Mars At The Zero Leo Point

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Allan Amato

For various esoteric reasons, Mars just sitting on the Zero Degree of Leo, as he has been from March 1 and will be till March 22, is quite profound. It trines the magical Zero Aries Point, for a start. Never mind. Just see it as focussing the mind somewhat. As well as been madly frustrating. Like revving an engine but you’re not going anyplace. Or endless copulation sans climax. Still, it ain’t as bad as that interminable Mars in Taurus Retro we had in late 2005/early 2006 that squared everything. At least with Mars in Leo, you can hype your ego and get a lot of manicures whilst hissing your latest “policy” to anyone still listening or even some paid help.

Now two things: If you have NOT got Martian Bats, you really should consider it. Mars in Leo just carries on and on until June. Scroll down the page to see the Mars bit. If you do have the password, please re-read it as Mars is just peaking now and until March 22. Even though its direct next week, it stays stuck on the Zero point.

Secondly: Apart from Martian Bats and all that info, you can look to the part of your personal chart where you have Zero Degrees of Leo and consider just absolutely blasted with Mars energy (heat, guts, gorm, glory, fury, lust, irritation, Qi, etc) for the next SEVENTEEN days.  Yes, it’s only been five days with Mars going batso at Zero Degrees of Leo. This is also the point he was at back in mid-October, if that is of interest. So events/emotions etc from then are triggered…

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    • its almost like a lion/centuar..? a connection between the fire signs?

  1. This looks strangely like me, I feel like I am looking in the mirror. Flabby post preggers tummy and all. Actually mainly the hair and the tummy, am all out of corsets.

  2. Mars is opposing my Venus 0 Aqu. Venus is in my natal sixth. I had a job interview last week and an inquiry for another this week – both seemed a good bet since I know the peeps, mutual former colleagues, etc. But no. I wonder if this opposition is part of the issue?

  3. Can anyone please explain ? I’ve never been too sure how to read planet positions and degrees in Astrodienst. If I have the planets Jupiter & Neptune there in Leo, does 1dg still count for Martian batso ?
    Also, which house listing do you look at ? The ones tabled with the major planets or the next table which gives houses and signs ? I have Leo there but at MC and 21 dg so I would think that doesn’t count for the Martian bats warnings. Yes ?

    • Ok Tamberlaine, here’s how I go with this. :D
      I look up the natal and transit chart in astrodienst, it will show your natal positions as well as transiting positions in green. Where Mars is currently sitting in all our charts is in Leo at 0 deg. The houses are different in our personal charts, this varies for all of us. Mine for example- Mars is transiting in Leo at 0 degree in my 5th house which is sexuality, pleasure, creativity etc. So Mars is blasting away all those things that are represented by the 5th house until the 22nd.

      I hope this helps & more importantly I hope it is correct! 8O

      • That helps me too Baristagem! I am being ‘blasted’ at in my fourth and then my sun is at 5 degrees… I am wondering too if five degrees is close enough to zero to count for me to feel frustrated by things?!

  4. Whoa!

    Mars in Taurus in late 2005- early 2006 was hitting my 2nd house & yes it was pretty bad. I was comprising my self worth and values for what I thought was love… er no it wasn’t love it was STUPID!!
    Mars in Leo is in my 5th house & trine Chiron. I am definitely feeling the Mars energy right here!

    Nice mane :D

  5. OK, whats the ‘IC’ mean again in a chart?? its the opposite of midheavan i know that. its about the way you present yourself to the world isnt it??

    i need to search the archives.

    Anyway THATS what i have at 0 degrees Leo.

    • Saggigal, I will have a crack at answering your question and hopefully the more learned astrologers here will correct any errors.

      The IC (Imum Coeli) is the “bottom” or lowest point on the chart (Latin for bottom of the sky). I like to think of it as In-Coming ie. what skills & experience you came into this life with – that may be so sub-conscious you take them for granted. People who like to think about past lives read a lot into the sign of the IC.

      I like to think of the MC or Midheaven as where we are headed in this life, and the axis between the IC & MC as our journey in this life. The sign of the MC can indicate what lessons we need to learn, what talents and styles we need to embrace to unlock our growth in this life. Definition from Wikipedia: “The Midheaven is one of the most important angles in the birth chart. It traditionally indicates career, status, aim in life, aspirations, public reputation, and our life goal.” These “goals” don’t relate only to our jobs or careers but may also be spiritual and influence how we tackle our life’s path, or how we best do our work.

