at the mo but.. being such a lady I am will hold off till …. I can’t stand it anymore. What is it with caps and being sooo nice don’t they know the word frisky??

  6. I do love that Sun painting by Frieda Harris, although I do have to say it looks much nicer with the neutral grey border like in my Swiss edition of the cards, rather than the green border in the US editions. That green conflicts badly with some cards, especially the firey ones.

    And speaking of firey cards, I saw The Sun and was thinking, I thought I recalled a Thoth card specifically associated with Sun in Aries. I checked, and yes indeed, it is the Three of Wands: Virtue.

  7. Hey, good to see you arian types have risen from your slump. I too am feeling the chirp. Mars finally getting on with it has defn made a diff to my view. A bit of gemini action always helps too.