Inside The Capricorn Fortress Of Solitude


Can you believe that this is what that house looks like on the inside???

No which sign do you think lives there?

Freaky, no?

Okay, this is not actually that house on the inside…it’s an artistic installation that makes me want to go space-clear immediately. Where are my Tibetan clearing bells already?

63 thoughts on “Inside The Capricorn Fortress Of Solitude

  1. it looks like the designer listens to too much dresden dolls. it’s like coin operated interior design.

    • No such thing as too much dresden dolls, andrew. ;) But you got it right – that’s the exact DD aesthetic.
      I vote for Scorp, all the way.

      I love it (Scorp rising) – although not for inside the cliff house. It’s more creepy-studio-apartment-on-a-one-way-street.
      I actually think it needs more scruffing-up – what’s with the super-shiny floors? More clutter! More torn upholstery! More weird Knick Knacks!
      (And vampire Drusilla wafting through…)

  2. Yeah, something about that light is just a little too musty… A little too “I have someone locked underneath the stairs”. Ick!

  3. That’s one of my pet peeves, a perfectly good letterpress type drawer turned into a wall-hanging nicknack shelving unit. I have about a dozen of these, and they are all filled with lead type, just as they should be. People buy these drawers and toss out the lead type in them (which can be worth hundreds of bucks) and the cabinet they came in, and sell the drawers as curio cabinets for $20. There is nothing quite as pitiful as a utilitarian object like this, broken up and converted into some other useless thing. Yes, I can see how people like the strange beauty in the arrangement of the partitions, which is obviously purposeful, yet abstractly incomprehensible. But they are even more beautiful when used for the purpose they are intended.

    But to get back to the question.. this is obviously a Taurus room. Emerald velvet couch, Brass pipes, the cast iron steam heat radiator, the symbol of lead type on the wall, the wood floors, these are all earth symbols. Then there’s the ratty chair that someone can’t throw out because their routine of sitting in it has gone on for decades, and they’re not about to change now, no matter how ratty it gets, that is so taurus. You ought to see the ratty computer chair I’m sitting in now.. ha.
    I would live in this room, but I’d toss the ratty chair, it’s not MY routine to sit in it. The doll can go too. And I would repossess the type drawer and unpack that very expensive, unused 36pt Garamond font that I have no drawer for.

    • Charles, you Taurean Creatives and your Precious Stuff are hilarious! I tried for years to replace the tatty, broken, back-breaking, freaking annoying chair that my Taurean artist husband (!) got for free from some bloke in a tatty old computer shop a hundred years ago… Finally, when he was away for work last year, I could stand it no longer & bought a fabulous, functional, comfortable chair for the computer (custom made with fine wool upholstery in a lovely colour to appease hubbo’s aesthetic). I put the ugly back-breaker in the rubbish pile near the garage… Oh boy. Did I hear about that!

      It kept magically re-appearing in the shed. Yes, you can imagine what a Taurus’s shed looks like. Finally I suggested that if he loved it soooo much maybe we could use it as a new seat for the tractor. “No way, that is a perfectly good chair!”

      Sigh. He is into letter press fonts too, mostly unused :)

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking Charles. It’s a Taurus room all the way. All I need is to remove the pipes and the creepy doll on the couch and I’d be quite happy there.

  4. It looks exactly like both my Gemini mother’s and Libran sister’s houses. But needs a little more clutter. Which come to think about it is similar to my late Leo Nana’s house. I feel comfortable in all their homes, but can’t work the aesthetic myself. I am far too busy and always on the move to collect stuff.

  5. The lead pipes are in the way and I dislike the doll, but otherwise, this room doesn’t freak me out at all. Its a totally different look to the one I go for in my own house, but I would totally be friends with the owner of this place. Hmmm, Ok, I don’t like the lamp base either, but still.. I’d go with some Taurus/Scorp combo..

    Scorp Sun Toro Rise.

    • All in all I agree with you. I believe the tatty chair is in the way. There is a suspiciously rustic looking table sitting behind the tatty chair that could probably be shown if in a much more positive light if it wasn’t behind the chair. But otherwise, yeah, I don’t mind it. Get rid of the doll, fix up the chair, and I say change the lampshade and leave the base. You can’t have two ornamental features together like that, and I have always disliked that shape of lampshade. I think a more austere style lampshade would be a much more effective counterpoint for the base. But I actually like the contrast between the starkness and barrenness of the ‘assumed’ exterior and the relative intricateness of the interior. Nothing there worth being spooked over really.