      The Ascendant is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the moment of your birth. My understanding of the Ascendant is that it rules how we physically manifest (ie. look). It is often the sign that people guess you as being because you have some of the physical features & inclinations of that sign (as well as your Sun sign).

      Hope this helps. I found the explanations in “Choice Centred Astrology” by Gail Farifield really good for understanding the basics of a chart, the signs and the houses and how they interact.

      • Oh, that’s great, Nat. I’ve never really understood the IC, so that’s really helpful to me too. Thanks!

      • Hey Nat, nice interps…here are some more…

        Think of the tree of life- the I.C as the base of the chart is like the roots of the tree & the MC is the tree branches, leaves, fruit etc. Obviously if the tree is well planted, nurtured & gets plenty of light, it is resilient & can flourish…

        Also, Kundalini energy rising through the chakras is alligned with the flow of energy from the IC root chakra through to the crown MC…

      • Thanks nat, I’ve always been confused about the ic, it’s relevance. So wow I can see then that this is a pretty major time of dealing with the very base/ foundation of my life/ who I am. I’m going to need to think about this. But it makes alot of sense.

        Thank you ! X

      • my MC/IC are pretty much in line with my south/north node. But so my MC is conjunctish my south node, and IC, north. Makes the where you are going and where you are coming from stuff a bit confusing. Perhaps I can start to use that as an excuse for all my procrastination…

        • I also am confused about the IC & MC interps with the Moon’s North & South nodes interps. Glad you brought this up shell. I will read up on it tonight. And no, dear shell, you are not using this as an excuse for anything!!!!

        • That could work fine. MC conjunct south node/IC conjunct north node could mean your career aspirations, public persona come more naturally and are easier for you to manifest than your private life. Your IC inner life is more of a karmic challenge for you to master. It’s really the same as having nnode and snode on the 4th and 10th house axis.

          • In may case that prob makes sense. I’ve jupiter on MC/SN, and point of fortune there as well – all in 9th, and then sun, venus, merc in 10th. I’m all pointed in that direction. bugger all down the bottom of the chart though, and what’s there is all squared and so on.
            Thanks UV

          • Thank you for that info Uber, it helps me also. The Moon’s Nodes in my chart have the opposite set up to shell’s chart, viz. South Node very close to IC (in Capricorn, 3rd House) and North Node close to MC (in Cancer, 9th House, along with my Sun & mercury).

            For me, the first half of my life was very dominated by all the Capricorn stuff, but in an unhealthy & un-aware way (didn’t help having 2 over-controlling, over-monitoring, over-limiting, Capricorn parents!!). About 7 years ago, I had my first astrology reading (Natal Chart) and a lovely astrologer suggested that I think more about the North Node & MC stuff and try to embrace my Cancerian qualities… I didn’t get it at the time (I was so ignorant that I even disliked what I thought Cancer stood for…) but I kept thinking about it, trying to open up to the idea. She was right! It has been the key to me unlocking a lot of growth within myself and feeling much better about my life’s path. Just lovin’ all my North Node & MC & Cancerian stuff now :) .

            And I am also understanding a little better the IC & South Node stuff in my chart – the roots, culture and in-coming of the IC and the what-flows-out/where-I-get-exhausted aspects of the South Node. I find it very helpful to think about that axis when I am feeling a bit imbalanced, lost or depleted. Still trying to come to terms with the Mother-Father symbolism of the IC-MC axis tho!!! That could take a while longer :)

            Thanks shell & Uber, I enjoyed this conversation.

    • awesome.
      Thanks from me too.
      MC in the first degree of Cancer. Totally foreign to me. Cancer? I know nothing about old Kataka!

      • virgo cat, see above. I struggled with Cancerian MC too. Don’t give up. Explore those qualities and find a way to make them your own.

        • Hey thanks. Good to read your post above.
          Did you find a way to nurture without it burning you out?
          These days I am afraid of being taken advantage of.
          But also have really gotten into the cooking/feeding people thing.

  6. In other news: Mars Rx like ON my Saturn. [deleted a swear there].
    So muddled!
    Have I learned the lessons?
    Have I not learned the lessons?
    What are the lessons? Is this the lesson? Is that the lesson?
    And really, I just need a hug.

