Nina Simone, Piscean

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“…To put it in the mildest terms, while she was an original, gifted, sometimes magical performer and an outspoken champion of civil rights, she was also a maddening, egomaniacal, deeply disturbed, rude, abusive, colossal pain in the, er, neck…”

This is from a review of Princess Noire but it’s funny as nearly every biography of anyone Piscean – eg; Nancy Cunard – mentions the same bonkers Piscean dichotomy.

5 thoughts on “Nina Simone, Piscean

  1. Poor Nina. She tipped porridge in my lap after a press conference once because it wasn’t hot enough; regaled me because I ‘wasn’t black’ and ‘don’t know what it’s like to be oppressed’ (true, actually); and insisted on doing a pre-recorded radio interview from her bed while she lounged in her bathrobe having a pedicure. Craazzzyyy. But what a voice. RIP Miss Simone.

  2. I love her, saw her a while back live..she came across as a beautiful person. Then again we were paying customers, not white trash honkeys trying to get some dirt on the old dame. :)