  6. Get RID of that naff doll – I can’t STAND its vacant eyes (chuck it off the cliff and watch it float away forever), and the irritating ‘tennis anyone’ lamp and the bloody mirror – I am here for solitude – NOT to be reminded what I look like!!! And that curtain needs to tone down a tad or two.. something mellow, complementary to the floorboards and thermal lined to keep out the cold. And those pipes! Mine gott – pop them in the cellar in case you need to use some in the event of a repair but PLEASE get them OUT of my living area. This is NOT 1984 or BRAZIL!

    I’m too fraught now, too tense. I need to retire to my lovely white wrought iron bed with a cup of warm milk laced with organic honey and a touch of chammomile liquor.. and my massage practitioner Sven…

    • I loved “Brazil” the movie….
      but your bedchamber sounds perfect (do you have a spare Sven to send over?)

  7. Awful room. The only thing I remotely like is the floor. Everything else is blah or worse. Yech. It feels extremely negative. Nothing light and lovely about it, nothing clear or organised, everything seems to just drag one down into a sense of heavy, unpleasant nostalgia.

  8. Horrible horrible room. That house deserves bare polished oak floorboards, wide white walls and lots of windows. Very plain furniture. God I hate green velvet. Actully velvet for any furnishings whatsoever, like being suffocated by an internal organ. Nightmare. This is waiting for an axe-murderer or some dreadful family psychodrama to be performed within its confines.

  9. This looks suspiciously like my Grandpa’s house – apart from the weird heating element which looks like it doubles as a way to gas occupants of the house (or emit funky old people vapours in the atmosphere).

    Seems comfortable enough for a beach house. With loads of Cancer/4th house placements in my chart I’m not afraid of nostalgia either.

    The chair looks like it belongs to a cat, which is fine. And the doll is an ugly version of something I used to own anyway…

    And a dab of velour and/or velvet is fab anywhere: sofas, cushions, bags, tracksuits, curtains, Scarlett O’Hara’s bustle etc.

  10. I quite like the room! With a few changes. Get rid of that tennis lamp – sports, UGH. The dollie is a mixture of creepy/pitiful/charming, but I don’t want her sitting on the couch with me with I am knitting or reading. Maybe we can hollow out her head, wire her up and stick a bulb in her and replace the missing lamp. The chair can stay…but I feel like I don’t quite want any of my person touching it directly. I think it needs a hand-made throw or two draped strategically over it, something crocheted with scallops that we pick up for a song at a garage sale, or something gives to us as a gift…I like to make things but I don’t like using the things I make so it would have to come from someone/where else! The sofa – that olivey velvety piece of perfect – STAYS. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    I am a Taurus and I approve of this plan.

  11. I’d make it even more steampunk, more rococco, replace the mirror with an antique gilt one, replace the drapes with red or black… the doll stays, precisely because it is creepy.

    I like the green velvet couch! Somewhere for the lab assistant to rest and recover inbetween evil underground endeavours. I assume the pipe contraption is a secret communication device hooking up to the lab many metres below, cunningly disguised as an artwork.

  12. I’d be happy inside!! .. mainly due to the awesome floorboards, high ceilings and the Victorian? windows.

    Obviously the ugly olive couch, crude dolly thing, flea bitten chair … oh let’s face it. …. IT’S ALL GOTTA GO!!!

    Renovation ideas:
    Crushed grape feature wall
    Lighter bleached polished floor boards
    Lovely brushed steel curtain rod with cool elegant Baroque style finishings
    Curtains: nice mix of wood slat blinds, white muslin curtains on big chunky silver hoops with a feature of crushed grape organdy tied back with gorgeous Indian inspired silver and turquoise drape holders
    Couch: Fabulous cream faux suede comfy 6 seater corner suite with gorgeous turquoise, gold, cream and burgundy oversized cushions
    Floor: Flokati rug

    • *slaps head*

      I FORGOT:

      chunky large aged oak coffee table inherited from cool dead relative
      cheese platter: guryere, aged cheddar, a very nice brie
      antipasto: fabulous stuffed green olives, black kalamatas, marinated octopus, spicy thin sliced souvlaki, stuffed marinated vine leaves
      red wine
      more big comfy cushions
      jazz …

    • Oh and it can’t possibly be located on that cliff thing .. far too dangerous to drive home and is there even a road? Hello? Wrong!!