    • haha! ya, like my VENUS in LEO!!!
      It’s like a love vacuum around here these days.
      And I’ve had some quiet times in my life, but this feels like something completely different.

      • Vertex can mean you meet with fateful encounters. Kim Falconer has a wonderful write up “Where is Vertemus?” (or something similar/spelling).

        I met the Pisces when lots of planets were on my Vertex, 5th…His Neptune just happened to be on my Vertex and all were opp. my Venus. Tranits stimulated the whole lot…

        The Vertex can be about other worldly experiences too. Aussie Astrologer Alice McDermott has a website and great info. on the Vertex. (think you’ll find her under Alice Portman however…).

        I met the Pisces through a work associate….Scorpio rules my 6th and my Vertex is ruled by Scorpio.

        I got the job I have now when a Scorpio stellium was transiting my Vertex and Neptune in 2006 (they are conjunct by 10 degrees which works orb wise for a conjunction) trine Pisces MC.

        Makes sense, no?

  7. Mars at zero Leo is squaring my Mars in Scorpio….I’m assuming thats not a good thing? I’ve been struggling with remaining in control while everything seems to be out of my control – everything seems to be going backwards, communication, men, sex, debt – and yet I have the best skin and hair I’ve had for a decade…..revved up and ready to go, but can’t find the keys to the car.

  8. 0 degrees Leo in the 4th…… So its all about the Papa – funny that, as in Mid oct last year I carted said Papa off to Europe for 3 weeks, talk about the short sharp way to get up close and personal with daddy issues – just tie him to your apron strings for 3 weeks on his first European jaunt ever!!! Interesting as well, he paid me back last week the money outstanding from that trip…. I’ll grok this.

  9. t really is like copulation w/o climax!!! Not that I’d mind that at the mo. :)

    This Zero Degree Leo is absolutely Blasting my Zero Degree Leo Venus! Wahoooooo! As to how this translates into day-to-day, like sex, well, it’s a bit lost in translation innit. :lol:

      • Hehehe….glad to be of service!!! :) Oy…that was terribly Virgo, wannit? Off to get me red licorice now, with green tea. Gotta calm myself down.

        • i’ve never eaten so many packets of bbq chips in my life!! That’s my comfort food. And boy am I in need of comfort with the current astro! Contemplating going back to Le Toro for a massage because he keeps offering. Why the hell not!
          The Aries is blowing hot and cold and showing no enthusiasm. I know it’s all a game until Mars goes direct but i’m not in the mood for it. Mars at zero must have shrunk his balls.

          • robots, there’s an Aries in your orbit??? Wha??? Yes, of course go back to the Toro for a massage. Cripes, any thing to get us all through the next 17 days is surely OK! Just be clear to the poor fella that you have no intention of marrying him but you’d like to hang out occassionally if he’s up for it… ;) I was thinking at least he *noticed* that your sheets were nice and made a compliment to you about them… :grin:

          • Yes, I’d thought that if a guy noticed the sheets at all, that was a plus.

            Scorpy, maybe give him a pass on the thread count? :lol:

            Are you referring to his Aries Mars-Ven? Blowing hot and cold, eh?

            Well, at least he’s blowing…Haphazardly? But blowing?…hehe

          • oh Toro’s up for it alright. Hehe, won’t leave me alone which is quite flattering. Made me realise I was taking it all too seriously and that I do enjoy his company. He’s easy going – which is something i’m not! – bloody Saturn on my Venus and Cap rising! I forget how to have fun sometimes.

            Yes, an Aries in my orbit. I’ve never dated an Aries in my life! Haven’t met him in person yet. He has moon in Cancer, Merc in Taurus, venus in Pisces and Mars in Cap. He’s the complete opposite of Toro – sophisticated, intelligent, loves to cook, is more interested in my mind than my body etc and very attractive. But he’s frustrating me at the moment. I’m going to distance myself until Mars goes direct.

            Sweetpea, Toro is just blowing hot – must be his venus/mars in Aries. It’s the new Aries that’s hot/cold – might be his venus in Pisces and the Cappy Mars or even the Cancer moon. Who knows!?

