So Sagg Moon…

Yah so the Moon is in Sagg and if you can’t be outdoorsy or sporting, try candour or walking barefoot in the grass…So au naturel, so not giving a shit for…what was it again? Rules…Freedom and joy of living are the Sagg birthright – grok it today for a good time.

34 thoughts on “So Sagg Moon…

  1. I’ve already gone outside this morning & squished the mud between my toes…

  2. I did yoga in my new backyard this morning. so grateful for some soil again. Been way too long in apartments with no space. bliss

  3. no dirt to walk on here but I just sat on my stoop with a huge mug of coffee and watched the ladybirds, dragonflies and baby lizards scooting around – they are in love with my cucumber patch, which I was lazy about and didn’t train up the fence, so they have a humid verdant kingdom to play in – huge leaves and plenty of space underneath – it’s giving them shelter from the opportunistic birds who’ve recently started sitting on the fence…watching and waiting… I will shelter you fair lizards – and you in turn can eat my bugs.

    • Awww…that sounds gawgeous, whatever! I’ve been wanting a vegie patch of some sort. Well, I have the spiders already, they eat the bad bugs. :)

  4. This poor Sag, who was due to leave on beach vacation this morn,
    violently threw up & sweated profusely during the night. Bizarre!
    Plus a stressy pain on left side of head coming on, weird for one who never
    gets sick.
    Going to slowly pack car (& nursery for my furry creature) & hope leaving
    the city will be the cure. The crystal waters & miles of sand accompanied
    by best friends & kelpies will fix whatever’s wrong in my universe.
    Three macbooks at shack, so will keep posted.
    Love to all.

    • Holy fuq Peg! 8O
      Maybe a quick check up with dr to ensure all is well with you?? ;)

      Enjoy your vacation!! Btw three macbooks is a major attraction to Gems… :D

      • oooh, the shack with th macs…(remember to take sum vitamin C and garlic for synergistic benefit with sea air and kelpies!)

    • shitakiiiiiiiiii peg!
      Saggo’s rarely ever become sick but if we do it usually something exotic or random! Vacation is probs the BEST thing for you! i will send good energy with you peg!
      enjoy and relax
      have a cup of hot choco and then go for a swim! that always helps me!

    • Pegs – hope yr break quells the physical irks.
      blessing sweet pea!! xox

  5. WEARING BRIGHT BLUE JEANS WITH A NEON RED TOP! thats saggo enough for me lol!

  6. …we sacrifice this 1st born and offer it’s still beating heart to Sheol god
    of the moon…tra la la, tra la la dance my children dance..

  7. Doing sloth with dollops of candour. I knew it felt right! maybe some barefoot hooping in the backyard before the weather closes in to round out the Saggi vibe.

  8. Le Ram cooked breakfast at the compound (a factory) outside on BBQ `
    industrial outdoor Sunday morning rocks!! so quiet. except for the birds.

    after grazing papers / coffee – off to see A Single Man!!

  9. I’ve been sitting on my butt in a day long buddhist seminar thinkng how i can make th world a better place by being a better person which was fab. is that sag ? Now off for a walk to let it soak into my inner most thingy.

  10. Headtrip start-to-the-day, developing into some half-hearted study and glancing over tidbits on subversive news webpages. Progressed to state-of-the-world convo and finished with a forage in the garden for dinner.

  11. hey has anyone else noticed the 5 planet pile up in pisces conjuct with the MASSIVE golf ball sized HAIL STORM in melbourne!?!
    are the cosmic fish send us a message?

    • Yes mm!! Also monsoon weather up here in Qld and more to come this week. I am so over it. I did read that a weather expert has been blaming the moon’s orbit at the last full moon – it was at it’s closest point to earth – which he says pushed the monsoon weather south of its usual place. But all that Fish action was in my mind too.

  12. Trying very hard to be Sag and upbeat here on holidays. And mostly succeeding! But a quick question for my lovely Astro peeps, and I promise I am not obsessing about this, but – how do you reconcile the end of a relationship when you felt sure it was fated to be “the one?” I mean, obvs when things end badly, that´s a big fat sign it wasn´t so perfect, but how do you then know when to trust your intuition and all those little “signs” and when to have a cup of tea, a good lie down and resolve to be more sensible (or worse, perhaps, close yourself off to potential magic in the future?) I know there are much wiser folk than me here on this board and I am curious as to what you have found or learned. Champers xx

    • Dear Vhampagne BA (love it).
      My eureka moment was “he doesn’t have my best interests at heart”. When I looked at events without judgement or values – there was an overwhelming pattern of behaviour where his, and only his interests were valued.
      I found this in a couple of friendships I’ve put on hold. Right now, my best interests are not their best interests…..
      Sad, and freeing…

    • Hi Champers,

      I like postmod’s a-ha moment re pattern of whose best interests were really being valued. Good one.

      My gut feeling for your situation is don’t even try to work it out right now. Don’t have the internal argument about whether it “was meant to be or not” or is he “the one” or not. Holding on tightly to that argument will only cause stress to yourself and no resolution to the situation at this point. There are some things in life that we cannot force to change and that do not respond to logic or “the vibe” no matter how strongly we feel it or see it.

      Also Champers, remember HE has a role to play in how all this has panned out. It is not just about how you feel about the relationship or where you think it should be heading. His actions (consciously aware and responsible or not) have ramifications. All you can do is be responsible (and consciously aware) of your own actions. I love that saying in the biggest loser where they talk about “only controlling the controlable”, and that is only EVER yourself and your own behaviour.

      I think what might be happening is that part of you is, understandably, having some internal resistance to the idea of where this is heading (ie. not where you wanted it to go according to your best hopes and visions). I suggest working very gently with yourself to learn new techniques of letting go and acceptance and detaching from all those thoughts and arguments that go on inside us. Allow thoughts and feelings to come up but don’t engage with them for now. Just observe them and let them float away for now. Don’t get overly hooked into “logical” arguments or “signs” or anything really. Observe your thoughts & feelings and let them wash by or float away. Naming what you are feeling is a helpful technique eg. say to yourself I notice that I am having the thought that… and then gently return to whatever it is that you are doing. Just be, Champers. Just be yourself where you are and take it one day at a time – that is all you have to do for now x

  13. Er, CHAMPAGNE not vhampagne. Though I suppose I can be a bit of a vamp when I want to *grins*

    • lol! “vampagne” i must use that in appropriate moments…! xx

  14. Oh CBA I don’t know – which is why it has taken me so long to make my own boundaries re the Gemini I’ve finally said NO too and while I wake up in the mornings confident, by lunch I’m doubting almost everything about myself. It was an intensely charming relationship when I wasn’t suffering from anxiety attacks re future etc. Ultimately the support from my friends and family (online and otherwise) has allowed me to be true to myself and face up to the realisation that this person is always going to hurt me, despite the magical moments. The peeps in this space are fantastic and Mystic’s Cosmic Consults help no end.

    • Thanks so much PMScorp, UP and Bluelibra. Getting there…slowly. Semper Fi! xx

  15. it’s so wasy to do a sagg moon, it just happens without even thinking about it!

  16. Crazy Uranian weather watch. Golf ball sized hailstones. Car dinted. Watched the last 8 episodes of Entourage. Wondering that Ari Gold means Golden Lion. Googled Jeremy Piven thinking Aries, but he is Lion after all. Lazy Sagg moon.