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Sagittarians are SO ready to be on the move again….

Venus zooms toward Uranus, rendering romance mercurial, synchronistic and mega-non-trad. Like trying to stuff lightening into a box.That’s the vibe for the whole week. Anything that happens is quick, sudden and unconventional. But remember that Mars is still retrograde. So maybe things are sparked…then more once Mars comes out of slumber…

And hands up who had a beautiful Sun-Jupiter/Full Moon moment over the weekend? I didn’t have an official bit of extra luck as such but i woke up Sunday morning with a thought that went something like this: “what would happen i affected a relentlessly sunny disposition?”  VERY Sun-Jupiter & it felt like it came from some good dimension so I’m going with it.

Sun-Jupiter peeps (who are born with it) do have excellent dispositions. I have them sextile but when you meet a person with Sun conjunct Jupiter, they are simply radiant & insanely open-hearted.

Anyway, please share Sun-Jupiter/Full Moon findings from over the weekend!

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60 thoughts on “Monday Mooning

  1. My weekend was very expansive and vibing very Jovian/Jupiterian. I moved to a beautiful(much bigger) new abode last week and didn’t get a chance to de-clutter and rearrange(hello full moon in Virgo) the furniture til the weekend.
    The assistance of my gorgeous Taurean partner was very much appreciated and i have a much healthier respect for the legendary Taurean stamina and unrelenting tidying capacity. When I was having a look at Taurus’s transits on I noticed that Jupiter was bang on my Natal Jupiter(in Pisces 8th house). To say it has been a huge few weeks is an understatement. I am yet to win the lottery but welcome cosmic blessings have definitely been manifesting in many other ways.

    • Have you done a Jupiter Return chart Libran*5? Jupiter Returns approx. every 13 years and you might find it interesting to see what the trend will be. Kim Falconer’s site is helpful with Returns as she’s given info. on how to read them as well.

      • I had my 3rd jupiter return exact yesterday – hopefully it will be a good 12 years with the sun conjunct jupiter yesterday also. Will have to do a jupiter return chart and see – thanks sweet pea.

  2. hmm, just the usual paranoia, police following me etc..maybe check the mail..

    • Hey seuss william I really do worry about your diet – do you get enough leafy greens and omega 3’s?

      Don’t go near the letterbox, I saw them collecting fingerprints and planting nano surveillance cameras there the other day.

  3. ‘Like trying to stuff lightening into a box’ pretty much sums it up!!

    yeah there was fun. plenty.
    bands. beach. boats. bbq.
    but in between applied dedicated time evolving Le Project & turned a corner unearthing genius add-ons to the original game plan.
    all on the cusp of new technologies, & tres cutting edge. like many affected by the death of print magazines / traditional media – the evolving new media opportunities are not only essential but exciting. & one pretty amazing opp landed in lap yesterday morning. while I was watching Bondi beach cleared for the Tsunami warning. yes, watching 1 foot waves brimming with back packers running over swimmers on their Mini Mals…….a long way from the tragedy in Chile.
    & today autumn has arrived.
    time to get back to work!!

    • “& today autumn has arrived.
      time to get back to work!! ”

      my sentiments exactly, so sad the end of summer…bit depressed at the thought actually.

      • it’s been SUCH a great summer.
        11 months of + 1 month of snow would be perfect.

        oopps – better get back to work!!
        agree is a tad depressive when the temp dives.
        Oh well – enter Le Productive phase of the year!!

  4. Have loved this energy as eclipse et. al on the MC opp. Pluto sq. Jupiter, and trine Neptune 5th sextile Saturn.

    What all that mumbo-jumbo means for me is feeling inspired and all brand new again. Been quite a wake up this weekend but I love it and am very grateful. Had a few cries but for good reasons.

    Yep Mystic, the Pisces had Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 12th conjunct the Asc.

    Deep down I know he’s truly a Saint but was disguised as the (my) devil.

    • Wanted to add that with the Sun conj. Jupiter opp. natal Pluto-IC, a light got shown into how my own subconscious has been operating.