            Yes, i think I was a bit harsh on the Toro. And Nat, you’re right – at least he noticed!!! :)

          • Woman, GO to the Toro for massages defo!!!! :lol: No wait, he’s around the corner, so get him to come to you!
            And this Aries? Pray tell…oooohhh lala…… Rather lovely-sounding earth & water planets you rattled off there! Toro coming across as more Aries with his Venus & Mars. Itawy re: keeping your distance; if Mr. Aries seems to display shrunkenballsitis, then yes, keep to yourself (and the Toro). Did you find him on the same site as Toro, btw?

          • hehe, well, of course Toro’s coming over to mine. I’m worried that seeing HIS sheets might kill the mood. I will set all the rules of course and Toro will be more than happy to comply with his Virgo rising. Hee hee.

            Yeah, met the Aries on same site. I was just about to shut down my account because I just LOATHE online dating – too depressing. Anyhow, while i was in process of doing so, I got a message from the Aries. He was cute so i told him i was leaving the site and gave him my msn addy and we’ve been chatting for about 2 weeks (?) sometimes til 2am. Toro is actually more Aries than the Aries. So important to see rest of chart.
            Don’t know his rising ’cause he’s not into astrology. Don’t like the sound of the Cancer moon. Aries like to chase but Cancer’s like to hide in their shell and go sideways. Very confusing!
            His Pisces venus will do nicely with my Sun and mars in Virgo. Reckon he’d be great in the sack!! Mars in Cap – staying power :)

            He’s really taking his time to suss me out. Has AWESOME taste in music – which is a huge plus in my books and his too. He’s got all the qualities of Pluto Man! all the things the psychics have told me. Like, he’s lived in New York for 6 years! Spooky or maybe just coincidence. I don’t want to get too excited. Wait and see….

            What about your Leo – it was a Leo wasn’t it? any progress there?

          • :lol: robots you’re a hard task master!!! Wow, interesting about the Aries just popping into your orbit like that. Normally I would think Aries yum yum, but his Mars in Cap would not work for me (but I know you’d dig it!). Don’t worry too much about the Cancerian Moon – it would be “dried up” a bit by the Aries Sun don’t you think? And would probably allow the emotional depths that Scorpios like? And the cooking.

            The younger Taurus (with Venus & Mars in Aries) gets my vote but to be fair, maybe you need to assess all the data (ie. Data from Le Sack) before making a decision. Just to be open and unbiased, you understand ;)

          • robot, any other deets that have emerged about New Aries that go with what the psychic told you? That NY reference is shiver-inducing! I mean, I know a lot of peeps have lived there, but the specific number of years, too, wow.
            Re: Leo fling, well, yesterday I sent an email saying I need space. I mean, he really was a fling whose company I did enjoy, reminded me of my male friends’ energy. He’s since gone back to San Fran, where he lives, but we’ve kept in touch via emails; long, rambling, sharing emails. Funny thing, when I met him, there was a feeling he was gonna be around for a long time, just a feeling. Then I checked out the astro (synastry, composite, etc) and it’s Sun conjunct Saturn in composite. Also in Mystic’s soulmating book, we got the Mates (yinyang symbol) and Waves. But that’s about it, just friends, I don’t have any desire to sleep with him; dominating him is another matter, though, hehehe, that would give me a chance to practise my Domme training. :)
            Good luck with New Aries and Le Toro! Interesting how the Aries is taking is slow, courtesy of the rest of his chart.

          • Nat, it’s hard to say at this stage if the Cancerian Moon would be “dried up” by Aries Sun or whether it would “water down” the Aries fire. Hehe. Thank God, for the water in his chart though. I do need some emotional depth! And the cooking! Yes to that! ’cause i hate cooking.
            His Mars in Cap energy is very strong but my Cappy rising can handle that.

            UPV, so Sun conjunct Saturn means longevity? How good is Mystic’s Soulmating book!! I got the (yinyang symbol) and the Moon with the Aries.

            Hehe… Your Virgo and Scorp rising would make for a good Domme!

