Self-Actualizing Seven: Peak Or Mystic Experiences

Self Actualizing Trait Number Eight:

“Maslow observed that self-actualizing individuals commonly had what he called peak experiences (also termed ‘oceanic feeling’). This term refers to moments of intense excitement and high tension as well as to those of relaxation, peacefulness, blissfulness and stillness. Representing the most ecstatic moments of life, such occurrences usually come from love and sexual climax, bursts of creativity, insight, discovery and fusion with nature. These people can ‘turn on’ without artificial stimulants. Just being alive turns them on.”

Abraham Maslow’s Self-Actualizing Traits

34 thoughts on “Self-Actualizing Seven: Peak Or Mystic Experiences

  1. Ooo could be sea lice??? 8O

    I have had those feelings before…. not the sea lice thing, no haven’t experienced that before. :D

      • predictable, wot can I say? I’m a Daniel Craig HO!

        Those shorts, those abs, those eyes… that..ahem.

  2. Yes, actually, I *would* like to get into the oceanic feeling with Mr Craig.

  3. Well Helloooo there… can’t get here for a while and just look at what I miss! Was thinking about Mystic’s fab Self-Actualising series the other day & how much I was looking forward to the next instalment…

    Mystic, there used to be a short cut on your site to all the Self Actualising traits in glorious line up. It was such fun to scroll down them, I mean it, I mean the Self Actualising concepts n stuff… :)

    • Nat (nice lily btw), it’s right there in the ‘Categories’ drop down list to your upper left.

      Virgos know where everything is kept.

      • He’s not a Virgo, that’s why he has to check to see if everything is still where it should be kept. :mrgreen:

    • Oh yes, there they are… *sighs in wonder*

      Bless your Virgoan cotton socks Uber + filing ability and total recall.

      I mistakenly imagined Brendan & his fig leaf in the line up, but sadly no.

      I took that photo of the lily last week. I bought 2 bunches of pink lilies and they made the house feel lovely all week. Completely lifted the vibe.

        • aaahhhh, thank you for that vision. He is as fresh as when I last oggled, um I mean read, that post. You must have stored him in an air-tight container Uber to prevent spoilage? Wallpaper, eh. In every room? ;)

  4. This is suspiciously in time with the current Mars in conjunction with my natal Venus…sigh… “You’re ready to play, so you may jump on the nearest available playmate. Use some discretion.”

    • Why on earth did the above come up as anonymous? What is up with Pepe today? Oh well, I suppose Mars rx affects puters too…

        • nat, your puter’s name is so perrrty! Goes with your current avatar, too. I figured boy puters fall under Mars. :)

      • when you clear your ‘cache’ you may also clear your saved passwords cetera.. its possibly just a setting.

      • But I didn’t clear my cache, that’s the weird thing! Just biz as usual… Or so I think, hm….

  5. Feeling a bit like Daniel right now, mars must be stationary ???? such low enthusiasm / energy / direction/…Still not into gear after holidays, sneaking off to daydream on the beach . Bank balance dwindling, totally off with the pixies. … checking if my balls are still there.

  6. Is there anything TO say?!

    Daniel Craig in bathing suit= peak experience.

    Whoaooooo…….. *slides to floor*