      Have you ever had a moment of “how could I have been so stupid?”

      But it’s okay. All in the learning.

  5. no great aha moments yet. Too much socialising to pay attention ( partying is like air for me – good for my soul), however I can feel something building- don’t know when or what but thats all part of the excitement.

  6. it felt like a supportive float carrying me gently, rather than an out of the blue piece of luck etc.
    But it was such a nice feeling- growing optimism, starting to believe in the niceness of people i run into- shop assistants were being just gorgeous- having actual interactions with them. and then of course my friends, who are beautiful (jupiter conjunct sun is in my 11th house at the mo) carrying me through the rollercoaster of the last few weeks with strength and kindness and belief in me.


  7. I had a moment while I was bashing the printer because it would not work & dismantling the net connection because that was not working either.. GRRR. All I wanted to do was work & I couldn’t!! I felt helpless…. 😯 …..& then came my moment of clarity.
    Finally I was able to understand something that had been bothering me for some time. Might bash around the printer the next time I have an issue… 😀

    I have natal Jupiter Q Sun & Pisces rising

  8. well, i was lucky to get to work extra hours (no cynicism, i needed the cash and the opportunity came up out of the blue – right place, right time)

    but the strange thing was, had just had a conversation with friend about how customer service types were all being surly and unpleasant lately after the girl at cafe we were at almost hissed at us to take our own cake to the table while she got coffee ready.
    so made a conscious effort to be aware of my mood, take a deep breath and be polite to everyone i dealt with. The weird part being that everyone who had done nothing wrong was narky and confrontational while those who got majorly caught out were all apologetic, co-operative and nice. Its like the universe put all the nice vibes into the people we had to spend more time with.

    • and a slap in the face style dream about my personal life.
      welcome to march. woke up feeling very sober.

  9. Standing in a car park in Canberra Friday night – an aha moment about the last affair I (nearly) had – must be 9 years ago.. like a brick over the head… instant clarity about current Aqua Man! Then woke deep into last night and retreated to the lounge room… to find the iron on and merrily glowing in the dark! For a Virgo – that’s very good luck (esp for the peep that left it on)

  10. I called a friend I suspected my husband had developed a crush on, and I talked to her about stuff. This is maybe the Sun+Jupiter conjunction opposite my Mercury in the 7th house (she is a colleague). She said she had suspected the same very recently. We shared a bottle of wine, talked about freedom and love, walked along the beach and went dancing. I was very happy and felt I had glimpsed what the future would be like.

    In the morning, my husband (who had already told me 2 nights ago that he wanted to leave in May) told me that he was falling in love with my friend, and he wanted me permission to talk to her about his feelings (!!!). I agreed, out of sensing his fragile state (he admitted to feelings of suicide and loneliness).

    I would say that the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in my 12th house translates to expanded illumination of hidden aspects. After talking with my friend, I think that what is happening here is that 2 drives are going on in my husband’s psyche – 1) he wants to be successful at art, which he can be in our provincial city (hence he needs to leave), and 2) he loves me, which contradicts the first drive. So he has transferred all his romantic feeling to the person closest to me at the moment, and who most resembles me. Saturn is conjunct his Pluto and Pluto is transiting opposite his Moon (as well as mine, ours are on the same degree).

    She said it’s just nuts, he doesn’t know her that well, and it seems like a desperate cry, he knows we were talking together today and he was pestering her for an answer re: meeting him, like “Do I need to beg?” and “Are you forcing me to grovel?”. Then he posted on Facebook, “Women!”, as if we were being two wayward girls not agreeing to his version of things. Afterwards he texted me if I needed dinner, and I texted, No, I had already eaten, and then he texted “Bitches”, which was quickly followed by “J/k. :)” So i think he’s trying to normalize things, like it’s normal to tell his wife he wants to leave, and then to ask her friend out the next day.

