Saturnine Catherine

God, this is actually the usually tres Libran Catherine Zeta Jones, papped yesterday.

Amazing what a Saturn transit can do to a woman.  It must be interesting having a husband who is a full Saturn cycle older than you but you’re both doing Saturn-Sun transits at the same time – because they have the same birthday only 29 years apart for whatever it is…

She is apparently making movies in which she stars as Cleopatra (yes, the Cleopatra) and Gala Dali, wife to Dali. So very Saturnine heavy-hitter role choices there.

28 thoughts on “Saturnine Catherine

  1. Must be nice to have your hubby/wife join you on your trip to hell & back…. :D

    Although it kind of looks like her wardrobe got mixed up with Victoria Beckham’s & look she doesn’t even care…. oh yep Saturn has got to her, emo Armani style.

  2. I can’t believe I used to think Douglas was cool,
    I can’t believe I still do think he’s kinda cool .. probably cause his dad
    I can’t believe I think Saturn is cool. Saturn is not a bad guy (like pluto))
    kinda slows you down (like death) but I think, basically alright.

    I mean, ya gotta say yes to leather and boots in any case, (I always do)

    Kirk douglas was friends with jfk, that was cool, there must be some cool pictures of Catherine and her husband then… not all dark and scary…
    (tho that is cool too)

  3. Aha, a libra, well, that could explain it. Wouldn’t being married to someone 30 years older be like one constant saturn transit?

  4. I like her as an actress, she has REAL ‘european’ charisma (even though shes like welsh yeah?)
    A libra!?! never would’ve picked it!

  5. anyone else thinking that she looks majorly skinny for the gorgeous Ms Zeta-Jones-Douglas?

      • what if you have both saturn and jupiter transits at the same time?

        I don’t think that look suits her either – but when I first looked at that photo I got a yoko ono flash (although I don’t think catherine zeta has done anything moderately creative in her life- maybe now is the time???)

  6. I don’t know whether it’s Saturn-fuelled or not but the problem with her performances is that her signing of “I am diva, hear me roar” is hierarchised over her ability(?) to inhabit an acting role and be authentic.

    I was devastated, when, on David Letterman, while singing “Send in the Clowns”, she interrupted the last bar by declaring, “Come and see me for $260 per night”.
    To bastardise that song with a capitalist interruption was like an act of prostitution. It seems as though her reminding her sudience of how expensive she is was more important that fulfilling good art. How tragic!

    • There were several men dressed exactly like that at Mardi Gras on Saturday night. She’s not wearing the leash though.

    • she should have stopped at the hat.

      i thought of the biker gang from ‘beach blanket bingo’…

  7. As a Libra dancing with Saturn, I have to say that I have started purchasing the most unusual sleek, black bags and clothes. Unusual for me. I have a sleek, black tres streamlined bathing suit, a new black handbag, and dream of angular coats with black boots and black dresses to match my (surprise gift – Saturn obviously thought I needed one) sleek black iPhone, which matches my sleek black shiny power wallet. The list goes on.

    And of course, my spot colour is grey.

    Also, with Saturn hovering in the 8th, have started detoxing, learning how to eat properly, exercising more and losing weight – not from dieting but just from extreme health phase. Seriously, I’ve gone from wine-loving meat eater to vegan. (Still working on giving up the wine, but have cut down drastically).

    Also, have for the first time in my life thought that I have wanted to get married and quite urgently. No messing about with dating someone for years and years with no aim.

    Interesting – the effects of Saturn. It feels so hard and difficult all the time, but then you look back a bit and marvel at how wonderfully everything is shaping up and improving.

    • are you turning into a Scorpio? black leather minimalism and extreme ascetic health stuff… watch out for the swing back to the even darker side …

  8. i don’t know about Catherine ZJD, but I am having a Shoe Transit… haha i blame jupiter (expansion) and venus (attraction and pretty things) in pisces (rules feet). Yes. That’s it. I take no personal responsibility for my purchases… :D