            There’s actually been a dramatic turn around with the Aries (man, he’s full of surprises). We’ve organised a date right after Mars goes direct (i made sure of that) wooohoo!!! Let the good times roll. *happy dance* :)

            If you want more deets on what psychic said, email me, ravenrobot at and i’ll send ya an email. I feel like i’m hogging the blog and don’t want to bore peeps. :)

  10. I know this shouldn’t be a ‘my shit is worse that your shit competition’ – but hey Mars in Leo, so maybe so.
    Mars 3.7 Leo, Asc 0.32 Leo, Saturn 28.38 cancer
    My mars at 0 degrees Leo experience goes something like this.
    sleep badly, wake up, feel shit, try to work, cry, try to admin so you feel like you’ve achieved something, feel okay, cry, try to exercise but feel too tired, realise all your clothes don’t fit cause you’ve stressed off too much weight, write lists, feel shit, feel okay, feel great because you’ve focused all your energy into something and achieved something no matter how menial, feel tired, want to punch someone, winge, spend an inordinate amount of time watching how slowly Mars moves on the astrodienst widget, pray for it to be over, cry, have some nice conversations with women but be pissed off with men, drink alot, write more lists, make erratic decisions, sleep badly. etc.
    Since Sunday.
    17 more days?

          • yes and me too at the mo..along with skin breaking out worst I can remember (can’t work out reason why) and constant bags/dark cirlcles under eyes – to the point where my 9 yo daughter said last weekend (when I had makeup on!) _ “yes mummy I don’t mean to be mean but you do look reeeeeaaalllly tired” …yes and feel it too…whinge…maybe good mars is retro and no dating to speak of! There’s a good thing!

      • That’s okay shell. Don’t you guys do a cuppa and a lie down in Oz? Maybe nap ’til its goes direct, eh doll? x

        • I’ve actually gone for the opposite approach. Staying super busy, getting out of the house, doing different stuff. If I have to act cheery and full of energy then hopefully I’ll become cheery and full of energy (and hopefully not frantic and distracted like I have been today, anyway…)

          re your dream, did you get to see the movie?

          • Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I’d forgotten since I’d missed a couple of days here!

            No, don’t know what that movie was, unfortuneately.

            Gee, I had a dream of davidl the other night. Can’t remember what is was now!

            Perhaps I’m going bonkers from Mystic’s :)

          • Yes, agree….Energy, movement, begets more of the same…

            A good out doors activity always clears the brain and is healing and rejuv…

          • I find it quite amazing, a sign of how significant characters can become in your life, or at least they get used by your brain to identify archetypes rather than them just being nameless people?
            I’ve had dreams of book characters before too.

    • yeah nothing unusual there Shell. Except I don’t have work to distract me.
      Life’s a bit of an emotional rollercaster at the moment. My nerves are frayed!

      • That’s a shame about the work Robots. It does make a handy distraction. I hope it all comes tumbling back soon.
        I quite like the idea of an emotional rollercaster. The dreams and disappointments of small metal ball – longing to be free of the grease and grime of its everyday life, shake of the grasp of the … um other metal bit that keeps it in place, and roll free across the floor boards.

    • that sounds like my life at the moment too! Ex-Gem slut boy has been sooo in my face these last few days, asking me to wait a year to see if it all works out with the Texan, ringing, smsing, emailing, dropping in, asking me to his house, confiding in me (who is coming here in June)… I told him if he’s loves her then LEAVE ME ALONE! So did my best friend.

      Melodrama is perfectly appropriate shell. HUGS

      • bluelibra the Ex-Gem slut boy cannot keep upsetting you if you don’t accept his calls, don’t read his SMS messages, don’t pick up the phone, don’t allow him to “confide” in you, don’t allow him into your house/life… Boundaries, bluelibra, boundaries. They are your friend. They will help you to have some breathing space so that you can heal from him and move on. What house are Mars & Saturn transiting for you right now (they are both retro remember)? Those houses might give you some useful clues on how to deal with him.

        Whatever you decide to do, I reckon that sending him mixed messages is not healthy for YOU right now (I say bugger what he might need!!!). Try to be clear and simple bluelibra, for yourself x

    • oh poor shell! Buck up little camper! Life is ALL the emotions, the full range of feelings, remember. We can’t just have “good” bits all the time or we’d go to flab mentally, physically & emotionally.

      This time is how it is. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I reckon you are probably coping a bit better than you are giving yourself credit for? This feeling will pass and there will be other times that feel different again. When in doubt (ie when I completely lose the plot!) I try to:
      * use all the techniques I know to Detach and Observe;
      * hold more lightly (ie. less tightly);
      * excercise or at least get out of the house and take a walk to get out of my own head;
      * epsom salts bath with candles;
      * pick some flowers;
      * light more candles;
      * ask myself if I am actually OK? Am I being too harsh on myself or those around me?
      (and drink some really nice wine but maybe that shouldn’t be on the list!)