      Better locations:
      Swan Valley, WA (yes I know, selfish)
      Hunter Valley, NSW
      Margaret River, WA (yes …..yes yes, selfish)

      • well, obviously, this is probably made by someone who has lived in the energetically PSYCHO pacific northwest….

        …and are proud of it. *grin* *winkwinknudgenudge*

          • i am? crap. now i have to go tell that aquarian by i have apparently jumped fence for a crab.

            he’ll never understand…

            …-i- don’t understand.


    • ps ps. Up lamp ok? No down lamps .. drag the energy in ALL the wrong directions. Halogen good. Crappy down things BAD.

      What is with the brown whatsit in the installation? Make it go away. Walls should be cream to highlight amazing artwork. Have any of you guys heard of Jo Simpson????

  13. the artist’s comment about the state of the chair: ‘Like an old woman, it has aged beyond use.’ ergh.

    I don’t think this ‘art’ is coming from a good place.

    • That’s interesting virgolicious, that is completely ‘ergh’. I don’t want to stay anywhere near here now!

  14. Wow, that empty picture frame seriously spooks me.
    And what on earth does that twisted pipe thing do?? Vacuum up the evil vibes emanating from the doll??

  15. no, no, no, no, no!! I can smell the mould and depression setting in from here. I would re-upholster the sofa and armchair in turquoise and aqua, or fuschia and stark white (or charcoaly colour). I would fill the empty frame. I would give the mis-used typeface drawer to Charles so he could use it the way it was intended. I would ditch that revolting doll lamp and install some sexy, innovative, and organic backlighting (or a smooth-looking reading lamp). and some PLANTS for god’s sake.
    the plastic doll has to go, obviously.
    keep the pipes – definitely find a use where they can be functional and look good, maybe i can suspend it from the ballroom ceiling and drape some lanterns off them, modern chandelier-style.

    aahhh i feel better now.

  16. Those pipes remind of “That one Guy” or who ever the muso is with the crazy vaccuum cleaner organ pipe instrument thingy.

    The floor doesn’t amtch the installation – thats my bug bear with the whole thing. And with an upholster-er cousin – I’m a bit of a re-cover freak…..

  17. I just like it…nothing creepy about it at all..I actually have-knick-knacky things on my wall a bit like it altho more lighter..Maybe Mystic is on the money as I have 5 planets(sunsign) in Capricorn.

  18. It is a Cancer room, with Virgo rising. Cancer because they love the old, and never throw anything away. There has to be some Virgo because everything is all in it’s place down to the shiny floor. Silver curtains, green sofa, beaten up chair all are very Cancer.

    • I agree William, it definately appeals to my Cancerian moon, I love antiques, tattered things and curios, it also appeals to my Leo Sun/Rising by wanting to be unconventional. Yes, I could be comfortable here.

      I also hang empty, ornate picture frames which some people think is just irksome!

  19. Fuqing doll!!!!! Go away you freaky shit!!!
    Apart from that, I’d get rid of the chair and pipes contraption. Everything else can stay, they can be personalized and life-injected.

  20. Creepy but I love it. Surrealisme pad: a cross between Hans Bellmer & a Victorian parlour mystery. Lacking only a well-stocked bookshelf…
    Venus in Taurus opposing Pluto in Scorp in the 4th house ;)


    sorry for caps – it just happened!

  22. Hnngh, this room needs an exorcism. D: And a serious makeover.

    Everything must go except for the pipes and the knicknack drawer. Replace with a black leather couch and a really nice comfy armchair for reading, and a lamp with a sidelight (for reading, of course!) The pipes can stay and become a weird sort of coffee table for magazines. Replace that weird grey curtain with something very white and very gauzy. This place also needs flowers, and fruit, and something to play soft music.

    My freaky old sense of humor still wants something weird and upsetting in here, though, although broken naked dolls need to go–how about a door knocker made with a marble fist? yes. :)

    pisces sun, gemini moon, kataka rising.

    • it’s creepy and ick and drab and all of those other things the above equally-icked people have identified

      i’m a capricorn and I do sincerely think that a capricorn would never have a room like that.

      we are depressed enough already and it’s the last thing we need.

      seriously people