Pluto In Capricorn Hair

Tamae Hirokawa

Well I love this hair but the model does not. At least, she ain’t vibing that way. It’s very Pluto in Capricorn, no? Or is that hair more like Ramzilla  horns? I need to go an actual farm more often i suppose. But vegetarians tend not to, sigh.

The thing about Mars in Leo? It gives one a rich inner life. Increasingly so as Mars gathers momentum and charges toward the opposition with Neptune.  I am thinking about calling it the Mars-Neptune smackdown.

Loads of fantasizing. There’s no point saying ‘keep it real’ but making it non-toxic and vaguely sort-of realizable as opposed to naff or of the old era is probably a good idea. Addictions could ramp right up if care is not taken.

Meanwhile, trite as it sounds, Mars in Leo fantasizes about Great Hair Moments such as the folowing:

Nars Cosmetics-Amber Valletta

This is how Mars in Leo likes to feel, even when going to the convenience store to buy some maxi-pads and urgent jelly dinosaurs.

27 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn Hair

  1. Omg! :lol:

    She looks like a ram & she knows it!
    Loving the great hair moment but the maxi pads & jelly dinosaurs is just hysterical!!

  2. aaagh, i know fashion = Art but that’s not appealing? unless she is playing Pan / puck in a shakespeare production… :)
    ahhh but it must be from someone’s Spring Collection…that would make more sense!
    i am more of the jerry hall cascading blonde locks / silken chocolate tresses with luscious fringe kind of vibe. or choppy redhead mane. black with green highlights…anything really.

  3. That model MUST be wishing she was a check-out chic instead at that moment. I would!

  4. God, Amber Valletta has changed! Always gorgeous, but seems to have become totally… “lionized”. I remember her being stunning but in a very demure, almost cryptic way… And now you tell me she might even be menstruating… I’m confused.

    P.S. She has something of Jerry Hall, circa 1978…

    • yeah I thought it was an old photo of Jerry Hall for a minute … loved her Roxy Music album cover pictures … one with a black panther I think ….

  5. Y’know, I have natal Mars in Leo – and I do not do big hair. The only time I do crazy hair is during blues fst, when I just let the sea air, the salt water, and the amazing music do its thing. Rest of the time, if its not straightened, its up and constrained.

    To my parents disgust.

  6. As a Leo ascendant, I am inordinately proud that I had an excellent hair day, and have been ever since my post Mars-direct-in-Leo haircut.

  7. my hair wants me to be a rock star but the ironed-shirt clients and my ultra-straight line of work prohibits this :( as good a reason as any to change jobs :D

    • You mean your hair needs a career change? Ha ha. Fancy an Employment Agency based on hair type!

      Had to tie my hair back and iron my shirt for a work meeting today. It does help but doesn’t come easily some days.

      • haha nat, yes, my hair wants ME to make a career change! i am sick of using hairbands and bobby pins to keep the curls under control when they just want to Go Wild!! looking overly out-there or feminine does not get one any respect in my industry…. not that i am against a more cerebral line of work, been doing that for 10 years, but u know… *yaaaaawnnnn*

  8. Best hair-styling product ever for “height” : a dusting of corn-starch and a good brush-through. Not kidding! :)
    (this comes from a triple Leo! :D)

  9. It’s true, as a Leo, I would prefer to have hair like that every millisecond of the day. Is that weird? Who wouldn’t want that?