      What ever you can do to sleep better will also help. Less caffeine? Less sugar before bed? I know its boring but good sleep can change perspective like nothing else. I know lots of people who are not sleeping well at the mo, myself included. What is your Moon sign shell? Remember Mystic always says when you’re blue, do your Moon. x x

      • Might I add to nat’s sage advice, take a look at your blood sugar. If you’re not eating regular meals with adequate protein and nutritional content, your moods and energy will go haywire.

        Acupuncture and chinese medicine are fab for these conditions where your qi is out of whack.

        • Yes, UV, food. I’ve been thinking about that of late cause broadly my diet is great, but I’m not as well as I should be. I eat heaps, regularly, and well. No processed shit, no junk, not much sugar blah blah. I do wish I actually ate the chocolate, chips, soft drink etc that others seem to go to in times of need – just so I could stop eating it and feel better. Not enough beans/legumes though I do think. Vitamin B and protein may be the answer.
          My last visit to my acupunturist highlighted some things are beyond their ken though, I was wired, but it wasn’t showing up as major qi disbalance. She was doing all sorts of stuff to try to sort out the sleeping thing, to little effect. I’m going to go on some forensic diet investigation when I get back.

    • Thanks very much for all your kind words Ladies.
      Yes, it’s not all bad. And I have felt better since Cucumber Man actually went past the ASC point – I’m muttering at his retreating back. I’m assuming when he comes back he’ll be shiny and green with a new cape and we’ll be ready to go. I’m well and truly over this retro so I’m not waiting 17 days to decide it’s done.

      Pisces moon Nat – that’s what all the booze is for!

      At least all the list writing has got me organised enough to be able to bugger off to a great music festival this weekend before I go to Hawaii. Yes I know, what am I whinging about?

      • hee hee, I’d forgotten all about Cucumber Man! What was his role in our lives again? A Pisces Moon… how dreamy and absolutely lovely for you shell! I guess you must allow yourself time to flow and dream – not in an obsessive tight way but in a floaty way. Poetry? Swimming? Trip to hawaii to swim with fishes??? :grin:

        I just typed :groin: instead of the code for that smiley. Cor blimey what sort of little graphic would we get for that???

        • ~What was his role in our lives again?~

          Nat, I think he ‘s a wiener!! Posing as Saturn….. If I recall properly.

          • I had a dream that Mars was a cucumber, and some sweet old grandmas wanted to make sandwiches out of him to take to church. Venus had a garden full of them though so that was fine.
            He was a superhero cucumber though, not posing as Saturn. Twas defn Mars.
            I don’t really know what to say about the clear phallic subtext. The dream was all cartoon character like.

        • hawaii is work actually, but yes, lots of spare time built in for much communing with the fish. hooray!

  11. Oh crap, I have Uranus at 8Leo, that’s close enough. In the last 5 days, there have been multiple incidents with my neighbor, he got evicted from my apartment building. He’s been taking his revenge on everyone, the police were here 5 times and the Fire Department once. But they can never catch him in the act, and now they’re threatening to arrest ME for too many emergency calls to the cops. Now that is Mars retro for you. Well, it’s a good thing I’m friends with the Police Chief, who is due back from vacation shortly after Mars goes direct, we must have a little chat.

    • That does sound like quite the pain Charles but good thing you have connections.

      We have several officers that come in our office for chiro/massage. Too bad they’re from the next city over. I rather they be here, in my city, in case I get pulled over… :???:

  12. 0 degrees Leo is right on my descendant.
    that sounds bad. but i’m not sure what that means. i guess if ascendant is outer, then descendant is inner… right…?

      • ooohhh! really??!
        how wonderful would that be. i feel like i’ve been in a dark cave forever. i need someone to come and find me sooo bad

  13. What does this all mean? I can’t work out where my zero degrees of Leo is!! Or my zero degrees of anything. And I have Mars IN leo. Does that mean anything? 26 degrees in the 9th house. I wish I understood this stuff.

      • Could be in the 8th?

        All is revealed if you punch your data into

        Baristagem gave directions above. You can look at your chart with tables in the Free Horoscopes, or your house and planet positions are listed at the bottom of the ‘Short Report Forecast’.