    I am very angry and at the same time sad for him, so i think this is the Jupiter+Sun talking to my mercury, and my Mercury agreeing with them, and wanting to understand what is going. I have been having fabulous insights on the boundaries of love, community, lust and ethics, and I feel like I’m understanding how modern bourgeois society shapes the structures of feeling, of the experience of love and lust. For instance, I came to believe in Carnival today, like Carnival serves this social function to allow us to expel libidinal excess, so that we function normally, and it’s too bad that the country I live in has no moment of Carnival, and no services for the confrontation of our fantasies and anxieties.

    So that’s my Sun+Jupiter experience in one very long nutshell!

    • Wow. What a crazy situation – and I’m not sure if I could handle it as well as you, Horned one. But you obviously are v mature to talk to your friend instead of writing her off as a “slutty bitch” (as we women have a tendency to do). And I think if you can conserve your friendship with her and ditch this dodgy husband (sorry, I shouldn’t judge, should i), you are going to be one wise, happy woman.

      What a mess for you – but you seem to have your head on straight and be really evolved on a compassionate level, so that puts you in a strong position. Good luck and keep us posted :)

    • GOD I just had shivers right through me because your grasp of the reality of “modern life” is so ummm tangible – Your compassion at your husbands state shows the enormity of your loving nature and that combined with the rational take you have on things astounds me.

      Not many people can reach those kinds of conclusions without making the events that take them there about their ego. You are a smart woman. You’re right about the carnivale energy – it’s in us all and if more people were able to look it in the eye and see it for what it is then I think we’d all be in a better place. Your awareness of your husbands needs and emotions and the way his feelings are hindered by the constraints of “normal” behaviour so that they metamorphosise into something else – which is strangely more acceptable or “normal” to people, a projected or misplaced attraction to another woman, amazes me.

      Your anger is entirely understandable but your love appears to be strong and maybe your awareness means you have the potential for some kind of expansion of the way you view/live your coupling?

      Have either of you considered him getting a studio and living somewhere with a strong arts community for a few months? Some kind of sabbatical to collect his thoughts? And time for you to work out where you stand in all of this. Personal space is just as important for those who live with creative people as it is for the creatives. You can construct your domestic reality in a way that works for both of you – if that’s what you want.

      I really do wish you well with your situation HV, I’ve got tears in my eyes and it’s not because of your potential loss, it’s because of your realistic way of seeing things. I really do wish all the luck in the world to you.

  11. Friday night I found $10 on the footpath, then Sat morning $2 in a shopping basket at the markets, so I brought a lotto ticket…. just in case….

    • I found a penny lying on the sidewalk. But it’s still icy and cold here, and I could not pry it up off the concrete. So much for the “lucky penny.”

  12. Sweetpea, are you ok there gorgeous?

    Mystic, yet again you are so spot on as this Sagg is so on the move again. The beautiful picture above, so captures my whole being at present. I had a wonderful weekend motor bike riding on dirt roads up and down windy roads in forests etc. Just loved it……until we flew past Mount Tomah where I got married. I quietly cried my heart out and then settled down.

    Unfortunately my Kataka is all serious and wants to settle down and said I should grab him as he is great catch etc. That I am in my 40’s and it is time to settle down! Huh? Many would think he is a “great catch”, but not for me. So he is upset as he wants more and I want just a companion to adventure with. He left saying, “live long and prosper!”

    Methinks I need to put an advert or join a Bike club just to go riding without complications! Aaaaaargh! I just do not want to be tethered! Even amidst all this, yes I was sunny and looking on the positive side of things.

    I am Sun in Sagg and I have the Sun in the 1st house & Jupiter Aquarius 2°55’26 in house 3 direct. I have Sun sextile Jupiter 1 degree 25 and Jupiter Quincunx Uranus 2°27 . Afraid I do not have any idea what all the above means. Astro fiends I do apologise for that and hope you guys make sense of the above?? Hope it does not show axe murderer tendencies etc! : >

    • Yes, thanks Saggie. Just realizations galore and feeling close to spirit again. It’s nice to wake up and move past some stuff that had been tailin’ me so to speak.

      So you let him go. Well, guess you gotta do what’s right for you, eh? Tissues and a hug for your tears over the ex. x

      I have Sun and Merc. trine Sagg. Jupiter 6th and Sun-Merc trine Leo Uranus 3rd, but Jupiter and Uranus not connected. Shame. Guess can’t hog everything, right? :) Yours sounds real nice. Far from ax murderer…Unless of course you be “girl gone bad”…. lol

      • Sweetpea, glad you are ok. I think this weekend was full of “realizations galore” for many. I guess you finally took notice of that nagging feeling in your spirit and in the recognising, you were able to move on. I like your words of “stuff that had bee tailin me.” I guess when we turn around and face it square on and deal with it, it finally will flee only living tiny tendrils behind that will touch our memories from time to time…..

  13. I can finally sleep in my own bed! I decided to offer the cleaning specialists some left over fudge as a thank you. Most of the fudge originally went to my Brit Lit class. A piece maaay have gone to a certain Aries that has caught my attention. I gave myself a break this weekend. I’ve finally come to terms with my situation regarding school. I plan to go back for another trimester next year so I can meet the graduation standards and do some art work while maintaining my sanity. I’ve realized I’m very happy I have this opportunity, and wouldn’t have been comfortable going to college this fall. As a bonus, my rheumatologist is giving me a different kind of medication on top of my current medication. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this med. I’ll be so happy if I start feeling better soon! I’m apprehensive from the disaster of a reaction I had to the medication I tried in January, but so far I haven’t had any issues.

    I think this has been a very good weekend. Hope everyone else has had a good weekend and will have a good week!

  14. well I thought I was managing this mars retro/saturn girl stuff really well until this wknd! I got super organised re storage and house and had one lucky break last week re work – which made me feel fantastic initially, but even with some positive stuff on the horizon, have been quite grumpy and over everything since friday!!! Compounded by my 3 girls all being super-narky over wknd, an ex-husband who is away (he usually has girls every 2nd wknd.. if it fits in with his schedule), so am now a month without a break and utterly exhausted, have huge bags under eyes can’t rid, have taken up smoking and just can’t seem to stop (making me feel even more crap esp as hide it from my girls!), a non-existent social life at the mo (my teen daught tells me I need to get a life! great!) etc….soo have just been trying to concentrate on blessings in life, feel the gratitude etc which usually works, but just can’t seem to shake this mood…ahh this too shall pass…just hope it hurries up…

  15. I finished my writing project! Finally, I just spent a wet weekend attacking revisions head-on, fixing the minutiae of niggling icky bits and grammatical mong bits (technical terms) and I think I might be okay with where it’s at. I think. Well, I’m as comfortable as a never-satisfied Cap can be.

    21 months of writing – and now the REAL hard work begins to make it “live” in the big bad world. Ahhhhhh! Steady nerves…

  16. Mine was all uncanny and connected to the emotionally overwrought December cancerian eclipse. At that time I realised I was carrying around so much history and frustration with my family – and my mum in particular – that it was impossible for any of them to ever be seen as they are now.

    So I did a ‘thing” on that moon – which I now know, thanks to william was a supermoon – where I released all the not constructive emotion associated with the familial past and vowed to see them all with new eyes from that point on. The change especially with my mum was immediate. I didn’t tell her I’d let go of my anger at her not being supportive when I was in my formative years but somehow etherically she knew and she suddenly went on a mind boggling supportive in the adult now crusade. It was surreal. She’s really making up for lost time.

    This supermoon brought me the realisation that over the last 2 months the way my whole family works together has changed and it’s like we all walk in step with each other now. Or at least, they are walking in step with me now! Previously the rhythm was always off, can’t describe how, because I can’t even remember how it used to be or feel, other than it was glitchy – like a bad TV reception.

    So yeah, Sun Jupes shone all over my awareness of family – and that makes perfect sense because my sun and jupes hang out together on the IC/4th house zone – directly opposite the planetary throng in aqua/pisces.

    O and funny thing, in completely different parts of the country and within half an hour of each other on saturday, my mother and I both lost important proof of identity documents. And I thought that’s weird, it’s like that whole seeing everyone as a new person and starting fresh just happened again in a whole other way.

    • That’s neat whatever. Sort of like it actually manifested to make it even more tangible.

      The identity thing was part of the NY Buddhist meditation I participated in. The teacher talked how noone is the same really but in our mind and perception we keep them boxed in.

      • Yes it’s true sweetie – our own private photograph of how they once looked to us hangs on the wall in the room they occupy in our minds and we seldom go back to dust it off and reassess – we’ve captured them. Like one of those french boudoir pictures that comes in a little wooden cabinet and it’s kept locked up and hidden away. It’s a good feeling to have a new picture to look at, like I’m younger now or something. What’s even better is the lessons learned from the lifetime of experiences with them are still a part of me but the emotions aren’t. They are SO last year.

      • I KNOW! Thanks PMS (wow is that really your acronym? LOL) it’s a big deal – the family stuff, altho PMS is a big deal too : o). I have flow in my life which used to come in fits and starts – when I removed myself from my family, but now life seems to be flowing more freely and abundantly WITH them in it. It feels liberating, like I’m nimble and weightless suddenly. And my mum – insane, she still has the quirks that once irritated but I now look at them and think, Oh, that’s just how you are, I don’t feel moved to battle it anymore. And also weird she asks my advice about stuff and I don’t hate her for needing to because of the baggage that I was always more like the grown up in the arrangement, I just help her and then move on, like I would if a stranger needed help with a push chair or to get on the bus or something. I guess I’ve just accepted that sometimes she needs my help – and she’s helped me so much recently without me even asking it’s almost like the debt of the horrors past has been cleared.

  17. Servants & small animals are supposedly under Virgo’s rulership, & this full moon was in my 3rd house opposite Jupiter in my 9th…I brought home a small dog from the lost dogs home last new moon a very cute & super clever Tibetan Spaniel “blend” named Buddy. He is now my Sun conjunct Jupiter 3yr olds best friend! I am now his servant as he shows me every freakin’ way he can open a door or masterfully escape so that I am now getting to know my community as he goes visiting all over the neighbourhood! Best best part is I am now getting up at daybreak to take him for a walk along the river & my bum is looking real good for it…as is my sense of wellbeing…

    • Cool! So want a doggy but am renting and it makes it challenging… Buddy the Tibetan Spaniel sounds adorable.

  18. Hey Stress Princess, I too have been working away on umpteenth draft = finally (hopefuly – well, almost nearly) complete. This be my mercury in Cap plus mars/pluto in Virgo? For a Sag, these earthy aspects keep me sooo grounded that I cannot relate to the other sags in today’s post :(

    I’m feeling rather ready to run but alas, cannot! :)
    Hence frustration and meditation is my current trend

    • Oooh good luck with everything, HBG! Yeah, my merc is in Cap too. I hope that means we do good groundwork and build solid foundations for our writing… Keep us posted how you go!

      My boyfriend is a Sagg and is contemplating leaving his job. He’s had it with everything too.

  19. My moment was, “have I built my whole existence around illusion?” It was quite panic attacky before I reigned in the catastrophic thinking & fear. I didn’t ignore it, I did a reality check over the last 3 years that lead to that moment.

    It’s been raining here for a week so there’s been no work to do therefore I’m bored/rested/prepped after doing all the books & cleaning of the home.

  20. homework was my weekend and will be till dec..

    untrue to mars retro a certain pisces has decided to re connect again after avoiding each other. leo ex has fallen into cave and I finally got a house to live as of next week. own space dance!
    I am loving the moon virgo, re organized all filing today and ordering things from mac book Ical to match my classes for greater flow of organization. I love colour coding.

  21. “Sun-Jupiter peeps (who are born with it) do have excellent dispositions. ”

    so true – my second daughter has Sun-Jupiter conjunct in Sadge (part of a big stellium actually) in the sevent house – she is such a jivin’ go-getting kid.

  22. My moment came when my Aqua man had his attempt at a talk again.. where he thinks I am fantastic and all but he just wanted that ‘spark’ which I see as a bit of a delusion… and is always passing. But maybe him coming out of a long marriage he wants something more than comfortable.. but for me he felt like home.. so I was in tears a lot this weekend.. but my aha moment was about trusting relationships and trusting men and trusting myself.. we havent broken up but I feel a bit broken today..

    Just feel I should let him go and work it out.. not pushing just waiting and growing my garden (metaphorically).. sometimes it takes a while for people to work out just what they have when they are still hanging on to the past…wish I had had a happier weekend.. but got to see some things kept hidden.

    Actually on reflection its about trusting self.. and I know its going to work out.. I had emailed that to a Capricornian friend this morning who was going through a recent breakup as well with her man who feared she wanted more than he could give right now.. long sad story.

    Anyway Jupiter in Gemini.. 7th house squaring pisces but cant really see how that make sense of this weekend.

  23. I had the most gorgeous, joyous rosey birthday party to day. I wore a new romantic / 80s ra-ra pale-blue-and-silver tea rose dress with a sheathy-silk scarf of blue and pink roses. I felt like a goddess and was surrounded by all the loving hearts in my cosmos. Do I sound all centre-of-attentiony? Well, that was my Jupiter moment of luck I think. I loved the spoils of attention and received the most thoughtful gifts of champagne and wisdom I’ve ever received. Just magical. Ooh, and it ended with a kiss with someone special. By Jove.

    • That sounds divine – happy birthday PSLV!! My niece’s birthday is today also, she turns six and is the most sensitive, watery little piece of humanity. She is absolutely beautiful too. Glad you had a magical day with kisses and fashionalia. Xx!

  24. Ok weekend, I was a bit irritable when my foot collided with the watermelon on the floor. A small chip of rind got under my big toe-nail. I swore a blue streak and my father-in-law just looked at me and said, “How do you hurt yourself on a watermelon”. I suggested he not to look UP as he mused, but down at my toe (he seriously personifies The Fool). He is Sagg and he drives me beserk, he is the most impractical person I have ever met in my life. But he loves my son so much, I love him for that.
    He is easily agitated (and currently so am I) so whatever soothes the Saggi’s right now – bring it on!!

    Dumb Astro Question for the day: How come sometimes the houses are bigger than others in a natal chart?

    • Wierd how my ex has come up a bit for me lately, but I talked to him for the first time in a few years (we have an investment still tied up together which was possibly to be hit by a tsunami). He is Sagg too. I think he was hoping the tsunami would hit, sounded a bit jaded about life…

    • It’s to do with the curve of the earth or how far you are from the equator or something like that apparently. So depending on where you are born shapes the diff sized bits.
      Stubbing your toe on a watermelon is great!

      • Thank you shell! That’s very handy, I thought it might be something like that. I hope to be conversant in astro by the end of this year!

  25. Last weekend was a complete CRAZE FOR ME!
    Saturday – i basically got a 20 minute mobile-tele blast from my director! which i cleaverly manuvoured out of! – MAJOR DISASTER AVERTED!

    SUNDAY- Moonee Valley Festival! CRAZY catchup with freinds from past present and future – (actually met up with THREE “graces”)

    LOVING the pic – im thinking saggo aqua (hair) rising!

  26. Hmm had bad day on Sunday – PMS-y stressy. Need to do something totally cathartic to rid my Scorpionic self of all the stress I’m carrying. I’m seriously thinking about quitting my uni course (currently halfway through). Have very recently told the Pisces Ex that we should call it a day on our sort of not-really-there traumatic relationship. Suspect his new girlfriend is beginning to get sick of his involvement with me anyway, even though she knew I was part of the package when she started out. (long, sordid story). He is hanging on harder than a masochistic Cancer on a security chain. I am confused: I have turned switch to “off” and once Scorp Switch flicked, all is off and embers going cold.
    Looks like I will be getting divorced, going bankrupt all in the same year. How Phoenix-like is that? Anyway on Sunday I could barely get out of bed but today I am at work as usual as if nothing had happened.
    I need a holiday from life….somewhere in the Aegean with turquoise sea and gleaming men… :mrgreen: